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"The human mind delights in grand conceptions of supernatural beings"
- Jules Verne

Ever since the world began, there were little beings called humans. At first, they were mindless things, doesn't know what to do and kill the first things they see, but overtime, they evolved into intelligent beings and created everything, they invented homes, vehicles, technology, religion, weapons and war. These beings go on with their life like all others do, just having normal life and living their normal world.....But little do they know, that are another beings, beings that look like human and act human, beings that have magic, beings that can transform, beings that can live forever under the moonlight, beings that are.....Supernatual

Witches, werewolves, vampires and many more supernatual beings have live on this world along with humans and just like them, they also evolved, Even though there is a possibility that humans and the supernatual can co-exist with eachother in peace and harmony but that possibility sadly however, is not that simple. You see, even though humans mind did grow, they can't however, process something that is not normal, the humans may see them as monsters, monsters that deserved to be hidden and if they try to show a hint of the unnormal, they will be hunted

So, in order to protect their supernatural race, they form a organization called Division of Supernatural Investigation where supernatural agents served and protect every supernatual species from hunters and evil supernatual forces that threaten them, human race and the world.

Since the supernatual world is huge, there have been stories of lives of people both human and supernatual, both D.S.I agents and hunter, both good and evil, both of tale of the old past and the new future, this is D.S.I LOST FILES


Hi and welcome to D.S.I LOST FILES, a series of short stories about my characters from every supernatual roleplays that I was in over the years. Whenever a roleplay dies, I always feel disappointment cause I want to tell my character arc further, see their character developed and see their relationship with the other characters grow, so instead leaving them in the dust, how about making short stories about them?

And before you ask, no, my love of the supernatual wasn't inspired from the show, Supernatual (cause that show suc-) Rather, my love of the supernatual was inspired by books that have the supernatual and the urban fantasy in them, like Brooklyn Brujas series (mostly from the second book) by Zoraida Córdova, Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey, Bone Witch series by Rin Chupeco and many books that I want to mention but that would take like a whole day LOL.

I hope you guys enjoy these stories as much I love writing these characters cause I want to tell their stories even further, see their character developed further, see their relationship with the other characters grow further and see their world getting bigger and bigger.

Thanks for reading this opening and the author note and I hope you love this series. :)
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Characters: Rebecca James and Grim Reaper


That's what Rebecca James is seeing right now, pure darkness, she knows her eyes are open but she feels like they are still close. Beside that, she also feels light, like, the world that has been knocking her down for years is finally getting off on her shoulders. While Rebecca was thinking she will be flowing in darkness, she start to see something in the distance, it looks like a white dot at first, but then, it starting to glow bright, like, really bright, Rebecca wants to look away but she can't, it like she wants to come near it, she also starting to hear some voices from it, voice like people that she betray for money, people of Serpent’s Snag, witches of The Circle of Lunar Owl....Sister Ariel and Luna.

When Rebecca finally made it to the bright light, she was laying on the ground, looking at the white sky. The ground that she was laying on felt rough, like grass, she turned her head to see, of course, grass and flowers, blue ones, Sister Ariel favorites.

After finally snapping out of dizz state, Rebecca shoot up off the ground and stand up straight and look around from her surroundings, she in a white space of nothingness expect for the green ground that she is standing in, the horizon is nowhere to be seen, if Rebecca try to walk and find something, she will find nothing. She looks at her clothes and she is wearing a white sleeveless dress that shows her scars and bullet wounds on her arms. Becca tried to cast her magic spells out of her hand but nothing came out, she doesn't feel her veins flowing with magic at all, she doesn't feel her heartbeat, what the hell is going on?

"Why, hello Miss Rebecca James"

Like a tornado, Rebecca spins around behind her to see who is speaking to her and if they want to fight, but Rebecca put her fists down, seeing that this person ain't looking for a fight but to talk. This person, that looks a lady, was tall and slim, her skin is dark brown with a buzz cut on her head, she also wears a black robe with a white scarf around her waist, the robe was so long, that Rebecca can't see her feet, the lady in black has some earrings that looks ancient but they are shiny, they look new.

".....Um, hello?" Rebecca finally said after thoughts that her vocal cords stop working. "Who the hell are you?" "Oh, I go by many names. Dabria, Loralie, Morana but you can call me Omisha if you like" Damn, whoever this lady is, she got to be the most wanted to get many names like "Um...Ok, "Omisha"" the two ladies stand in silence for....Rebecca doesn't know how long, does time even exist here?! Rebecca was about ask Omisha a another question but Omisha was quick and start talking "Tell me Miss James, What is the last thing you remember?" Rebecca's mind starts to sting, what is the last thing she remembers? "It's ok, take your time to remember, no rush" Omisha calmly said to Rebecca. Ok, no rush, no rush, Rebecca calms down a bit and focuses....What does she remember?

It was in the middle of the night, Rebecca was heading inside of a big building, she was alone. There are many people in the building and all of them are looking at Rebecca, there some faces she doesn't recognize but there were a few she recognized, specially the one with a burnt face and rage in her one eye. On the outside, Rebecca seems calm and collected but on the inside, she is horrified, is this how she is going to die? In an abandoned building with a room full of people who are just waiting for her execution?

Then suddenly, there was a crash, yelling and magic flying around everywhere. Rebecca was doing magic too but they look like protection spells then attack ones, is she protecting herself? Or is she protecting someone?

Rebecca then starts to feel extreme pain on her leg and on her chest. She is in some alleyway now, her vision is getting blurry, her heart beat is going slower...And slower and slower. Someone is in front of Rebecca, is it her executor? No, it wasn't, this person look deep into Becca eyes, person is talking to her with tears in their eyes.....Her red eyes.....This person looks familiar, this person is palm like the moon, they wear a red dress with some fancy earrings and necklace and her hair is dark like the dark night sky. This lady of the night starting to feel familiar, her sarcastic remarks, her calm but yet, dark demeanor, her kindness towards the people of Serpent’s Snag....Her smile. Then Rebecca sees a another memory, where the two ladies first met, Rebecca exchange her name first and then the red lady exchange hers, saying her name is-


Rebecca was finally snapped to reality, still in the white void with Omisha. "I need to save her! I need to get out of here! Where is the exit?!" Rebecca say Omisha in a panic tone "Exit? Hmmmmm...." Omisha ponder to Rebecca panic question and then shrug "I don't think there is a exit. I don't think anyone ever got out of here." Never got out of here?! You gotta be kidding! Then how did Rebecca and Omisha even get here in the first place?! Rebecca groans in frustration "There is a exit in here, damn it and I'm going to find it! If you're not going to be useful, then piss off! You damn useless wanker!" Rebecca angrily say to Omisha as she walk away from her "....All right, don't have to be rude about it..."

Rebecca looks left and right as she keeps walking to find the exit but there's no exit to be seen. It feels like Rebecca has been walking for hours but she doesn't even know what time it is, there is nothing but a white void! Where in the hell is the exit?! "Did you find it yet?" Rebecca stops and slowly turns to Omisha, who is still standing there....it almost seems like Rebecca hasn't moved an inch.

"Have you try going left? You may find a little rabbit popping out from his hole" Omisha jokingly say "How about the right? You can find a leprechaun with his pot of gold" This lady is making jokes while Rebecca's friend is going to die soon?! With angry boiling up in her body, Rebecca stormily march toward Omisha and grab the shirt of her robe, moving her face toward hers "listen to me, you son of a bitch, I am not in mood to listen to your jokes. You are going to tell me how to get the hell out of here or so help me, I'm going to rap off your limbs off, bit by bit, with my magic and watch you bleed out. Is. That. Clear?" Instead of fear in Omisha eyes by Rebecca threat, her face has a deadpan expression ".....Would you kindly take your thieving hands off of me...." With a few seconds, Rebecca calmly let out of Omisha shirt “I can save to say that you remember?” Omisha ask “Yes and then I passed out and end up here! Probably those damn owls send me here" Rebecca scowled "And when I get out of here, I will smite them with my lightning-" Rebecca threats was interrupted when she hear a giggle from Omisha "....What so damn funny?" "Sorry, sorry. It just I always laugh at the aggressive ones, they take a long time to figure out by now" Figure out? What the hell does she mean to figure out? Omisha then look at Rebecca with a smile that was fit for the devil "But I think it time that I stop playing you......I don't think you will wake up anytime soon, Rebecca James...." Even if Rebecca's heart is not beating, she does, however, feel it drop when Omisha says these four words.......

"....Cause you are dead...."

............Dead......Dead, that was the word that Rebecca....Dead.......Then sudden, Rebecca starting to laugh like a mad woman while Omisha looks at her with a deadpan expression "Dead? Dead?! How am I dead?! I am still standing here, breathing and talk to a lunatic like you?!" ".....Hmmm, you think you are not dead?" "Yes! You are one of them, are you?! I bloody knew it! You are going to tell me what happened to my magic right no-" Then sudden, Rebecca feel extreme pain in her chest, she fall into the grassy floor and start screaming in agony "You ok, Mrs. James? Are you having a heart attack? Or Are you having a feeling that you got shot?" Rebecca can only respond with even more screaming "....I can take that as a yes" After Omisha says that, the pain in Rebecca's chest is gone and she can finally breathe again.

.....Omisha is right....Rebecca is dead....She can feel her mind going mad, she was alive the second and then next....Dead. "Sooooo you are going get off the ground or....Look, I'm not going to help you up cause you humans height like a ton" Rebecca look at Omisha with a broke expression ".....What are you, really?....." Rebecca ask, Omisha once again smile at her "Well like I say before, I go by many names. Dabria, Loralie, Morana, Omisha....But you and humans alike call me, The Grim Reaper".....Grim Reaper...The Grim Reaper, of course, that kinda explain the black robe way better.

Rebecca finally get up, she looking around in the white void, trying to piece her mind back together “.....At least tell me.....Is Luna ok?” Reaper shakes her head “I wish I can tell you...But I can’t talk about the fate of someone of the living” “Then why am I still in this space of nothingness?! Are we waiting for someone?! Ain’t I should be in heaven?!....Or more fitting, Hell?” “As of right now, your soul is being judge by, well, the judge or what you people called “God” ” Reaper explains. Rebecca sighs, being judged yet again, that's what she needs right now. She has done bad things when she was alive, she doesn’t deserve to be in Heaven with Sister Ariel and her friends, she wish that she would start over, where she wasn’t a witch or any other supernatural beings....She just want to be human.

"....Although, there is a another option beside going heaven or hell..."

Rebecca looks at Reaper with pure curiosity, another option? "The third option is you become a ghost, a wander spirit you may say" Reaper explains yet again, Rebecca does remember seeing ghosts around Serpent’s Snag before she died, where normally ghosts are not seen or heard, they only appeared in haunted houses or somewhere with a strong supernatural eternity, cliché? Yes but it is the only way but Rebecca doesn't think about becoming one, it's only the judge to decide on the young witch fate.

Rebecca sit down and waits for her fate with the Grim Reaper for what feels like hours....Even if time is not real here. ".....I...Um...I'm sorry that I threaten you..." "It's fine, I get threaten all the time. People just don't want to face the truth, so they become violent until they calm down, you ain't the first" "Ah...I see..." "In fact, as of right now, millions of me is being yell at right now..." Rebecca is surprised at this new discovery but she doesn't have the strength to have emotions right now.

"....But...It's fascinating, isn't it?" Reaper say with calm and somewhat human smile "You humans get so scare of dying everyday, scare of the unknown, scare of what is going to happened to you. That fear turn into angry but overtime you calm down and just accepted it...You humans are a pain of the ass sometimes but throughout all of the years.....You find many ways to surprise..."

Rebecca nods to Reaper's statement, she has been on the run for so long, she didn't even think about death, just thinking about running, running away from her problems, problems that run into her and her friends...Becca guesses that they finally catch up to her.

Rebecca's thoughts were cut short however, when she saw herself vanishing away....God had made their judgment. Rebecca still have questions for Reaper but she cut her off by the last second "Oh! By the way, there was this nun lady knows you..." Nun lady?....Rebecca can felt heart drop when she realize who she talking about...Sister Ariel ".....What she say?..." "...She say if you see a child with blonde hair, that would be you right? She hope that your journey is meaningful and it brings you great wisdom and joy...."....Rebecca can feel her eyes tearing up, of course she would say that...How wasteful Rebecca life was, she robbed, cheated, backstab and everything that she did, she wondered how Sister Ariel would see her now but it seems it doesn't matter now. Sister Ariel would still love her and still see her as a good person....Rebecca is not a good person, never was and never will be. Rebecca look at Reaper one last time, her eyes are red from the tears, she finally choke up her words to say in the lady in black before she disappeared

"....Thank you..."

??? ????, ??? ??, 1???, Midnight


That's what Rebecca James is seeing right now, pure light. Is this heaven? Is this hell? Where is she? Her eyes are still adjusting to the light, as well as her ears, where the hell is the soun-


Rebecca jumps violently, What the bloody hell is that noise?! Are those the sound of the devil?! Is she in hell?! Her eyes finally stop seeing white light and start looking at the ground, instead of the dirt of the wild west, the ground looks hard and gray, like back home in England but it looks different. Rebecca looks around in her surroundings, her eyes widened, the buildings are tall as big ben! People's clothes look new and colorful! The carriage looks shiny! They move around without any horses! What the hell is this place?!

Then suddenly! Rebecca hears another noise, she looks around and sees something running toward her! Rebecca closed her eyes to embrace for impact....But only that impact didn't come. Rebecca watches as the silver carriage rides past her....Past her? Rebecca look out on herself and see that beside wearing a victoria like dress, her feet is flowing and fading.....God have made her a ghost ".....Well damn..."

Of course, bloody of course that “god” or whatever reaper calls it turns Rebecca into a ghost, she thinks that they are trying to make her entire existence even more miserable.....Now that Rebecca is a ghost, what is she going to do now? Does she need to find a house to haunt? Possess a cat? Can ghosts still possess things? Ugh! She wishes that Reaper would at least give her a list on what ghosts do!....Well, since Rebecca is now in a new location, she could at least look around.

As Rebecca floats around above the people, she notices that their outfits look really odd, the ladies wear really bright colors and the men are not wearing boots but instead, they are wearing fancy suits, Rebecca is starting to realize that she is not in the wild west.

Rebecca's flying journey comes to a complete stop when she spots someone in an alleyway....And it sounds like they are crying. Rebecca floated down to take a better look, it was a young lady, her hair was frizzy and messy, she was also wearing a blue nightgown.....A bloody blue nightgown. Rebecca moved closer to her and saw that her mouth was also covered in blood and her eyes were glowing red, she was a vampire and new one at that. The young lady was also whispering something that sounded like regret and misery. Rebecca sigh at the new vampire, she probably killed someone on accident but it not her problem, it young lady problem and thank god it's not, doesn't want to help and led them to a path like she is right no-

"Wh-Who are you?"

......D-....Did that vampire just speak to her?.....Can she see her?....Rebecca slowly turns around, the young vampire looks at the ghost with tears in her red eyes.....She can see her....Shit, Now what? What can Rebecca do? What can Rebecca say?.....With a surprisingly steady breath, Rebecca got on one knee, making direct eye contact to the young vampire and smile.

".....Well...I guess I am new, just like you"


.....Um....Hi everybody!....Yeah, I know, it took a long time to make this, at first I gone through a writer block, then I was in too many roleplays and then I was lazy....Yeah, sorry about that 😥 I promised not to get lazy on the next story. Thanks for being patient and for liking the prologue to the series 🥰 See you in the next one...I hope
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