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It’s almost like the same basic principals as teleporting/alchemy {Full Metal Alchemist is where I’m getting the idea from} right? Can’t ‘pop’ something/someone that isn’t the same height/weight of the person/thing teleported correct?
”I can’t let them get away! They’re going to hurt my people, not that most don’t deserve it, it is dog eat dog world even here in a peaceful ish desert. But still!” Caitlyn’s shins turned to water as the kick went through her. ”Thank goodness you don’t have armor Haki my assassin. I’m Anzai D Caitlyn. And I have asses to kick. You may join us if you’d like.” She smiles sweetly at Balthier. Being raised with ladies of the night she knew of course ways to smile at gentlemen, but it was one of her rare true smiles that men didn’t often get.

”And I am Lexi Nightshade, infamous assassin. And for now, a part of Caitlyn’s ‘crew’ as it were. I can learn to. It isn’t as if it is impossible for me to learn.” Lexi retorted her Captain not at all phased that her foot felt wet without any evidence of the water it had passed through. Caitlyn’s ability would be very handy to enhance.

@Crimson Raven
”You can’t recruit what’s already taken ya old dog. Or did you already forget what was said? I could believe that.” Caitlyn was blustering for she didn’t enjoy being having been in one place and then mysteriously in another, but she didn’t let that show, knowing far better than that. ”I’d love to agree but I don’t think it is over. Sure we can take it outside, but after that I’m not going to just let you waltz around my kingdom and mess it like you did for Lougetown.” Yeah, she’d heard that.

”I wouldn’t be surprised if he was hard of hearing.” Lexi remarked as she aimed a flat footed kick to the man who had a hold of her wrists shins. She might not land the blow, depending on if he was a Lugia type, but honestly. She was bleeding and he’d taken her healing products. She was not pleased. Perhaps she should just kill them all. Might be fun.

@King Cosmos@Reflection
No one hurt her crew members! Caitlyn reacted as quickly as she could, knowing that light would be faster. She caused her Assassin to slip down, the piercing light going through her upper shoulder instead of through her chest as was the intended target. ”I couldn’t do anything faster.” She apologized to Lexi before facing Nikko her eyes sharp. The family of D’s blood coursing through her was not pleased.

Lexi hissed a bit at the pain in her shoulders, getting some salve from her pockets to both stop the pain and help heal the wound. That might have ended differently. Being an assassin one always packed to deal with wounds, having been taught the basics of healing in any case. ”Ouch. At least I’m not dead. That would have not been a fun idea.” She told Caitlyn a grin on her lips as she thought of what she could use. She took out a bottle she kept for dealing with devil fruit devourers. ”I’m already spoken for anyway spectacled one.” Now she will kill this one, if only to assuage her blood lust.
To be so disregarded not once, but twice? Lexi popped her neck, and the dagger in her hand nicked the cheek of Nikko, having moved fast as was typical for one in her line of work the dagger piercing the wall, and had yet another of her weapons in her hands looking at Jōichirō assessingly. ”How very rude of you, sir. And unfortunate that you picked me to insult.” She purred her eyes glinting with the thrill of the fight for half a moment, before going all serious once more the dagger held confidently.

Caitlyn rushed to the bar, hearing the commotion and knowing she should also get involved. If only to either help or contain her Assassin crew mate. She threw open the doors and assessed the room. ”You really shouldn’t throw daggers all over the place.” She jokingly reprimands Lexi as she took the dagger out of the wall and noticed someone had already been nicked. ”Has this been poisoned? That would be naughty of you my dear.”

Lexi didn’t get out of her ready stance even with her ‘captain’ without a ship getting involved. ”It might be. It is my job to kill people after all.” She retorts planning out her next moves should someone start attacking. Caitlyn sighs and smiles. Well, she had remarked that she’d have to kick the red head’s ass to prevent him from doing anything to her country’s prince. So, if this was to be the ass kicking, very well then.
Lexi snorted a rather rude expletive a slight grin on her lips. “Perhaps if you weren’t speaking loud enough for Lougetown to hear, perhaps there wouldn’t be any eavesdroppers.” She retorts and looks to the bar keep. ”Gin and rum.” She ordered as she slid a dagger from one of the many places she had such weapons free. She sensed with those trained to; that a fight was very eminent if something didn’t cut the tension in the bar. Her blood thrummed in delight at the prospect. The more bodies she left the more her bounty would increase, and the less Caitlyn would have to deal with others wanting the crown to be King/Queen of the Pirates. So she would indeed follow the girl on this journey? Well it might be interesting to see who would this time.
”Should I dye my hair?” Caitlyn frowns gently at the white tresses she held in her fingers, staying in the shadows letting the power of the mysterious fruit hide her. If she could control it to the degree she already could, she figured she could blend in with any environment like most water poured. She could help the Assassin, but knew Lexi was right. She was more used to sneaking.
”And I used to live in a house where all you could do was sneak to avoid being caught going out and having fun.” She muttered to herself getting a bit bored the more time passed by.

She was concentrating on making the water in the air condense and disappear in the air when she ‘felt’ something new cross her warning system. A new pair of footsteps.
”Can’t be too abnormal. We are close to the dock. But what is it?” She felt as if something fascinating was getting ever closer.
”Stay here.” Lexi commanded knowing that to the girl who wanted to be Queen of Pirates, that would rub the wrong way. ”You stick out like a sore thumb with your Snow White hair and sea like eyes. Just stick to the shade for now. I’m more suited to sneaking than you will ever be.” And with that, the Assassin began to blend with the crowd of people figuring that with Cat’s (a nickname Lexi had heard the mother told her) coloring that the Captain of the Red Lions knew by now he’d been followed. She didn’t barge into the bar, sneaking behind a bigger man to slink inside, and sit near enough to the Captain and yet far enough to not be considered suspicious. She did touch the various weapons on her person though, being certain she could take out nearly everyone there if she had half the mind to do so.
”Now THAT is a ship worth stealing!” Caitlyn declares as she and her assassin First Mate watched the ship full of balloons dock ship. Lexi’s eyes were more astute and sharper than Caitlyn’s though.
”It belongs to the flamboyant looking one, with the long hair and spectacles. Plus it and it’s captain are on wanted posters, which you should have studied more. That is the Golden Lion Mark II if I’m not mistaken.”
”What if we painted the figure head red?” Chuckled the girl. Lexi just shook her head. The young and the foolish. She hadn’t had the chance to be either, but recognized it here. ”So whose the bookish Captain miss know it all?”
”His work on writing about Gol D Roger’s time is infamous according to some. What?” For there was an odd look to the girls face, which she wiped off unconvincingly. ”So. If I’m partial to guessing, I would say he’s recreating Luffy’s adventures now too.” Sigh. “Which means the young prince is in trouble.”
”So that puts us in Luffy’s shoes and kicking their asses! Sweet! I get to put my tomboy fighting skills to the test. Let’s follow them!” And that said, Caitlyn jumps down from the observation spot they’d spied the Red Lion’s ship, and went to see which way these ruffians were going.

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