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On Ship bound to Korriban, 2-3 Days after Harvest Moon Mission

Drey walked with purpose across the metal grates. His eyes locked on his datapad, his report checked for grammar and clarity. He spread his awareness out to note the others floating past him and avoid collision courses. He noted an error on his report then abruptly corrected it. His eyes looked up to see the mess hall coming into view, his lips curled into a smile. With a small tug at his tunic, he straightened out the wrinkles in his uniform and maintained his neat appearance. He placed the datapad into the nook of his arm while he slipped into the line. Several other officers seemed to have thought this was the best time to take a lunch break because he spotted the larger than normal number waiting to be served.

He sighed, feeling his stomach claw at him. A regret at failing to eat before the mission washed over him. All he could do was patiently wait until his turn came around. Sith were allowed to cut the line and be served first or given in their onboard quarters. Few ever decided to dine with the soldiers in their own area.

Drey couldn’t help thinking of Xid. The young Apprentice would’ve enjoyed chatting and mingling with the troopers. It had only been a bit of time, but he rolled his eyes at how much he missed the kid. Purely ridiculous.

Tishombra walked into the mess hall flipping her hair over her bare shoulder. She’d decided to wear the white leather. It had one sleeve and clung like a second skin. Her right arm was proudly displayed from the tips of her fingers to her smooth shoulder. The white on white leather looked as if it was once piece from farther off but on closer inspection it was at least two pieces. She flashed a bit of skin, just above her hip, as she flicked her hair over her shoulder.

She knew that she could jump ahead of everyone but she rarely did so. Troopers were the backbone of the Empire and she was no better than they were. Truthfully, the only thing that set her away from any of the others was the difference in her wardrobe. Or so she thought. She had the confident air of a woman who knew she was in charge but didn’t take advantage of it till someone pushed her to it or she needed to.

She raised her hands to her temples as she thought about that damned mark, Selene. Massaging her temples and ran a hand through her hair. She’d left it down after she had showered and wished she’d actually put it back into the customary high ponytail. She felt the ends tickle her sides as she shifted her hands. She had one vanity it was the pin straight, waist length, firey red hair. Well maybe her gold eyes with thick dark lashes too. And the scar. Okay maybe more than one.

Tishombra raised her arms over head and stretched out her arms and stood on tiptoes. She knew just how much skin she flashed and rolled her shoulders. She was bored and this would get her attention. Likely not conversation but at least this would take her mind off Selene. Conversation was too much to ask for sometimes.

Drey’s eyes caught the woman’s image pass him. The same flirtatious Sith who offered him a view of her ass during the mission. His eyes shifted and his peripheral caught the flash of skin. His lip twitched with a smile, enjoying the view. Noting she didn’t push forward, he shifted around to face her.

“A lovely creature like yourself doesn’t have to wait.” His voice was smooth and calm, confident in what he said. Most Sith were vain creatures, in some fashion or another. The higher ones often felt they were superior to soldiers like him, but the occasional ones learned the pleasure of his company.

Tishombra smirked at the man who called her lovely. “Thank you but I prefer to actually let the others before me take the last of this morning’s cooking so that they put out the fresher items. Besides I don’t mind waiting it allows me time to think. You look much hungrier...than myself.”

Her eyes sparkled with mischief and she bit her lip to keep from laughing. She didn’t quite succeed her shoulders shook with mirth and the silent laugh was evident in her breathing as well. She watched him from under her lashes to see his reaction to her flirting.

“Depends on the definition of hunger.” Drey fought hard not to tease too much.

He took a breath, adjusting his datapad in his arm and took a step back when the line moved. With years of training one could learn to be aware of their surroundings while never being force sensitive. It helped one survive to a ripe old age and prevent injury. He licked his lips a bit, eyeing her up without being obvious. Inside his head, he debated on how wise his next action would be.

“But yes, if I had a higher rank I would skip the line and have my meal delivered. The privacy is much better than soldiers chatting or trays thumping around. It makes you appreciate the small things in life.” He didn’t want to be too forward because a force slap hurt.

Tishombra’s eyes widened in shock just before she caught herself. He was actually daring enough to flirt back. Most people took one look at her and didn’t flirt but treated it like an interrogation. They focused on the fact that she had the scar and showed it off. He was actually reaching out. Normally she had to poke and prod the other apprentices of her master to even really get a conversation out of them. She’d actually gone in disguise once and had a decent conversation with a merchant. Honestly she couldn’t call Daymon each time she wanted a halfway decent conversation.

“Well that is something I had not thought of. But then who do I talk to? Who would you talk to? You were buried in-” She stepped closer and her hair shifted over his arm as she looked at the data pad. “Your mission report. Ah you were on the ship that Vaughn was flying.” She reached over and scrolled up. “Corporal you’re not very observant are you? You would have recognized me from that ship. Or maybe I just didn’t make that big of an impression.” She noticed the email that looked official and looked right into his eyes and smirked. They were the same height so they were eye level and she was invading his personal space. Seeing how far she could push him

“To be fair, our paths didn’t cross until we were heading back to the ship. I couldn’t afford to be distracted by your assets or I might’ve never survived to have this lovely conversation. It’s hard to keep from being trampled when your attention is admiring someone.”

His feet planted themselves, knowing she could easily toss him like a rag doll. Some Sith didn’t care about assaulting a soldier if it was ‘justified’. His eyes locked with hers, unafraid and ready for any aggression. He allowed her to invade his personal space for now. A minor offense and too petty to pick a fight over.

“If you wanted to see my datapad, you could ask. I would be willing to hand it over, My Lord.” He left the sentence shorter than he wanted, unsure of her title or her name. Sith weren’t clearly marked like himself so he used the default greeting. He hoped she wouldn’t call his bluff.

Tishombra kept her features in a smirk that really wanted to pull into a grin. He was giving as good as he got. Well up to the line and not crossing it. She’d have to see if he’d cross it at some point. He was interesting. He was different. Refreshing. “If I wanted the datapad in my hands I’d have it wouldn’t I Corporal? And as far as I know I have yet to make that title. No simply an Apprentice. For now. You’re interesting. Grab us some lunch and lets go Corporal. Let’s talk...for now. The datapad please?”

She nodded her head at the fact that the line now started with them. She smiled genuinely which brought out her dimples and made her seem less threatening. She held out her hand passively as she waited for him to hand the datapad over.

Drey wanted to curse, but he couldn’t. He set himself up for this and would face the results. Besides, his stubbornness refused to let him leave something unfinished. With a smile, he took the datapad from his arm and passed it over to her. It held everything he downloaded recently. That included the report and his personal files, including a few that went back as far as Feena. His busy duty had prevented him from copying them into datasticks then deleting the remaining ones during that time.

“As you wish, but a name would be helpful. My Apprentice doesn’t sound as formal as it does when accompanied by a name.” He passed her the datapad, careful to keep his calm and polite demeanor.

Tishombra took the datapad gently. “It would be helpful wouldn’t it my Corporal? But we’ll get to all that. Go ahead and get us something to eat.” She didn’t care if he noticed that she was being irritating or that she was actually not pissed and truly interested. She frowned as she turned away from him reading the datapad.

Drey couldn’t help but admire the view. She had a nice shape, from her bust to her hips, giving him plenty to enjoy. His attention turned back to the tray ordering the daily special. The perk about the mess hall on a ship, options were limited.

Drey Rumen. He had been married. Widowed. Young boy offspring. She wondered if he looked more like his mother or father. Tishombra pulled up some photos. The boy had much of his father in him. The boy’s hair was a touch lighter and his eyes were blue not green that his father’s were. Like jade.

She shook her head and closed the photos. His parents were still alive and probably kept the boy while Drey was away. Interesting. Where was that line? How far could she push him. How soon would he catch on that she wasn’t really serious about being overly pushy? How soon would he defuse the trap? Could he if she played with him? Or would he be too focused on the possibility of a threat?

Oh he has worked under not only Collem but Blayse Corvinian as well. He was interesting. She scanned his service record and noticed he’d been in twelve years and up for a promotion about four other times. This was the fifth.

She lead them out of the mess hall as she read and filed the information away. Her hips swayed unconsciously. She started off leading him to her quarters but soon slowed to fall into step with him as she skimmed his service record. She gave him the option of following or standing with her. The hallways became less and less crowded. “So. Corporal what did you think of the way your last assignment was handled?” Tishombra turned to him and gave him a smirk waiting for his answer.

Drey juggled two trays, his eyes watching her hips sway until she fell back. He shifted over to allow room rather than drift back. His lips frowned in thought for a moment, recalling how he hid with the mercs and the end result.

“Messy as it was, we managed to complete it. I say it was a success for the most part.” He gave his honest opinion based on his thoughts.

Tishombra tilted her head bridlike and blinked. “How would you have done it?” She wanted him to answer honestly but she had a feeling that she’d have to dig a little deeper to get him to. She reached out and her door opened for her. She walked in and sat down in one of the two chairs.

Her room was small sitting room and the bedroom separated by a half wall. She’d thought it was huge for the fact that she was an Apprentice. She wasn’t one for decorating anything so the only indication that the room was lived in was the twin sabers and twin lightsaber hilts that were on a desk attached to the half wall. She took a tray from Drey and indicated he sit.

Drey noticed the emptiness of the room, feeling it reminded him of his own. Practical and shortly lived in. A soldier’s life to its fullest. Seeing her sit, he brought the tray over to the nearby table and took a seat himself. He had been thinking the whole time over what she asked.

“Truthful? Nothing much different than Captain Corvinian. He’s bright and has a tactical head on shoulders, even when facing unknown odds. Our target was a force user which made her unpredictable and dangerous. Normal troopers have no chance in close combat at subduing her without harm. They would’ve been slaughtered.”

He paused for a breath then continued.

“The only hairy part was when we made a tactical retreat. One ship down caused numerous losses that could’ve been avoided if we left a small group behind. Mercs were also not military trained which quickly dissolved into chaos. The ending would be my only change and that is to leave a small group to secure each ship.” Drey’s eyes met herself, studying her intently.

“Yes well the end wasn’t...planned that way.” She looked up at him pausing as she took a bite. It was a normal bite. She wasn’t one to take those stupid tiny bites that a lady was supposed to unless she was at a function that she was expected to. Sometimes not even then. She swallowed and licked her bottom lip. “So leaving a group behind to be killed by the target? Make no mistake Corporal she would have. Someone that can make the dead rise and turn into walking torches? She’d have no problem dispatching a squad of troopers. Back to the point, you could make that call? Because from where I’m sitting I think you wouldn’t have.” She took another bite and eagerly awaited his answer.

She really wanted to know what he thought. How his mind worked. The more data the better and deeper she could dig to see how he ticked.

“You’re right. I would’ve likely been with them when it happened.” After seeing the woman take a bit, he began to eat his own meal. He stabbed the meat cutlet then sliced off a chunk, slipping it into his mouth. He chewed a bit then swallowed.

“Despite that, they could’ve rigged the ship to not work without the pilot. If you train someone well enough, they can resist the effects of both torture and mind manipulation. Making the ship dead in space for her as well as us if he was killed. Not perfect, but one option.” Drey didn’t mention he would’ve been laying in wait to take out Selene the moment she showed.

Tishombra smiled. “So by your logic, as brilliant as Collem is he was not as through as he should have been. I imagine that little tidbit would make someone want to hunt you down Drey. But the problem is you’ve been such a good citizen that you know for a fact that they wouldn’t go after you. You know who they’d go after don’t you? Who’d they’d send?”

Push one.

“No, Collem did the best he could in a situation he had little to no information about. I’m using information after the fact which alters my tactics. You asked what I would do differently, but that is vague enough to assume it could be based on my current knowledge. Not before.” He pointed out, taking another bite.

Tishombra laughed softly. “Semantics. You know it.”

“Knowledge is important. Being a Sith, you also are aware of this and often times value the advantage it gives you.” He had only partly finished his meal, still fixed on the conversation.

Tishombra finished pushed her tray to the side and leaned toward him. “I also know that some knowledge is dangerous and makes you a target. Do you play Sabacc Drey?”

“Only if you prove you’re someone dangerous.” He countered, knowing full well what some Sith thought little of troopers or their abilities. Few would ever expect him to have the knowledge to kill one of their own.

“Non-force sensitives aren’t much threat against the Sith. And I’ve played Sabacc a few times, but not often. It’s been a while since I last played.” He finished off his meal before gently sliding the tray toward hers.

Tishombra took his hand in hers. “How do you know your not playing right now? As for dangerous.” She stood and moved to between his legs looking down at him. “Some danger is worth it.” She caressed his face.

While she caressed Drey’s face she pushed on his perception of her. She had seen a picture of his wife. It was a matter of pushing his perceptions around, tricking his mind. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy. She ran her fingers through his hair and kept pushing. A little here. A little there.

Drey’s mind felt the pushes. Immediately his body tensed and his eyes snapped to her, his jawline tensed.

“Not this danger.” He blamed himself. He should’ve been more cautious as he rose upright, his mind trying to fight the shift in image. It hurt his heart more than he wanted to admit.

“I think we’re done here and it was nice meeting you.”

Tishombra let go. “Drey. I would give you an apology. I believe that is what it is called. I crossed a line.”

Drey considered some choice words to fling at her, but just inhaled then exhaled. Losing his temper in an enclosed room with a woman whole could fry him at any moment was a very bad idea. Especially since he got himself into it. Was Xid the only Sith he could honestly trust in this damn place?

“Look I know you’re mad. Furious. I got really pushy and oh nevermind.”

“You’re force sensitive, I’m sure you can tell mad isn’t the accurate word.” Drey’s voice fought not to harden.

“I don’t have to be sensitive in the Force to know how utterly livid you are. I wish it included time travel in my less than desirable traits at present.” She snapped and moved around him blocking the door. She’d get this apology out and see if she couldn’t at least be his friend. Wanting to be looked at the way she imagined he might have his wife just once would have been nice. She didn’t want to push too much and hurt him. She’d seen that happen before. Damned if she was going to admit that unless it was a last resort.

“If I didn’t find you appealing, I wouldn’t have been so easily lured here.” He shot back.

His hand rose to his face where he pinched his nose bridge. He continued to inhale then exhaled before speaking again.

“My wife died serving the Empire. Left to die by a Jedi during a mission. I’m a soldier who survived and was strengthened by that pain, but seeing it again won’t make me stronger now.” Drey wanted to leave as he grabbed the datapad from the bed, then moved to the door.

“I did not show you something painful to make you stronger. That was not my intention.”

“It’s better than the other options. Which is to draw out my pain, make yourself feel better or get some sense of power over me. So which is it?” Drey couldn’t pass her so he risked taking a few lumps if he could just escape this room.

“Oh yes because it’s always one of those.” She could feel something building. Something different than anger. It was like a ball of hurt, sadness, and rage deep within her. Her eyes flashed with her temper rising to match his. “You wouldn’t understand anyway” She didn’t move. Couldn’t. If she did she was afraid that she’d hurt him or that he’d walk away and she couldn’t decide which was worse.

“Then explain it. How is being my dead wife helpful? I assume you didn’t read my service record completely or you would know force tricks are less effective on me.” He crossed his arms over his chest, planting his feet into place. He wasn’t moving from the spot unless the woman threw him.

“Yes and I was arrogant enough to think I could get past those without hurting you. Needless to say, I couldn’t and I stopped. Had I been successful you wouldn’t be livid with me right now.” She paused to try and control the foreign emotion. [color=orangered]“You wouldn’t have even remembered it.”/color]

Tishombra moved away from the door so he could leave. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and turned away from him. Her voice was a whisper and sounded like she was crying. “I’m sorry Drey. Truly.”

“Frick me.” Drey growled under his breath, not enjoying a Sith breaking down.

“I would’ve been more angry if you succeed. I didn’t love my Elera because of her looks, but her personality. So the moment you opened your mouth, I would’ve known.”

He inhaled again.

“I came up here because I was curious. Where that curiosity would lead, I don’t know. Would it be a one night stand, something more, or just a conversation? I had no idea. If I wanted to be with my wife again, I would’ve let myself die back on that ship and let my parents raise my son.” He let the words sink in.

Tishombra didn’t know what was going on but the pressure only got worse as he spoke. He was right. Each word was like twisting the knife. The pain fed the rage and sadness. Something was building and she had to get him out of the room.

She nodded she was turned away holding on, pushing down the feelings as best she could. “I…” Groaning she fell to her knees. “Drey… I… something is…”

Drey tossed his datapad on the bed as he kneeled down next to her. His hand touched her back gently and his anger faded into concern. Her arms were wrapped about her stomach causing him to immediately consider poisoning. Promptly he shifted to examine her tray, noting any discoloration or odd scent. Nothing.

“All right,” he snatched the water bottle from his tray and once more lowered down to her, popping the top open. He passed it to her.

“Drink that. Inhale and exhale. See if it passes. If not, I’ll get the medical team.” Drey observed her as he tried his best to determine what was wrong.

Tiishombra nodded and took the bottle from him took a sip. Inhaled and then lost it. Her eyes going wide a look of apology. On the exhale a scream pulled from so deep within her that it was inhuman. It was as if a hand reached down and pulled out emotions of the past few minutes.

The rage, wrenching despair and pain echoed in it. It was as if the part of her that had been so filled with rage, despair at never having even a taste of what Elera had, hurt and jealousy all ripped lose in that scream and manifested itself with the Force.
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Drey’s kind posture went from relaxation to stiff the moment the deafening sound ripped into him. His hands clamp down on the sides of his head to block it. A fruitless effort he quickly realized as he yelled in pain. Scrunched up eyes stared at her before his knees started to give out from under him. The downward fall didn’t last. In moments the force shoved him back, knocking him off his feet and sent him backwards. His arms curled to protect his head from blunt force impact.

When Drey flew back, Tishombra reached out. He stopped millimeters from the wall. She fought against her own power as the scream died. She relaxed infinitesimally and breathed a sigh of relief let him go to fall to the floor. He flopped down into a stunned heap while she staggered to her feet. She threw back her shoulders and faced the door as it opened.

A trooper looked at Drey’s disheveled figure then at her. “Something just rippled through this section of the ship. Just checking on you Apprentice Ferro.”

Tishombra gave the trooper a blank face. “I am fine Sergeant Kiel. My thanks.”

Sergeant Kiel nodded and inclined his head as did Tishombra. He turned and left the door, closing as he left.

Tishombra fell to her knees as the door shut. “Lock the door on your way out Drey. Please? And I’m sorry again.” She laughed full of self mockery. She swayed on her knees and fell over on her left side. Her eyes fluttered shut a tear running down her cheek and across her lips.

Drey groaned. Pain nailed deeply into his head as he began to rose upright, his hand held his head. Standing completely up caused his balance to crumble and brought him to his knee. His left arm shot out to keep him from face planting into the ground. Silently, he cursed his stupidity. In a wobbly success, he managed to stand on his own two feet. Drey cast a look in Tishomba’s direction before he managed a nod. Through he couldn’t hear the words through the ringing, he could guess. He snagged up his cracked datapad along the way to the door. A slight limp, but nothing more.

She looked exhausted as if she hadn’t slept for days. Bags under her eyes that looked like bruises they were so dark. Her skin was ash pale as if she was carved from white marble. Her lightning scar stood out like blood against snow. Her hair pooled around her like a river of blood lit by firelight.

In her weakest moment, Drey mused how human she looked. So many parallel familiarities to one other individual he knew. Someone who struggled with random powers and the inability to control it. He paused mid-exiting. He turned to look at her, his face no longer angry or upset.

“Talk with me later.” Drey kept it short, his hearing struggling to return properly. Without wasting much more time, he set the door to lock and wobbled slightly on his march out. He vanished into the crowd of uniform personnel shortly after.

… … …

Tishombra woke with a headache. A splitting massive headache. "You just had to make things complicated, didn't you?" She pushed up from the floor groaning. Getting to her feet she headed to the shower. After the shower she dressed. This time the black. The sleeveless shirt tapered down in the front and back leaving her sides bare. Her pants hung low on her hips.

She reviewed the personal records of her room from last night. She shook her head as she caught Drey's parting words. Talk. She was not going to enjoy this. Especially if he decided that he was going to put the incident in a report.

She tied her hair away from her face and high on the back of her head. Her bone structure was much more prominent than with her hair down. Curiosity drew her to researching where Drey was quartered. Taking a deep breath she decided that she might as well face the music.

Drey laid face down in his bunk. A cramped little space where he curled up and slept off the effects of the force scream. Already, his headache had subsided and began to lift upright. His legs slide over the edge as they found ground. After the vertigo faded, he began to stand upright. His balance tilted to the left causing him to jerk his arm out in order to catch himself. Some lingering effects still remained even with the hour or so rest he managed to sneak in between shifts.

Tishombra buzzed the com at the door. Maybe he wasn’t in? She hadn’t checked. That foreign feeling twisting her up inside. She fiddled with her belts hanging over her hips checking her sabers. She’d left the lightsabers stored and locked up. She huffed and stopped fidgeting waiting with a blank look. Well as blank as she could manage. The look didn’t quite reach her eyes.

What she couldn’t see was that she was worried. Impatient and worried.

“Enter, it’s open. Soldier bunks don’t have locks…” Drey said.

Tishombra opened the door and walked in. Seeing him swaying while standing she winced slightly. It was almost imperceptible. Almost. She swallowed and looked away. Giving him the grace to steady himself. Weakness was not tolerated lightly in the Sith but one didn’t normally look away and not comment or take advantage of it. She watched him out of the corner of her eye.

Drey in a careful and slower than normal matter. Somehow, he forced himself to remain steady on the route to the nearby sink. He turned the knob and splashed some recycled water into his face. The chemical sting managed to clear his mind enough to no longer feel sick when he moved. After gripping the nearby towel, he patted his face dry and turned to face her.

“All right, permission to speak bluntly and honestly.” He wanted her reaction to ensure she wasn’t going to blast him into a nearby wall.

Tishombra’s head turned toward Drey. “I’d like to think that you’d be willing to speak that way with me always. But yes you have it from this moment on with no fear of repercussions. You have my word.” She moved in and closed the door.

“I’ve been around enough to understand one thing: I’m disposable. In an assault or crowd, I’m no different than anyone standing next to or in front of me. The only reason I stand out is the fact that I haven’t died yet.”

A moment passed before he finished patting down his face. He hung the towel on the sink edge as he walked toward her. He stopped just outside her personal space before he spoke.

“Most importantly, never take on my wife’s face again. I never want to replace her, but I do want to move on. What you desire isn’t going to be taken from me,” Drey hoped his subtle hint became clear, but he didn’t intend to provoke or threaten the Sith. He took another breath before he continued his words.

“Finally, this venture is going to be whatever you want. If it changes, simply tell me and we’ll go our separate ways. No pain, no strings, or anything to hinder our working relationship should happen.”

Tishombra blinked. "That's all?" She blurted out before catching the surprise and swallowing it. She was suspicious of such an open ended relationship. What he said had floored her. She looked away to compose herself.

“Yes. Truthfully, you would’ve gotten more of a pleasant reaction with a one night stand than that.” Drey boldly commented.

Tishombra glanced back at Drey. "One night would not have been enough. And now I'm at a disadvantage. I… didn't mean…" She shook her head. "I'm not good at… this."

“I’m going to be on Korriban for a few weeks. What about dinner? Public or private, the decision is up to you.” Drey taking the lead in this, an offer which he felt was reasonable. Sometimes it made a woman feel comfortable to have her options limited while still able to reject or offer something up in exchange. His arms crossed over his chest and waited for her answer.

Tishombra raised an eyebrow. "You're sure about this? It's not too late to be smart and say you want nothing to do with a dangerous woman, Drey." She liked his name. Short and to the point. Surprisingly he hadn't asked for hers yet.

“I’ve done a lot of dangerous things in my years of service. One day I will not survive one of these missions.” Drey then shrugged, his arms still folded. He let a smile break across his serious expression. “At least this one, I might die having some fun.”

"You can't be serious. I offended you then almost killed you purely by accident. Neither my intention and yet you're still interested." Tishombra tilted her head and put her hands on her hips.

“If you prefer I wasn’t…” Drey stated then turned on heel and began to slowly walk back to his bunk.

Tishombra raised an eyebrow. "I didn't say that. I just said… you're loving this aren't you?" She grinned at his retreating form.

“After working underneath a Darth, you have no idea. This is actually rather fun.” Drey chuckled before leaning against his bunk, now facing her direction. His arms still crossed over his chest.

“So, which is it? Are you interested to see where this goes or leave it in the past?”

"Definitely interested. I just don't know why you'd be. I don't want you to think you don't have the option to walk away…” She seemed lost in thought, as if far away.

“Truthfully, I’m curious. I’m not a force sensitive, but the idea of it is interesting. Especially in the less explained areas.” He let the words linger a moment and continued.

“As long as you respect me and keep to the boundaries, this will work. Otherwise, I’ll seek company elsewhere. Simple as that. Is that a deal?” Drey extended his hand as he waited for her reaction.

Tishombra came back to reality with a shudder and looked back at Drey smirking, eyes still a bit haunted.

“You realize, if I step out of line… you can throw me across the room? I’m the one taking the biggest risk. I can’t fight back should you choose not to stick to our deal.”

“Trust me I am aware of that risk level. More than you realize. After all the analogy works when a Master takes on an Apprentice.” Tishombra’s color drains from her face the far away look back in her eyes. “The risk level is synonymous.”

“The choice is yours. I made mine. Though I will admit, I wonder if you’re able to handle this.” Drey sighed, unsure if he should step forward or stay against the bunk.

Tishombra’s eyes flashed and she tipped her chin up squaring her shoulders. “I can handle more than you think. I’m no shrinking violet.” She held out her hand. “You have a deal Corporal. Unless you regret your decision already?” The now familiar smirk was back. The cocky arrogance she threw back at him with the questioning challenge to see if he’d rise to the occasion.

Drey raised an eyebrow, but shrugged off a response. Part of him wondered what he got himself into. He sighed then reached and shook the hand.

“I think my actions speak louder than my words. Just keep in mind, you’re still leading this relationship. I still need an answer and your name.”

“My name is Tishombra Ferro. You’re not making this easy you know. I’m not clear on the full meaning of boundaries in a romantic relationship... That is what we’re talking about is it not? I can see you fully enjoying my lack of experience in this situation.”

“There’s only one way to learn. Experience it, mess up and learn. Then repeat. It’s pretty simple, but the emotions can be crazy. However, I’m not fragile.” Drey stated with a smirk returning to his lips.

“Good to know. But in answer to your question. I’d like to see where this goes. Since I’ve already messed up. How formal is this dinner you were talking about earlier?” Tishombra looks serious since this might actually be serious.

“I say the same atmosphere as when we first met. The one before you tried to fool me. A relaxed, casual setting. Sound good to you?”

“That sounds fine. I guess I don’t have to give you heart failure by dressing up.” She indicates her outfit. “This is pretty normal, a little on the formal side.”

“I usually prefer to get out of my uniform for off duty.” Drey stated as he pushed off the bunk, considering if he should shoo her out. He really needed a shower after a long day.

“So, what time is good for you? I’m considering washing up before we’re forced to go through routine checks.”

“I have all the time in the world. Eventually I’ll have to report but that will likely be in person and I’m free for a while. Did you need me to leave?” She indicated the door behind her.

Drey studied her. His face hard to read as he considered an answer. The lust and loneliness encouraged a flirting answer, giving her a choice to explore her options. A deep inhale then exhale quelled the primal desires. Giving into them wouldn’t help the situation and her reaction earlier brought him to question the wisdom of this deal. Having already pushed his luck far too much today, he took the safer road.

“While I don’t mind being watched, I do share these quarters with others. Your presence might make them think we did something to upset you.” Drey smirk, feeling his answer was acceptable.

Tishomba nodded. “That is a valid statement. My quarters? Or…?” Her gaze traveled over him slowly. She lingered over the span of his hips, the with of his chest and danced over his shoulders. She finally raised her eyes to his and arched an eyebrow. “Don’t think I didn’t hear the invitation Corporal.”

“It was always there.” Drey chuckled, not mentioning she messed it up originally. He paused to think and consider it.

“Where do you feel safest?”

Tilting her head her eyes blinked questioningly. “Shouldn’t that be my question to you, as you keep pointing out? I’m the big bad Sith after all. Makes me sound like I’m going to eat you alive.” She bit her lip to keep the laugh in.

“You can, but doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it. However, I know I do know the Sith world a bit better than most troopers. I’m assigned to serve underneath a Darth so I get the best and worst side of the world. I also know you work better when you’re comfortable.” He pointed out.

Tishombra arched an eyebrow suggestively as he stated that he would enjoy being eaten alive. She got very serious at the mention of him serving under a Darth. “A Darth?” She tensed a fraction. “Really, what Darth Corporal?” Her tone a touch more formal.

If he was serving under a Darth that had issues with Embrus then he could be a plant. I can’t let Embrus down. I’m not expendable per say but still that would cause issues. I don’t need issues.

“Nyiss. It’s in my records if you kept looking. Reassigned after Lord Sish was killed, any additional reports are in my records. If you look close, I’m not high on the ranking system.” Drey knew that look and the reaction. He held his breath waiting for this thing to stop in its tracks.

“Yes we established last night that I was remiss in skimming your records. I shall take your word for it, though. I have heard of her.” Tishombra relaxed visibly. “My quarters then.” She backed up right into the wall. She slid her hand behind her slowly trying to not make it obvious she was paying more attention to him than her surroundings. She fumbled for the button.

“Need me to help with that?” Drey asked, noticing her struggle.

“Help with what Corporal?” She managed to just pull off the innocent look, maybe.

“The button, you seem oddly distracted. I can’t imagine why.” He chuckled, walking over to her. “Maybe I should escort you to your quarters before taking a shower.”

Drey didn’t deny he almost suggested taking a shower in her quarters, but he didn’t want to push his luck again.

“You couldn’t be more wrong about being distracted Corporal. But if you feel that an escort is needed I would never deny you the pleasure.” Tishombra stated smoothly not missing a beat she smiled sweetly.

“I don’t think you would enjoy the smell of me after work.” Drey teased, letting himself invade her personal space briefly. His hand pressed the button then slowly pulled back.

Tishombra removed her hand from behind her back as he invaded her personal space and lightly brushed over his hip and across the small of his back to rest lightly in the middle of his back. She looked at him from beneath her lashes. “It’s called breathe control if you’re that worried about offending me Drey. And yes I have that.” She lightly ran her nails up and down his spine. She dragged out his name as if tasting it and finding it to her liking.

Drey smirked and turned into her direction. So many things to say, but the place was terrible. He decided to say fuck it and go for the fun. His head leaned in to whisper into Tish’s ear, the words barely audible.

Tishombra turned her head and laid her lips against his ear. “Why I do believe I’ll make that bet Drey.”

Tishombra blew gently into his ear and caught the lobe in her teeth gently for only a moment. “Willing to make a wager?” Her lips formed the words softly and against his ear.

“First, we need to make it back to your quarters. Unless you want to give the crew a show…” Drey snickered as he gestured for her to leave first, the door still open.

Tishombra lightly ran her nails across his back from spine to hip letting her hand fall. She lightly bumped against him to turn in the limited amount of space to get fully out the door. She looked back over her shoulder and flashed him her eyes. They were full of promise and desire their gold color sparkling like a miniature sun. “Keep up Corporal.”

She walked out hips swaying as she lead them back down the path that she had started last night. Before she had erred in judgement. Pride goeth before a fall. She threw a look back over her shoulder to see if he was following closely enough.

Drey never missed a step as he followed in her wake. A few curious heads turned into their direction, subtle disbelief and concern at his brazen action. It was obvious to those who could put together the only reason a Sith would take a trooper back to their private room. He ignored their wary glances with a faked innocent smile.

Tishombra opened the door and ushered Drey in following him in, closing and setting the lock. She turned toward Drey and smiled wickedly. “Now about that bet…”

... ... ... ... ... ...

Drey glanced at the monitor. The digits blinked the current time and caused him to silently curse. Carefully he began detangle himself without waking her. He mumbled something about wishing he could stay longer as he began to grab his uniform pieces. With skilled practice in hasty dressing, Drey pulled on his boxer, pants and finally his shirt. He carefully sat on the bed's edge while he slipped on his boots.

His hand reached for the lock before the hairs on the back of his neck rose up. Casually he glanced over his shoulder to spot Tishombra, rolled over and looking at him.

“Sorry, I tried not to wake you.” Came the simple apology.

Tishombra grinned and stretched. The sheet slipped but she held it to her. "I'd let it go but you have somewhere to be. I understand. You could use my shower."

“If I had time, I would. I feel like we would get going and never get out.” Drey smiled, his eyes hungrily followed her shape through the sheet. He bit his lip then shook from his greed.

“I’ll take a rain check. I also like to keep the score 3 to 1.” He amused, the number in his favor.

Tishombra stood the sheet barely covering her hourglass figure accentuating it more than hiding it. “Well then I guess I’ll just have to catch up Corporal. When do you get off duty?” She glided closer and he caught a flash of leg, another of hip, torso. She held the sheet barely with one hand.

She reached out and kissed the back of his neck. Her hands coming round his waist and she leaned her head on him nuzzling his shoulder. “I’ll be here waiting with something for you to eat. If you like.”

A heavy stir in his blood created discomfort. If urgency hadn’t been a priority than Drey might’ve said fuck it and have another round with her.

“I work in another twelve hours, then I get about ten hours to myself. I should be eating dinner and sleeping during that time, but... “ His hint was obvious.

Tishombra decided that he was going to get a little something to hold him over. She ran her tongue along his neck and nipped him. She whispered in his ear then licked it and let him go turning and walking to the bathroom giving him a view as she walked away to the bathroom leaving the sheet at his feet. She turned back her hair pulled over one shoulder and ran a hand up her side lifting it in a wave when it was chest level.

Drey groaned over his neediness. He couldn’t stop himself from watching her leave as his body stepped back, making the view last longer. A sigh escaped his lips before he forced himself to look away. He began to move toward the door and pressed the button.

“I’m going to get even.” He spoke loudly before he exited.

He heard laughter. Pure and musical sexy laughter before the door shut after him.
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Drey traversed the ship’s corridors, taking the shortest route possible. His boots echoed with each step and kept the relentless pace until he approached Tishomba’s quarters. With a smooth movement, his hand reached out and pressed the button. He stepped back to wait to be allowed to enter. As the seconds ticked into minutes, he shifted in place. His mind had been locked on this moment causing him enough distractions. He lingered on the sensation of making someone stronger than himself squirm and wiggle. The thought of power caused his mouth to flicker up into a smile.

"Come." Tishombra didn't mince words. She'd been looking forward to seeing Drey again. Anticipation made her smile all day.

As Drey opened the door, he was greeted with a dinner that looked like it should have been at the captain's table. Tishombra was dressed in a semi sheer navy wrap. She had something on underneath but it was obscured and not entirely visible. It seemed like the wrap floated around her.

The aroma hit him first causing Drey to inhale deeply, his mouth watered on the inside. He swallowed when his eyes shifted to Tishombra. His head visibly tilted up then down, following her subtle curves through the thin fabric. Very little was left to the imagination. At least, in his imagination after the first coupling. Words escaped him as he edged in, but the boyish smile still creep onto his face.

“I have to say, I’m liking what I’m seeing.”

Tishombra smiled. "I thought you might. Better food." She moved closer, her hair loose and swaying in time with her hips.

“Any food can be better than my cooking.” He commented, noting his bland tasting attempts to produce something edible. His eyes followed her. Absorbing each step and sway, recalling the sensation of exploring her. His upper teeth bit his lower lip while he struggled to not cover the distance she created between them.

“I see your favorite hobby is teasing the hell out of me.” Drey joked as he stepped toward the table, ready to take the nearest seat.

"I thought it was a shared hobby." Tishombra sat down in the chair opposite him and gestured to the meal. "By all means sit. You seem famished."

The meal was simple. Salad and steaks. There was a bottle of wine opened to breathe.

Drey accepted the offer as he pulled the chair out and took a seat, pushing himself into place. With a normal woman, he would’ve had her seated first. He doubted his efforts would’ve been appreciated by a Sith unless requested. They valued strength and independence, seeking company only to satisfy their lustful needs. He wondered how much of this thought rang true for Tishomba who seemed to enjoy his open affection.

Sitting straight, his eyes turned to her expecting her to join him. He had to admit the meal was better quality than those he ate with the rest of the crew. It didn’t mean it was bad, it just lacked any notable taste or texture.

"How long will you be on Korriban?" The question came out awkward and Tishombra quickly added. "You did say you were interested in the Force. I'd be willing to answer any questions on the subject. It might take more than one day to explain."

Tishombra took a bite and awaited his response. She raised her eyes to see his reaction and determine if he was interested or just making conversation. She was hoping for the former.

Drey took a moment to think. “It depends on how quickly transport is arranged and I’m needed, I have at least a week.”

He sliced a piece of the nerf steak, pausing to pop it into is month. “I learned a bit from Apprentice Terrick and Rahn, but it left a few more questions than it answered. I will admit, it’s likely harder to teach a non-force user than a force user.”

Drey knew it was best not to mention Xid’s explanations left much to desire and only gave a little understanding. The kid didn’t know how to teach anything outside his comfort zones. He chewed his piece and cut more, preventing Tishombra from inquiring about it.

"I've never tried but I like a challenge. How extensive is your knowledge? Where should I start? Anything in particular that you're dying to know? I could start there." She took a sip of wine.

“I do know you’re born with it, which is why they are looked on so highly. The details are what are difficult to grasp. My mind unfortunately also wanders into the more intimate areas, but I feel that’s best avoided.” He didn’t say it outloud, but the hint was clear. He had noted her reactions and suspected that such a topic was not approachable. Not yet.

He continued to eat his steak, the piece half gone, before he took a sip of wine.

Tishombra put the glass of wine down. "Depends on the definition of intimate. I'm sorry, the context not definition." She gestured around. "This is just as intimate a setting as torture." She indicated her right arm. "This amongst other experiences were an intimate setting. An unpleasant intimate setting. I confess I've not had a setting where it's been...pleasant. But that can change. Some things are unknown and unpredictable. Nothing ventured nothing gained.”

She leaned back and drained her glass. The subject was not a favorite of hers. She owed him and it was the first time she'd let her guard down. Mara would be so disappointed in this turn of events. Corinth would be proud. Which might not be a good thing.

She was curious about Drey. Passed over four promotions and likely would this one as well. Trained to resist the Force and apparently had a taste for danger. At least in the bedroom.

She'd have to be discreet. She didn't want to be but it would protect him more if she was. Embrus would be looking for an excuse for her failure. His life was her responsibility. His health was her responsibility. His family's welfare was her responsibility. She pushed away the train of thought she was on and looked back at Drey.

“Fair enough. It’s why I gave the option to keep it off the table. ” Drey calmly mentioned, keeping the topic light as possible.

He observed her while he continued to eat, sipping his wine. He was careful not to drink a lot. Blayse could easily down six beer bottles, but he could barely handle three. Wine wouldn’t be a good idea to risk affecting him now. He could tell she hadn’t wanted to share, drawing his mind to question why she did. Most Sith rather fabricate a lie rather than admit weakness or raw experiments of helplessness. Maybe she was more human than most Sith. At least, he hoped she was.

“So, you’ve read my file and know more about than I do of you. Mind sharing what you feel is acceptable? Let me have a bit more even playing field?”

He started on the salad as he set a portion of his steak to the side. It would be finished after the salad.

"Where to start? I come from Korriban and both of my parents are still alive as well as my brothers and sister. I'm the oldest of four and look the most like my grandmother. She was human and married into the Ferro bloodline. She was a powerful woman, and subsequently brought that power and much needed gene pool.

I was trained at an early age in the basics in the Academy and was in the top three percent of the Academy records. I am skilled in wielding two weapons, be it sabers or lightsabers. I am five and twenty. I served a previous master before Darth Embrus. Lord Rahl who was killed, likely because he was found out to be a spy and the Empire had to nab him for it. Darth Embrus stepped in and saw that there was a good Apprentice available.

I was nineteen when I earned my title. I was ten when I got my scar from Force Lightning because I corrected an Overseer. Lord Rahl was just as pleasant in more…"
She shook her head. "I'm sure you don't want to know those details. That's basics. Ask what you'd like to know." Tishombra reached out and poured more wine for herself, a half glass. She raised the bottle and indicated his glass.

“Nay, I know my limit.” Drey admitted through hoping she wouldn’t take advantage of that. He knew she might later on, but he trusted she knew a line not to cross. At least, not yet.

He sat to absorb the information given to him before moving on.

“The incident earlier, when you sent me flying. You didn’t expect that, did you?”

"You're correct. That was unexpected." Tishombra sipped her wine.

“Do you know what it was?”

"I could be snarky and say the Force. Lesson one. We label powers specific to things they do. What do you think it was Corporal?" Tishombra gave him a smarmy look and swirled the wine in her glass.

“It’s nothing I’ve seen before. Considering it sounded like a scream and tossed me back, I would say Force Scream?” He took a jab at what seemed obvious, looking to her for the correct answer.

Tishombra inclined her head. "Yes. It was not a power that I knew I had."

“It seems like troopers, you can learn or have talents for certain things. I can relate to that more than blowing my enemies back with a scream.” A small chuckle rippled through his chest to spread throughout his body.

"At times they come in handy. Other times they push to the surface and you have an out of control situation."

“You only need to focus on control. Being aware is half the battle, the rest is hard work. At least from what I’ve heard.”

"I'm always in control. A skill that you seem separated from Corporal." Tishombra snarked at Drey leaning forward smiling so that her dimples flashed.

“I can name at least once, you weren’t in control. I’m sure it will turn into two before the evening is over.” He couldn’t help, but looking slightly pleased with himself. The memory was still fairly fresh in his mind. He leaned back into his chair as he finished his meal, the salad completely finished off now.

Tishombra's smile deepened and her eyes sparkled. "Promises, promises. Thankfully you have proved you're more than...equipped to back those boasts up." She rose and collected the dishes setting them in bags.

As Tish removed his plate, Drey rose to his feet. He stepped quietly behind her and gently touched her shoulders, letting his hands wander down to her waist. His body leaned into hers as his arms wrapped about her. He couldn’t wait any longer for dessert.
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Tishombra felt him fall asleep and wondered if their continued relationship was too much for him. He seemed too stubborn to say so. So she'd have to slow the pace down. How she'd manage that when she was just as eager for him as he for her she had no clue.

She paused. This was something she wanted to continue by any means necessary. She didn't want to let this go, let him go.

A few hours later Tishombra woke up and attempted to gently disentangle herself from Drey while not waking him up. She rose and removed all of her clothing that they neglected to fully do. She stretched turning toward the bed fully, not just in profile anymore and saw him watching her with a pleased smirk.

She raised an eyebrow at him. "That's a very cocky look Corporal." She attempted not to smile at him. Her eyes failing to hide the mirth and her lips twitching ever so slightly.

"I'm within the privacy these quarters provide, so I think I am allowed it." The voice was teasing and full of self pride at the glow he created within her.

Drey pulled onto his stomach to admire the view. He didn't appear ready to leave the bed or feed his primal wants. At least, not yet.

"It sounds like you're enjoying the company. I feel you've decided to at least see where this goes or did I read too deeply into your comments earlier?"

Tishombra shouldn't have been surprised. He wasn't stupid and the reason he was still alive was that he was observant. Very observant. One could almost attribute it to the Force. His records had indicated he wasn't a Force User but that didn't mean things didn't work out in his favor or a particular skill wasn't heightened by it. Those little things weren't part of the test.

"No you weren't mistaken." She stated carefully. Her doubts and insecurities rose up inside her as she attempted to wrestle them back down. No use in borrowing trouble. If there wasn't a reason for it...yet. She knew he'd follow along with what she wanted. But they both wagered some big things.

Drey`s eyes narrowed as he sat upright. The sheet wrapped about his hips and provided the modesty he needed.

"I feel there's a but…"

Tishombra stepped closer then reached out and ran her fingers through his hair. "More like a wish." She smiled sadly at her thoughts. Thoughts that would likely get her killed, or worse.

Drey`s gut stirred, but he ignored it. He would handle the challenges as they came and worrying about them now seemed pointless. He inhaled and kept his smile on. His hand reached up and gently placed his hand on hers threading through his hair, trapping it in place a moment longer.

"It is interesting. The noises you make while you're pleased. However, you spoke one language I have never heard before. If I didn't know better, I would've guessed you were cursing me out."

Tishombra laughed softly at his change in subject. "All of the House of Ferro speak the language of our fore bearers. Or at least that's what I was told growing up whenever my mother or father, who rarely did, came to see me. So I learned. It is commonly used by my family. And those noises are purely a you reaction."

He gently began to pull her closer, hoping to get her onto the bed. "I guess I'll just have to get use to it, won't I?"

She hummed to his comment as he pulled her closer and she straddled him. "I'm wearing you out Drey. If you want anything left by the time we get to Korriban then slowing down is an option. I'm not the only one allowed to call the shots."

"My mind says to slow, but my body doesn't want to. I guessed I missed the intimacy more than I thought I did." He rolled his tongue against his cheek.

"I'm content in the sex department for a while, but what about you?" Drey carefully observed her reaction while her weight settled on him.

"Oh I want all you can give me there because it just keeps getting better. I'm new to the intimacy but I'm enjoying it." Tishombra curled an arm around his shoulders as she sat in his lap. "I just know that it has to be different out there than in here, and I'm not keen on that idea but I'd not risk your life."

She needed him to understand that. If she had to break it down further for him she would, but she doubted it.

"I'm not exactly ignorant to the world of the Sith. I have more knowledge than you might think. I've worked alongside two of them for about six years and I am still alive." Drey stated firmly, his hands rubbing her thighs.

"To be frank, I didn't expect this to go farther than a one night stand. Most Sith only sleep with a guy like me because they think I can't fight back and can be killed without notice. Expendable."

"I'm not them. I wasn't kidding when I said the soldier was the backbone of the Empire. I know that. Besides there are more of you than us. All of us at some point are expendable to someone."

Tishombra lowered her lashes. "After your performances you thought you could shake lose of me? Not gonna happen Corporal." She said squirming under his hands with delight.

"Well, I'll make a note of that." His head leaned into hers, loving how she began to squirm from his touch.

For a moment, he savored the silence and affection. He broke it to finally address the challenge ahead of them.

"From what you've mentioned, do you have a plan? Cause I doubt me casually entering your quarters every night will go unnoticed by other Sith. At least, while we are assigned in the same area."

Tishombra nodded. "Believe it or not I have a normal apartment in Korriban and don't live near other Apprentices. Most of them stay in the compound. I am fortunate enough that I can have my own retreat. I picked a complex that had no one that was Sith in the area picked. And besides my lack of rank let's makes me practically normal. Oh and looking human helps."

"Hmmm, it does. I heard Pureblood anatomy is hard to work with for a human so for that, I'm thankful." Drey nearly growled in pleasure.

"However, you realize I'll eventually return to my post or be enlisted in other missions. I can't promise if I'll be able to return to Korriban any time soon. Can you survive without me?" His voice held mirth and a teasing quality.

Tishombra tapped her lips drawing his attention as she looped her legs around his waist scooting closer to rest her forehead against his. "So if I said no I couldn't survive …?" She teased back even though it fell a little flat since she was serious.

Drey sighed, dramatically and exaggerated to show his playfulness. "Sadly, if I must so should you. You're a big, strong sith after all."

Tishombra threw her head back and laughed. Her hair slid down his legs like a silk curtain as she tossed her head back. "Yes the big, strong Sith that was seduced by a Corporal. Because that is not how you look at this at all, right?"

"Hey, if I go over the line, you can force plop my ass on the sofa. Not many women can say that." He pointed out.

Tishombra shook her head. "I crossed a line when we first met that I promised myself long ago that I wouldn't do. If I'm in this relationship then we should be equals. Which means if you can't do it neither can I. So unless you want to open that discussion it would be telling you that your sweet, sweet ass is on the couch. And don't expect to be alone there long Corporal."

Drey bursted out laughing, his ribs jiggled and his face crinkled by the mirth. After his ribs started to hurt, the sound began to die down. It was clear he loved knowing the fact she gave him.

She shook her head. "Back around to that wish again…" She muttered.

“I learned wishes are just what-ifs. Fun to want, but the present and now should never be forgotten. You make do with what you have.”

Tishombra nodded. "Point made. And either you're getting used to me being naked or I really am losing my touch. Either is really depressing. But since you're not interested you can always ask about the Force or other interests Corporal." She trailed her nails up and down his back lightly in random patterns and gave him a quick kiss biting his bottom lip then soothing it with her tongue. She grinned flashing dimples and pulled back knowing she was teasing him.

“That or I haven’t been this satisfied in a long time. Besides, weren’t you the one that suggested we slow down?” Drey’s fingers squeezed her thighs when her nails scratched his back.

His muscles tensed and left tingling from the roughness. He could his arousal budding again, but he pushed it down a bit. Inwardly he debated if he should risk bring exhausted when he reported for duty or not. Her temptation didn’t make the decision easy.

Tishombra stood up slowly and pulled him up gently directing him into the shower. She pulled him along behind her so he got an eye infection. "I just wanted to know that I hadn't lost my touch."

“If you had, it wouldn’t have been that much fun.” Drey followed her up, as his eyes couldn’t help but look. No matter how many times he saw her in her purest form, he couldn’t shake the heat that swept through him. He let her pull him along to the shower easily. They both needed to… clean up.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Tishombra panted and rolled into him snuggling as her heartbeat tried to slow. "I'm gonna wind up either always naked, which I'm sure most wouldn't mind but I have a feeling you would outside a private room; or chained to your bed."

A lighthearted chuckle erupted from his throat. “I like the last option. You wiggle less.”

The merriment in Drey’s voice was clear and undeniable. His arm wrapped about her as held her close, but the moment would be short lived eventually. Time never stopped. For now, he would enjoy it. He pulled the covers over them in order to chase away the chill.

“I’m just glad you had a good time. Now that I know what you like, it’s going to be easy to please you.”

"You say that like you're so sure of yourself." She chuckled pleasantly. "I created a monster."

“I was a monster way before you came along. I just like toying with my prey.” Drey retorted, pulling her closer to him.

She laughed with feeling and reached out to cover her mouth. She'd never laughed like that. She raised an eyebrow. "Well that was unexpected."

“You act like you’ve never had fun. Related to your past?” His voice was gentle, but curious. He had no intention to rip answers from her if she didn’t want to give them.

Tishombra propped herself up on her elbow thinking ignoring the covers that shifted. "Yes I'd say that has a good chunk of the reasoning. The last time I recall having as much fun, or close to it, was fencing and saber classes. And they're not a close second. I most certainly can tell you that the past five years have been hell with no end in sight. And that's mild. Thankfully that wasn't true."

Drey listened, but didn’t react with much shock. He seemed to expect this. His eyes looked at her with admiration and contentment. A finger brushed away a stray strand from her eyes.

“I didn’t notice before, but your eyes are gorgeous.”

Tishombra leaned down and kissed him. She pulled back her eyes dancing with pleasure. "Only Sith thing about me. Other than that I look like my mother's mother. Everyone else looks more like my father's side. Especially the twins."

Drey enjoyed the scent and texture of her lips the moment they hit his. Any tension that had risen to his body fell away. “How about I get dressed, get us some food, and we can talk. If this is going to be a regular thing, I feel at a disadvantage with you having looked over my service record.”

"I knew there was a smart man under all that muscle." Tishombra grinned. "I'm famished and I always get this way when it’s found out I rigged the game."

Drey give a wicked smile. Mischief light up in his eyes as he considered his options. “You know… it wouldn’t take much to punish you.”

Tishombra laughed and shivered at his mischievous look. "Oh really? But I've been such a good girl." She egged him on. Daring him without so much as saying the words. She blinked innocently.

“You’re just such a terrib-” Drey’s words were interrupted by the growl of his stomach. Immediately he dropped his head on to the mattress and let out a husky laugh.

“I think my stomach has other ideas. So we’ll need to postpone this for later.”

With a gesture, he pulled the sheet from his waist and stood up to retrieve his clothes. Slipping each article on one by one until he became presentable once more. Straightening his tunic, he flashed her one last smile before departing out the door for the mess hall.

Tishombra might as well get dressed and she was famished. She got up and dressed in a pair of black leather shorts and a black leather v neck vest. Foregoing footwear she padded around and straightened up.

It took half an hour, but soon the door hissed open again. He juggled the food in either hand as he somehow managed to press the button.

Tishombra looked up to see Drey enter. She didn't realize how truly hungry she was till she smelled food. Her stomach rumbled and she blushed prettily. "Well well. Corporal you're a brave soul. Come to the web to see if the spider is home?" She mock whispered. "I'm the spider."

She rose and walked over to him smirking as she watched him watching her. The shorts were daringly short and she had put her hair in pigtails. She looked really young.

“No wonder you never starve. Anyone caught in your web would consider themselves lucky to be on the menu.”

He sat down the meal on the metal table. It ranged from meat to vegetables, an obvious betrayal he didn’t know exactly what she liked. As she moved toward him, he hopped to her seat and pulled out the chair. His hand gestured for her to take a seat first.

She sat down at the place he indicated. Smirking she tilted her head and blinked at him innocently again. "Why I'm sure I don't know what you mean Corporal."

The man leaned over, his head drawn closer to her ear. “If you’re a bad girl, I’ll make sure to bend you over my knee.”

Drey straightened up once more as he sat in his own seat, facing her from across the table. His smile turned into a sly one. He kept his easy-going voice while he addressed the ‘innocent’ comment.

“I’m sure you don’t. Someone as pretty and innocent as yourself has no interest in luring handsome men for her personal entertainment. Or teasing him just to see him squirm.” He knew she would catch the last part being about himself. His hand cut a piece of steak and popped it into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully.

Tishombra chewed thoughtfully. "Define bad." She knew she was pushing the line but she was having too much fun.

The temptation of flipping food at her and providing an example popped into his mind. He resisted, being smarter than he acted some times. Instead, he swallowed his latest bite and commented in a faked chiding manner.

“Now if you can’t figure that out, your parents didn’t teach you very well.”

"Ah getting caught. I ask because some people have different definitions. I just want all the rules lined out." She pouted cutely.
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