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Current I basically decided to shun both the factions... all factions actually- screw the Blades, trying to get me to kill Papa Paarthurnax
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To be fair, pretty much all the races/factions in TES have some beef with at least one other race/faction


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@Stormflyxand @Dervish have been a big writing influence for me in the last three years, I'd say ^^
I tend to play characters less handsome than I am so I can better relate to you, the people.

Lol this made me laugh
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The gears work

I was actually pretty darn surprised when I saw you were planning on making an orc, and a wood orc at that! I don't believe I've actually seen much about them except a quest or two in game, so it was a pleasant surprise. Once upon a time I would have type casted orcs as being grumpy cavemen sorts, but thankfully I know better now. Even then, to see a magicka inclined orc still ends up making me go "wait, what?" But then, I should have probably expected something like that from you :P

Her upbringing I found pretty relatable; being expected to grow up as one role and not having much of a choice in the matter, especially when you feel your talents could be better someplace else, can be frustrating. It's sad though that the way she finally found herself able to get away from what tradition required was the death of her tribe. Sad but not at all surprising, given the way of the world at the time. It's nice that she got picked up by people who could see her talents and help them grow. Her relationship with Shulgin was interesting to say the least, though I kinda felt like slapping him for the way he just dumped her like a hot potato. D:<

Still, I guess that's the only way to further grow at times, and it seemed to me as if that further helped her hone her talents, even if it was more disappointing than not for her. In a lot of ways, even as she grows up I find she has a youthful, teenager rebellion spirit to her, where she uses her mask of confidence to hide her inner insecurities- it makes her relatable and I love it. Her meeting up with Sperantia was another stroke of luck- maybe the gods really are looking over her, eh? ;D It's nice that she managed to find a fulfilling relationship after Shulgin, although you just had to go and ruin that, didn't you? But of course, in such a realistic manner that I can't blame you... much.

I like how you included her praying to a deity and feeling abandoned when there was no answer. It's probably a dark thing to like, but I think that sort of feeling can resonate with a lot of people. Her meeting up with Shulgin once again was a surprise, and it was actually sad to see the state he was reduced to.

I think the one constant I really liked was how her studies was the refuge she always returned to, and it reminded me quite a bit of Sait (NERDS!). I won't prattle on much more lol, but reading through her biography once more and then seeing her personality, you can easily pinpoint the what and whys and why she has been molded into the woman we will be meeting in the roleplay.

Also... " Bolorma is just another big green woman." This made me laugh lol

I am really pleased with Bolorma, she's honestly not what I expected! A pleasant surprise, it's going to be fun to have you and her along on this adventure!

I have to say I was really looking forward to your sheet, having heard so much about your writing. I'm very happy to report that I have definitely not been disappointed! Sait is such a unique seeming character, and honestly one that I find works really well with the sort of mad world rp chaos we're going to be venturing in. Maybe it's typecasting, lol, but I for one would not have expected a Redguard to be so involved in something that wasn't sword/beliefs related, rather focusing on magic as a way to help those with mental health issues.

I enjoyed the way you described his looks, even without a picture I can see him in my mind's eye. Similar to Janus, I like the way your character dresses himself up based on where he lives, although I'm guessing he's a bit of a mish mash once he wakes up. I also really liked the way you described his rebellious hair, I think for me that was the cherry on top of the cake that cemented his look for me. I'd mentioned in the server about how I appreciated his sword and the name for it, and the same goes for his golden hair clasp, and the sentimental value he seems to hold for the things his sister made for him. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it? Lol. It's just something that rings true to me though.

His possessions as well his skill set (especially the spells he uses) further speak to me of what a dedicated sort of person he is, and it ties in really well with his history. If I had to suspect, unless he's an extreme neat freak, that he has ink stains on his fingers more often than not, lol. His dedication to his mission in life speaks a lot for his character and personality, and something that has been consistent throughout the entirety of his history. It could almost be called an obsession, I reckon, though I feel kinda bad using that negative word since Sait is clearly trying to work towards a better future and possible cure for people suffering of illnesses that can't be seen.

The consistent efforts he put out to reach scholars who might listen to him and finally finding someone had me rooting for him, which made it hurt extra when he finds out that he had been duped by the gosh darn Aldmeri Dominion! x.x It was however heartening to see that instead of wallowing in despair, he took affairs into his own hands and continued to work on his life mission. It speaks of how true his dedication is.

All in all, I have to say I really love your sheet and the style in which you write; I can see why Dervs was speaking so highly of you! Your character sounds like someone real, relatable, and someone you'd want to get to know and be friends with. I'm really excited to read more of him, especially with how he'll interact with the rest of the group!

ps. sorry for using the word dedication so much ^^; I just really admire that in a person

From the outset, I am really liking Joy. She's so different from most of the characters I've seen you write, and that honestly very exciting; a new type of Stormy magic to experience!

Her appearance is really well written, as is her personality (both of which are my unfortunate bane), so hats off to you for making it seem as if I have already known Joy for a very long time. She is a well relatable character and I love how despite all the hardships she has been through, she still looks for the light and *ahem* joys of life.

I'm a sucker for first person point of view, so her history was a delight to read; it showed a window into her mind that I can appreciate; introspection is always a fun part of character building. You can clearly see that despite everything, she is a tough lass where it counts to have gone through all these hurdles in her life yet still remaining an optimist with a zest for life.

I'm really looking forward to how her journey will fare and cheer her along as she finds her way Home.

ps. I had to reign myself in from using more than one joy pun ^^; <3
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