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I've been thinking of putting together a Mecha based rpg with a small group that evolves into something a little larger.

The story itself would begin during a tournament styled mech battle, similar to Gundam fights. The tournament itself would be a sponsored event, and not to the death. Everyone would be an individual pilot, and the machines themselves would be the primary forms of combat in the game.

I've debated having them be animal based mech that could potentially combine in the future, or stick with a Gundam style robot. I'm open to peoples thoughts. I like to have things be punchy and move pretty consistently, and will do my best to DM efficiently. My style of Gamemaster would be to potentially direct message a player with a particular key piece of information that only their character would know, in order to amp up the stakes and make things more engaging, world built.

Let me know if this is an idea that may spark your interest, as I'll build it out further if people think it has some potential excitement!
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Oh, this sounds neat! I heavily prefer a Gundam-style mech than a Super Sentai (Power Rangers) animal-style combining mech myself.

For the moment, I'm pinning my interest here. Update: Nevermind, rescinding interest. Regardless, good luck with the RP!
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I'm always down for a mecha RP. As much as I love combiners, it wouldn't make sense in the context of an individual tournament, unless this is team sport.

Also, is this going to be mostly martial arts style, ala G Gundam, where combat consists mostly of punching, kicking, and melee weapons, or is it going to be full military, with rifles, bazookas, missiles, what-have-you? Will there be remote-operated weapons (ie. funnels, bits, etc.)?
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