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Old user, new account. Lost my original password, Whoopsie-doodles!
Satus: OPEN

Thanks for stopping by my thread! Please PM with any questions, do not reply to this post, I will not see it.
Beware! Some 18+/Mature Content below!


High-casual to advanced level. To me this means anywhere from 5-15 paragraphs per post. I appreciate longer, descriptive posts and world-building.
Third person, past tense only.
Grammar/spelling errors aren't the end of the world. Goodness knows spellcheck sometimes makes things worse rather than better.
PMs preferred. I don't post in public. Will consider Google Docs or email if you'd prefer to play off-forum. I have Discord for chatting but the character limits are annoying.
18+ only.
Queer friendly. High preference will be on non-cishet pairings.
I work in the medical field. I can be called in to work at any time. I can usually only manage a few posts per week so if you need a post every day then we will not be a good match.
Mature themes! Come to me with your weird desires, kinks, and fantasy scenarios. I won't judge. The worst thing I can do is say no. I'm not a huge fan of excessive gore and body horror for its own sake but things like intense fight scenes and gratuitous smut and such are fine.
Romance. Definitely on the hunt for pairings with romantic potential, especially paranormal romance. Also interested in trios.

Ghosting: I don't mind if you have to ghost. This is your warning that if I don't hear from you in two weeks from your last communication with me I will just assume you've ghosted. No hard feelings. If you have ghosted me in the past I will still probably want to start up again or start something new. I don't hold grudges.

Some of my favourite things


* I don't like fading to black.
* No minors in sexual situations.
* Not a fan of shapeshifters who are really unrestricted in what they can change into.
* I generally don't like High School or slice-of-life Modern AUs
* No "anime" RPs, especially mecha/robots because I suck at them. I haven't seen much anime in my life.
* If you want to do character sheets you'll have to mention it because I don't normally think about them.
* I try not to use real people face-claims but it's not a huge deal.
* I don't mind if you like to make your posts fancy with coloured text and pics and music and videos and stuff and I will enjoy it if you do, but I'm old and won't remember to do that stuff in my posts so if that will make you feel unappreciated then I might not be the partner for you.

If you want writing samples, just ask!

Please PM me, do not post in this thread!
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