Hello. I am Fading Memory, and I am running a game of 'Household' here on the Guild. I have taken the time to write out a fairly thorough explanation of the mechanics in the present OOC thread linked below, and am capable of sharing the player materials for those interested. More importantly, however, I wish to make it known to any who are interested that this game is still welcoming more players and will be going through an initial trial period where the players will be tackling the quick-start adventure offered by the designers. Should all go well, I will continue to be the storyteller for the players as they tackle the Household's Saga of the Fragile Peace adventure set.

The Household is a very big place, with very little people inside it. Drawing inspiration from sources such as The Borrowers, The Secret World of Arriety, and other such resonant works, the players will be handling the fates and destinies of Littlings of their various shapes and sizes as a tenuous period of peace stretches in the wake of twenty years of brutal warfare between the various Little Folk nations. Setting-wise, the game takes place in what I would escribe as 'Period' era; muskets and duels, nobility and class schisms, innovation and worldly exploration, are all the bread and butter of this game. One's decorum, wealth, and status matter just as much as one's ability to wield the mighty scissor-blade or elegantly defend oneself with the flourish of a cape. Social graces, wit, might, and guile all must be wielded by our Littlings as they journey throughout the house and tiptoe through these precarious times.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to join us below and read the OOC thread to see what all has been discussed thus far. The Saga is presented in a curious fashion to myself, your erstwhile storyteller; it is one of the only games I have ever seen that is structured in a way to require/encourage players to run multiple characters, so as to experience different sides of the House and the plot in parallel as we advance through the timeline. For the time being we will be focusing on one group as we explore the prologue and the events of 'Pride, Prejudice, and Centipedes'- a short, but flavorful, foray into the Household.

The intention is for me to formally launch the game during this week, regardless of the number of interested parties who are available at the time. Come and join at your leisure.

Link to the OOC