LOCATION: Center Square, a shared bazaar between Colonies Alpha and Beta.

It was hot. A dry heat, but unpleasant still. The twin suns above Azalea 9 beat harshly on the yellow sands of the desert landscape. The sands which, mind you, had a habit of being blown or kicked into ones eyes.

A young freckled chameleon girl hopped along, eager to have somewhere to go. Her two companions, Juniper Lee, a biochemist and amateur spaceship captain; and RIPLEY, Juniper's robotic cohort, walked beside her.

The marketplace was bustling, as it usually was.

"Cami!" Juniper called, perking the chameleon girl's ears up. "Don't get lost."

Juniper knew the girl could always sniff her way back to base, she was mostly concerned about her potentially bugging the stand owners.

She sighed and turned to RIPLEY. "We have stuff to get, come on."

The robot obliged, but knew there was something else bothering his cohort. He wasn't sure exactly what, but he felt it as well.