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“I’ll only deny you the pleasure.” Ashlyn sniffed sharply tilting her head in a pompous manner, but she couldn’t keep the teasing grin off of her lips. Yet she would be taking this from him once he got together with Joleen again. “Don’t you worry about me. I’m hardly ever going to get into another round of fisticuffs with someone.” Especially not for you any more. She silently added to her promise. Once they arrived to the pub she opened the door herself sending him another teasing smile. “You may like to act the gentleman, but I’m sure I have been opening my own doors this entire time.” She told him with a tiny giggle.
“I would have loved to see her try.” If there was something else Ashlyn was good at, it was avoiding getting into serious trouble. Besides Cara was in the past where she belonged and was no where near Kane any more. But now she had to deal with Joleen. “I still feel good about punching her to this day.” She coos exceedingly proud of herself. She offered to punch anyone else he wanted her to at one time and hadn’t been kidding either. Not that he deserves our protective nature the cad. Her rather brat like self retorted. She shoved the brat back where she came from and got closer to Kane. “For the act.” She smiles up at him not having to hide her adoring stare this time at any rate.
“Oh come now. You haven’t made fun of my Americanism in what seems like forever.” Ashlyn mockingly pouts at him exaggerating Her American accent again just to irk him some. It always came back after talking with her parents though. “Sides I can get angry. Remember the fourth girl you brought home? I almost broke her nose with that punch.” The girl had REALLY been asking for it though. And usually Ashlyn was a pacifist, but she did have a temper.
Ashlyn poked his cheek a grin on her lips. “Come on now, don’t look too surprised. I always look good don’t I?” She teases as she took his hand quite easily, entwining their fingers together almost without much thought. This is just a game. Don’t you dare get invested. You will wind up crying when the inevitable happens. This. Is. Pretend. Don’t you dare believe otherwise. She chastised herself internally. But if it was one thing she knew how to do, it was keeping a pleasant smile on her lips and in her eyes even if everything inside was chaos. Much like every time he brought a girl to their home. It won’t be home for much longer though.
The smells of the market in early morning were the best. Where the breads were just being done and cooling, the spice mongers getting their special cargo set up in their stalls. And people everywhere mingling to get what it was they desired.
“Stop thief!” Yelled some guards. A slim female figure slid into a side street a grin on her lips. She knew this city inside and out having been a street rat all her life. Natalie couldn’t afford to buy anything, how could she when she’d been abandoned by her family a long time ago? No WAY in hell was she about to go to Madame Shiva’s place either. She was not for sale for anyone. Not for any reason. Even if at times it had gotten very tempting, she’d somehow rallied and gone through the horrible time. How, she was never sure. She climbed onto the roof tops to avoid further capture, still running and jumping from one to another. She had a tiger to feed, as well as herself.
“Gotta steal to eat, gotta eat to live.” She muttered to herself, the only rule that she had during her years.
Ashlyn walked to the door and opened it, hiding the piece of paper she had been writing on. She smiles at him teasing her slightly curled hair with a finger. “Do I look the part?” She cooed at him as she twirled a bit as she had on heeled boots. “You’ll do for today I suppose.” She teased him.
Lols so should I start the fun :3
Azkaban? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ashlyn began writing down her feelings cause now she didn’t know if she would ever say them out loud if he and Joleen got back together. I think it really began when you stood up for me when we were ten. I was really getting it hard for being an American and a bit of a proud one too, or something I did annoyed someone. Children can be cruel for no good reason after all. And you stood up for me. We’d known each other probably for two years and barely talked during that time. But you still did it. She smiles at the memory and went to her closet to get the dress out. She even put on some mascara and light lipstick. Well if she were to play this part, might as well go the whole six yards.
“Mom? Hi I just wanted to give you and dad a call.” She said into the phone as she brushes her hair staring at nothing. “Nothings wrong, but Kane got this hair brained scheme to get back together with Joleen. And it has to do with me. It’s a dating farce. But when it’s over and he gets back together with her...I just can’t stay here any more getting hurt all the time. Is the offer of coming back home still on the table?” She asks in a tiny voice biting the inside of her lip to keep from crying. “Oh thank goodness. No there is no need to waste your money by having you come here and kick his ass. The offer is nice though.”
“I know when your birthday is idiot.” Ashlyn teases and nodded. “I will, and hopefully you will complement me. I expect it now that this thing is official.” She winked at him in a teasing manner. She left his room and face palmed herself once she was out of his sight. You my dear, are the idiot. She berated herself.
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