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My most sincere apologies. I've had life delays of monumental proportions. I'd very much like to indulge in this battle still and have the generalization of my reply stored in my brain. Just haven't had a chance to do so, unfortunately. I might just be able to get something in this week.
Raelis would find his foe to be far more resourceful than anticipated. It was true the ever increasing light was a bother to the mutant hybrid's optics. Though the blinding glare had one simple solution to avoid repercussions. Tharr's eyelids swept upwards to shield the sensitive organs and blacken his vision entirely. Even with sight no longer in effect, his other senses would be able to compensate. Most notably was his sense of touch, and each alteration in wind current created vibrations that registered through the beast's whiskers. Plus there was the inevitable clinks and clanks an armor the Knight wore would resonate within his acute horned ears. Those two alone would give the titan more than enough information to accurately determine his opposition's movements without the need for sight.

With the swordsman now in range, Tharraleos made his move. His right wing lashed forth in a hefty, backhanded fashion, looking to send his target hurtling towards the broken down buildings. The force in this was rather immense, especially with the momentum gathered up throughout the swing. It seemed like it was aimed to break through defenses, though the moderate speed of such would make it relatively easy to avoid outright. Although the other wing had its ends furled into a fist and ready to provide a backup of sorts in case his initial attack failed. Regardless of Raelis' reaction, he would be prepared to react accordingly.


Alrighty. Between my full time job and my phone (being my only easily accessible device) breaking on me, I somehow got the necessary edits done. A day later, albeit, but I've used the extra time to fully grasp these new changes. Wanted to get them situated before he throws a single punch.


Can't believe I went about tryna make changes without first contacting a Judge (well, not so surprising). But below are changes to one of Tharr's more primary abilities that I think can be measured more fairly and concretely. Plus honestly much more fun on my part.

So, here's the current Combat Empowerment.

And here are my recent modifications.

Lemme know how this looks, and in the meantime, I'll be conjuring up my reply. Much obliged.

Hey buddy. Quick question. Would you be against me making a slight revision to Tharr's Combat Empowerment? I feel like "rushes of battle adrenaline" can't be quite measured fairly. Plus I've been wanting to differentiate his Reserves a bit.

In short, I have an idea to instead make it more combo based, with each 5th strike granting a 10% increase in attack speed and strength. Still working out the details, but figured I'd ask before the battle really begins.

@Doc Doctor

Naturally easier said than done with the speed he was faced with. That thing was on his ass before he could even blink, and it was pretty much over from there. But I digress. Good game, friend.
The ever alert eyes of Tharraleos watched the man form the wall of flame. The slightest of grins tucked at the corners of his beak from the resourcefulness of his opposition. A distraction that serves as an attack? Already this man was showing potential, which meant he didn't want to risk disappointing him and ruin any chance for enjoyment. As the torrent of fire careened towards him, his right wing folded against him while the left swung through the air in a wide, underhanded arc, folding itself directly afterwards. This was well before Raelis was within range, which denoted his target wasn't the Knight. Instead, he decided to show his own elemental prowess and from the feathered appendage came a large, crescent shaped construct of air.

It soared through the air vertically, its bottom edges tearing through the ground's surface like a hot knife through butter. It carved its way through the wall in a similar fashion straight down the middle, causing it to part with the 2 separate halves just barely passing him. But even with that minimal exposure, it was quite clear he needed to avoid direct assaults from the heat. He had no specific defenses against the likes of blazing temperatures, though he wouldn't prevent him from attaining victory. After all, he had prevailed against proficient magic users in the past, so this was nothing he couldn't grasp.

The barely visible arc of wind didn't stop at the scorching detriment. Instead it would carry on for a couple meters more before fading away. If the Champion were to find himself in the path of this, the impact would likely be enough to cause minor damage to his armor. These projectiles were known to slice through the likes of steel with relative ease. This was also a way to gauge the durability of his foe, assuming it met its mark. Either way, Tharr would stare intently at the man's reactions and would adjust himself accordingly.

@Doc Doctor

Looks like that's the end. I intended to unleash his reserves and put up an actual fight, but I saw no way out of the hold Tharr was in even with the increase in strength. So victory's all yours friend. Good fight, as brief as it was.
The overwhelming ferocity overtook Tharraleos before a coherent thought could even be conjured. How he was placed in such a disadvantageous predicament so swiftly was beyond comprehension. His senses were basically jammed and the only limbs to alleviate the intense asphyxiation were currently embedded within the tail of this foul creature. Even his own feline tail with its length of twenty feet was just barely out of range to provide assistance. Things weren't looking good for the mutated warrior, to say the least. Within mere moments his own resistance gradually waned more and more. Soon the Manga Pater would find the immense form in its grasp grow limp and unresponsive.

As his consciousness began fading, Tharr evaluated his situation. Was this really how things were to end for him? Helplessly strangled to death by a grotesque monster in this dammed swamp. It made some sense though, albeit irrational. Something was bound to best him in such a manner after five millennia. But as he began to accept his fate, a swift reminder snapped him from such. He was a shining example of what his kind were truly capable of. Entire nations had once buckled under his sheer might alone, and now here he was dying a pitiful death. This wouldn't do.

"I am Tharraleos!" he shouted within his mind.

"I am the proud vestige of the Aerasginero!"

"No mere, simple creature shall conquer my might!"

[Pride Reserve + 3]

Under his closed eyelids, the yellow of his irises momentarily flashed purple in color with each sentence spoke. This was the other variation of power that was able to be stored within him for further use. Battle and vanity were the things that empowered him in the most literal of senses and it was quite evident now was the time to capitalize on them. But as he went to unleash his Reserves, something snapped, literally. The unending and increasingly tightening grip of the Primal Nightmare broke through his defenses enough to sever the spinal cord. Instantly, the Griffintaur's body slumped onto the muddy ground, any remaining resistance being completely halted. Remnants of his subconscious prevailed, but would soon follow suit and the being known as Tharraleos would no longer exist in the living realm.

@Doc Doctor

Tagging you.
Tharraleos watched with intrigue in his visage at the man's display of aerial maneuverability. Such was frequently a drawback of the much larger albeit deceptively nimble Griffintaur, not that it served as a problem. His stance became much more grounded, rear talons and frontal claws rooting him to the spot with knees bent. With wings flared out and furled into makeshift fists, he would look at the Knight almost like a batter would perceive a baseball.

Just one of his wings rivaled his outstretched length. This much extended reach would be most beneficial. The heat radiating from this warrior wasn't beyond anything he could handle, but having moderate distance was more preferred until more information was known about the particular style of combat. Be it sword, fist or foot, whatever Raelis would throw at the hybrid would be met with a winged punch boasting immense force of its own. This was aimed to either contest or surpass him in a clash of sheer brute strength. Tharr's naturally enforced feathers gave it a steely resistance providing added protection from detriments, including the heated blade.


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