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Footage before the fall...

Name: Carter
Age: Incomprehensible, presumably prior or just around the collapse, possibly centuries to a couple millennia old.
Gender: Male

Anything of Note:
Armed with nothing more than a ballistic styled weapon, a knife and uniform, the man has survived essentially any and all things thrown at him for as long as he could remember. Strangely carrying himself similar to a soldier yet nowhere as deranged as a militiaman, he seems to carry with him bags of ammunition, a sleeping bag, tent supplies, pots and pans and two large canteens of water. He comes across strikingly more like a living embodiment of an ox in human form.

He also has a gasmask and hood, the hood going beneath the helmet and gasmask presumably worn at all times outside. One can also assume his survival is thanks to the various medical technologies utilized prior to the collapse, from life extension to enhanced an immune system. Astoundingly absent of any cybernetic enhancements.

While nowhere as capable as the deranged wildlife, dangerous interdimensional creatures or strange magic-using apocalyptic shamans, Carter's survival seems entirely based on practical applications, manual labor and good work ethic. He is seemingly self sufficient, though reliant on workbenches and gunpowder for ammunition.
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Name: Mia Madani

Age: Currently three weeks, unknown prior age

Gender: Female

Anything of Note:

  • Human turned experiment with “ghosting" ability
  • Currently in possession of a knife

Biography: Mia’s last memory is that of her cryosleep cell glass door closing on her. That was, well, a long time ago; a time before the hell that is now. She was frozen in time, the chamber keeping her intangible as death and destruction reigned a few miles above, all meanwhile Mia remained asleep. But, eventually, the facility lost power due to the generator simply running dry. It was then Mia was faced with the nightmarish life that currently plagues her world.
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