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In 2000, the United Nations convened in secret to discuss the growing amount of evidence indicating there was extraterrestrial forces on Earth. The result of the discussion was the creation of the Global Investigation Bureau under the project name: X-COM despite some strong objections by various parties, of which most are looking for any reason to validate is termination. The Global Invesigation Bureau, or GIB, was tasked with investigating the unusual activity of certain criminal organizations and religious sect as well as reports of strange creatures. As of the moment, the GIB are seen as little more than a side operation and are not taken very seriously. Little did they realize, the X-COM Project would become the key to Humanity's survival.

This is the story of two agents who there at the beginning of it all and fought the alien menace to the bitter end. It begins with our agents being selected to join the Global Investigation Bureau where they would be expected to find the truth behind the strange activity happening across the globe. There is no one to tell them what to expect or how to deal with it. They are pioneers. The first generation of Humanity's defenders from the alien threat that is far larger than anyone could imagine.

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Here is the OOC. I will try to get my char done this weekend.
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