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Name: Arn


Alias(es): Hellspawn


Gender: Male


Skin: Tan
Hair: darkish brown
eye colour: dark brown, almost makes it seem like he has no iris
build: Average build as fit as any regular military member

special features,

Magic Type: Mana

Role: Battlemage

Specialty: Elemental magic

Lack of sympathy\
Loves sweets
Hates Pirates, criminals, evil doers
Explosive when angered


Born of Hell’s Flames

Arn was born to a mother who had been sold to a brothel by pirates. He never knew why he had been allowed to live when other females merely killed the embryo in utero. Perhaps it was his mother’s need for somebody to truly love instead of the myriad of men who visited her bed.

Whatever the case, Arn grew in the rough and deadly environment of vice and vile. Despite this, he still thought that life had more to offer. He grew up really quick, always wanting to take care and protect his mother. He spent his time running from bullies and just trying to survive really. While he hid from the older kids, he would spend his time reading random books he found in the trash. His favorite was of oriental stories of men of valor, strength, and honor.

It was this mentality that steered him in the direction of trying to be a hero. It was one of time that a particularly violent customer visited his mother and he was hiding in the balcony that he attempted to act on his illusions of saving her from that life. He burst in while the man abused his mother. Arn tried to attack the man but ended up getting beat. His mother then tried to protect him and the drunk and angry man beat her unconscious. Thinking her dead, the young boy knocked the man down and in a feat of anger somehow activated his contact with Gea which manifested into an inferno.

Flames engulfed his hands which in turn devoured not only the violent man, but his mother and the building with all in it. Authorities would later report finding the crying boy holding the charred body of a female, his own hands sporting serious burns.

Learning to Temper the Fire

Eventually, it was discovered that the sad angry boy was adept in magic. He was recruited by the military and sent to study at the academy in Belisio. He was too dark, sad, and awkward to be of good social standing. However, he was able to forgo this with the sanctity of the vast library. It was here that he fully threw himself into learning all he could of magic. He felt that in some way, his mother’s sacrifice had unlocked this gift in him. It was a way for him to feel closer to her in a world where he felt alone. Due to his focus and innate gift, he was soon a top level student which meant he was in the focus of jealousy and bullying from less capable more influential students. Luckily for him, the military cared nothing for his lack of social know how. Instead, he went on to become the youngest battle mage so far.

Forged in the Fires of War.

Arn was no stranger to death and suffering even before he stepped into the battle field. However, he was too good of a killer even for his superiors. He specially seemed to be extra vicious against pirates or criminals. Many of his squad mates could swear they saw his dark eyes gleam with fire as he incinerated people who had been on the verge of surrendering. This and the fact he preferred fire attacks that earned him the nickname Hellspawn. He was headed towards a court martial when a Knight took him under his wing.

The only reason why Arn listened to him was because the knight reminded him of the oriental warriors he had read in his novels. The Knight taught Arn self control, temperance, and peace. Interestingly enough, this made him an even more efficient killing machine. However, this new facet was much more focused. He still felt no remorse in killing bad people, but his incidents of friendly fire were all but none existent. He won the trust of his squad mates and superiors but the nick name never went away. Indeed, many in the underworld still say the name in hushed tones.


Samurai armor fashioned battle vest that is made of Kevlar plates able to withstand small caliber bullets and some explosives.

Keeps Ornamental Daisho swords but that are still able to be used in battle


Flamethrower- His mana excites the atoms around him and engulfs his hands/feet in flame and able to expel it up to 15FT like a flame thrower

Burst- able to produce an outwardly expanding flame ball with the force of a claymore mine. Produces fire and concussion damage.

Rock Wall: Causes a concentrated seismic reaction that produces a rock wall up to 6ft tall and about 3ft thick.

Avalanche: Able to deteriorate an area of ground by cutting the Aether strings which will cause a collapse of about 3ft deep to an area of a bout 15ft.

Wind Bullet: Able to compress the air around him and fire it off at high velocities.

Wind Cushion: Focuses a high air pressure to form an upward force to slow the rate of descent. Especially effective if used with parachutes or other such devices.

Hydrocannon- synthesizes the moisture into a stream as powerful as a fireman’s hose.

Extra: (Optional)
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Name: Eilis


Alias(es): None

Age: 23

Gender: Female

A fair maiden, who at first glance doesn’t strike you as anyone particularly special.
She is your typical girl next door, about 5,6ft with normal dark blond hair and hazel coloured eyes. A gentle smile is spread on those rose petal lips and a couple of light freckles on her nose.
She wears a hooded dark coloured cloak and through her flight from all that she once knew her clothes have become stained and tattered. A simple single piece purple brown dress, under which she wears a dark green underdress and grey stockings. A pair of run down old black boots that have faded so much in colour that people mistake them for a dark grey.

Her magic however changes her appearance as well. Turning her from the girl next door to a haunting spectacle with glowing eyes, hair and glowing magical binds etched in her skin, lighting her up like a Christmas tree. Dependant on her previous emotions, the colours can change, glowing from an eerie blue-white to deep dark red and black.

Magic Type: Mana

Role: Refugee, they essentially were planning on making her a landstitcher, since she wasn’t passing any of the tests of will that a Battlemage has to go through in order to be even considered to be trained as one.

Specialty: She was a rather exceptional with her telekinesis when she was young, now she is bound and barely able to use her magic.

- Gentle
- Forgiving
- Friendly

- Fearful
- Lacks self-confidence
- Easily guilt ridden

Background: Eilis is on the run from her mistakes and her past.
When one is born with an ability to control the Aether there is only one path open to you in the Empire…

Eilis was born to a couple of farmers living on the edge on the Vaimese Empire. Her loving parents seeing a the possibility of better future for their daughter inform their village’s magister. It was he who sends word out to the authorities in one of the bigger cities, informing them of a possible new mage.
It didn’t take them long to send down one of the Tahjai (The inspectors/magii hunters) who would inspect all new potential mages. After Eilis was ordered to perform some of her powers, they were convinced quickly enough.
However they suggested for the girl to go to a coven instead of a school in the capital, to assess her ‘true talents’.
Whilst her parents here thrilled Eilis didn’t really want to leave.
Still in order to be a good daughter and making her family proud she agreed.
She entered the coven at the early age of 8, thinking she would be able to go back home once in a while.
As it would turn out she thought wrong, there was no returning home once one entered a coven.
She was quickly told that she was a burden to her parents, an unnecessary mouth to feed.
If she wanted to please her parents she needed to aid the Empire. Become useful.
Guilt ridden and with no way to communicate with her parents Eilis was easily swayed.

At the Coven they tested her prowess at different forms of magic and Aether manipulation and were impressed with her abilities. They saw a new potential Battlemage in the making. She would have to get better at was her skill of control.
Despite not being able to go home she did enjoy her time growing up in the Coven and learning magic. What she wasn't so keen on was the military practice. Sure she could forceblast a dummy, but when it came to fighting her fellow students she froze or simply refused, much to the dismay of the teachers.

However when Eilis turned 17 her coven was visited by one of the more cruel influential Battle Mages from the capital. This Battle Mage in particular funded the coven. They had send word out to him to inspect their students and hopefully offer a more finite opinion on Eilis.
However when this man saw her his mind was made up. He wanted to groom her and set her to his will.
Despite Eilis's refusals or fails at the tasks he set her he decided that in order to strip her of her 'weak heart' he would have to push her to her limits.
That was until one fateful night, when she was ordered by her Matriarch to submit to him.
She refused again, but this time she was *force bound. In a desperate attempt to escape her fate, she went beyond the normal stretches of magic and literally turned the tables on them, she killed him and the Matriarch barely survived the night as well.
As punishment Eilis’s binds were set, literally etched into her skin as a last move by the Matriarch.

*Force binding is a painful process that sealed most of her magic powers.
The moment she activates them she activates the binds and literally tortures herself.

Traumatised, desperate and now destitute she flees, knowing she can’t go back or to her parents not wanting to endanger them, so only one path remains open for her. Exile.
Heading towards the border with Belisio she flees from the only life and home she’s ever known.
In hopes of finding a brighter tomorrow and away from the Tahjai who certainly will be hunting her when they discover what she has done.
Seeing the war machine that is set up preparing for the ‘Empire’s Expansion’ as she crosses the country she manages to hide amongst the other refugees praying she’ll be able to find some peace and quiet once she’s over the border.

Equipment: She barely has anything since she fled, except the clothes on her back and the stuff she managed to ‘take without asking’.

- Binding/ Grounding; To keep object/being from moving.
- Telekinetic Grip; To grasp an object firmly in place, e.g. keeping the tides from washing a friend away.
- Levitation; To lift an object into the air.
- Object manipulation; To alter an object's inner workings, e.g. unlocking a door.
- Acceleration Manipulation; To control the acceleration of small objects.
- Telekinetic Manoeuvre; To alter an object's directional course, e.g. changing what number a dice lands on or deflect an opponent attack.

Darker powers: If she loses control over her emotions or is fuelled by sheer anger she changes into a rather cold hearted volatile version. Her powers increase in strength and if you find yourself in her way… let’s say you won’t be for long.
(This is not meant to be used constantly, but for drama bursts in the most desperate moments with for example deaths or traumatic occurrences)

So next to the stuff she already has is:
- Telekinetic Choking; Strangling or choking being without physical contact.
- Homing Effect; To make any object automatically follow, home in, and lock onto its target or targets until it hits them.
- Psionic Explosions; To create and discharge destructive psychic energy across a wide range.


Name: Tyrhallan Venray


Alias(es): Crimson Rider (Baron of the Sky)

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Tyr is about 6,2 ft and has an athletic body (he’s build like Dutch Speedskater). Tyr is by all accounts the knight in shining armour when it comes to his outward appearance, he’s got a face that makes women swoon and blush when he enters a room. That face includes a pair of mesmerizing eyes, some say they change colour, others say the rainbow of the Aether is in them.
To his admirers they are captivating and to his enemies they are haunting.
His signature white hair has a silvery blue sheen over it, which he ties up or braids before battle and he usually wears his leathers and white tunic (personal armour). Which carries the emblem of the Swallowtail Kite in honour of his nickname.
Despite his appearance Tyr is a formidable warrior and shouldn’t be taken lightly. His reflexes are as fast as lightning and flows as smoothly as water.

Magic Type: Ki

Role: Knight

Specialty: Shadow step (a move than can only be mastered by masters of reflexes and speed, its a Venray family trait).
Swordsmanship; this includes having been trained in singlehanded, two handed, fencing and close range knife combat.
His preference however lies in singlehanded swordsmanship.


- He easily blames himself/ takes on the world’s problems
- Vengeful (he holds grudges)
- Stickler for the rules
- Doesn’t really look beyond his job and family, making him at times ignorant to the struggles of others.

Tyr is The Big Brother type who as Captain holds a responsibility to his fellow soldiers and knights. He’s a perfectionist and stickler for the rules/oaths, but fiercely protective of his charges.
He does care for his fellow soldiers which is why he can get carried away.
Whilst he is not the character who’s patience you should test, he is known for his vengeful nature. Cross him and you’d better flee to the Void Sky.
Nevertheless he is amiable and friendly to most, though because he mainly focusses on the tasks at hand and those in his immediate surroundings, he often stays blind to the machinations and schemes of the powers that be.

Son of the noble Venray family he has been given the greatest care when it came to his upbringing.
Special tutors, dance and fencing instructors even famous strategists were thrown at him at an early age.
When he showed a specific prowess and skill with a blade his further future was set.
Tyr would join the ranks of the Knights of the kingdom.
His Uncle had been a Knight, but was due to his own war wounds playing up, his Uncle was planning to retire, with Tyr becoming a Knight their honour would be kept.
The Venray (pronounced Venrai) family is one of honour and renown, they always had been knights.
Ever since the founding days of the kingdom they belong to the Circle of the Trusted.
A group of nobles with close ties to the court and king. Each of those families have joined their lands in forming the current kingdom of Belisio. With the strongest of them crowned and made king. W
hile the Venray were powerful they chose to serve dutifully and have instilled the ideas of loyalty, honour and duty into their heirs.
It was custom to aspire greatness whilst serving and protecting the nation.
Overall they are well regarded by all, rich or poor. To work for the Venray’s is to work diligently and to heed the family vow:
Honour-bound by Blood.

Thanks to Tyr's hard work and his skill with the blade, he passed the ritual and was knighted without too much troubles.
His nickname however he received when during by the Andrassi tournament. He showed up in his new armour and caught the old champion by surprise by using his Shadow step move. This turned him into a red blur making the audience believe he was actually riding the wind.
Thus the name Crimson Rider was born and the wild tales of him besting the Iron Bear filled all the drinking halls.
Now he is one of the Vanguard, he scouts from high above, disappearing out of the enemy's sight so he may strike unnoticed with an element of surprise.

- Tyrhallan wears a special set of personalized red armour bearing his family’s crest; The Swallow tailed Kite.
- He uses his rocket boosters that are built into his jetpack in order to ‘fly’ through soaring up and above the enemy before cutting the power off and falling in style, swooping down on his enemies.
- His own sword 'Fate-bringer'. Unlike other swords its metal is black (obsidian) and it holds such a shine to it that one’s image is reflected in the blade.
It was given to him by his Uncle the day he was knighted.

- Enhanced Agility, Reflexes through years of training under different mentors.
- Swordsmanship
- Shadow step; a move in battle that accelerates one's speed.
- A Noble's education; social graces, ettiquete, basic knowledge of the world, with a focus on; strategy, history, economics, reading and writing.

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Venray Family.

Lord Uilles Venray

Lord Pharlan Auregin Venray

Lady Leandra Hendreshy Venray
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