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Hello, as the topic title says, I am re-introducing myself. I was gone on a long hiatus with my mental health. I am 27 years-old. I enjoy writing and creating a world with 2-7 paragraph length posts. I prefer a partner that is 19 or older because of mature themes that occur in the story, writes about the same length at minimum, and doesn’t mind a few grammar errors here and there. I, personally, don’t care about the occasional grammar mistake but please make some sort of sense.

I provide the images and the mood music, then we create a world together! Let me know in a PM which one you are most interested in! :) Some are more romantic than others for mood music wise but that doesn’t mean a plot can’t form from it.

I also would love to hear ideas from you as well but please PM me as I won’t be checking this thread very often.

Pairings can be mixed and mashed to form an amazing role play! Example: a Victorian royalty supernatural creature x sibling’s supernatural creature best friend

Supernatural creature (ex. Werewolf) x supernatural creature
Supernatural creature x human
Deity x supernatural creature
Deity x human
Royalty x servant/guard
Royalty x captured royalty
Agent x agent
Soldier x civilian
Musician/actor x ex-hometown sweetheart
Rancher x ex-hometown sweetheart
Outlaw x sheriff’s child
Amnesia victim x person that finds them
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@Angel Of Red
welcome back. I hope you're doing alright now. Glad to see you. let me know if you ever want to rp again. if not, I understand.
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