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New year, new me. Who wants to RP?
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7 yrs ago
After a 2 month struggle, I am finally free from homelessness. I can finally partake in hobbies with full force once more


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Damn. Wasn't expecting this kind of activity in my brief absence.

@Drifting Pollen I apologize for my rudeness. I should've communicated things to see if you were even still interested. Life does certainly happen as I understand and relate. But as you've pointed out, there are no rules and I'm really just wingin stuff here. There was very little investment in that last post of mine, and I did have the idea of simply pretending it didn't happen if neee be. I was thoroughly enjoying our skirmish.

@BangoSkank You're more than welcome to join my good person. Like I mentioned above, it's kinda free game and I'm not opposed to a battle Royale.

@Kaga Classs Pardon the delay there. Seems like things have taken a bit of a turn and got a whole lot more interesting.

Okay! So. What I'm gonna do is undo my last post so Tiamat can return tonthe foray. Despite the free nature of this arena, perhaps some posting order can be established, which can be whatever order happens first. Thank you alp for your time, patience and consideration. Happy fighting and may the best contender be victorious!
It does sound fun. I wouldn't be opposed.

And yes. I'm still open to battle. I can reset the arena and you can throw anyone in there if you'd like.

Much obliged and best of luck!
Oh. That may be a bit ambitious for this simple thread. I love the idea and I can see it forging into a compelling narrative. For this particular thread, story isn't exactly the main focus. This was intended as some mostly mindless carnage as I test my new character. Besides. None of my current cast could even survive space. I appreciate your great ideas and hope they get realized. They're simply too grand for a place like this.
Well, you and I more than likely, but not so much for our characters ^^;

Would you like to step into the arena I've constructed here, or take things elsewhere? Like, perhaps a thread started by you that my Lordly Lion could be placed into. I'm an open book
I agree with that sentiment. I have a character who doesn't prefer leadership roles for those exact reasons.

Sounds like the power scaling lines up all right for my Archontikos. Should be plenty enough for him to sink his claws into. There's the briefest of bios in the Character section of this thread if you wanna get a rough idea.

How do you propose we situate this? I'm still ironing out the lore of Archon, so I'm open to ideas. He's a nihilistic force of destruction, so creating a conflict won't be too problematic
I'll bite.

What's the strength level of this Kaga? The character of this thread is essentially like a final boss. I have other characters that are at a much more manageable scaling. I'm an open book, so I'm down for whatever.
Gonna give this a modest bump. I still wanna test what this fiery feline is really capable of. I have a post written up to essentially reset the stage, so if anyone wants to take a swing, I can implement it. Thanks in advance for any and all inquiries!
I'm always open for a challenge. I got a few different characters I can work with and maybe even some WIP concepts I can test out. Suppose it depends on the level of power we're working with.
As a masterpiece of biological engineering meticulously crafted over his entire existence, the body of Archontikos was more than capable of otherwise impossible feats. The strength of his wings alone could dismantle whole armies with relative ease while perfect synchronization of each individual limb allowed for sublime dexterity. It was as if they were semi-sentient entities that can operate both individually and separately.

Retaining his position with the lower quartet of flaming flight bearers did take a bit more energy, sure, but by far they were able to compensate for any absent thrust. The beast's lengthy hybrid tail would also shift and pivot about, using the fiery fan at the end as a sort of rudder to account for body adjustments. Working seamlessly in tandem, Archon would assert his own aerial mastery as the blazing barrage persisted with astute accuracy.

Though despite the efforts he was currently exuding, his attempts to char her flesh was avoided. Not that he was particularly surprised. These more rudimentary tactics were implemented intentionally as a way to observe this new plaything of his. Her agility was undoubtedly remarkable and those crimson scales could probably topple mountainsides. He couldn't help but subtly break his stoicism to momentarily glance at the dragoness in bemusement as his robust furred arms crossed over his broad fuzzy chest. The ancient warrior found Tiamat’s mannerisms confounding and became curious if her fortitude was as abundant as her pomposity.

“Useless.” Archontikos would bellow as he watched her attempted attack. Not necessarily in volume, but intensity. The mystical wings of a Phoenix need not to adhere to conventional principles. When unfurled, they didn’t just resemble fire, but became living flame itself. Inextinguishable even when fully submerged in water or enduring the coldest of temperatures, striking these semi-tangible extremities wouldn’t yield the expected results. The billowing construct did indeed disperse as Tiamant’s foot passed through, though it would reform just as quickly and the Griffin Supreme remained resolute.

Without wasting a second, he would attempt to capitalize on his falling prey. With that heir of superiority she boasted, perhaps a harsh reunion with the ground was in order. The uppermost right wing hadn’t even fully retracted yet before the bottom four would launch Archontikos upwards with a single hefty flap that naturally stirred up a great deal of heat and air. At the apex of this bound, his upper wings would extend themselves fully once more before with an equally powerful beat, all six sent him careening downwards like a golden meteor of fur and muscle. All while keeping his arms still crossed as a way to further express his dominance.

His target was the scaly humanoid. The hardened brown pads of sizable pawed feet would attempt to plant themselves onto Tiamat; their gold claws unsheathing to aid with grip, Such a maneuver seemed bird-like despite his entirely feline body. As if a pair of talons was reaching out. It appeared having wings and tail feathers weren’t the only avian attributes of the composite creature. Still with his arms interlocked over his torso while gazing down vapidly at the Goddess, his wings and rectrices would return to their tri-toned plumaged state, abruptly dropping his 600 pounds of weight down like a speeding freight train.

Whether or not he succeeded in anchoring himself to her, he’d regardless collide with the stone stadium like an organic statue falling from the heavens. The sheer force of impact sent a rippling shockwave that decimated what was left of the structure. Pillars began collapsing and sent a sight obscuring haze across the destruction. The stadium seating split and broke apart into heaps of rubble from the immense fissures. At the epicenter of it all in the midst of a massive crater was Archon, still unenthused and undamaged as his Nemean Lion hide held up firmly. Though a very faint smirk did briefly creep upon his maw at the beauty of his might.

As things eventually came to a standstill, the ancient beast perpetually kept a keen lookout for the humanoid with his plethora of senses. He couldn’t help but anticipate a strike from somewhere behind him followed by some remark about his insignificance or whatever she was prattling on about. Even if he was successful, there was little doubt it’d take a lot more than that to slay divinity. With finite concentration on his surroundings, Archontnkos would be ready for whatever this capable fighter could throw at him next.

@Drifting Pollen
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