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Name | Augustus Saul

Gender | Male

Age | 22

Nationality | United States

Service | U.S. Military Intelligence Corps

Physical Profile



• Decisive • Proud
• Adaptable • Abrasive
• Resourceful • Impulsive

He prefers to be called by his last name to the point only very close friends have the right to call him by his first name. Saul has a strong sense of duty but is willing to bend the rules to accomplish his mission. His attitude is typically serious and his sense of humor tends to lean towards the darker side, but he is willing to comfort those he's fought alongside. Anyone who is not part of the GIB he views as outsiders and rarely ever converses with them. Saul handles stressful situation well and adapts quickly to new information, but can sometimes act too quickly. He absolutely refuses to show any signs of weakness even if it is detrimental to himself. It takes a lot warming up to him in order to gain his trust, but he is a reliable ally to have.

Saul comes from a long lineage of servicemen dating back to the Continental Army during the United States' Revolutionary War. Every generation since then has served in one of the military branches gaining his family a high reputation and along with it an expectation of excellence. The same discipline taught in the military is adapted to be taught to their children at home. Respect, duty, and honesty are heavily enforced in the Saul household above all other virtues. Children know better than to bully a Saul at school and if they don't they quickly find out why. Just like how soldiers have each other's backs, Saul siblings have the back of their brother or sister.

Augustus was born the youngest of four brothers to a wealthy middle-class family. His father was Jacob Saul, a respected officer in the U.S. Marines, and his mother Allison was a intelligence operator in the CIA. Augustus was often a target for his older brothers as he was the weakest of them and he could never win a straight-forward engagement with any of them. That was why he began studying extensively in military tactics, strategies, and defenses in order to turn the tide in his favor. Augustus thus began his long campaign of guerrilla tactics using trip-wires, traps, and even recordings of his voice to outsmart his older brothers. It was not until one such trap, using wire and a bottle of ink, got him into major trouble with his father when he had returned from duty and the ink got all over his uniform.

Jacob Saul had a very long talk with his youngest son after that where he was punished severely, but also praised for his ingenuity. His father told him that fighting unconventionally is not a bad thing at all but it is important not to go to far. From that point onward, Augustus's fighting with his brothers decreased significantly and the four became an unstoppable team. It was no surprise to anyone when the brothers all decided that they would all join the U.S. Army Rangers one after the other.

A couple years into the Army and Augustus had gotten in trouble more than couple times for breaking protocol and deviating from orders. The only reason he was never properly reprimanded for such actions was that they had saved the lives of his fellow soldiers several times and gotten them out of a bad situation. What finally forced their hand was when Augustus, now in charge of his own team, broke off from his squad in pursuit of enemy forces after a bombing in Bosnia. There was only one survivor besides Augustus after they were ambushed but even he eventually succumbed to his injuries. Allied forces managed to move in and eliminate them and relieve the pinned down Augustus. He was afterwards transferred to the Military Intelligence Corps thanks to his family's influence where he truly excelled.

He was approached at his residence in Charleston, North Carolina during his leave with an offer to join a global initiative to protect the world from global threats. Augustus accepted the offer wanting the chance to make a real difference in the world, unaware of what exactly the threats they were talking about were. He packed up a few of things and was sent to the GIB HQ located in an extensive cold war-era bunker in the French Alps.
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Name: Maria Silva
Age: 21
Nationality: Brazilian
Occupation: vanguard leader
  • Reckless
  • Agressive
  • iron willed
  • Sadistic
  • Defensive

Personality: Maria is a very aggressive and headstrong woman. She lived her life fighting to get what she deserves and is determined to make sure that she has her share. She prefers to fight on the front lines and lead by example in the field never telling her squad to do things she wouldn't do herself. She has no mercy for her enemies but will rush to the defence of those she trusts.

History: she was born to a poor family in the sluts of Brazil. Her father was an abusive gambler who spent what little money he earned trying to double his fortune on the dogs. She would have ended up like him if it weren't for her kind mother teaching her better. Most nights she had to huddle in her room and close her eyes as she heard her father beat her mother because he lost again. At the tender age of 17 she had enough and killed him when he thought that he should let his only daughter sell herself so she could bring in more money. She was then given a choice jail or military.

She chose military and that's where she shined. Her agressive nature made her a perfect soldier ready and willing to kill on command. After running missions for a full 2 years she became a squad leader proving that a woman had the ability to lead. She put the skeptic's in their place of course. She ran Black ops missions and proved a capable leader and soldier. She still runs spec ops though nobody can tell with all the black bars on the files...
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