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Current *insert meaningful status here*
6 mos ago
Even if your RP partner had nothing else to do and only came to browse, or reply elsewhere, is that such a terrible thing? ^_^ I feel it's better not to take it to heart.
6 mos ago
It's worth the nerves to ask a person if they wish to RP with you if you end up having a good chemistry together. If you do end up rejected, odds are your writing styles wouldn't have clicked anyways.
7 mos ago
~Damaged does not mean broken~
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7 mos ago
The Lannisters also prefer Purple at their weddings.


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Inkarnate 2 yrs ago
I saw that.
Jurassic Weeb 2 yrs ago
You got a point. Normally I'm not one for PC crap, but methinks the internet needs to learn the difference between "Indian" (native to India") and "Native American" (native to... well, 'murica).
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