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My Favourite anime is overlord and My Favourite manga is tama kick and I read tama kick at mangazuki. I think this is one of the best manga. Both are my favourite.
What is your Favorite Anime/Manga?
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Black Lagoon is definitely up there for my favourite. I think it really filled the gap that Outlaw star left when it never got a second season.

Ive only read one manga book in my entire life and that was the adaptation of battle royale. And it was amazing.
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I haven't read a manga in eons, but if I have to pick a favourite, it would be Akatsuki no Yona <3

As for my favourite anime, it's hard to pick one, so

1. Inuyasha due to nostalgia
2. Ghost Hunt <3
3. Twelve Kingdoms
4. Samurai Champloo

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Manga is easy: Vinland Saga. It's got the coolest character development ever, a sprawling and Epic setting which still manages to tell an intimate story, moments of lighthearted brevity to take pause between brutal, violent hellscapes ... and Vikings are cool. Though this may change if Vagabond is as good as everyone says.

Anime is harder because there's always one that does a certain something better than the others. Youjo Senki takes an absolutely retarded premise and elevates it to art via the directing and writing and visual style. Kaiji is a master of suspense, and its makes all these swindlers and frauds as ugly on the outside as they are deep in their hearts. (Ain't never seen something like this from any other show, where the art is a storyteller in itself. It's fucking genius.) Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the definitive space-opera, I'd argue across all genres and media, landing huge emotional moments despite the corny Eighties animation and the wooden voice acting.

Hunter x Hunter's Chimera Ant Arc is a masterwork in theatrical Tragedy; Samurai Champloo in the ending that leaves you with that perfect bittersweet feeling, where you're happy that they got their happy ending, but a little disgusted with yourself for wishing there was more, cuz you want to throw them into more hardship and heartbreak just so you can go on another adventure with them.

Polnareff and Kakyoin and Iggy are the bros to end all bros. Better than Speedwagon and Stroheim. (Fite me.) The end of Stardust Crusaders is another one that broke my heart bad, and that does a meme show a lot of favors.

I dunno, I could keep going. Gushing about good stories for once instead of always bitching out the shitty ones is rather nice. my 3x3 btw
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Hm, tricky one this. One Manga that I find most agreeable is Berserk, and in Anime, I like Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I also like Fullmetal Alchemist, A Certain Scientific Railgun and the various Fate: Stay Night adaptations.
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