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Some followup asides before I'm back in the shade.

Though it may seem pretty weird. But I don't really "Focus" on age primarily but more like secondary and I don't complain too much because I have the right to voice it out when I feel to.

What you feel of your own approach is secondary to what people take from it, unfortunately. Sometimes one must adjust if they think they're doing something one way, and it's not working despite it surely being right. I write for what I derive, not for what you intended. What I derive is that you put much more emphasis on your age than people typically do, and that is part of what comes off as problematic.

Bold of me to assume but the reason you wouldn't roleplay with me is just that I'm not old enough and that you may not be comfortable roleplaying with me regardless of wrting style.

Yes, and the breakdown on the last page elaborates on that. "Old enough" by raw numbers is a matter of liability. Otherwise I judge by compatibility and a certain level of perceived maturity. The latter can overcome the former (especially if I don't know) unless the former directly rears itself.

Those are my reasons; the last point I made covers a few others, which I find unnecessary at times since I've had perfectly good roleplays with people who were younger and a few years back, an excellent one with someone who was definitely younger... in a setting where the NSFW concepts I explore would never come up and liability would be virtually impossible, unlike here.

However, the reason I actually am open about my age in interest-checks is that I don't want people to bump into me and like ask about my age due to some... Weird scenario let's say. When it happens someone is asking for smut and I decline and tell my age. I don't approach someone's PMS without permission so that's all about it. I'm very much aware about why there's 18+ but it's just frustrating me. That's all I have to say to be honest, it's not like the adults are in wrong but it's more like I'm either unlucky or just stupid and pretty whiny about the subject.

This is fair enough, though the former can be covered by being clear about what you want to make it inappropriate in the first place for people to approach you with 'weird' content. Unfortunately this is not the ideal community, especially in the 1x1 section to be openly a younger demographic. Open as the guild is, 1x1 for years has been populated by overwhelmingly 18+ threads in feature compared to the open sections.

I imagine the group roleplay will turn out well since it is a different playing field for a much broader average of tone and content. If it succeeds is another question, but I'm sure you'll learn from it either way. I'd focus on and look into that for the time being and set the 1x1 section in general aside, only to approach people or open yourself up to people in the public sections who seem compatible.

Swapped out the word: Approachative to this. "I try to approach more." LOL

Some use of 'approachable' might work here.

<Snipped quote by Majora>

<Snipped quote by NesyExecutive>

okay, so i know people generally don't know how to pronounce my username

but this one's new even for me

I don't know shit about names. Almost copy pasted, went 'I can wing it', obviously didn't wing it well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Should have stuck with 'ammo', at least then it looks deliberate.
There's interesting psychology at play here to be sure - I was roleplaying before I was 18 and getting into 18+ circles, but that was a matter of mindset and different circumstance, and not something I could turn into a usable guide for others.

Instead I'll speak for myself now, as I developed past the mindset of those early years and have put myself firmly into the 18+ search camp.

I'll share the main reasons I'd look by or likely decline if you approached me for roleplay.
- 18+ is a matter of liability in many cases. I get into legally 18+ content frequently. If it's not for sexual content, it's because I straight up explore very adult material. The last thing I need is a parent on my ass. If I consciously know you are not 18, I am liable because of it due to where I live. Regardless of what we're doing I am now walking on a certain set of legal eggshells. I don't need that in my life. Roleplay with me is under the automatic assumption you are the proper age. If I don't know and you strike me as mature, whatever. If I do know, that changes the dynamic regardless of how mature you seem. I can fight with ignorance, that goes away once you make a front line opening of the fact you're 15.

I had to cut off someone who was 17, both physically and in maturity that I knew might have been on the border. It sucked, but due to the content matter and my stringent policy on how to not get in shit, it had to happen. The player is now 18+ and I welcome contact anytime.

- 18+ is a generic, but often accurate form of vetting. Legally or not, it's simple fact that on the average, people who are 18+ are more mature or at least functional with the subject matter I explore on average than not. Now again, I don't have any qualms with the idea of having roleplayed with someone below 18 who never brought it up and who was mature enough. Why? I did that myself. I didn't go out with age. I was a slippery little shit who just made it about the roleplay and did all sorts of other things to pass the time (aside from life itself) and it worked. If someone else does that to me, good for them, they've earned it and they're certainly smart enough not to bust it by opening up out of the blue and going 'oh and I'm 16' because it's almost certain they too are aware of a level of liability even if they aren't in material that would result in legal issue. I know people under 18 can have the maturity. Usually they don't. Usually those people oust themselves. Sometimes they're above the legal age and make decisions like they're 12. Don't worry, I acknowledge that too.

- Thou protests too much. This is the biggest thing that would turn me off from roleplaying with you.

It's not because of your age itself. It's because of your focus on your age. Your total lack of awareness of the liability involved, or the fact people begin making assumptions when they know about things. Instead of focusing on the roleplay and maturity you bring, you prominently focus on your age, right down to your signature. You are defensive about it. It is the stereotypical "but I'm 12 and a half," or "hey I'm a kid but you don't know me" while seeming to miss what people are actually saying.

Aside from that you have a tendency towards snap statements. It's harder to explain, but there are signs from the writing style itself.From that I assess, right or wrong based on what you show me, that you would not be able to get me on maturity. You wouldn't be able to hide it if all you did was not bring up the age, per the interest check (which is subverted by this thread, something a serious partner would likely see before jumping into a message). You look and act 15 as it is interpreted online. That's down two counts.

18+ also tends to offer advantages in life experience, situation handling and (per above) handling of sensitive material (though these days that becomes very murky...) all of which people would be right, by broad stereotypes that developed for a reason, to wonder about with someone younger than that. It's why you have people who tend to look for others in their age group or people who actually go out and write 25+ at times. It's a bit simplistic and I don't do it, but there's a reason for it when it shows up as something people stick to. 18+ on this site though strikes me as being used for liability and as basic vetting much more often, slightly informed by the above.

- Other things.

Aommokkx brought up quite a bit here. For the recent history alone I wouldn't know what to make of it aside from wondering if you've actually given enough of a chance to say people are, in fact, ignoring you. It's a simple fact that most people are going to have a heck of a time both finding and keeping roleplays because this is an issue across roleplaying itself.

This is blunt and not well tailored, but it's my honest thought. If it isn't clear now, it may be more understandable down the line.
I'm with the above that this thread brings nothing that's truly unusual. Not often in the box for many of them, but still usually there.

1. Seen and used this on occasion. Useful, if not the first thing that comes to mind.
2. Far less often than ^. For me, mainly for continuity trouble. I don't bind my roleplaying to a set story, and that's precisely the top function of a flash forwards unless it's a specific gimmick for the roleplay.
3. Seen this once, maybe twice on the guild alone since this registration and I know I've seen it before that. Not common, but definitely not that unusual.
4. I rather think planning out arcs - by most extensions, how the story ultimately goes - helps drop investment. It certainly does for me. If I wanted a set character arc, I would write a book.
5. I've seen this a lot more in beginner scenarios for 'developing' roleplay communities. Usually an elementary way to structure the roleplay, but also something I've seen at higher levels, including around here years ago.
6. Seen it. Basically the standard for tabletop/tabletop hybrids and features occasionally in freeform. Not my taste.
7. I'm in the 'no thank you' camp due to my stringent attitudes on character control. There's some opportunity, but it's not enough for me to use it. Also not uncommon.
8. Seen it in other communities and roleplay formulae (ie, certain video game roleplaying). In play by post it isn't too common, but it still rears its head on occasion.
9. I don't think this is used often enough, especially when a roleplay starts bogging down, the intent is a long term deal anyways and communication is solid.
10. If used poorly, this easily makes a mess of threads, and that's precisely what happens far more than not when this concept is naturally used. That said, I've also seen this quite a bit in more 'developing' communities. It's usually a mark of their unprofessional structure than a positive feature.
11. Good number of these (as described) all over various roleplaying circles.
12. Messy in groups, standard in 1x1 for the 'common' type, viable in small groups. In anything larger it takes the right chemistry. Not seen it much outside of standard 1x1 practice between 'equal' partners.
13. Seen this in PbP a few times and in nation roleplaying, but I do see where you're coming from. In 1x1 I have a few partners where this is basically the norm.
14. I don't really see much use by the first part, and I'd consider the second part something else entirely. Not really a new horizon for me outside of a gimmick.
15. Seen this in various degrees a few times on the guild and elsewhere. I try to do it myself more these days as a means of measuring progress and getting accomplishment out of a field that commonly shoots to an ambiguous goal and usually falls miles from that mark. Such checkpoints are an excellent opportunity for those involved to review and make sure they're "into it".
16. With the right group, sure. I recall forms of this in my 1x1 journeys, but nothing more than vague notes or a gimmick in the premise in groups.
17. Very underutilized. It might be interesting to see this referenced more, though there is a charm to the time ambiguity as long as the game flows otherwise.
18. See: Persistent World. Doomed, I'm afraid.
19. This is a go-to style for various 'developing' communities I observe and the result is overwhelmingly a disaster. It can work, sometimes it can even be great (some of my best ended up being made on the fly) but more than usual one's expectations should not be high. Not uncommon in general, either.
20. This is why my compromise is taking things by scene, episode, or segment. Each 'chunk' can be a completed portion, able to survive as its own journey, achievable even if it takes months to reach. You can gauge health and interest by where the other parties are at when reaching it. This I believe is a more successful approach than starting from point A and hoping to eventually reach point B even if there are vague divisions of scene in the meantime.

My two cents; I'd throw in a dollar, but I'm broke, and being a floating mask pays poorly.
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Quite a few returns. Welcome back.
It was that way when I was last here regularly some three years ago. People flow to the activity and really, the system lends itself to it. It's flawed for balancing out activity between them, but at this point it works. We might as well look at making the still-defunct search and the somewhat clunky sorting system (tags and the like) more intuitive instead.
When the trifecta of writing quality, mental vision and in-context achievement make something that stands out. I can decently carry one and even two at any given time, but there are always flaws. The best I can expect is nailing it fully on one or two. All three is a moment that goes beyond the magical unicorn of satisfying conclusion to a long term roleplay. I've had those, but I don't anticipate them. Instead I get little kicks from episodic or 'scene by scene' plays that strive against bogging down in something people aren't mutually interested in.
End me.

No, that's your job.
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