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Anastasia Lorenz

Anastasia was busy working during the execution and the subsequent zombie attack; however, she did hear that a krusczek and a warforged arrived, and might be staying at the Laughing Knave. Not having met one of either before, she decided to go and acquaint herself in hopes of learning something new. Maybe she could learn how to make her own warforged, or perhaps she'd learn how krusczek are made. Maybe she wouldn't, but it couldn't hurt. Besides, she was done with all her harder work for the day, and had just planned to study her notes on various studies.

After a short walk from her workshop on the edge of Sveto, Anastasia entered the Knave. The smell of alcohol drifted into her nostrils and, for a moment, she seemed almost disgusted. Anastasia had only drank twice before in her life, and neither time ended necessarily well for her. Nonetheless, she was determined to learn about krusczek and/or the warforged. Regaining her composure, Anastasia looked about the room and saw a small group at the bar. She went over to introduce herself, "Hello, are any of you a krusczek," she asked as she pulled out a small piece of parchment and a pen to take notes. Then, she looked up quizically, "Oh, silly me. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Anastasia Lorenz, a local scholar. You can call me Anne if you'd like."
@Ciaran that is perfectly fine with me. I'll have a character up by Tuesday if that's fine. Once I do have a character up, should I wait until something happens to type, or is it assumed that I'm just there at that point?
@Ciaran, I'd like to join, I have a couple games experience with 5e, but I've no experience with forum Dungeons and Dragons. If I made a character, and it was approved, could I join for a bit to decide whether or not it is for me?
Hello. I am new to roleplaying, but have some slight experience. I prefer more relaxed roleplay.
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