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Even if your RP partner had nothing else to do and only came to browse, or reply elsewhere, is that such a terrible thing? ^_^ I feel it's better not to take it to heart.
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It's worth the nerves to ask a person if they wish to RP with you if you end up having a good chemistry together. If you do end up rejected, odds are your writing styles wouldn't have clicked anyways.
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~Damaged does not mean broken~
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The Lannisters also prefer Purple at their weddings.


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Blue eyes peered through the grates, blinking as they tried to make out this person talking to them in the relative darkness. The further she stared, the clearer things became as her eyes adjusted to the dim lights dotting the cavern. This clarity brought forth the fact that she was not only in an unfamiliar place, but in a cage to boot. It was hard not to panic at such a discovery, and though the young mage normally tried to hide any show of inadequacy (even if it often was a waste), Anne-Marie Cloutier allowed herself to act in a manner that fit the situation.

"What? Whe- where am I? Who are you?" The blonde Breton attempted to sit up straight, perhaps a little too quickly, because she suddenly felt dizziness and the urge to throw up. Forcing herself to stay still, one hand to her mouth just in case, Anne-Marie reached up and gingerly touched the back of her head, wincing when she touched damp hair and a bump below that. It looked like she had gotten hurt, perhaps by falling? Or perhaps someone had hit her over the head? She wouldn't have been surprised, she had seen such terrible things happen before her eyes. That was one of the many reasons she had-

She blinked, her eyes swerving up to look beyond the rungs of the cage to the person who had spoken to her. "Y-yes, I was-" She paused, eyes narrowing as she reached to the side and grabbed onto on of the rungs, pulling herself up unsteadily, feeling the ground spinning beneath her. Unable to keep herself from spewing any longer, she let herself double over and threw up whatever little had been in her stomach. There wasn't much to let out, and after a small grunt of disgust, she stood up, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm. Her nose wrinkled; she could smell much and smoke and all sorts of unpleasantness from her robes, a far cry from how clean they had been when she had first started on the journey.

Stumbling forward, Anne-Marie didn't have to walk more than a couple of feet before she reached the cage's door, now able to properly see the person who was on the other side. Even up close it would have been easy to mistake him for a human, but that dark skin clearly screamed Dunmer to her. Instinctively she took a step back. The three alliances were no longer as strong as they used to be, but that didn't necessarily mean people didn't hold their old grudges. Anne-Marie held no such allegiances, perhaps because the family she had escaped from cared nothing for any mortal life.

Perhaps with her blond hair and blue eyes, he mistook her for a Nord? Her stature was anything but.

That hardly mattered though, did it? She knew very well what happened to people trapped in cages, and it was usually never a happy outcome.

Anne-Marie stepped to closer to the cage's door once more, pulling at it. It was locked. Her hands tightened around the rungs and she looked up at the Dunmer. "Uhm, you'll have to unlock the door. I mean, I'm guessing you had to do the same to yours?" She didn't know how to unlock things without keys. Heal someone using another's life essence? Easy. Break open a lock? Impossible.

"Please? I- I think they'll probably kill us for some reason or other if we don't leave."
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there are a few
The Navigator and the Shield

By Lemons, Stormy, and Greenie

Late afternoon, 19th Sun’s Height

Ivy had been infirm for most of the day, a headache weighing her down. The feeling was familiar, like all of the spinning she could do and achieve without feeling dizzy would hit her at once and her surroundings would whoosh in endless circles. A nagging feeling that ran the length of her spine and into each limb like a hot poison.

Eventually what had been festering was birthed from inside of a shell, an image, a sound, a smell. Just a split second for her to make sense and find the message within. From the birth came instant relief - like sinking into a hot bath on a cold day. The vertigo had gone and she lifted her head from her pillow, mulling over it… What do you mean? she asked herself, looking up through the split ceiling of the tent - up at the sky as it was beginning to grow darker. The hum of sunset rolling through.

Her bare feet worked the rain-kissed grass beneath her as she let her senses carry her to where she needed to be - intuition pulling her in a hard direction. The Dunmer wasn’t able to leave - to venture beyond Falkreath and into the wild. As tough as she was emotionally, she wouldn’t fare well against any real foes. Not alone, definitely not alone. She had to find someone, and convince them that she wasn’t… well, that she wasn’t what people usually thought she was. Crazy.

She needed someone who could read the sky, and someone who could hold back fire.

The time for pacing was over, and she set off into the town centre, the new guests had all but settled in, and she could distinctly remember that at least one of them was shiny in the way that she needed them to be.

“Hey! Hey there, hello!” she called out after several minutes of flouncing around the town - her red hair tied in a bouffant and long, heavy plait. The woman in question had been just moving around. Without warning, Ivy slipped her own arm through the woman’s elbow so they were linked together - she didn’t want her to escape. Ivy recognised her as one of the new arrivals to Falkreath, and she looked to be either a Redguard or an Imperial… Maybe both. In any case, Ivy smiled up at her. “Good morning, I need your help.”

Sirine blinked. Four months previously she would have probably elbowed whoever took hold of her so easily and taught them a lesson, but her time in Scorpion' Song had made her immune to that sort of thing. Still, she was surprised to see the exotic Dunmer woman, the one who had put on such a performance, to come and seek her out. Though the group had spent a long time together, she still felt like a stranger among them for the most part- she could only imagine what was probably going in Zaveed's mind when people interacted with him. Still, they had to try- she had to try. For all their sakes.

"Hello, good morning," she repeated. What was her name again? Ivy? She wasn't sure if that was simply a nickname or perhaps the woman's actual name, but that would have to do for now. A careful smile now set on her lips, Sirine gave the lady a nod. "You're Ivy, yes? I am Sirine. What sort of help do you think I would be able to offer?" Did this woman know her from somewhere, or was it just a hunch on her part that she could help with... whatever?

“I was hoping you might be able to help me find someone,” Ivy replied, her arm linked to Sirine, but her big red eyes tracing the sights in front of them, moving from left to right - then up and down. “I’m looking for an armoured man… Traveled here with you!” Then her head turned, and she looked Sirine in her eyes - having ignored the question of her name to jump straight into things. “It’s very important,” there was a frailty in her voice that wasn’t normally in her throat - but it gave her a croak that gave a clue as to the woman’s true age to someone with an astute ear.

“You see, Sirine - I have some tasks for you and your group and this one, this one requires a shield.” The Dunmer said, walking on - pulling Sirine with her. “A very timely task… Maybe the most important of all…” That made her stop, and she glanced at Sirine again - her flurry of movements and words slowing as she realised that she had been acting like an excited child, as opposed to a composed and mature woman. “Let’s just find the Shield, and I’ll explain everything.”

Unable to keep herself from raising her eyebrow, Sirine couldn't help but feel a little taken aback and more than a little confounded at the way ths woman spoke and acted. "Find someone?" It seemed rather odd to her that she would be the one asked for such a task. Why not Megana who seemed to know everyone and their pets? Or someone else more familiar with the group? Well perhaps this woman did not know the divide that still seemed to linger. Yes, that had to be it...

Mentally, she chided herself, knowing that she herself with those sorts of thought was part of the problem.

"Let me think," she decided to reply, holding up her free hand. "That is, of who you might be searching for." Whatever this woman wanted had her a little intrigued, but she really did have to pause and wrack her mind a little. 'Armoured man' immediately had her thinking of Gregor, but the 'shield' caught her off guard, though it was not too long before she figured out who Ivy the Dunmer might be talking about. "Ah, I think you mean the Imperial man, Gaius? I... hm, well I can surely help you find him if that's what you wish." Even if she hadn't really interacted with the man, she knew what he looked like and recognized his voice and mannerisms.

"Gaius…?" Ivy said, closing her eyes and letting his name sit on her tongue as she drew the word out. "Gaius…" she said again. The Dunmer reached out a hand, as if gently grasping at the air to find him, before opening her eyes. "Sirine, my sweet," she began, opening her eyes. "I will trust you to help us find him. Maybe let's see where we find ourselves…" she said hurriedly, turning them on the spot in a certain direction, toward the tents. "If we walk here…" then they were off - Ivy resuming an arm in arm way of walking with Sirine.

Like a child being towed, Sirine allowed herself to be led, though she made the effort to walk side by side with the Dunmer woman. Frankly, half of her wished to laugh out loud at how preposterous this all seemed, but she recognized the determination in this woman’s actions, and at the least of it, she knew that there was no harm or malintent in her. “I haven’t actually conversed with him much,” she mentioned, even though she knew fairly well that wouldn’t deter her. “He has the look of a soldier. We found him in a prison in the Alik’r Desert.” It seemed like ages ago when she had fearlessly made her way into that place with only a single thought in her mind: Save Bakih.

“Perhaps I’m simply projecting, but he seems the sort who may want some quiet… perhaps he’s chosen to rest somewhere further away from the cluster of the tents?” It was a thought at least.

"Dilly dally, shilly shally. Absolutely not!" Ivy replied with a laugh and a dismissive shake of her hand. "In the prison? Locked up was he? In that case he most likely wants to make up for lost time and get down to something important!" There was a touch of strain in Ivy's voice, as if the weight of the task was pressing on her shoulders.

She lifted her head to the sky, raising a brow at the shade of blue, of the way that the sun was beginning it's descent again. "Also, it's afternoon. Maybe he isn't in the tent. Men have to eat, big man like your friend there - he would probably be looking for something tasty… Meat, probably grilled or smoked… Hmmm?" She stopped walking, and turned her head back to Sirine - oblivious to how her behavior was making the young woman feel. "We might intercept him on his way to the Inn…"

Sirine gave that thought a nod. He had seemed quite eager in the fight against the Centurions and had done quite a bit of damage by himself, and managed to fare better than quite a few of them. Perhaps the older Imperial did have some fire left in him which would be useful for… whatever this woman thought they could accomplish. As they continued to walk, her eyes swerved from person to person, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Imperial. At one point she thought she saw him, but it turned out to be somebody else carrying a shield, a Nord from the looks of it. Not that it was surprising- this was Skyrim. However, it wasn’t long before she did spot the man Ivy was searching for.

“There,” she said quickly, pointing him out to Ivy before raising her voice, calling out for the Imperial soldier. “Gaius?”

The Imperial in question jolted at hearing his name from a voice that, even though he knew the name of its source, was still altogether unfamiliar to him. The long, half-eaten skewer of meat in his hand fell to the ground, and he gave it a cross look before picking it up again, turning to…

“What is it, Sirine? And...Ivy, was it?” He dipped his head politely to her. Now that she wasn’t dressed up, painted, and cavorting across tables and stages, he could see the wrinkles by her eyes that betrayed age that, in an elf, was formidable indeed. It would not do for a soldier of the Imperial legion to disrespect his elders (as long as they didn’t ban the worship of one of his gods).

It was unusual for Sirine to talk to this man at all, but that hardly deterred her- she was quite good at dealing with strangers and he wasn’t one, even if they’d had minimal contact. “I do believe her name is Ivy, yes…” She paused and gave a nod to the Dunmer woman before looking to the Imperial man once more. “She mentioned she was looking for you, it seems she has a task at hand for us, though what exactly I’m yet to learn of the details.” With that said, her dark eyes returned to Ivy, clearly waiting for further clarification.

“Yes, yes,” the Dunmer replied with a wave of her hand - as if introductions were unimportant when time was of the essence. “I’m Ivy, that’s correct.” Her intense red gaze shifted between the two, and she wriggled her fingers almost nervously. “Maybe we should find a quiet place to discuss this…” She scanned the area again, clearly frazzled by something, her eye kept twitching - which wasn’t helping at all in her desire to not look like a madwoman, but then she marched onwards, knowing that curiosity would have them follow as she headed towards a dip on the hill, surrounded by a number of trees, a crater of grass shielded by oak.

The Dunmer perched herself up on a boulder there, waiting for Sirine and Gaius to catch up.

Gaius had spent a great portion of his life as a soldier. There was a great deal of risk in his line of work; risk of death, risk of capture, risk of any number of things. It was nigh-genetically burned into his brain and body to never follow a strange person off from inhabited ground to a place that’s ripe for an ambush. Not unless there was a very good, concrete reason. So it was perhaps a testament to the trials of the past few months that it only took him a few seconds of deliberation to give vent to a sound that was simultaneously a sigh, a grumble, and a grunt of affirmation before turning to Sirine and jerking his head in the direction Ivy had taken. “Well, shall we?”

He didn’t wait for an answer before following, finding her waiting on a boulder, looking for all the world like a statue. “So. We’re in a quiet place. Discuss.”

Should I tell a lie? Would that be easier? she mused to herself in the pregnant pause that hung over Gaius’s words. Or just dress up the truth to be more palatable for them…?.

“Several days ago, we sent out a group to collect supplies,” she began - trying to appear as serious and business-like as she could. Her back straight, ever if she was cross legged on her seat. Her hair catching the sun. It burned brighter. “They have not yet returned from this mission, and those supplies are very important. We need to get them here…” Lying felt awful, she thought. It felt like a horrible taste in her mouth, but one glance at Gaius’s severe expression knew that to speak as herself might bring undue attention to the cause. And if that happened, all would be lost.

Her face scrunched up and she heaved a great sigh. The taste was too awful to bare afterall. “That was a lie,” she confessed, and relaxed her posture. “I…. I need you both to promise me that what I’m going to share will be kept secret, and that you won’t go blabber mouthing to everyone.” Ivy’s eyes then danced between Gaius and Sirine’s, but her expression was no longer that of a confused woman - no, her expression was natural and the red in her eyes was enough to command attention. The energy in their circle shifted too, it became quieter, as if there were a wall around them, bringing them closer.

"I can't speak for Gaius as I don't know him well enough, but I'm not one prone to divulging that which has been told to me in confidence." Sirine had her arms akimbo, fists resting against her sides as she watched Ivy. "What is it that you want us to do, Ivy? I believe I can also speak for Gaius if I say just about nothing could shock us at this point in time."

A nod from Gaius. “I may be a soldier, but I’ve done a bit of wordplay in my day.” He nodded sharply. “Unless keeping it a secret would directly jeopardize those that I’m here to protect, you have my silence assured. So,” he exhaled heavily as he ran his hand down his beard, “what is it?”

“The opposite, in fact, Mr Gaius,” Ivy said, her eyes narrowed as her voice quieted. “Last night I received a vision of sorts,” she confessed, not sitting on the point for all that long. They would either believe her, or they wouldn’t. But the very fact that they had already answered her call, was reassurance to her that they would believe.

“I saw, felt, heard… It’s more of a feeling-” Ivy added, placing an open hand to her chest, “a feeling in here.” There was a grave tone in her voice, and she rubbed her thumb in small circles over her fingertips. “I felt the heartbeat of a horse, I heard a scream and I felt absolute fear and then nothing.” Even sharing the vision - vocalising it, brought back it’s lingering sensation and she squirmed, visibly recoiling - her toes curled. “Something is happening, somewhere beyond these walls. What it is, I do not know - I only know that my heart pulled me to Sirine here, and then to you…” her eyes locked to Gaius and she pushed herself from the rock. “We cannot risk another soul from your group knowing about this - the situation is already balanced on the edge of a knife and to rock it too much… Well, the outcome may well be horrific…” The Dunmer turned her intense gaze to Sirine. “I am asking a lot of the two of you, but something tells me that you’ve both been asked to do stranger things… What say you? Will you investigate this?”

Sirine didn’t really put much faith in anything, especially not visions, even if she didn’t shun them or say they were false and just figments of her imagination- just because she didn’t trust in something didn’t mean it wasn’t true. She hardly cared for divines or daedric princes, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there, meddling in the lives of mere mortals. Still, how could she simply leave without telling anyone anything, especially on what might be a wild goose chase? “Let me think this over,” she muttered, resting a loose fist against her mouth, eyes narrowed and lowered towards the ground.

“Do you at least know where about this… investigation should take place?” she asked after a moment, raising her eyes to look at Ivy. “An hour from here? A day? Or more perhaps? While I don’t particularly mind heading out, if it’s something that will keep me away for the entirety of the day, I don’t think I’ll be able to leave without telling someone something."

Glancing sidelong at Sirine, Gaius knuckled his eyes. “I’m fine with investigating on something like this; Divines know that there’s been stranger things I’ve been tasked to do in the Legion. But I would like to know what I’m investigating before I start investigating it.” He shrugged helplessly. “The heartbeat of a horse doesn’t tell me much, Ivy. If I’m going to put my trust in you, I need more to go on. Where am I going? East? North? West? Perhaps south, even? What am I looking for? A dead horse? People screaming?”

He gave a little shake of his head, sighing. He wanted to trust Ivy, he really did, but there were so many variables, and so much unknown, that he just couldn’t bring himself to move on such little detail.

The Dunmer brought her thumb to her lips, gently pinching at the skin with her teeth. Trying to make as much sense as she could of her vision. What they wanted to know wasn’t unfair or unreasonable. After a drawn out silence, she eventually spoke. “You follow the Steed,” her heads tilted upwards. “He settles in this direction now…” she mumbled, pointing a hand in the direction of the constellation. “He will guide you to where you need to be,” there was a certainty in her voice - the certainty that she was indeed correct. The energy around her shifted again, as she looked at Gaius and Sirine both.

“As for time… Time is just sand, slipping through the glass until it’s too late, Sirine. We’ve used so much already. Our moments will collide, and you both have to be there, soon. Or it’s too late…” If only Ivy could make them feel, or even see what she had - the urgency might register with them both. But right now, they were looking at a woman telling them to go out into the dark on naught but a hunch. Someone they’d only just met, no less. "I will tell someone, we can't risk you being followed by worried friends…"

Sirine let out a sigh, looking down at the ground, arms crossed over her chest. It was difficult to simply up and leave, to trust this stranger, somebody she knew nothing about… Her lips tightened and she bit down, a niggling reminder poking at her conscience. Hadn’t she decided to trust a complete stranger, and vice versa? Hadn’t fruits been borne from that trust, lovelier than she could have ever dreamed of? Perhaps it was her turn to help someone in need?

Another breath escaped her lips; her hand reached up to lightly grasp the coin around her neck. She nodded. “Very well then. The Steed, hm?” She looked up to the sky, and though it was still too bright to see the constellations, she was more than familiar with following them rather than maps on land. “What do you say, Gaius?”

Gaius dropped his head, taking a deep breath and fiddling with the knife strapped in the small of his back. “I don’t know how much help I’ll be in this,” he picked at the haphazard set of mismatched plates that covered his body, “but if Sirine is up for it, then it’d be a shameful thing if I let her walk out alone.” He nodded sharply. “I’ll come.”

"Alright then…" Ivy said with a relieved sigh, feeling a knot of tension leave her body. "I'm going to fetch you a horse and cart… You're going to need the cart…" she said, pinching her chin thoughtfully as she looked over to the stables. "Take some time to gather what you need -- but be quick about it, you must leave before dark and there isn't much time before then now. And remember, say nothing..."

The Dunmer gave them one last look before she made her way to the horses. A pang of guilt struck her, she knew what was out there, she knew the dangers. Were they ill-prepared by her withholding what she knew. When Ivy was out of sight she cast her gaze on the horizon - the sparse and desolate plains, wartorn and ravaged. They would either make it in time, or die on the way.

All that she had was the faith and hope that they wouldn't.

A Green Storm Production

18th Sun’s Height, afternoon

It was hard to keep a smile off her face. So far, Megana had been having a rather lovely day. Breakfasting with an old friend, chatting with a new one- what could be better than that? She didn’t think anything, not while she felt so elated. She knew things still had a long way to go before finally returning to what was normal- the holes left by their missing friends could be felt no matter how anyone tried to disguise it or just plain ignore it. However, she knew she had to keep thinking positively, keep seeing what good was still there. Besides… she was still here, and it would take a mammoth dragging her away to keep her from her friends.

Weaving through the tents, her mind busy with thoughts of her companions as well as wondering whether she should eat something now or perhaps later as she was still not completely hungry, the Nord woman nearly missed seeing the Dunmer sitting by a tent, eating something. The only reason Meg hadn’t missed her was due to the red hair that was so unfamiliar, reminding her less of roaring flames now and more of flickering embers.

“G’day!” she greeted, waving a hand as she made her way over. She hadn’t exactly had a chance to talk to Ivy last night, yet still found herself in awe- Meg wanted to know more about this strange, wonderful woman.

"Well hello!" Ivy replied with a smile, her chin pointed upwards as she gave a gentle wave of her hand - jewelry dancing around her slender wrist. "If it isn't Megana the Kind, I am honoured," she added, that same hand rolled in circles as she lowered her head in a graceful bow. "Come and sit! Share that good mood with me…"

"Oh, psh..." Meg couldn't help but chuckle, a hint of rose tinging her cheeks as she heard that epithet that seemed to have caught on among some of the others she had passed by today. It embarrassed her yet at the same time she couldn't help but feel a little proud of herself and the rest of their group- they had done deeds that people only sang of in songs or wrote tales about.

"Thankies, I shall!" Wiping at the heat on her face with the back of her hand, she settled down just a little away from Ivy, sitting cross legged. "It's uhm, it's good t'see you again. I'm guessin' you've been here long?"

The Dunmer's head tilted to the side and her crimson eyes narrowed. "You know… I don't really know exactly how long, a month at least," she chuckled, biting into a strawberry. "Let me think… Well when I arrived the Mage had fled and made way for the Shadow, and now we see in the stars the Apprentice… So yes, a month or so," she smiled, offering a strawberry to the young woman.

"When you live as many years as I have, time becomes… Well, you view it quite differently I suppose." Ivy said with an air of maturity, and yet her smile so full of youth and her eyes sparkled with zest. "Now, my dear darling Calen's song, from what I heard you have been travelling with them for some time, hmm?"

There was a look of extreme confusion that passes over Meg's face as she took the strawberry offered to her, mentally repeating what Ivy had said, or at least trying to while she took a bite of the small red fruit. "Ah!" she finally exclaimed once she had chewed and swallowed. "Now I know whatchu were talkin' about…" She paused in her words, wondering how old the Dunmer woman was. She knew Mer aged differently than men did, but was in by much?

"Oh yeah," she added, nodding as she finished off the rest of the strawberry, playing with the leaf she had plucked off the top. "I mean, it's been since..." She tried to remember the date, forehead scrunched in concentration before smoothing over as she waved it off. "... months, outside've Skyrim. Cyrodiil an' Hammerfell. A bunch've us met in the mountains, Skingrad… Gilane. An' now we're back home. Well, my home. Ah, well, home of the Nords I s'pose. I was born in Riverwood."

"Oh! I've been there a number of times. What a quaint place," Ivy said with a wide smile, thinking fondly of it. "I've heard a lot about Gilane. Well, from your friends… That you were there. You all seem to speak of it…" Ivy's eyes slowly until they were closed, and she took in a deep breath of the clear, Skyrim air. "And now you're home once more, what is next?"

"We do talk lots 'bout there, don' we?" Meg looked a little embarrassed. "Guess it's 'cause so much seemed t'have happened there.. life changin' really." She chewed momentarily on her lip before shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders. "I dunno... I mean I'm home but I can't just stay put, y'know? I promised I'd stay an' help my friends stop the Dwemer... so this is just really a small break before goin' off an' doing whatever we gotta do next."

“Ah!” Ivy replied with closed eyes, “and what is it you’d like to do Megana the Kind, while you’re here?” the Dunmer asked inquisitively, partly to make polite conversation, and an equal part of simple curiosity and a desire to continue learning about her new friends.

"I'm not too sure, t'be honest," Meg replied with a small shrug. Falkreath seemed like a haven among a nightmare, but was it really alright for her to stay here too long while they had a task at hand? The truth was that right now, with their group having lost three friends, it was hard to know what she had to do.

Well, we've only been here a li'l bit, no need t'get all up in arms 'bout' it.

"I think maybe I'm just gonna wander here an' there an' see what comes t'me," she finally replied, eyeing the Dunmer. "What 'bout you?" It wasn't too rare to see Dunmer in Skyrim, at least not for Meg who had met all sorts of people during her childhood, but she too was curious how and why Ivy had ended up here. "How’d you end up in Falkreath?"

“Just wander and see, huh?” Ivy asked, blinking in Meg’s direction. She brought her thumb to her lower lip and pressed at it. “Really… that’s how I found myself here! I just wandered and chased the stars. Truthfully I think I was sent here by someone, or something… I followed an idea, a dream…” Her eyes narrowed and looked like flickering embers. “But who can say for sure? All I know is I’m glad I did - because how else would I have gotten to meet Megana the Kind!” She grinned, taking another strawberry and eating it - stalk and all.

“I think that you’re very special Meg, never lose that which makes you, well, you!” Ivy added, giving the young Nord a cheerful smile.

“Oh… there ain’ nothin’ too special ‘bout me,” Meg hastily replied, feeling a little embarrassed at the compliment. “There’re other really nice folk around, an’ I probably wouldn’ be as I am now if it weren’ for them.” She smiled, though there was a hint of sadness there. “A couple of them aren’ here, an’ I dunno if I’m even going to see them again…” Her voice trailed as she continued to fiddle with the leaf from the strawberry top, turning it this way and that. “Brynja, Fjolte… they’re Nords like me. Brynja we lost in Gilane. Fjolte was gone when I got back with Zaveed.” She let out a big, loud sigh before attempting a proper smile. “But he’s with his family, an’ that’s a good thing, eh? I kinda hope I can find my family too, once all of this is done an’ over with.”

Ivy tilted her head at that, and placed a hand down on the grass beside her. “Your family? Well of course,” she blinked happily - trying to picture just where Meg came from, what kind of relatives she had. A big family, most likely. A big family indeed. Ivy blinked again, “how long has it been since you saw your family?”

“It’s been…” Meg rubbed the back of her head as she tried to think over that. “More than a few months for sure, feels like years though. I left ‘em before all this started, in Whiterun.” Her mouth pulled to the side in contemplation, wondering how they must be, but then she hastily forced herself to smile. She didn’t want to see dark and gloomy around this friendly woman. “My ma went off t’Sovngarde when I was a li’l kid, so I grew up with my Pa. We moved aroun’ some but ended up in Whiterun… I have a step-ma an’ a kid brother, Sylven.” She wondered if he grew at since she had seen him.

“Pa used t’be a soldier in the Imperial army b’fore he came over t’Skyrim an’ met Ma,” she continued. “I’m pretty damn sure they must’ve gotten outta Whiterun fine.” Stendarr, make my wish be true, please.

“Maybe they made it here!” Ivy suggested with a smile, leaning closer to Meg. “Lots of families fled and found themselves here…” her eyes narrowed and she glanced around, leaning closer still to whisper in Meg’s ear; “lots of cheeky children running around…” Then she giggled.

"You- you think?" Meg turned to look Ivy straight in the face, trying to find something that told her that maybe what she was saying was the absolute truth. "My brother, he's..." Meg's voice wavered to a stop, realizing that she honestly did not know much about her little brother. When she had gone on her own adventures, he had been a baby, barely able to sit by himself. Her infrequent visits home showed her a different sibling that the one she had seen previously.

"I hope he's one of those children," she admitted, eyes shifting away from the Dunmer's visage so that she was looking at the ground. "I know I should have the hope that they'd be aroun', it's just kinda scary t'think maybe it might not be like tha, y'know? Kinda buildin' up hope an' then havin' it not be true is kinda scary..." She felt sheepish even as she said it, shaking her head.. "I shouldn' be saying stuff like that..."

Sensing Meg’s upset, Ivy wrapped her arms around the young woman and gave her a comforting squeeze. “You can say whatever you like to me, if it’s in your heart you have to say it,” she smiled, pulling out of the hug to meet Meg’s eyes. “There’s all kinds of children, like I said… One in particular that I found once in my tent looking through my things!” she huffed, but with no ill-intent. “Cheeky of him, but I let him keep a bracelet or two,” she giggled again, her voice quieting to a hush.

“A lot of families camped over there-” Ivy said, pointing a long finger in the opposite direction, towards the other side of Falkreath. “Of course, some of them are in the inns too… But most over there,” Her ruby red eyes caught Meg’s again, and she gave the woman’s arm a nudge. “You should go, and if you’re scared then maybe take a friend.”

Green eyes following in the direction Ivy pointed, Meg took in a deep breath, held it in for a few seconds before slowly breathing out. She then nodded, allowing some confidence to creep within her, even if it was simply borrowed for the time being. The day had gone well, what with meeting Daro'Vasora and Do'Karth.

"You're right," she replied, smiling at Ivy- this time it was a natural one that wasn't partially forced or tinged with any other emotion. She reached out and took hold of Ivy's hand, squeezing it. "Thank you. I'mma do what you said." Letting go of the woman's hand, she got to her feet. She could do this, she owed her father that much.

Besides... "Vaba do'shurh do."

It is good to be brave.
17th Sun's Dawn
Daggerfall, High Rock

They were an odd pair to be sure. A Khajiit and a wolf, walking side by side as if it were the most natural thing in the world, ignoring the looks of surprise and even fear that were sent their way from those passing by or those who worked by the docks. For his part, the Khajiit man didn't seem too intimidating. Dressed in an unassuming plain brown shirt and a pair of dark trousers, it would have been quite possible to assume he was simply a sailor like many of the rest. An open and friendly look on his face, his ears twitched whilst stormy grey eyes swerved this way and that, not pausing for a moment as he allowed himself to take in the many sights on his way to the ship. It wasn't S'Kandar's first time on the cusp of a sea voyage, but it had been a while since he had actually traveled by sea.

As for the wolf, it would be her first journey on a seafaring vessel. Much like the Khajiit man, she too was in fact not too intimidating if one could get past the fact that she was not your average canine friend. Her fur was a mixture of grey and white with darker tones of brown and black. Her tail whipped in the air, tongue lolling as she too seemed to take in the sight, sounds and smells. S'Kandar had been a little worried than the unfamiliarity of the Daggerfall as well as the scent and sight of the waves may put off Jashi, but it seemed he had been wrong and she was as eager as he was to head on this journey.

"S'Kandar is very proud of you! To think this one was worried you would find this whole experience daunting and unpleasant. Jashi continues to surprise him." S'kandar gave the wolf a grin, reaching down to pet her head and scratch her ears, though the chance of that was stolen away by her affection as she licked at his hand, causing the Khajiit man to break into a laugh. "Yes, yes, this one loves you as well, though a wet hand may not be appealing to those who wish to shake S'Kandar's hand." He effectively ignored his own words however, kneeling down right in the middle of the pathway, scratching the scruff around her neck. "If you like it here, this one's certain you will enjoy Anvil as well."

The thought of that final destination calmed his grin into a smaller, almost somber smile, and S'Kandar finally rose to his feet once more. He gave his wolf companion one last pat on her head and started forward once more, his mind preoccupied with thoughts of... her. Two years may have passed since that day, and the pain may have soften to a manageable hurt, but it did not mean he could ever forget his mentor, his teacher. He needn't have to close his eyes to be able to recall how she looked, so much smaller than he was. Her eyes had always reminded him of the night sky, and her lips as soft as a rose petal, yet fierce when the time to fight dawned upon them. How often had he wished to press his lips against hers? How many times had he forced himself to keep his fingers away from the long, black hair that had flowed down her back like the rivers of Skyrim?

A shaky breath left his lips, and the Khajiit man came to a stop yet again, curling his right hand into a fist and pressing it against his forehead, grey eyes shut tightly, ears flattening to the side. His tail which had previously been swaying peacefully was now rather low and almost perfectly still.

S'Kandar must stop with these thoughts, he chastised himself. He will not fail again. Not ever.

He took a deep breath, allowing it to fill him, and then slowly breathed out, relaxing his shoulders as he did. A few calming breaths later, he lowered his head and opened his eyes at last. Almost immediately his eyes fell on Jashi, who was looking up at him in an almost concerned manner.

"This one apologizes," he mumbled, feeling a little guilty. "Don't worry, S'Kandar was just a little... caught in the past. He will be fine."

With that said, the Khajiit man forced himself to stand tall, pushing his shoulders back and lifting his head, focusing on the vessel only a few more paces away. Anvil was still days away, first they had the sea voyage to contend with; he couldn't help but wonder who else would be travelling with them. Hopefully people with pleasant dispositions. It would be a very long and tedious journey if they proved otherwise. S'Kandar didn't want to think the worst of people he hadn't even met yet, he was just being cautious.

Just be as friendly as this one is with most everyone, he thought to himself as he made his way up the gangplank, and all shall be fine. That formula had yet to fail.

Just as long as no one was rude to Jashi.

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