The smells of the market in early morning were the best. Where the breads were just being done and cooling, the spice mongers getting their special cargo set up in their stalls. And people everywhere mingling to get what it was they desired.
“Stop thief!” Yelled some guards. A slim female figure slid into a side street a grin on her lips. She knew this city inside and out having been a street rat all her life. Natalie couldn’t afford to buy anything, how could she when she’d been abandoned by her family a long time ago? No WAY in hell was she about to go to Madame Shiva’s place either. She was not for sale for anyone. Not for any reason. Even if at times it had gotten very tempting, she’d somehow rallied and gone through the horrible time. How, she was never sure. She climbed onto the roof tops to avoid further capture, still running and jumping from one to another. She had a tiger to feed, as well as herself.
“Gotta steal to eat, gotta eat to live.” She muttered to herself, the only rule that she had during her years.