This is an idea I've been kicking around for a while.

Using the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG system, I'd like to create a West Marches-style Star Wars campaign focused on a fledgling Rebellion force located in the Daalang Sector fighting against the Empire. Rather than having a consistent campaign with same characters showing up each regular session, we will instead do a number of one shots, operations which will contribute to the Rebel Alliance's efforts in the sector. Each one-shot will have a different party and a different, tangentially related objective to the progressing, overarching narrative we're collectively creating.

For example, if a group of players secures a new asteroid base in Operation #7, a different group of players may be tasked with chasing some pirates out of the asteroid belt in Operation #11.

The sky is really the limit for what we can do, but I'd like to start off small. Hopefully, over the course of the missions, we will grow Sector Force Daalang from a small spark into a fully-fledged rebel force. Operation I: Snowblind is currently in development, and the party involved will be tasked with scouting out and securing a derelict mining facility on an uninhabited moon.

If you're interested at all and want to check it out, please come by the Discord, where we are putting together resources and a hub for the team. Link: