Somewhere in a S.A.S. Facility.
0600 Hours.

There was a long flight for some of them, maybe even a bit of a drive with a banter ridden driver spitting back and forth with an operator. One thing was for sure though, this would be the first time these operators were to meet as a team. Formally they might have met and maybe on assignments together in one way or another, but today they were meeting with the S.A.S. Operators from Rainbow Six and their captain.

He was a young man for sure, but he had been a part of the program among other operators. Twenty and four years of age, fully uniformed with gear set and ready. Strapped upon his body was his flak armor attachments. Each piece slid on and tightened with curves designed to redirect some of the explosive with a hard outside to reduce the effectiveness of fragmented death.

"Apollo Hernandez. You don't look like a bloody god to me."

"No sir."

"And you've been put to task with this lot?"

"It's what the captain and Seven wanted, sir."

"Bloody hell. I know he sees something in ya, but for fucks sakes you lot could use a real mentor."

Apollo closed his eyes for a moment, breathing in and exhaling before prying his eyes open. "I think you're aware of what I endured, sir. I want to be here. I've served in disasters. What happened in Houston..."

"I know. Don't let this go all to cock."


"Nothing. Your mates are here. Go on, give a good show."

As Thatcher moved back to join Smoke, Apollo took his place upon the stage. He took a deep breath. His eyes tracked the recruited Rainbow Seven operators. The Hispanic saw lives with potential. He saw brave men willing to put themselves in danger's way to save the lives of the innocent. Willing to protect vital assets, and trained to be the best. He had no doubt in his mind that if he wasn't here leading this meeting, Hermes would. Rainbow Seven was an experiment, for sure, but without any doubt it was an experiment that would allow team Rainbow to respond to a specific division as well as emergencies as they occurred.

Apollo waited for the group to be seated to begin. A quiet inhale giving him the energy to begin.

"Good morning, gentlemen. My name is Apollo Hernandez. Operator callsign: Flak. I'm sure you know why we're all here. From every corner of the world we look for the best. We look for men and women capable of assessing situations and reacting appropriately. You all bring your own unique talents to our team. I am joined today by two operators from our sibling branch Rainbow Six. Even I was unaware of their existence until recently. I'm sure for those of you who might be fortunate, or perhaps unfortunate, enough to know them you know what they are capable of on a base level. They've served in many flawless operations and are considered some of the best within Rainbow Six. I tell you this to let you know that you are under the supervision of the best. We would accept nothing less and are humbled to be graced with their presence." He had turned briefly to the S.A.S. operators, the gentlemen simply standing in silence for the time being. However, given their experience and posture, silence spoke more than words ever needed to.

"I've said plenty already, so I think now is a fine time to introduce yourselves and I encourage it as I want you to consider Rainbow Seven as your new family. You will, of course, be allowed to go home when the all clear is given. So, please, give your callsign and whatever you'd like to tell us from left to right. You don't have to give your name as I have done."