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Current New year, new me. Who wants to RP?
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After a 2 month struggle, I am finally free from homelessness. I can finally partake in hobbies with full force once more


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In Beasts Wars 25 days ago Forum: Arena Roleplay
It was quite obvious diplomacy was not even a possibility. The Griff's somewhat relaxed stance notably tightened as Cricket reacted more to his presence. Such unpredictably was a dangerous thing and caution was definitely most wise. Tharr watched intently at the bizarre display, retaining his usual stoic disposition. He wouldn't be able to leave this place peacefully, not with this thing around. It at least needed to be incapacitated. Surely this would be a mostly simply task.

Without wasting much time, the water enthused bird cat outstretched a robust feathered wing. Rearing the flight bearing limb back then thrusting it forward with immense force, a barely visible construct of crescent shaped air was formed and released from the surface of the black plumage. It was sent hurdling towards the bug with moderate speed. The usual sharpness of which would dwindle by the time it reached its target, but if struck, would still register enough knockback to cause some instability. Tharraleos was testing the capabilities of this creature to formulate his own plan of attack. He'd attempt to keep some distance for now, but still was more than ready for a close ranged scuffle if need be.

@Metal Tortoise

I'm ready when you are. Shall I start the thread, or do you prefer to do so?

@Metal Tortoise

The humanoid insect wasn't the only bizzare creature lurking about the dense foliage. The beast in question was a peculiar mix of things. Harboring traits from the fearsome lion and the predatory eagle, one with a keen eye and familiarity with old folklore would surmise this was indeed the hybrid of legend known as the Griffin. His body was primarily feline with tawny brown fur encompassing his toned frame. His white feathered head and gold taloned feet were his more avian traits. Additionally, jutting from his shoulder blades was a remarkably resilient set of wings as pitch as the midnight sky appearing not unlike a cape. Besides standing upright with bipedal locomotion, the other oddity was the various webbed extremities present on him. This included the trio of fin shaped constructs hanging from his plumaged cranium as well as his paws and talons being joined together by translucent skin. What more were the soft russet scales lined along his midsection and along the underside of his lengthy tail. These aquatic adaptions were attributed to him by the Aerasginero; a sea-dwelling warrior subspecies of Griffins.

Tharraleos was this avid adventurer's designation. Initially, it was an aimless stroll through this region after finding it during his usual travels. Though before long, a 6th sense of his subconsciously brought him to a specific location. Every last creature residing here was prey to him and this was an uncontested fact. There was, however, the most feint of lingering suspicions the title of alpha predator was being challenged. Something out there was a potential threat and this needed to be investigated immediately. Not that Tharr was fearful, just merely amused and fascinated. More often than not it turned out he was overhyping himself, but his desire to seek notable adversaries had reached a point not experienced in some time.

Trailing the tracks of the fleeing forest denizens and the ever present ominous feeling in his gut, the Seagriff came across a suspiciously tranquility portion of the greenery. A loud crack was registered through his powerful eardrums in the near distance. It almost sounded as if something crunched Its way through a skull. The mild increase of heartbeat was the indication he was soon to discover what brought him this way. The usual heavy taloned feet took much more quieter steps as he made his gradual approach. It wouldn't long before the insectoid would be found. He wasn't exactly being stealthy, as once he stepped into a small clearing, a figure in his peripherals a safe distance away was registered. Turning his feathered head, Cricket was seen in its hunkered stance, likely now staring at this new visitor. A raised eyebrow was the initial reaction upon seeing the thing as if he was attempting to piece together what it was that stood before him.

“What are you?” Inquired the beast. His vocals were at such ferocity they appeared to vibrate the air around him. His tone was just as unyielding as his stare and there was an heir of sophistication in his words. One with potent eardrums might be able to distinguish a feint Greek accent. He would blink, occasionally, eyelids sweeping upwards much like his avian kin. He turned to face Cricket and at this point it was difficult to determine just how threatening either of them were. No armor, weapons or even clothing were present and Tharr’s stance was rather lax. How dangerous could someone so nakedly armed be? Surely such would be discovered soon enough.
That's more than okay with me. I rather like the mystery of not knowing what I'm up against. Proceed, good sir.
Cool. You wanna start the thread? I also don't mind, or we can even edit the original. Either way works for me. I'm simply motivated more than ever to see a battle through to the end for once.
I'd be up for a T1. I've got a character who's remarkably powerful, but nowhere near God tier. He's actually got somewhat of a nerf recently and I've been wanting to test this newest iteration. Link below if you're interested.
I thought there was something I overlooked. Sifting through it real quick, the identity issues Tharr was going through is quite evident. Wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with him till recently, so that mess of limbs is sorely outdated. I'd gladly reboot the skirmish with the updated character.
@Metal Tortoise

Didn't you and I have a bout going a while ago? Not surprising it slipped my mind with how IRL was going. 'Twas lost to time, it seems. But I've been in the mood for a skirmish recently with newfound motivation to see it through its end, strengthened by the long since overdue finalization of a certain bird cat of mine. I'm down if you are.
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