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The dawn of a new age

This first "Crisis" isn't a crisis, it's advertisement. You will have to convince me and my co-judge why you should keep dinosaurs in your park. If you succeed thousands of people are watching, karma will be boosted, and you will get rich.

"Welcome! To Jurassic News Tonight"

Shouts Jason Austin, the talk-show host of Jurassic News Tonight. His job is to make you uncomfortable, to make you crack, and to make the viewers decide never to visit your park. "Now, lets get right to the questions." He says. Austin isn't one to keep the viewers waiting.

1. "Do you believe the dinosaurs in your park have rights?"
2. "Do you believe in genetic modification for your dinosaurs?"
3. "Is your security willing to risk their lives for the tourists?"
4. "How sure are you that there won't be any viruses, or other catastrophic events coming from this?
5. "Will dinosaurs be treated kindly? Or like test rats?"
6. This question is specific to each company
@Bright_Ops : "I see that your company is about Education and Entertainment, how do these two fit together?
@rocketrobie2 : "I have been informed your old company was a failure, how sure are you this won't turn out like that?
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Putting on his best public face, Andrew Arthur sat as comfortably as he could in a chair that from a distance appeared to be comfortable but in reality seemed to have been intentionally designed to make whomever was sitting in it as uncomfortable as humanly possible without causing them serious injury. Almost certainly an intentional choice on the part of the Jurassic News Tonight crew.

"Austin, while I admire your belief that your audience remembers who I am since the last time I was on, you've had so many interesting guests on this couch since then that it's unfair to expect them to remember them all by name." Andrew answered with a jolly, friendly tone that suggested that after the show him and Jason might have a drink and catch up backstage... A lie of course, Andrew couldn't stand the man even when he wasn't hamming things up for the camera, but appearances were important. "I know that you've got a great line up for the show tonight and thus time is tight, but there should be enough time on the schedule to let you introduce me properly."

With the mild pleasant banter designed to trip up the host a little while hopefully making a good impression with the viewers at home out of the way, it was time to start answering questions. The first one was somewhat expected, but Andrew allowed a mild look of exasperation appear as he answered "Of course they do." before taking a breath and explaining further "They are living, breathing animals that fundamentally have the same desires that all creatures have. To have a safe, comfortable place to sleep, enough to eat and the occasional activity to entertain them. Just because they come from a lab doesn't justify treating them poorly."

The second question was a bit more complicated and needed to be treated carefully. "If you mean in the sense that I believe genetic modification is possible, that's not a belief Austin. It's just a fact that being able to modify the genetics of the dinosaurs that we bring into the world is possible and in the process of giving a new life to long dead species, sometimes it cannot be helped in order to make up for missing dna strands. However,-" Andrew stressed firmly "- myself and the rest of us at Cretaceous Coast strive to keep such tampering limited to necessity. Before you ask, we deem 'necessity' to be in relation to the genetic stability of the animal in question to give them the best chance possible at a long and healthy life. While this does lead to the possibility of altering its natural behavior, ethically we decided that it was better to risk a minor abnormality in natural behavior for research purposes rather then knowingly bringing into the world a genetically unstable dinosaur that is going to have a troubled, painful existence for the time it is here."

Question three rolled around and Andrew... leaned back in his chair as he sighed. "To start with, we earnestly hope that the situation where our security staff is put in a position where they must risk their own lives to save others never arises. No matter what industry you work in, that should be a rare situation at best. But that wasn't your question so..." There was an earnest, somewhat hapless smile as Andrew said "I would hope so. While we strive to select the best recruits possible, give them the best training we can and ensure that they have the equipment they require for whatever happens, the sad truth is that in the heat of the moment the decision is up to the people on the ground who are there dealing with whatever crisis is happening. Heroism is one of those traits that can only be confirmed in a person when the time comes after all."

"A fair question." Was what started off question four as Andrew leaned forward a little. "I know because I've asked my science staff about the possibility of prehistoric viruses before. They've already put into place rigorous testing with the intention of catching dna samples that might be compromised in such a manner before development of a living host for the virus can occur. Likewise we at Cretaceous Coast have no intention opening an exhibit to the public that isn't up to our very high safety standards for both the dinosaurs within it and the people outside of it. We utterly refuse to cut corners like Jurassic World did when it comes to the safety of our visitors and personal."

Question five was treated to a questioning eyebrow being raised as Andrew looked at Justin. "What a world we live in, that you have to ask me such a question." before with a shake of his head he sighed. "We are not the snake charmers or bear baiters of old. While it is true that our research staff will be running medical tests on our dinosaurs, it will be done with care towards their well being and quality of life in much the same way that medical and scientific staff at more normal zoos would treat the animals under their care."

Shifting slightly in his chair in a vain attempt to make himself more comfortable after having been seated in it so long, Andrew welcomed the final question with gusto. "Quite simply really. Putting aside the explanations about how the general public will be able to witness animals that last walked the earth when mammals had only just started to appear with their own eyes and the scientific research happening behind the scenes, people fundamentally like dinosaurs." Andrew actually smiled in a slightly nostalgic manner before speaking "When I was young... from about the age of four up to some point in my mid teenage years... I was obsessed with dinosaurs. Movies, tv shows, toys, books, clothing... if dinosaurs were involved, you could bet I was hooked. At eight years old, not only could I correctly pronounce of just about every known dinosaur by that point, I could tell you what era they were from, where they lived on the planet and at least two interesting facts about each of them, maybe more if they had really caught my eye. I was at least thirty before I was able to do even half of that again."

A sigh escaped him... before he seemed to grow a little sad. "I spent more time then I can remember going outside on 'dinosaur hunts' because little me... didn't really understand the concept of 'extinction'. My reasoning was that just because people hadn't seen a dinosaur in a long time just meant that logically they were living in places where there weren't any people around to see them." A small, sad chuckle escaped him... before he smiled again. "Being able to see a living dinosaur back then would have blown my mind. Hell, it blows my mind now and I'm literally the CEO of a company that creates living dinosaurs! My hope is that seeing such a marvel of science and what was, long before humans walked the earth, nature might inspire those witnessing it with their own eyes. Even if they don't end up pursing a passion for dinosaurs, just the knowledge that something once thought lost forever can be recovered and the impossible made possible might drive them to achieve their goals... or rekindle dreams that were once deemed lost to the world."
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Well there you have it folks, a brand new company in the world of cloning. Will they be a failure or a success?" he asks, in a way his voice makes it sound, without saying it "These people are going to fail and I know it, but if they don't I was rooting for them." He hates dinosaurs, but wants to stay famous and not having the major public opinion could be a threat to that. Thousands of people watched that show, and you now are going to have a lot more popularity in your park.

Overall your performance was great, we both decided you deserved more visitors
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Stanley had a large smile plastered on his face as he sat on the couch adjacent to Austin. He tried to put on a cheery and approachable facade that, while played up, wasn't too far from the truth. The would-be business mogul knew a lot about the business side of things but just in case Austin tried to dig deep into the more nuanced aspects of the cloning of dinosaurs, Stanley brought along Dr.Nixon. The duo looked like near polar opposites, one like a cowboy and the other a cold doctor. Despite the clashing aesthetic Stanley figured it would be for the best to have some brains to back up his charisma.

"Firstly Austin I'd like to thank you for having us on. I'm no stranger to being on the tele but I'd be lying if I weren't mighty impressed with the setup y'all have here." Stanley said, maintaining his smile and making sure to stay animated in his responses. He wanted to come off as humbled since that's what he was. With the sharp decline of his previous business, Stanley had a new look on life and was grateful for the opportunity he now possessed to start anew.

"Now for the first dilemma I believe that'd be a loaded question. Legally the critters at my Dino-land are in a bit of a grey area, lotta the laws that relate to animals of the present day don't necessarily relate to the residents of Dino-Land." Stanley began though he raised a finger as if to object to himself at the end of his spiel. "That having been said, at Dino-Land we treat every one of our dinosaurs as they should be; with kindness, compassion and, care. Just because they lie in a grey area of the law doesn't mean we should be treating 'em as such in practice." Stanley finished, sitting back in his seat. He had some pretty big aspirations for Dino-Land but even from a young age Stanley wasn't partial to the mistreatment of any living creature. They lived and breathed like any human and deserved the same amount of respect.

Stanley took a sip of his water as Austin asked his follow up question. The water tasted stale but Stanley wasn't sure if that was an oversight on the crew's part, a malicious deed or, he was just wasn't used to city water. With the second question finished, Stanley put down his glass to reply. "Well Austin, we wouldn't have been able to get here with a little bit of splicing now would we? I think Dr.Nixon would be a little better equipped to answer about our stance on tamperin' with genes." Stanley said, deferring to the doctor. Dr.Nixon stood up a little straighter as he began to address Austin and the crowd.

"The first dinosaurs created at the ill-fated Jurassic park had to make do with incomplete genetic sequences. Even today our facilities struggle to choose the best replacements for what's been lost to time and we don't plan on stopping at good enough. It may not have looked like it but many of the dinosaurs created in the infancy of this science were genetic jenga towers, one sunburn away from being a biological wreck. With the advancements in the field of cloning and genetic engineering we can now create dinosaurs with more confidence that they will be able to live long and happy lives with less risk of genetic deficiencies. Like I said before, we will not be stopping at good enough though and at-" Dr.Nixon sighed for just a moment in preparation for what he was about to say "Stanley Buckwild's Dino-Land we plan to continue to push the envelope in genetics so we may provide a better experience for visitors of our park and ensure our dinosaurs live longer and healthier lives."

As Dr.Nixon finished his answer, Stanley gave him a firm pat on the back. Stanley knew Dr.Nixon wasn't as used to being on the boob-tube as he was but he was proud of his employee's performance. During this affirmation came Austin's next question, of which Stanley once more took the lead. "Our security are there for your security. At the moment our park isn't sporting nothing overly aggressive or partial to meat but we do have aspirations of expanding our facilities to house dinos of that sort. Being said, we'll be making sure to have more than enough infrastructure in place before we go about bringing in more dinos. What we have in place at the moment in terms of dino-wranglers, fencing and emergency protocols is more than enough to keep our guests and employees safe. Long answer short not only is our security team ready to lay their lives on the line, we've made many preparations so that they wont need to." Stanley said, his iconic smile gone from his face as he took the question very seriously. Parks of this nature were notorious for breakouts and while Stanley wasn't confident one wouldn't happen one day, he was going to be sure he and his team were prepared for it.

"Would you like to take this one doc?" Stanley said as he pushed the issue of deadly viruses onto his lead scientist. "Sure. Fact of the matter Austin, we can't be certain. There's no guarantees in nature let alone what we're doing. I can attest we are doing our due diligence of quarantining new clones, doing blood work and extensive testing in the hopes of not only preventing an outbreak but devising a way of curing it. Not all companies may take our cautious route to science and if we can make some breakthroughs in curing these ancient viruses before they get out by way of someone else's carelessness I will be able to rest easy at night." Dr.Nixon explained, once more getting a firm if more brief pat from his boss as Austin rattled off his next question.

"That's the million dollar question ain't it Austin? Excuse me for soundin' like a broken record but I can assure you we will be taking the best care that we can of our park's residents. I won't lie to you and say we won't be doing some routine bloodwork and a few tests every once in a while to help future generations of clones but nothin' worse than you'd have at a pet's check up. Like I said, these living, breathing animals deserve every ounce of respect we can give 'em." Stanley said, deciding to keep his answer here a little shorter as he believed he'd said all he needed to say about the treatment of the animals in his first answer. Now came a question hitting much closer to home. Once more Stanley's smile faded and his confidence seemed to wane a bit but he continued to power on.

"I was given a sinking ship by my father. The company was still profitable I might add but we were seeing less and less returns every year. I had to make the hard choice of switchin' gears and moving us into some pretty uncharted territories with the dinosaur entertainment business. Given the chance to make that choice again I'd bet my last dollar on Dino-Land everyday of the week." Stanley said, his smile returning some more. "My daddy was an oil mogul. Me? I'm fixin' to be a dino mogul."
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"Well, that was wonderful, lets give it up for the new owner of Dino-land." He says enthusiastically. He thinks he could make a deal with this company, and with his and Stanley's charisma combined they could make a good pair. Now all he had to do was think of a way to get involved with the company. The plan wouldn't be for dinosaurs, he hated them, but for more gene-ing, and therefore better looks.

We both thought it was great, and showed a new view on dinosaurs. Enjoy your money and new visitors.
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This crisis follows a set of events that could lead to giving your company new dinosaurs, new adaptation, and new enclosures. Of course, there is a risk of being caught by the police, but the greater the risk, the larger the reward.

I don't have a lot of time

but I believe contacting you was necessary. By now I've roped both my sister and Dr. Grant into this, I believe you know them both from the isla Nublar incident in 1993. Anyways, I have sent you this e-mail in the hopes that you will help me with my little secret: project redemption, which after the events in 2005 was un-able to continue. I can't promise everything we do will be legal, but I can promise you a reward. How does $50,000 sound, as well as a few blueprints from Jurassic world, and a collection of Project Redemption DNA you will find nowhere else. I hope I will be able to count you in.

-Tim Murphy, head of project redemption
This Email is set to self destruct upon reply

Reply yes or no, this will continue the event, after your reply this message will be extended to give you all the information, and how to write you post
For more information about the redemption project click this link

@Bright_Ops @rocketrobie2
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