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Yeah. Suddenly got preoccupied with things. I'll hopefully have my post done today.
Ah. All I needed to hear. Laziness averted. I'll have the post up sometime tonight, preferably when I get access to a laptop later as apposed to my mobile device I'm stuck with for now.
Everything is looking excellent here. I'm very much anticipating this skirmish. Best of luck to both of our fighters. Now who gets first post? My only hindrance is sheer laziness, but it can be easily overcame. Either one works for me, personally.
@Doc Doctor

We'll just say bird kitten was peering over his right shoulder. I've written my reply with that in consideration.
Tharr's stance held firm as stone as his mind was seemingly invaded by the all encompassing sounds of the monster. He winced noticeably, a bead of sweat trailing down his feathered face. This intensity was unreal and more vile than anything the likes of even the Sin embodied Malefor could generate. And why couldn't he look directly at this thing? It's appearance or presence alone wouldn't stir the amphibious hybrid one bit. But the ominous concept of dangerous consequences kept his gaze clear.

Even with his visible discomfort, his readiness for the faintest of movements held true. The instant its slimy claws made a move to close the gap, the nearly sentient appendage reacted accordingly. By the monster's second stride, the tufted end was sent to the ground in the blink of an eye. Tharr knew his reaction was to be swift for success and had focused a majority of his muscle strength to whip it downwards. Its density and naturally immense momentum caused the ground to trembled violently. While this would have a chance to cause unbalance to marginally slow the creature down, the real threat was the very precise tremor of splitting ground careening straight for the Magna Pater to cause added loss of footing.

Since Tharraleos was aware this would do little to impede the advance, the beast induced a short hop, flipping his entire body clockwise 180 degrees to face his foe at last, nictitating membrane sweeping horizontally across his eyes, their translucency hopefully sufficing on shielding his eyes. His right wing flared out in the midst of this leap in a backhanded strike aiming for the attacker itself as the distance was lessened. The force of this blow was augmented by the weight of his soon, giving enough extra force behind it to inflict some kind of hindrance if connected. Whatever tooth, horn or claw that needed to be used afterwards would be utilized to their fullest to rid Tharr of this pest.

@Doc Doctor

You make quite the point regarding magic. That was thrown in to be a crippling weakness that isn't mental, and with a decent reason conjured with it too. So with that ailment being nullified, I am more than willing to allow your augments, complete with the triple powered blade, honestly even if it wasn't necessary. Reading through that made me like the matchup even more. They'll both inevitably resort to their respective augmentations, and that sounds like a badass time. So if we're both clear on the opposing combatant, I'd say we're ready to get the blood and feathers flying.


Also, Tharr doesn't use magic at all. His Empowerments use life force energy, kinda like Ki from Dragon Ball (totally not an inspiration or anything.) His psionics are sheer mental strength and his elemental prowess derives from manipulation of the surrounding area, neither of which require spells or Reserves of any kind to use. It'd seem a little contradictory if he could use something he was weak against, although I'm sure he'd be a skilled mage if he could, and now I'm liking the sound of it more.

That's quite the accurate synopsis for his appearance. Excellent job. I can understand if it's a bit confusing; there are 2 separate bodies to account for. But you're correct for the most part. Alot of your questions are actually in the appearance section and his dimensions are almost at the top. Probably just got overlooked, but I'll address some things. Wingspan is 90 feet (about 70 when furled into fists). Total length from top of head to the rear of his body is 42 feet (this doesn't include his 20 foot lion tail). Also yes. 8 limbs. The wings count as a pair since they possess bones and are prehensile. They're also not sprouting from his back, but instead from his ribs like a regular bird. And right under is the pair of lion arms. Then the 4 major legs (I use minor and major to distinguish the humanoid and quadruped portions respectively) makes 8 total limbs, though he has 2 tails that have their own uses as well.

Have fun with those abilities of his. Arguably the densest part of the profile. His melee reliance, vast array of limbs and empowerments make him a deathly close ranged combatant, so this should be fun.

My bird cat can't quite move at the speed of sound, but I'm sure his array of other abilities could prove problematic for the Knight of Rhay. As for battlefield; sounds like you're more confident than I do, so I guess I'll leave that up to you.

My Tharraleos would find a worthy foe in your Raelis. Predominantly melee fighters with immense damage output and bird traits? Sounds good to me, if you're interested, of course.
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