Name: Archontikos

Age: 1,400 years of his current life

Species: Allagimorfis Griffin Supreme

Gender: Male

Height: 7 feet, 4 inches tall

Weight: 630 pounds

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical description: A specimen of prime perfection, Archontikos has the build of a sleek bodybuilder with tight robust muscles throughout his entire frame. He's completely feline from top to bottom and boasts lush golden brown fur with an elongated five and a half foot tail. His irises are amber colored with black pupils. Four medium length golden whiskers hang from each side of his tan muzzle with two smaller ones on both brows. Covering the entirety of his cranium is a full goldenrod mane of pelage with streaks of golden yellow and old gold. Within his maw are a series of thirty golden teeth including a quartet of keen fangs. Claws of similar makeup are hidden in each of his four sizable brown padded paws.

Protruding from his backside are three pairs of feathered wings. These have a scarlet base at the top, an orange middle and golden bottoms. Replacing a tuft of fur at the tip of his tail is instead a series of three foot, eight inch rectricies with a golden base, an orange middle and scarlet ends. When either of these plumaged extremities flare open, they become reddish orange and yellow colored billowing fire constructs.

Personality: A primordial warrior, Archontikos has become rather jaded from living an abundance of lifetimes over the course of many millenia. Any sense of moral compass has long since dwindled and he's become prone to reckless selfishness.


Supernatural Condition

Flight mastery


Fire Embodiment

Ash Resurrection

Resurrection Empowerment


Telekinetic Force Manipulation