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Glossary of Terms:
  • CETM - The Committee for Extraterrestrial Threat Management, created to combat the impending alien threat through the establishment of four projects.
  • Project Olympian - The CETM project utilizing Hyperians.
  • Project Titan - The CETM project utilizing space monsters.
  • Project Colossus - The CETM project utilizing giant piloted robots.
  • Project Myrmidon - The CETM project utilizing existing military, intended to support the other projects.
  • Space Monsters - Alternately known as 'kaijuu', 'aliens', or simply 'monsters'. Refers to the gigantic extraterrestrial entities that have begun attacking Earth. Conventional force does little against them, and the repeated use of nuclear weapons is not a viable strategy.
  • Hyperians - A species of seemingly benevolent space monsters. So far, two have been encountered, dubbed Hyper Man and Hyper Man X. The first Hyperian, Hyper Man, has defended Earth from space monsters, giving humanity time to prepare our own defenses. Hyper Man X arrived later to continue Hyper Man's mission.
  • Tachyon Beacon - Meta-Tokyo's greatest defense. Our scientists have learned to harness time itself thanks to study of Hyperian technology. A grid of tachyon beacons are set up throughout the city. Each beacon covers a sphere ten kilometers in diameter. When active, everything in range is put into a tachyon bubble that lasts fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes the tachyon bubble collapses, and everything that happened within reverts to its original state fifteen minutes ago before the bubble was created. This allows CETM combatants, to fight without worry of damaging infrastructure or harming civilians, as all damage will be reverted when the fight ends. The only caveat being that the fight must be ended within fifteen minutes since the tachyon beacon cannot be reactivated for another hour and all damage that occurs after the bubble has collapsed will be permanent. Combatants must also not leave the area as only one beacon can be active at a time, and the whole grid needs an hour to recharge.
  • The Central Dogma of Xenoarcheology - ██████████████████

Public Timeline of Major Events Concerning CETM:
  • 2095 C.E. - An enormous alien vessel is discovered, hidden deep within the Mariana Trench. Research on it begins immediately as mankind attempts to reverse engineer the technology and decipher the language. The aliens to which the vessel belongs are named 'Hyperians' by the researchers. A preliminary study reveals that Hyperians seek out budding civilizations in order to protect them from 'ravenous' threats, and that this vessel and its 'inhabitant' were sent to Earth thousands of years ago to protect us.
  • 2100 C.E. - At the turn of the century, a sealed chamber within the vessel is finally opened. Inside, the inhabitant, Hyper Man, is discovered, having locked himself in the chamber alongside a 'space monster', the Vega Alien, to prevent its escape. Surprised at the chamber door opening, Hyper Man is dealt a mortal blow by the monster, who proceeds to leave the vessel and head eastward, wreaking havoc on the surface. Weakened, Hyper Man explains that he requires the life force of a 'pure-hearted' human in order to reinvigorate himself and finally end the Vega Alien once and for all. One of the children of the research team, Shigeru Kawakami, volunteers and merges with Hyper Man. Hyper Man leaves the vessel and destroys the Vega Alien but not before it has devastated two United States' cities, Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • 2101 C.E. - In the aftermath of the first extraterrestrial incident, CETM is founded. With the knowledge and guidance of Hyper Man, the Hyperian Vessel is relocated to Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2115 C.E. - In the intervening years, space monsters begin to attack regularly. Hyper Man explains that, during its escape, the Vega Alien destroyed the 'Civilization Dampener', a device in the Hyperian vessel that hides the presence of young civilizations from monsters, and that the device can no longer be repaired. Fortunately, the invading monsters are aware of Hyper Man's presence and are drawn to him, allowing humanity to choose where Hyper Man is to engage these creatures. With this knowledge, Tokyo is transformed into the fortress of Meta-Tokyo, the site of extraterrestrial research, the headquarters of CETM, and the battleground for all subsequent fights with space monsters.
  • 2116 C.E. - The second Hyperian, Hyper Man X, arrives on Earth to check on the status of Hyper Man's mission. The Hyperians have a secret meeting in the vessel and Hyper Man X agrees to swap places with Hyper Man, allowing Hyper Man to return to their 'home' to recuperate.
  • 2120 C.E., Present Day - Hyper Man X has protected Earth since, but CETM is finally ready to unveil the fruits of their research.
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Feel free to post your character. I don't have a CS template, so put anything you think is relevant. Feel free to design a rudimentary colossus for your character to pilot.
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