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Character Name: Luxianna 'Lux' Fairweather

Character Age: 23

Diver Role: Captain

Character Description: Young, and yet seemingly appearing younger than she is still, most would not have much confidence in her as a Captain. She stands a head shorter than the average man, and looks a bit 'prettier' than what you'd expect of a Diver, like she hasn't seen much danger in her life. There is a certain innocence in her eyes, but for those a bit more attuned to such things, there is a lingering darkness in there somewhere.

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Diver Rig: Not the prettiest thing, her armor looks built for combat, but really it's just heavily armored to protect all the internal scanning gear that lets Lux make use of the shoulder-mounted Beacon launchers. It has dual headlights on the chest, and a flare launcher on each hand with five flares each. On the back is a pretty hefty Oxygen Tank, and Pressure Tank. The weaponry is limited to two blades that extend from the arms, and a single shot 'cannon' on each set of knuckles that cannot be reloaded in the field. It has no ranged combat capabilities beyond this, unless it can launch a flare into something's eye...

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Notable Character Traits: Sometimes a bit more bubbly and excitable than a situation calls for. Some might think she doesn't take things seriously, or that she's too excited for the result, and isn't focused enough on getting to said result.

Background: Lux lead a boring life in her early years. It wasn't until she was turning eighteen that she met the love of her life, Pitchguard's most famous Diver Captain. The two were together for five years, until one day, the Diver captain didn't come back from their Expedition. A week later, a Diver Crew returned with their ship in tow, but no crew to be found.

Diver Reasoning: With no confirmation of what happened to her lover, Lux used what little savings she had to buy her lover's boat, and start her own Diver Crew in the hopes that one day, she would be able to find answers. She doesn't believe the one she loves is truly gone.

Relic: A Lever-action Rifle left behind by their lover, discovered during one of their Expeditions. The rifle has been restored as best as they were able, however the workings of the rifle are still unknown. Some researchers have taken a look at it, but simply put, they do not understand how the rifle is meant to feed ammunition quickly (Which they theorize is the purpose of the lever) considering ammunition as it stands today, are simply metal ball bullets. Some have considered that perhaps the rifle used a vastly different form of ammunition than what is used today, but research into it has not been considered too seriously so far. Even so, the rifle would be useful against other people, but the caliber of weapon means it would likely do nothing to even middle sized Beasts. And considering any threats from other people would likely come in the form of power-armor... the weapon is deemed useless in the current day.
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Character Name: Ayana Darling

Character Age: 32

Diver Role: Security

Character Description: In her early thirties, Ayana commands attention with a striking blend of dark skin and carefully styled blonde hair, creating an alluring and unconventional appearance. Dressed in a tailored black suit adorned with jewellery, the ensemble is completed by a distinctive black top hat, with unique embellishments adding an air of mystery. Her facial expressions, often marked by a self-assured smirk, convey a sense of detachment and superiority, suggesting that she views herself above the mundane concerns of others. A habitual smoker, she is frequently seen with a cigarette, the act lending a performative quality to her nonchalant demeanour. Despite her opulent exterior, underneath lies the lean figure of a former mercenary, embodying a character who seamlessly blends elegance with a history of action.

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Diver Rig: Clad in a formidable diver rig, she traverses the surface with an undeniable air of dominance. The rig, a robust and enduring relic of a bygone era, boasts a bold, rugged design tailored for resilience against formidable adversaries. Its dome-like head, adorned with an array of viewing ports, gives it an authoritative presence while offering a panoramic perspective of the surroundings. This mechanical marvel is equipped with a high-powered pressurized spear-gun, a fearsome weapon designed for precision and high penetration. Ingeniously, the spear-gun can be strategically ejected to anchor onto foes, securing them in a relentless grasp. On the opposite limb, a powerful, hydraulic-driven fist serves as a versatile appendage capable of grabbing, crushing, and bludgeoning with tremendous force.

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Notable Character Traits: Ayana exudes confidence in every step, and her assertiveness is palpable, making it clear that she is unapologetically in control of her surroundings. Her facial expressions often carry a subtle smirk, as she views the world with a degree of amusement that may leave others intimidated. She is adorned in lavish jewellery, wearing her wealth like armour, with intricate pieces telling tales of successful endeavours. She blends the elegance of fashion with her own unique flair, challenging traditional norms as a symbol of individuality and sophistication. With her background, she is someone who embraces both the luxury and the grittier aspects of life as a diver.

Background: Ayana’s journey began on a large island where resources were scarce, and life was a struggle for survival, with everyone fending for themselves in an unremarkable and unforgiving environment. Growing up, she learned early on that to escape the hardships, many turned to the profession of diving, seeking a chance at wealth and a life beyond the scrapheap existence.

It was amidst this backdrop that Ayana found her place among a pirate crew, one that became a makeshift family, navigating the treacherous surface world and engaging in daring missions together. However, fate took a turn for the worst during a dive gone wrong, leaving Ayana as the sole survivor. Adrift and with no clear path forward, she was unexpectedly rescued by a diving crew from Pitchguard who arrived seeking salvage.

Pitchguard, though offering a new beginning, presented its own challenges. Ayana, an outsider from a very different kind of island, struggled to integrate into the tight-knit community. The locals viewed her with suspicion, and negative rumors about her circulated, making it difficult for her to secure employment. Faced with limited options and a tarnished reputation, she made the decision to join a newly recruited diving crew, led by a young and inexperienced Captain.

Diver Reasoning: Ayana’s choice to become a diver was born out of the necessity to escape the harsh and limited life on her large island. Faced with scarce resources and a constant struggle, she recognized diving as a gateway to a world beyond the unremarkable and unforgiving environment she knew. The allure of wealth, the close-knit camaraderie, and a life beyond the scrapheap made it even more appealing. Although her journey took an unexpected turn with the loss of her crew during a perilous dive, leading to life on Pitchguard, the desire for a fresh start doing what she knew best motivated her to continue her path.

Relic: Voltic Safeguard Coil - Originally designed as a prototype to create localized electromagnetic fields for defence, the Voltic Safeguard Coil is a modified Tesla coil that Ayana acquired from a wreckage of the previous owner. However, the coil is currently non-functional due to missing components, such as a power source, and calibration. Once activated, the Voltic Safeguard Coil can emit controlled electrical discharges, which can be an effective defence against the beasts.
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