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Two mechs walk into a bar and blow each other up, yes?

Inspired by the source material, but also the mechwarrior franchise. No tabletop mechanics, just a foray into our mutual approach to gritty, realistic mech-on-mech combat that isn't overlayed with anime hyperspeed, but not as limited as the various games either. Time period does not matter; I'd prefer to avoid Jihad+, but before that, all is well. Perhaps a few clan trials for an easy start, or an actual combat situation. We can discuss. I don't expect source material mastery and can provide more than enough background for what I seek to someone who is new(or ish) to it, even if the extent of their knowledge is Mechwarrior 5, the BT game or MWO. If it's nothing at all but you're willing to learn, come on in, but at least look up the basic context on sarna first. Mastery is not needed, but a basic gist would be useful. I'm not expert on writing thse scenes out; in fact, it's a new foray for me, so it would be a mutual effort to see what we can pull off.

DM, post here, doesn't matter, I'd be pleased to see if someone even checks this forum now, let alone someone who's interested in the context. Characters, background and so on I'll get into pending legitimate interest from some party.
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Will it be ranked?
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I'm down and I don't care about ranking.
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