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Hello, my name is Sunny, and I am eager to meet new people and potentially make new friends. Here's a little about me.
Roleplaying Career-
I've been roleplaying for the past ten years of my life. It started as a casual hobby, and then grew into something that I enjoy doing. The small community where I migrated from is slowly dying, and I'm searching for more like-minded people to enjoy writing again.

Roleplaying preferences-

  • Group threads; they provide a lot of character development and exciting opportunities to make characters.
  • One on one threads; these are also good avenues with the right partner
  • Character relationships; I am rather big on character relationships- whether they be romantic or platonic. For anything romance related, however, I do prefer male/male relationships or female/female. I do write for non-binary and trans characters as well. As a gay person, I prefer to write gay characters, but it isn't a necessity- merely just a comfort zone for me.
  • Quality over quantity; I'm rather wordy, and I do enjoy long posts, but I believe that the quality of the post is far more important than the quantity.
  • Photos/face claims; I prefer illustrations or art photos for my characters than I do real photos. I find that writing using real face claims is a bit disconcerting.
  • Let's be friends? As much as I enjoy writing, I enjoy making friends with my roleplay partners and creating something that we can all enjoy. I love open communications where everyone can be honest and tell me whether or not they enjoyed what we're making together.
  • Genres that I enjoy; fantasy, steampunk, dystopia, historical fiction, supernatural. I'm a sucker for creating worlds with their own lore. If you're into that please don't be shy.

Hobbies and interests-

I'm a big nerd; I love to read and play video games. One of my biggest dreams is to write a book someday.
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