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Name: Donny Yang

Age: 25
Occupation: Gunsmith
History: Donny was a young boy when the calamity took his family. His parents were the first to die; they did everything they could to make sure he and his siblings survived the initial cold snaps, even at the cost of their lives. Afterwards Donny, his older brother, and his two sisters had to quickly make themselves useful in the underground colony located near the Great Lakes of old America. His little sister died of pneumonia when Donny was six. His older sister was murdered by a sick man who tried to have his way with her. His brother was sent into exile when he killed that man. This left Donny, at the young age of 9, the sole survivor of his family. He was noted for his quick hands and knack for tinkering, something that earned him his daily bread and got him a chance to raise his status in the colony. He was tasked to making bullets: without grand machines to pack and load power every bullet had to be hand made, and Donny's quick fingers made short work of most small calibers. As he grew older, he became more skilled at making these bullets, and even started making weapons, armor, and bits of technology.

As his Colony grew so did their needs. Initially they survived via fishing, however thanks to the hostile weather above the colony was unable to sustain a fishing population that could meet their food demands. Rationing had to be done, and soon people had to turn to eating nutrient bricks made out of mutated insects and cave moss. But there was always a lot of guns and bullets in his colony. And it wasn't long before the colony started using those guns and bullets to steal from others. Initially they offered to trade, but when they couldn't get enough food they took it by force. Donny knew this was simply a necessity for the colony, but he couldn't help but feel less and less appreciative as his colony seemed to just be going to war with everyone around them. "Hasn't there been enough destruction?" He would often think.

It wasn't long before Donny had thoughts of finding a new colony. He was spared from having to join a raiding force thanks to his gunsmithing skills, and he continued to use it for the colony. But every so often, he would make a gun that was missing a nonessential part. He'd pocket it and when he got back to his home, he would add it to a weapon of his own creation. He did this for years, going unnoticed as the colony grew and raided. The choking scent of the gunforge protected Donny from looking at the atrocities his colony committed. He couldn't even pretend they were doing what they did out of survival: they simply had the power to do whatever they wanted and no one around them could stop them.

By the time Donny turned 25, he made a critical mistake. The new Warboss of the Colony commissioned Donny himself to create a big gun for himself. A Heavy Machine Gun so large that it needed to be mounted on wheels to use. Donny knew what he needed to do though, and made sure to request much more materials and parts than he actually needed so he could not only make the weapon, but also finish his own personal projects. Things were going well at first but during his time in the colony he had made a lady friend. A young girl who he saved from a life of slavery and tried to teach her his trade, and thought maybe he could even take her as a wife. But he let his guard down around her. She found out he was stealing parts from the colony and when he got home he was confronted by the Warboss's men. They promised they wouldn't kill him because of his skills, but Donny knew better. His colony was not a kind people. There was no such thing as mercy among them, and Donny had no intentions of becoming a slave. So he fought against these men, gathered his things, and escaped the colony before they could catch him.

Donny was able to finish his weapon, even cobbled together some armor and other equipment, but he was living on borrowed time. It wouldn't be long before the elements or mutants got to him. He needed to find somewhere else to go. A new colony who wouldn't know who he was. He knew of such a place: supposedly there was a colony full of outcast exiles, even mutants, hoping to make a home for themselves near the remains of a blasted out city. Ordinarily such places were a death sentence due to high amounts of nuclear radiation but Donny didn't have much of a choice. Most other colonies near him were raided to death or under the authority of his old Colony. So Donny headed east to this fabled colony: Underhaven.

Gunsmithing - Donny has been making weapons and firearms for years. He could make a bullet out of a tincan and some grease, and make a gun out of a pipe and some string. He's also been able to make other weapons and even armor, such as knives, clubs, breastplates, and even shields. If you can kill someone or if it can save you from being killed, Donny knows how to make it.

Close Quarters Combat - While Donny never went on the raids, he was still made to train in case the Colony was ever under attacked. In particular he took up fighting in hand-to-hand as well as tight corridors very well. Probably helped that he did a bit of karate when he was still a child, before hell froze over. His near-sightedness makes him terrible at longer ranges though.

Physical Strength - Donny is quite simply a very strong young man. He kept himself fed well enough that he isn't malnourished and working the forge kept his body in good physical shape. His preference for heavier armor has conditioned himself to have a great amount of stamina and to be able to take heavy blows and even deflect them with minimal movement. Against most other human enemies Donny could likely be a juggernaut to them. But he's still made of paper if he has to go toe-to-toe with a mutant, perhaps even worse since his fighting style doesn't exactly give him a great amount of agility and speed.

Foraging and Cooking - One of Donny's secrets to having good health is being a good chef. Sure, Nutrient Bricks were basically 90% of his meals, but occasionally he was able to sneak some spices like salt and black pepper, even the occasional lemon, into a meal and make it half-way palpable. Not to mention he's come to learn how to make most of the mutated plants taste decent as long as he takes time to cook them instead of the usual method of chopping them up and packing them into a blender.

Technical Tinkering - While most of Donny's crafting expertise is with guns and weapons, in his early years he also had to work as an technician. He's generally familiar with how most machines work and why they might be broken, and could even operate a computer as long as the keyboards are still functioning. However he lacks the true knowledge to actually make anything that doesn't shoot or hold an edge so at best he might be able to repair broken machines.

Hexduo Revolver Shotgun - Donny's pride and joy. It took him over ten years to put this together but he made sure it was perfect by the time he took it with him out of the colony. A double action revolver rifle that can load six 9 gauge shotgun rounds and three .50 caliber rifle bullets, made extra sturdy to the point that Donny can and has bludgeoned people to death with it. The bullets are difficult to make however, so he needs to conserve his ammunition and wait until he can get a proper set up to make more ammunition for himself.

Runner Pistol - Donny's personal sidearm. A revolver chambered for .223 or even 5.56 rounds, both where are quite plentiful around the Metro. He calls it the Runner Pistol thanks to it's light weight and the 5.56 being plentiful ammo, allowing him to use it frequently "on the run". Largely a weapon for self-defense as he has .223 to deal with humans and AP 5.56 for dealing with armor.

Crash Axe - Both a weapon and a tool. Donny didn't actually make this one, having brought it from a scavenger from the Colony when the handle broke off. After gathering the right parts and fixing up the tang Donny was able to repair it to his signature weapon of choice in a close combat encounter. Useful as an axe, yet precise enough to use like a knife, with a sharp pick to break glass and dig into stone or ice.

Rebar Knife - Quite simply a knife made from a length of steel rebar. He carries quite a few of these for general purpose knife reasons, and often this is what he uses for trades. They're easy for him to make and useful enough that people would want them. Weighted well enough to also serve as throwing knives.

Survival Armor - Donny's personal survival armor. He has a full metal helmet that can withstand small arms fire and help deflect rifle rounds from a distance, and his body armor is made of a mix of mutant leather (which is as tough as kevlar) and iron plates. The armor around his arms and legs are just thick mutant leather, and he unfortunately doesn't have any gloves. He wears thick insulated camouflage pants and sturdy snow boots. On the back of Donny's armor is a gas generator he sometimes fuels that connects to his helmet: it helps filter out radiation and toxic chemicals but is quite loud and requires oil to use.

Fire Bombs - Also known as Molotov Cocktails, this is Donny's go-to weapon against mutants. Made from glass bottles he finds and whatever oil he can scrounge together into a flammable mix. Needs an external fire source to make deadly though.

Gunsmithing Tools - A few tools Donny was able to grab when he escaped the Colony. They can help him maintain and repair guns as well as make some ammunition, though he still needs the raw materials to do so. A proper facility will allow him to make more complex weapons and higher quality ammunition.

Rope - Handy length of rope to tie things up. Made of mutant leather for durability, though this also makes it prone to snapping under heat.

Nutrient Bricks - Tasteless bars of bug bits and moss. Donny frankly hates eating these things but he'd rather not starve.

Moss Wine - Hydration is necessary to survival, and unfortunately water freezes very easily even within the metros. So Donny has a canteen full of Moss Wine as it can keep him hydrated and doesn't freeze even at subzero temperatures. Tastes like blood and sweat though.

Lighter - A relic from the old world. Still has enough fluid inside to work.

Pack of Cigarettes - Also known as Old World Gold. Tobacco is in high demand all over the world and Donny is lucky enough to have found an unopened pack of menthol cigarettes when he was escaping the Colony. Donny's not much of a smoker himself though.

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Name: Catherine 'Cat' Serve

Age: 20
Occupation: Soldier, Slave.
History: Catherine as she was named was born mere days after the initial cataclysm struck. Honestly history at that point was a complete mess and nobody knew exactly what was happening for the civilians, but point was that her mother was one of those who survived the initial wave by following hte masses underground, so Catherine could proudly proclaimed to be the first official underground born of the entire area as contact with locations outside the former city were lost as the surface became inhospitable. Soon after followed the many other aftershocks of the cataclysm including a few earthquakes, shortage of food, riots in the crampped underground access and metro tunnels and of course the new caverns that formed because of the shocks. Her mother survived with the rest of the group she was at and eventually after the mass panic, confusions and despair passed, people started to arrange a living. However survival underground was hard, resources were scarce and as the surface rapidly cooled down to a frozen hellhole so did the underground start to get colder. First it was food that was scarce then clothing. Scavenging became the norm as the rush to collect as much of the leftover resources from before the end began, however even with all the scavanging done, there was never enough.

The 'settlement' as they began calling it offiically had to prioritize to keep afloat with the resources. They were lucky to a degree since they had decent supplies so as long as it was managed well, it would last while they set up other means of survival, but humanity is at it's worse when survival as a species is on the line after all. Those with guns and who were in charge to maintain order soon assumed complete control. She was barely 3 or so at the time, so she doesn't remember anything, but castes were formed in the settlement. Castes to indicate one's position in society and of course priority to resources. Her mother lacked any special skills so she in the end became one of the 'General Workers', or in other words slaves. Those who had the combat skills were assigned as more soldiers to protect them from external dangers which mostly consisted of other survivors at that point, those with engineering backgrounds became the engineers, others farmers and so on. It was a segmented society based around what you could do and she grew up as a child of a 'worker'. Didn't take long for the facade to fall compeletely as the 'General Workers' became 'Servants' and then assigned to belong to others of higher castes, then came the brandings to indicate their status to avoid attempts of subterfuge. All the servants had their family names to 'Serve', just to make the point.

Cat as a child was surprisingly spared some of the worst of it initially however when she became 5 she was put in the workforce and by that point, 5 years after the apocalypse, the system was already working. Indoctrinations for the servants was in place, slowly and methodically convincing and brainwashing them where they belonged and how they should act. Her own mother was at that point little more than a doll that followed the commands of her master who was a high ranking military comander. Cat was a bright young thing, pretty as her mother and showed a very keen talent at fighting and balance from a very young age as she easily walked tight ropes or beams, climbed walls or wrestled other childern. The ruling caste had realized that they cannot maintain a 'military' only with their own members, after all, it was a dangerous job, what if they got shot? So the plan was put in motion to form slave soldiers, indoctrinated to serve as their purpose with the promise of better life at the end of their service and the chance to leave their castes. It worked, though Cat herself didn't have much choice in participating, she was made to as were other children who showed promise. Eventually she even forgot what her mother looked like after being forced to move into the new barraks for the 'cadets'.

She survived, she learned, trained and excelled. What she lacked in raw strenght, she made up with cunning and dexterity. She had keen senses and proved that even a girl could be an effective soldier. As she aged and her body matured, she continued to get only better, faster and stronger. Eventually she was one of the best from the settlement even at the age of 20. What she didn't expect was however the news that she was being freed from service early. While some might not see the tiny font on this order, she realized it. While she had lost many things in those years, including many of the memories of her mother, she never completely fell into the brainwashing. She wasn't a complete puppet and she realized what that meant. If they freed her early, it meant she wasn't fulfilling her serving quota, meaning she will be reduced back to ordinary servant and given that her direct commander was making eyes at her, giving direct suggestions and invitations... She was being made into a personal servant like her mother was! Some others might prefer the security that provided, the lack of fighting and the knowledge you will always have food and warm bed, just for the simple sacrifice of your body to the mercies of another... she wasn't willing. All the struggling at the army was so she could be free!

So Cat decided to leave. Over the years she had been smart. She studied everything around the settlement whenever she had the chance. Memorizing tunnels, vents, accesspoints. She saved aside pieces of her food rations and stowed them away at a secure location. She managed to even snatch out and hide a knife as well. So when her decision to leave came, overpowering the part of her that was indoctrinated to comply, she took a deep breath and fled during her last shift before she was being released. Cat jumped into one of the unsecured vents that led down in the underbelly of the settlement in the old access tunnels. Cat had her weapon with her and she set the few traps she had prepared there, pulled her emergency bag from the old metal locker, she feld into the wild tunnels outside the settlement, closing the metal door of the access tunel and rollng a big rock to block it just in case. She wasn't sure where to go honestly. Nowhere was safe, every settlement around was either allied with her own and would sell her out, allied with the raiders or were canibals... Finally she recalled one detail that her superiors were angry about, there was a congregation of exiles forming a settlement of their own on the edge of the known space, living at the very begining of the unexplored... Yeah that would do. She could head there, see if she could trade some of her supplies for useful things if there was any and then continue onwards into the darkness. Better die out there in search for better life of some kind than stay here and waste away.

Close Quarters Combat(CQC) - Cat was extensively trained in cqc since it's main type of fighting that would be encountered in the underground even if you had a gun. The tunnels were rarely long enough to rely only on long distance shooting to take a number of enemies, oftentimes at most you would have just enough time to fire once or twice before having to resort to melee or firing in melee. As such she's been trained in hand to hand fighting and in knife fighting. She's also decent at using her rifles and pistols in melee if the situations requires it. Her extreme agility allows her to make sure she's always moving when up close to avoid strikes and reposition at blind spots. She's also very good at holding and techniques and strangling her enemy once she latches onto them.

Dexterity - Catherine is simply an incredibly nimble, flexible and agile person. Since young age she had displayed traits that would have made her a natural in gymnastics with her extreme flexibility and speed. A borderline contortionist, she's able to twist and turn her bodies in ways that would make most dislocate or even snap bones. Allowing her access at places where others will never get to. Coupled with her trained speed and she's usually as slippery as a snake and usually just as deadly.

Marksman - Trained from early age to fire a gun, as part of the 'military' they were taught to make every bullet count since making ammo was a tedious and resource requiring process. While she's able to make her own bullets if the need is great enough, it's more of an emergency thing. For that reason she's been taught to aim true no matter the situation. She doesn't rely on spray and pray tactics as she just aims and shoots and usually one shot is all she needs to hit and kill a target unless they are armored or simply bulky enough to withstand a few shots.

Acute Senses. = An inborn gift, Cat's senses are beyond what most people could every hope to have. Suspected as a mutation, but never proven since she lacks the distinct traits of a mutant, her sense of smell, taste, hearing and sight are well beyond what most humans around her have ever displayed. While not anywhere near as strong as those of a mutant or animals, they certainly give her an edge over most other humans.

Mild Mutation - Cat's a mutant, likely a result of being born mere days after the first wave of the cataclysm and relatively close to the surface at the time. She hasn't mutated in any extreme ways however likely as a result of it happening at such an young age, her body has mostly adapted. Growing up she did mature faster than her peers and her senses were always excellent. The long term effects that has on her body are unknown as she's young and also one of the few actually born during the cataclysm.

Shotgun Axe - A makeshift mixture of a dual barrel shotgun with an attached axe head at the end of the barrel and an elongated handle. It's sturdy and simple, not one for accuracy for the obvious fact that it's a shotgun and using it as an xe might warm the barrel some. In any case, it's for scatter shot and close range and for that it serves a perfect job. Uses 20 gauge shells.

'Lover's touch' - A handmade from avaible parts rifle that fires .223 or 5.56 ammo. Reliable and sturdy semi automatic rifle. The loose standard in her original settlement where most rifles for the grunts are handmade from avaible parts, but following a general design type. Calls it 'Lover's touch' as a running joke because her colleagues joked about her loving her weapons over other humans.

Handmade Revolver. - A simple handmade revolver that she uses as a sidearm, nothing too fancy about it. It fires a .45. Usually pulled as last resort or to bash somebody's head in with the butt as a makeshift club.

Combat knife - A handmade combat knife from an pipe. Cheat and easy to make, a standard equipment for soldiers like Cat. SHe's very profficient with it and any other knife of similar size really.

Gas Mask - a standard issue gas mask that she nicked off one of the armories.

Makeshift spark lighter and tinder -Scrambled together from parts and an old big caliber casing, it's a simple lighter that creates a spark to use with dry tinder rather than create fire with fuel. She carries it along a small box that holds cotton that has gunpowder mixed into it for better ignition.

Canteen - canteen with water and alcoihol mix.

Nutrient Bricks - She carries a number of the tastless bars of survival food. Cat has long since stopped caring about the lack of taste.
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