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There wouldn't be room for a homebrewed monkeyfolk pirate rogue would there?
I'm interested, do you plan to have a character sheet or anything of the like?

Gascon marched off towards the bandit that suddenly collapsed into slumber. Once he got there he pulled out 5 feet of rope and quickly cut it off from the rest of the coil. Then, Gascon quickly set to tying up the bandit. It took him only a few seconds as this was something he often had to do in service to the kingdom. Once the deed was done, he dragged the bandit's worthless mass along the ground towards the cloaked bandit. Once arriving at the cloaked bandit, he dropped the first and once again set upon his duty.


Seeing that Rosie was about to retrieve the barrel of water from Oleg, Gascon pulled out a javelin. He knew there was just one more bandit left, and he was going to launch the javelin at it as hard as he could once he saw it.


Gascon would infinitely prefer to knock some heads together, but the rest of this ragtag group could likely do that, and somebody had to douse the fire or this battle would be in vain. Gascon hopped out of the wagon and shimmied between the barn and the wagon across the grease. Once he was off the grease he began hustling towards Oleg's as fast as his body would allow him.


Gascon planted his greatsword into the bed of the wagon and pushed himself up. Embarassed, Gascon is determined to get out of the wagon without falling this time. He lifted his hefty boot, and carefully moved it to his next step; however, he underestimated his footing. Gascon came crashing down into the wagon again, cursing heavily, "Goddammit, fuckin' horsecock!" Luckily, he was closer to the edge of the wagon, and could likely jump out once he stood up again.


Grateful for Ana's quick thinking in attempting to knock the bandits prone, Gascon gave him a quick nod. Then, he quickly brought his greatsword above his right should, following this movement with a quick and brutal diagonal slash across the heart of the bandit engaged in combat with him down onto the bandit Ana succeeded in knocking prone. As the first victim fell to the floor Gascon examined the blood on his sword. It was a perverse adornment he could barely stand, not because it was blood but because of whose blood it was. "Gorum lives within this blade," says Gascon as he brings his fiery gaze to meet the now fading eyes of the fallen bandit, "AND YOU DARE TO SULLY IT WITH YOUR FILTHY BLOOD!"

Now that the two bandits in the wagon with him were no longer a threat, Gascon stepped over the now dead bandit to walk to the other side of the wagon. He planned to move on to disarming, and restraining the cloaked bandit; however, he was still furious about the blood on his greatsword, and forgot about the grease on the other side of the wagon. The moment his hefty boot dropped down onto the other side of the bandit he began to slip. He crashed down onto the other side of the wagon muttering a curse to himself.


Gascon was not the most agile, and the heavier armor he wore made him even slower, so he knew he wouldn't be able to get to the bandits before they could hit him; however, he did not care. Gascon knew that any foe that downs him is worthy of Gorum's attention, and it was obvious that Gorum never favored these men. Gascon climbed into the wagon and began advancing towards the bandits. "You are maggots unworthy of being stomped by my boot, but I will strike you both down anyway in service of our Lord in Iron," he said as his eyes began to focus on the bandits in front of him, reflecting the manifestation of his internal impetus.


Whilst Gascon would infitely prefer fighting the bandits in announced combat so it'd be more honorable, Gascon's time as a soldier reminded him of the need for strategy. Since no one else seemed interested in moving the cart after the bandits came in Gascon figured he should volunteer himself at least, "Perhaps myself and one other could hide in the wagon, then push it in front of the door once the bandits are inside."

Gascon then turned towards Herkuel, a beastly man whose figure could impose even fear in even Gascon, that is if he was an enemy. Herkuel may tower over Gascon's hunched personage, but Gascon had no doubt that they were equally strong, and could thus ppush the cart together with ease, "Herkuel," Gascon paused a brief moment to consider his words, "would you be willing to assist me since we are bothable-bodied individuals?"

Clasping the Oleg's hand firmly to shake it, Gascon spouts, "We may not be the reinforcements you asked for, but I'm willing to help; Especially after that long, boring journey. Perhaps, you should tell us why you requested reinforcements in the first place. Afterall, if I'm going to help you I should know what is demanded of me." Gascon now let go of the man's hand and stood slightly hunched before him. Gascon partially surveyed the surrounding land looking for potential advantageous spots in the eventuality of a battle while listening for Oleg's answer.
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