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Still excited, giving a quick post so maybe others will see and express their interest. Also, I had another idea for my character, but I need to refine it some before I present it.
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I'll draft you up a nice suit of power armour for just that. It's very similar to a thing a friend of mine had in another game I ran; a suit of enchanted armour that allowed the character to 'vent' the kinetic energy of a fall into a shockwave. They used it for boarding actions from low orbit.


SHWEET! Sounds pretty rad!
Not much for me to add at this point. Just responding to let you know I'm still interested and am awaiting more players. If I come up with a character concept (likely based around example AC) I'll drop it here.

Mechanically speaking, I am interested in being a juggernaut type character with lots of forward momentum and frontal shields to lead the charge, but I'm not sure how that would work with your system or the established lore and whatnot. Simply put, imagine Reinhardt from Overwatch (at least mechanically).
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A fine question; it's a system of my own creation which probably most closely resembles World of Darkness with some significant differences.
I should have a quick reference sheet here somewhere...

The full system is a bit more complex but this is what I use for conventions.

Awesome! The rules seem pretty neat! After some thinking, I believe I am interested in the Armoured Commander role. You mention pre-written character sheets. With that in mind, I'm curious how much power we'll have over our characters' backgrounds and presence. For example, if I were to take on the role of the Armoured Commander, would I be able to "design" my character or choose from different heavy archetypes or something?
Hello there! I'd love to join if you're still accepting! I see it has been about a month, so I understand if there's no room or anything.

I have yet to look over the rules and character sheet, but as for a general character concept, I think it'd be fun to be force-sensitive. Perhaps on the weaker side of the force, relying on a blaster until my character becomes more capable in the ways of the force on their own time and/or spurred by circumstances.

I'm a semi-casual Star Wars fan, but I look forward to your reply @Martian and hopefully joining your game!
I am interested in joining. Not sure what niche I'd like to fill yet. Currently at work, and I need some time to think about it first. Possibly dumb question, but you have stated the game will be supported with dice; however I don't see any mention of a specific system. Is there a specific system you plan to use?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply @Excession!
Hi all! Sorry for the inactivity! I'll still be here and will check every so often but I've got some IRL things to deal with, so I apologize in advance for the delay. I'll try to get another IC post in response to your actions by the end of this week :D have a great day!

Ok, awesome!
"Oh, thank God!" Simon muttered to himself as he upward with a sigh of relief. The initial adrenaline from the situation had worn off at this point, but Simon hurried toward the house with a renewed energy.

"I wonder who lives here," Simon thought to himself as he hopped onto the porch, "I can't remember, right now." He came to the door and stretched his hand out to knock when he took notice of how dirty and ragged he was. He had felt dirty, but the little light the house gave off showed him how dirty he really was.

Before he knocked, he decided to remove his shoes and socks. He wriggled his toes as the freezing air stabbed at them, but it was nice to be free of those squelching shoes. Then, he smirked as he realized how silly it would be if someone were to see him outside right now.
@daredabble Awesome! Working on a post. Going to try and have it up soon!

Am I good to post in IC, or should I wait until we have more characters?
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