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Hello hello,

Welcome to this hellhole of an intrest check. It has been a bloody while since I posted an intrest check. But since I am now convinced I am cursed when it comes to replying to intrest checks, I am making a new one myself. So thank you for clicking on it <3

My name is Ojo, and I have been writing for 11 years now. In the beginning I wrote mostly female,but in recent years I have found it more interesting to write as a male. I like to go on an adventure with someone spirited. And believe me, when your rp partner is Dutch,you need spirit ;) I tend to write romantic and a tad dominant males. They will respect their love intrest but are not afraid to step up when needed. They will swoon and sigh all the while hiding some dark secret or something for that extra spice.

Anyway, here is what I am looking for and what you can expect from me.
-absolutely no ghosting. I HATE ghosters and honestly,people who ghost tend to make bad rp partners. If you have a habit of ghosting. Do not reply to this intrest check. You will be incurring the wrath of the RP gods. I myself will also not ghost. I will tell you if I am bussy,or have a writers block (it happens)
-I would prefer regular posting ( twice a week or more) I feel my intrest for an rp shift away as posting takes more than two weeks in between them. Again, real life happens, and of you inform me you are going away for some time,I can handle that. We all have a life outside this site.
-no one liners. I prefer a piece of information I can work on. Two to four paragraphs is what I would nornaly write. But it totally depends on my partner.
-I love to worldbuild,together. I love to talk through here or discord and come up with things that make our rp more interesting. I like to sometimes suprise my partners, story wise, but I will not be DM'ing this rp. We write together <3
-no Mary sues. Okay, sometimes I would like to safe the damsel in distress, but not all the time. I would prefer it if Y/c has a will of her own and is not afraid to do things. ( you would be suprised how many rps I have had where the only thing M/c had to do was safe and love the other party. It gets boring really fast)
-you must be over 18 years old. There will be SMUT in this rp. Tough it will be woven through a good story. I have little to no limits and perhaps even some KINKS.
-I am not a native English writer. You will find some grammar mistakes here and there. I have autocorrect on,but some things still elude it.

So here are some ideas I would love to write. The top one is the one I am craving the most. But I am totally open for any others. As well as an Original Idea from you. With the role I would prefer to play in bold

dragon shifter× princess Y/C (prepare for DnD vibesssss)
M/c is a dragon, who is traveling the world guises as a human. Since it is more easy that way. During his travels as a mercenary for hire, he stumbles upon Y/C, who is in dire need of some help. She has been chased out of the castle by her uncle, after her father died. She was supposed to inherit the crown, but with no time to solidify her grasp on the throne, she was chased out and fighting for her life. Barely being able to escape. Our chars travel together for a while with the goal of reclaiming her throne ( we go on some adventures, clear a dungeon for looth, I don't know, roll a d20 and see how far we come) There will be magic in this rp <3 and it can be either set in an European or Asian setting. Depending on what you want.

top ranked Demon Y/c novice witch

Y/c is a novice witch who just doesn't seem to keep up with her coven. She has a hard time due to that, since her grandmother is actually the covens leader. One day she decides to summon a familliar from hell, against the advice of her teachers. Expecting to summon a little devil, she actually summons one of the seven cardinal sins. Amused by this witch that actually was able to summon him, he decides to stay and serve her (per contract). Adventures through hell, a demon who is experiencing love for the first time. Angry witches. Perhaps there is even a secret to your char, you know, more than meets the eye. We could even throw in the danger of the end of times.

Hadesx Reincarnation of persephone
Yeah, I'm a mythology nerd. I warn you beforehand I'm diving headfirst into this. But I don't expect you to do the same. Its an rp,not history class homework. Years ago, Demeter plotted to free her daughter from Hades. The only way she could do so? end the inmortal life of her daughter and have her reincarnate as a human time and time again. During her latest reincarnation, she manages to fall down a cave in Greece. Convinced she will die, she braces for the hard impact of the ground. Instead she finds herself in the arms of a man who calls her persephone, and claims to be Hades. Angry gods, twisted fates, schemes and love.

japanese onix Y/c

vampire x Y/c

MC x Y/c
Insert here your plot idea's <3

Thanks for reading this far. I hope to hear from any of you sweethearts if you want to start an rp with me. First come is first served since I'm only looking for one extra rp to start.

Hope to year from you soon.

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