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"The fall season is upon us folks and the newest hottest horror Novella from new writer Yuki is falling off the shelves, In other news, police are advising London residents to stay indoors as more mysterious murders and disappearance rock central London, Police are investigating but it's advised that all residents not wondered too late at night."
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Clicking his tongue Legion watched the report from a T.V in the shop window as the people gathered around also watched speaking of their fears in hushed tones. Sighing the white-haired short male walked away and towards a park where the latest disappearance took place. He noticed the crime scene tape and carefully avoided it noting there weren't any cops around, which probably wasn't good. As he scanned the scene he noticed a very distinct sulfur smell. "that's a familiar smell."

Looking around more he noticed the ash burned into the paved path in the park near a bench. Kneeling down he placed a gloved hand over the spot. "It must have popped out here." Sighing Legion stood up and looked around not seeing anything else he started to make his way out of the park. Taking mental notes of everything and one he saw. "Wonder what's going on for this many to appear."
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