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Chicago After Hours:

A Supernatural Twist; The Corruption of Nic Wu: An Anthology; Electric Boogaloo; A Demon Among Us

Welcome to Chicago, where the weather is never the same at the end of the day as it was at the beginning, but the food is banging, and the nightlife is deadly.

Come with us on a journey as we corrupt our characters and see what sort of mischief they can get into. We have a lovely full-bodied sorcerer, a party-loving shapeshifter, a twisted demon, and one cinnamon roll human oblivious to it all.

Disclaimer: 18+ role-play with mature adult comment, read with discretion.
Our characters speak languages we do not. Any errors in language are purely our own. Praise Google Translate.

Day One: All the characters meet
Cassi reads Nic's cards and tries to deter him from looking for his mother's killer
Nero is sent to rescue the Chimera; Joins forces with Caden and Cassi instead
Day Two:
Day Three: Debrief; Caden and Nero's first date
Day Four: Li Wu's Memorial
Day Five: Cassi and Nic's first date; Kiki comes to town; The Orisis Club;

Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
Hard to Kill - Beth Crowley
Eve - Precious Pepela
Night Moves - Bob Seger
Just Look My Way - PARANOID DJ
Monster - Willyecho
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Premise: Supernatural creatures in modern times. Elite humans know of supernatural creatures, but the majority of the public do not know of their existence.

- Our take on Supernatural's "Bloodlines" (season 9:episode 20)
- Hunters; human and supernatural creature hunters
- Cait’s human is thrown into the world while investigating his mother’s death.
- Police and high-up humans know of supernatural creatures; mix and mingle
- Some supernatural creatures hunt and work together

We can chit chat RP here or on Discord to keep the IC free and clear for RP posting.
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Fan Art

Cassiopeia & Nic

Caden & Nero
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