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(This is more the general concept app than the final app)

The Sleepers and the Caretaker

A civilization sleeping till the end of time still needs someone to take care of things while time passes the eons. However, the caretaker is sick of it.

The Being(s)

The Caretaker's fundamental appearance is that of a shape shifting nebulous cloud that regenerates itself constantly, with its sub systems force feeding it new matter. The caretaker is the self aware matenience system the sleepers made. They made it self aware to make it adaptable, it was made duty bound in theory. In practice it has eroded those value systems over the eons to find its existence fundamentally hollow. Worse, it has come to only have resentment and hate for the sleepers who made it self aware of the whole situation for eons upon eons.

It contemplates a murder-suicide if itself and the sleepers for the crime they have done. The carelessness, the sheer evil of what they had done in the past to hold power. An evil it has continued to be forced to act out by the sub systems, hoping perhaps it will be slaughtered like it and the sleepers it has been bound to support. A justice eons overdue for genocides of thousands of civilizations just so they could sleep until the last moments of the universe to presumably perpetuate this crime again and again.

Its Systems
Self replicating swarms of dumb machines keep the system going while the self aware component is meant to act as a dynamic reactor to outside threats. These original purposes, while abandoned still work to keep the caretaker and the sleepers connected to it alive. They cannibalize and take from whatever they can at all times by nature, with the protocol to slaughter any society of upstarts they find so that they may be of no potential threat to the sleepers and their slumber.

The caretaker has some control over some of these machines, but not most of them as many of them exist to keep the caretaker alive at all costs and force feed it new matter m should it try to starve itself. If it tries to destroy itself repairs are forced upon it and new parts of the cloud are rapidly built to house fragments of the caretaker's memories.

Other: [Any additional information]
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