The dimly lit, dreary streets of Maysville were cold this time of year. Though the temperature was clearly below freezing, the only precipitation the town ever got was a murky rain. Your shoes squelched as the mud from the ground crashed with the pavement below.

Ten minutes ago, you woke up in the forest. The infamous Haunted Hoffmann Hills, you awoke in, though there were no hills at all. Maybe the townsfolk just wanted alliteration, who knows?

Thoughts ran through your head as you scanned the empty streets for people. Was I kidnapped? What did they want? Who were the other figures who woke up in the forest with me?

Your group finally spots a house with a light on. Under normal circumstances, you’d find it suspicious that someone was awake at four in the morning, but now you were grateful for any sign of life.

What do you do?