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Hey everyone!
It's Diti here.
I've recently had the opportunity to play out a scenario from old days, and that RP didn't last. But it did make me miss it oh so much!
So, without further adue:

What am I looking for:
- Good English - doesn't have to be native or extremly articulate but I do need to easily understand you and enjoy reading your content(!), minimum 2 paragraphs per post unless it's a dialouge(guessing its a casual - advanced kind of thing going on?), past tense, third body -> only!
- Replies on a daily basis (once a day is bare minimum) - I am looking for someone with time to kill like me, that can go posting a few times a day to make the plot unravel.
- Mainly looking for romance development between one of my chars (I will have multiple) and your character (you can have as many characters as you wish!) - It would be fairly slow burn, and between two females only.
- Smut is absolutly a part of this. I would lie if i said it wasn't a big part of this. The plot and the atmosphere are important too.
- PM me if interested.
- The plot will mostly be RPed out, but when adventures occur there will be tabletop in play. (Pathfinder / 3.5) (if you dont know it, talk to me. we can invent something of our own)
- I like any kind of fantasy. If you have any preference - low / medium / high - let me know. Otherwise I would take it high as a force of habbit.

How is this going to work:
Depends. If it's a 1x1, most likely on Discord.
If it's a small group I would start a RP thread here. When something not suitable for public display will come up between the chars, we will fade it to black in the thread, and continue in PMs.

The plot:
Basically, I am looking for one of the following ultra general concepts:
- Trainee x Trainer (I could play either one - If you want to play the Trainer, Then You would need to abide by the guild's owner's rules (my charater))
- comrades in an adventure.

The Eagle's Nest - Adventuring guild:
Within the city of Sabani, a trading center and a fairly large town the institution called "Eagle's nest" was one of the highlights!
A tavern no - an inn - no no, an adventuring guild, made to suit any adventurer's need.
Be it relaxing in a spa after a long day's hunting ; Be it mending and tending to your animals or gear ; Be it with suitable crafting componants ; Be it a place to share stories and gather allies ; Be it guidance and tutoring with survival skills, sword play, archery magic through combat ,tactics - we have all sorts of teachers! ; Be it just a plae to eat and sleep - We have it all!

As for the city's lore, that depends on the amount of participents, and the level of fantasy'ness.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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I have one RP that you might be interested in just starting up. Mid to high fantasy about a group of underachieving thieves or petty criminals who all have to deal with character flaws. It will be a very long adventure, full of treasure hunts and travels, open ended plot. It will involve a simple set of d20 rolls implemented to help keep characters honest in their posts.

It is in the Advanced section and I also look for good English and writing skills. It is descriptive in style and I have a few good writers already. The dice system is easy and streamlined to ensure a proper storytelling style of play by post rp. Information can be found at the top of the IC and OOC boards in the Zero posts. I also have a DISCORD CHANNEL set up as well..

The rules are as follows..

Link is here:
Winds of Fate - A Thief's Adventure
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