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Alrighty. Didn't need as many reserves as I thought. I guess backhanded with a shield will do for now. Also, while I'm here, that Discord tag # of mine is 7307
As Tharr drifted through the air from his dextrous leap, there was a brief moment of ample contemplation. He could only imagine the spectacle of the skirmish from an outside perspective, let alone being able to see it. With odds so arguably pitted against him, he was still fairing well against the likes of a heavenly force. This newest object of interest had made quite the first impression on the composite creature. The stage had been set for an entertaining bout, and this was only the start. Such a foreign concept; pride in another being. As one with an affinity for the hubristic Sin, it was very fitting this had no effect on the power dwelling within. Instead, only the opposite was true, and underneath those closed lids flashed a vibrant purple color a number of times. Just the mere fact he was at least contending with the likes of Raelis and his potent prowess caused a surge of reserves to trigger within Tharraleos.

[Pride Reserves + 5]

As his talons touched down on more stable terrain and pivoted his body to face the Knight, his stance hunkered down with right leg behind him and left arm extending forward, elbow bent. As the hail of molten steel was sent his way, a solidified, opaque construct of purple energy manifested into reality. Aptly named the Shield of Chivalry, this was 1 of the 8 weapons at his disposal should his reserves be supplemented. Taking the form of a Greek Aspis with a 5 foot diameter, it's notable size and his stance barricaded him from the onslaught. This particular blockage was currently at 80% it's full power with the quartet of reserves placed into it. This provided more than enough resilience to prevent harm to Tharraleos entirely, as nearly every shard had lodged itself throughout the sinful construct as well as a hefty gash from the Blade of Rhey.

"You are quite the valiant combatant!" Tharr suddenly piped up, still mostly obscured from view by his somewhat intact blockade. What sounded like a momentary chuckle seemed to emerge from the Aerasginero's bill. It seemed he was fondly enjoying himself at the moment. He literally felt the heat of battle and it certainly did add to the grandiose nature of this contest of strength and wit. The auditory alliteration of a shield wasn't in the best condition, however and just a decently powerful attack would shatter it into nothingness. Just the thing he needed too. Pulling his left arm as close to his body as possible, the hybrid would abruptly thrash the limb forth in a swift and powerful backhanded fashion, looking to strike Raelis with the general mass of the armament. If connected, the Champion would be painfully reminded of its solidity despite the transparency and would inflict a fair amount of blunt force. This would also result in its destruction, but would remain as is if missed.

[Pride Stack = 1]


I do have a Discord, yes. My username is the same as it is here.

I've gone through your reply and currently piecing together my post mentally. I should be able to get to it some time this weekend of not tonight.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I've kinda noticed I might need to ass pull some Pride Reserves. It's a seldom act, but Tharr is deeply disadvantaged now as the only thing that kept him remotely safe from heated blades (his steel-like coat) is now no longer in play (save for the transformation he has access to now). I at least need either 2 constructs with moderate strength, or a single, more resilient one. Either way, I'm glad to be getting things back up and running. I feel this rendition of Tharr will make it much simpler and enjoyable. Can't wait to play with his new toys!
While making the bound, yes his tail feathers are the closest thing to the Knight. I'd estimate them being about 2 meters away from each other once he lands. The moment he does, it'll be his center of mass that'd be closest to Raelis

With vision still blackened and none of his attacks making their mark, perhaps it was time to play on the defensive side until an opening presented itself. This left Raelis' advancements unabated. The sea dweller took instant notice of the crumbling ground beneath him and knew he'd find himself in a literal hole if he didn't act quickly. His gold talons tightly gripped the remnants of the foundation below him and braced himself to leap up and forward. What stopped him, however, was the nagging feeling that's exactly what the Asaraen Knight was expecting. Surely if he leaped right this second, some kind of ramification would ensue. As such, he would feint imbalance for as long as the remaining structure would hold.

One didn't need the array of enhanced senses to distinguish the searing blade careening towards him. Such a clever bastard that winged swordsman was, but Tharraleos harbored potent cunning of his own. With a deep inhale escaping his rostrum, Tharr studied the rapidly closing distance of the projectile while making sure he had the least bit of footing was still existent. It seemed the pressurized torrent was to make his mark, but in an attempt to alliviate both of his current predicaments, the beast suddenly bent his feathered knees and sprung forth. The sheer force of which deteriorated what was left of that portion of the ground; Raelis' projectile bringing further structual damage.

Though he wasn't quite free of danger yet. He simply transitioned from one unfavorable circumstance to the next. The bound didn't take him very far given the lack of leverage and definitely wasn't enough to attain lift even with all the vigor in his wings. He was simply forced to wait until he landed with a loud crash moments later to execute his next move. If he was successful in reaching a grounded state, he would instantly flip around to face his opponent. His eyelids would relieve their hold on each other, but his optics wouldn't be completely uncovered. The nictitating membrane at the corners of his eyes acted as a third eyelid for certain situations. Typically used during flight or swimming, this translucent lid would sweep horizontally across his eyes to protect from debris while retaining moisture. Here, he would test it against the blinding light Rhay's Champion boasted, where hopefully it would fair better than having no vision at all.


Lemme actually tag you properly.
Okay. So I've spent the better half of a month contemplating what I should do. Tharr has gone under some rather notable alterations. I've reverted him to Anthro form, and he's gone under an arguably severe nerf that makes him much more realistically powered. Further details can be found in his newly edited profile here. Overall, it's left me wondering what to do with this heavily outdated Taur I've kinda lost motivation for. I'm wanting to actually finish a battle properly and this matchup never lost interest. So I propose the reboot I mentioned before; editing my previous posts with just the design change in mind while keeping actions the same. If that works for you, I'd more than love to reach a conclusion.


My most sincere apologies. I've had life delays of monumental proportions. I'd very much like to indulge in this battle still and have the generalization of my reply stored in my brain. Just haven't had a chance to do so, unfortunately. I might just be able to get something in this week.
Raelis would find his foe to be far more resourceful than anticipated. It was true the ever increasing light was a bother to the mutant hybrid's optics. Though the blinding glare had one simple solution to avoid repercussions. Tharr's eyelids swept upwards to shield the sensitive organs and blacken his vision entirely. Even with sight no longer in effect, his other senses would be able to compensate. Most notably was his sense of touch, and each alteration in wind current created vibrations that registered through the beast's webbed crest. Plus there was the inevitable clinks and clanks an armor the Knight wore would resonate within his acute auditory receptors. Those two alone would give the sea dweller more than enough information to accurately determine his opposition's movements without the need for sight.

With the swordsman now in range, Tharraleos made his move. His right wing lashed forth in a hefty, backhanded fashion, looking to send his target hurtling towards the broken down buildings. The force in this was rather immense, especially with the momentum gathered up throughout the swing. It seemed like it was aimed to break through defenses, though the moderate speed of such would make it relatively easy to avoid outright. Although the other wing had its ends furled into a fist and ready to provide a backup of sorts in case his initial attack failed. Regardless of Raelis' reaction, he would be prepared to react accordingly.

Alrighty. Between my full time job and my phone (being my only easily accessible device) breaking on me, I somehow got the necessary edits done. A day later, albeit, but I've used the extra time to fully grasp these new changes. Wanted to get them situated before he throws a single punch.


Can't believe I went about tryna make changes without first contacting a Judge (well, not so surprising). But below are changes to one of Tharr's more primary abilities that I think can be measured more fairly and concretely. Plus honestly much more fun on my part.

So, here's the current Combat Empowerment.

And here are my recent modifications.

Lemme know how this looks, and in the meantime, I'll be conjuring up my reply. Much obliged.
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