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Feeling the tap on her shoulder, Athena stayed for just a few seconds longer and sent a 7.62 round through a sicario before picking her shit up. Getting up from her prone position nearby, she could momentarily feel the plate carrier's impact on her midsection. She was a bit sore from lying on her belly for so long, but she figured it was better than being shot. Slinging the bag of various weapons and ammunition on her back, she continued to sprint for her life. Feeling stray 9mm bullets strike the trees nearby, Athena lowered her head out of reflex and continued on her merry way back down the hill. The Sicarios were no doubt very mad about the fact that a bunch of their companions were taken out by ghosts in the forest. They were probably coming after them right now, and she was sure that they were carrying weapons heavier than Uzis. AK47s? SPAS-12s? Things that could dispatch Ross and Athena very easily if they were stupid enough to keep where they were.

The assistance of gravity and momentum had helped propelled the police officer toward the Jeep. Sprinting as fast as she could with nearly thirty pounds swinging around on her back had actually done a lot to help her out with her progress toward the Jeep. Ross had managed to get there faster, considering he had less weight on him and had a few seconds to help out with a head start. With loud Spanish chattering behind them, things were getting tighter and tighter by the second. Running as hard as she could, her 5'9" frame doing its best to haul Athena to the Jeep. As soon as Athena saw the vehicle, she pulled the bag off her back and chucked it into the back seat of the Jeep, before hopping into the passenger seat with Ross. Luckily, there was a H&K 416 waiting for her right there. It was a much better alternative to the G28, which was going to be rendered useless given the situation waiting for them.

Chucking the sniper rifle into the backseat, she took the 416 and and pulled the charging handle back just a bit, to verify that there was a round chambered. Putting the rifle against her shoulder, she took a deep breath and and settled against the seat. She put her finger on the trigger and pointed it at the windshield. There were going to be people in front of them, no doubt about it. And her prediction was right, as they turned and faced two angry looking henchmen ready to riddle their jeep full of Uzi rounds. Ross was quick enough to fire off shots from his pistol to dispatch one of the henchmen, but Athena had to clean up the other one. There was no time to aim shots and place them accurately. It was time to leave things fully automatic and hope for the best. Pulling the trigger, the gun kicked against her shoulder significantly as six rounds were fired from the rifle in one long burst.

Watching the henchman drop in one heap, she re-positioned herself to point toward the gate coming up ahead. The closer they were getting, the less it seemed to move. There was no way this car was going to make it through the gate all the way, but she was sure that Ross was also more than aware of that fact. Holding onto the "oh shit handle" next to her, the car collided with the gate. Unfortunately, it didn't do much to it. Feeling the energy finally disperse, she took a deep breath and exhaled, before slipping out of the car. Right now, they were sitting ducks. Sicarios were no doubt about to rush them from behind and in front. Pulling out the 416, she opened the rear door and pulled the bag out, opening it so that its contents were easily accessible and swinging it onto the passenger seat. Additionally, the rear door was going to serve as cover for the inevitable pincer movement that was going to happen. Luckily, this driveway was a choke point, but that meant that they had to defend two sides by themselves, at least until the gate was going to open.

Seeing two Sicarios come up behind them, Athena peeked out the side and fired two three-round bursts into both of them, dispatching them handily. Leaning against the passenger door as cover for her rear, she kept watching the rear flank. There needed to be something done as quick as possible, otherwise Ross and Athena weren't going to last very long.

Ellie, in the meantime, had let Mark's words stew in her brain for a bit, before nodding. Great, so she was going to have sneak past all the people and avoid getting shot. She really hoped that she didn't need to use the pistol that was sitting in her pants. How in god's name did she manage to get into a situation like this? The shit that she did for her friends! She was literally putting her life on the line for Ross and Kimberly. If she made it out of this fiasco alive, there was going to be some compensation in order for the both of them. Maybe Ellie could pick the name of their next kid? Why was she even thinking about this with bullets flying around her? She shook her head, before she stepped foot onto the compound.

Seeing the dead body on the ground and the subsequent spray of his blood and bone onto the wall behind him was a grisly scene for Ellie to witness. She tried not to pay the body too much mind -- she just had to repeat the mantra that these were all bad guys and they were only there to hurt her. At least Mark had her back, though. That was something she could rest her anxiety on. He was the big bad man with a rifle watching her every move. Surely with all the people that he's shot, Ellie definitely wasn't going to end up on that list, right? She could only wonder and hope that his next victim wasn't going to be her.

Stepping into the security booth, it was clean and vacant, just like Mark had said. There were also a bunch of screens in front of her, with a view of everything that was happening on the compound. That also included Ross and Athena pinned down at their Jeep at the front gate, and the swarm of Sicarios coming up their way. There was no way that Athena, the one man army that she was, was going to be able to take out all of those people by herself. It was impossible. She had to do something. "Ross! Athena! There's a lot of people coming up your way! I think at least fifteen people!" Ellie yelled, before looking around for something to do. There needed to be an effort. There was a button that was already pressed, which was the alarm button. That was pretty obvious as it is already. However, there was yet another red button on the table, one that had "VERJA" printed on it. Ellie didn't really speak Spanish... but a big red button could only mean one thing.

"I'm going to press this button! I think it's going to open the gate!" Ellie said through the comms. Without taking a second to listen to any protests or remarks, she pounded the button with her fist.

Hearing Ellie's very distinctly Scottish voice through the comms, Athena's heart sank. There was no way that this was going to be something they could survive. But damn it, she was going to put up a fight! Peeking out from the door, she fired a few accurate bursts into the first wave of people. Dispatching them quickly, she took another deep breath to prepare for the next wave. There were more coming, and there were going to be more people to take shots at Athena and Ross.

The more time that passed, and the more waves of people that came by, the more it seemed that this was really going to be the end for them. If the Sicarios had half a brain, the duo were in ripe positioning for a successful push. They wouldn't last being pushed from both sides, not with the resources the Sicarios presumably had on this compound. The gun bag could only do so much for two people. There weren't any explosives in there, either. Watching more people turn the corner, she fired a few more shots into them before hearing that sound that she didn't want to hear. It was distinct, it was deadly, it was doom. The magazine was empty and the bolt had locked back. Grunting in frustration, she chucked her 416 back into the car, before pulling out her pistol. It was the only thing she could pull out fast enough to keep the counter-attack going.

Leaning back out, she pointed her P226 at the even stronger wave of Sicarios and fired a few blind shots, before leaning back behind the door. Someway, somehow, the bullets hadn't penetrated the door just yet, and her foot hadn't been shot either. But, that just meant that they had all the more reason to keep coming and shooting, with more pressure. Grimacing, her pistol magazine eventually ran dry. Ejecting the magazine from her pistol, she slapped one inside and racked the slide, before shooting at the Sicarios wildly once again. Suddenly, there was a loud lurch in front of them, which prompted Athena to momentarily stop and turn around. The gate started to move. That meant one thing and one thing only. They HAD to get in there and get into cover quickly. Leaning over, she shoved the gear lever into neutral, before starting to push. "ROSS! The gate is opening!" Athena yelled, before pressing up against the passenger door. She was going to push the car into the compound, getting away from the incoming swarm of Sicarios that only seemed to get bigger.

The door opened just enough to allow the passage of the Jeep and their two former occupants through. As soon Athena and Ross were in the compound, Athena took a moment to swing the the gun bag behind a nearby piece of cover, before rolling out herself and leaving the Jeep halfway through the gate. Athena definitely owed Ellie her life at this point. Her quick thinking had definitely got her out of a sticky situation, and allowed her to get into a more favorable position. Behind some solid cover, Athena took a moment to go through the gun bag, before pulling out what appeared to be a Scorpion Evo 3 SMG. Taking it out, she pulled the charging handle back and pressed up against the wall, aiming at the gate. "What now, Mark?! We're on the compound."

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Ross kept up the fire, putting rounds down range but not like the operator that Athena was. He took his time, a little terrified of course that he was being shot at, and having to take a moment to think about what the fuck he was doing. Peeking around, he popped one shot off at a Sicario who took it to the chest, before looking over.
"We're getting eaten alive here!" He yelled across to Athena, as he heard the whine of metal begin to move.
"Shit!" He yelled, pushing on his door as Athena took the lead, Ross using the remainder of his magazine in the Glock to take one more man down that had run into the centre of the compound, armed with another Glock variant himself. The distraction had been good enough to take their eye off the ball, as Ross ran over towards Athena, sliding across the dirt behind the concrete barricade.

"Fucking hell, that was close!" Ross yelled, as he leaned over cover, taking an accurate shot at a couple of men that were on the far left of their sight, by another outbuilding. Two pulls and another had gone down, the mag dry inside the Austrian pistol. Dropping back down, he looked to the gun bag once more, and pulled out the last bulge that sat inside. It was the M4 that they'd brought from earlier on, the same one that Mark had used near the border town. Sliding a 5.56 inside, and taking a few mags with him, he looked to Athena, nodding as he peeked left of his cover, and put rounds down range. Bullets flew past the concrete, the car was riddled with bullet holes but from this position, they had a fighting chance. They were only coming from one way, and had relatively difficult overview onto where they were firing from. Here they could hold, as they knew that the Sicarios were fully aware of where they were.


Emerging on the other side of the fence, Mark watched as the two sicarios ran past, smoothly emerging from the cover and putting two rounds into their heads. He had a surgical accuracy, and up close, he wasn't going to miss, not when he was in this mindset. He had his own work to do, and a professional would sort this problem of Ross's out. While getting what he was looking for.
"Ellie, nicely done. Ross, Athena, hold your position and make sure nobody leaves through the front door. I'll sort out our friends inside. And see if they have what we are looking for. Once we have this squared away, we are out of here." Mark said, Ross sighing as he heard the remark, looking to Athena with a look to say "This is what he's like. " The Marine lived on somewhat in Mark, as he moved through.

"Okay, listen to me carefully. Ellie, stay hidden and keep out of the way. I'm going to need you for something soon, so stay on channel. I'll take care of business." Mark added, moving towards the back of the old villa, the commotion at the front making it easy to sneak inside. And he did, sliding through the back door as he moved through a kitchen of some kind, the place barren. The noise of guns being cocked could be heard in the next room, as Mark moved through, taking a stake knife from a surface as he turned the corner, and grinning.

"Oi, compadres!" Mark yelled, lobbing the heavy kitchen knife straight towards one man's skull, before laying a singular round through the nose of the other, the silenced P226 making short work of the man's temple. He moved fast, two more coming down the stairs as he put five rounds between them, almost completely effortlessly. If Ross was in panic, Mark was in confidence.

Heading up the staircase, he saw one charge through the door, Uzi in hand as the Sicario yelled out. This was one of them. One of the Panamianians. He could tell from the same bitch-ass look on his face, just like Luis's. The sicario raised his hand but Mark was faster, pushing the weapon away as he twisted the man's arm and used it to hurl him away, weapon out of hand and down the stairs, before a 9mm entered his skull too. Uzi in hand, Mark turned the corner and sprayed inside, blindfiring. That would seem strange, but Mark had already seen the glint through the mirror of what was going on, taking out two more men before entering, Sig raised and poised. One of the men screamed on the floor, as he shot him calmly in the head, textbook as ever. One more was in the far end of the large bedroom, covered in blood, with a case at his body.

"You have it." Mark said, completely cold, any personality leaving him and now, only decisive and scalpel-accurate action left.
"Just one case." Mark repeated, shaking his head.
"How many more of your crew are left?" He asked, the man spluttering, having to raise his voice given the Fallujah-style firefight going on outside.

"Fuck you, pendejo!" He spluttered, blood coughing as Mark walked over, gently putting his P226 straight against the wound in his arm, from the Uzi's spray.
"I grazed you, lucky enough. But there's a bullet hole right in your abdomen. You'll die of shock and blood loss in about two hours. Tell me, or you'll find out what it's like to bleed to fucking death, prick." Mark's Scots accent was utterly terrifying, even to this Panamanian crook, who was now realising that the protection of a whole gang of Sicarios was now gone, his crew dead, and a terrifying man about to be a dimebag executioner.

"You know, we didn't want to hurt her, ese. It was just loose ends....there isn't going to be anyone left, you know. But she played the wrong games. Caught in the crossfire, man. Is that what this is about?" He said, spluttering as he chuckled.
"You're in luck....you might as well kill me now, it was just us five. But you have no idea who wants that case, do you. Or what's inside. Are you taking it back to them?" The bleeding man uttered, Mark dragging him against the wall, as he kept an eye on the entrance, his Sig readied if needs be.

"You seemed to be willing to hire a small army to protect it. I take it that it has value. And that means my trip to your shitty villa isn't in vein." Mark replied, as the man chuckled, spluttering more blood.
"And that still wasn't enough, clearly! You could still help me, man. Get me out of here, I'll tell them to stop shooting your friends. Enough people have died or been hurt over this case..." He said, as Mark shook his head.

"No." Mark stood up, as he walked over to the table, case in hand, before looking back at the bleeding man. He took one good look and insight into what this guy had done, what they had gotten up to. They hadn't gone out and fought on the frontline, which was rather odd. Perhaps more a stickup crew, than an armed security detail. They wouldn't get their hands dirty, but here Mark was, killing half a dozen of them to get what he wanted.
"I think......" He added, Mark turning to the man for one last time....

"Not enough." He gently raised his hand, and put the poor bastard out of his misery, the silenced round blasting through his nose and out of the back of his head, as he put the case on the table. This was for Ross's wife. This was for a bunch of difficult Sicarios that wanted to kill his friends. But more than that. This was for something he'd been looking for, wanting to find for a while. Putting hand to ear, he headed to the window, looking out from the far villa down to the front entrance and the carnage ensuing there.

"It's sorted. Ellie, head back the way we came, we've got what we needed. Ross, Athena, I'm going to flank them and give you a chance to get out of here. It seems like it was a small crew of them in here, and they won't be coming back to clean any loose ends."
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Hearing Mark bark orders through the radio had given Athena and Ross a better idea what to do. Fortifying themselves and cleaning everyone up while he did god-knew-what in that building up there. Looking back at Ross, Athena raised an eyebrow, before peeking out from the right side of her cover to spray some 9mm rounds downrange. There wasn't much ammunition for this gun in the bag nor on her person. She had 9mm rounds on her, but there was no way that she was going to be able to transfer the rounds quick enough between the magazines. Worst case scenario, when she ran out of ammo, she ditched the gun for another. There were a lot of guns in that bag, but hopefully they were going to be enough to fend off all of these people. Peeking out once again, Athena fired an accurate three round burst from her gun before retreating behind cover once again. Conveniently, the magazine was translucent, granting Athena a much easier way of keeping track of the bullets inside of her magazine.

Eventually, the 30 round magazine of the Czech-made weapon became completely dry, and at that point Athena had to slap in the remaining magazine for that gun, trying to keep up the constant rate of fire to keep those Sicarios back. Now that they were in a more favorable position, it was easier to keep these people back. Now the path that they were coming up had become a funnel of death. They were behind a sturdy piece of cover that was nigh-invulnerable to the smaller arms that the sicarios were carrying. They had nowhere to go other than back the way they came, as if they came up any further the driveway, they were going to be receiving a 5.56mm or 9mm round for their efforts. Eventually, the magazine ran dry again and Athena was forced to ditch the gun. Dropping the now useless weapon, she dove into the bag to find something to use. It didn't matter what it was, just as long as there was ammunition for it.

She pulled out a Saiga 12, and three magazines with what appeared to be slug shells. A small smile formed on Athena's face, as she realized she could seriously fuck some people up with a weapon like the Saiga 12. Inserting the magazine in the gun, she chambered a round before she emerged from cover, aiming downrange and watching all the poor Sicarios that were about to eat some rounds run straight at her. Pulling the trigger, the gun kicked hard as it spat the slug from the barrel, immediately taking a Sicario down with it before Athena snapped to the next target, repeating the same procedure. It was satisfying to have a more useful weapon, even if the magazine size wasn't as high as the SMG she had been wielding earlier.

In the meantime, Ellie, after watching Ross and Athena get themselves to safety, had also listened to what Mark said and was going to follow his directive to the T. Back the way they came, eh? That wasn't as bad as what Athena and Ross were dealing with. All she had to do was to haul ass outside of the compound and hope to god that she didn't catch a bullet on the way. Seemed simple enough, right? Slowly making her way out of the security booth, she could see people running for dear life in various directions. They were more than too busy with dealing with Mark and Ross and Athena to pay the 6'0" Scottish-Canadian girl any mind. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins -- but it wasn't the same kind of adrenaline that she would get from skydiving. No. This was the kind of adrenaline that soldiers and police officers faced -- it wasn't something Ellie had dealt with before. Her senses were heightened, and the "flight or fight" reaction was at its peak as she darted from the security booth and back the way she came.

The sheer size of the compound was rather disorienting, but she figured with the dead body and his brains on the wall, she should be able to find her way back through the hole that she came through. It seemed like whatever Mark needed to get done had been done and now she just needed to make her way back to outside perimeter. The only problem that was on the agenda was extraction, but she figured Mark must have had something planned. Her trip back out the compound was safe. Nobody saw her, let alone had even the slightest idea that she had even been on the compound. It was clear as far as the eye could see, save for the distant gunfire that might as well have been straight out of Fallujah. "I'm good! I'm clear!" Ellie said into comms, before finding herself somewhere behind a rock, keeping herself safe for the time being.

Upon finding out that Ellie was safe, Athena decided it was time to get away. Their ammunition was dwindling by the second, and Athena had resorted to going back to her G28 after expending the last of the shells. Luckily, Athena had discovered that there was a smoke grenade in the bag, which had played into her plan quite nicely. A quick toss and pop of the smoke would provide enough cover for them to run away and get somewhere safer. "Scratch that, Mark! We'll make our own extraction. Meet us at Ellie's." With that, Athena grabbed the smoke grenade and pulled the pin, before turning to her brother in law. "As soon as you see the smoke fill in, you run like hell." Athena then put her hand up to her earpiece, activating the mic, "Ellie - where'd you come in through? We'll meet you there."

Sitting against the rock, Ellie was startled when she heard Athena come in through the comms. "Uh... not sure. There's a booth and a dead body nearby. That's all I know. His brains are kinda on the wall..." Ellie muttered, before coming off the comms, "There's a hole though, it's not hard to miss." She replied. "Thanks, Ellie." Athena said, before chucking the smoke grenade at a distance. Landing right in the middle of the driveway, the two were soon obfuscated by the smoke. "Let's go, Ross!" Athena yelled, before getting up and making her way away from the car and the previous cover. By the time the smoke would dissipate, the two would be long gone and be nowhere to be seen. There was no point in carrying the sack of weapons anymore. The ammo had been spent and everything that could have been used was used.

Running along the perimeter, eventually Athena found the aforementioned dead body and the brains splattered against the wall, before she found the hole in the wall that Ellie was talking about. For someone who had never done something like this before, she sure had a knack for being able to find exploits and get out rather cleanly. Athena doubted that the body was her doing as well, there was no way she could kill someone that cleanly. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out through the hole, making sure Ross was behind her. There seemed to be nobody for miles, which was good. "Ellie? You around here?"

The Scottish-Canadian girl's ears perked up as she heard her being called for, "Yeah, I'm right here!" She rose up from the rock, her pistol in hand to make sure it was actually them. It was, and it was only them. Mark was probably on his way over -- but in the meantime, Ellie could relish in the fact that this was all over. Athena sighed and sat back against the rock, waiting for Mark to get over to them so that they could finally exfiltrate and leave this situation in their dust once and for all.

After it was all said and done, the group found themselves at a small airport not too far away from the compound. Some coercion was in order to secure a means of transport and make sure that they had a way to transport themselves. The Jeep was too far gone and too bullet riddled to use, so for the time being they simply borrowed another vehicle to make their way back to the airport, where their extraction was due to take place. Everything had been planned out prior, and at this point they were about to put a pretty red bowtie on the Rossi Family's retribution. There was no way they would be coming back from something like this, and everyone knew that they didn't want to do this again either.

Athena, free from the weight that was her plate carrier, had taken a deep breath as she leaned against the car, waiting for the airplane to be readied up. Ross and Ellie had fucked off elsewhere and they were doing whatever they were doing after such an operation. If they were sleeping, they deserved it. They'd seen some shit and no doubt been through a lot - they definitely more than deserved the rest that they were getting. Athena and Mark, on the other hand, were doing something else. They weren't exactly cut from the same cloth, considering that one was a former special operations operative and the other one a highly trained police officer, but the both of them understood what it was like after such a strenuous operation. It was kind of a weird bond between the two, despite the fact that the both of them dealt in the polar opposite areas of the law.

Athena, rolling her shoulder, had looked at Mark curiously, watching him do whatever he was doing. She cleared her throat, looking up at him. "So... what's next for you? Now that this is all over - where are you gonna be? Back to Europe - doing god knows what?"

Part Eight: Reunion

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A Few Years Later...

It was a calm, late summer evening in Southern California. The sun was still peeking over the horizon, painting the skyline in a beautiful shade of pink and yellow. Nothing could be heard besides the tranquil sounds of cars passing by and a zephyr making its way through the palm trees that seemed to line every single street in this area. The street lights dimly lit the pavement, providing those who walked its way with a light, despite the biggest source of light still being in the sky.

There was nothing but peace and serenity in this quiet little suburb of Southern California. There was nothing that could disturb the quiet scene that was set in front of them. That was, until the soft sounds of rapid footsteps suddenly emitted from within. "Mommy, mommy! Look!" A little girl not much older than five years old had emerged out into the open, along with a German Shepherd which had something in its mouth. She had a happy look on her face, as the dog followed her, "Look what Ruby found!"

A figure shifted in their chair, before turning and letting the light reveal her face. Her piercing blue eyes looked over at the girl and the dog, nothing being said from her before she stood up and stepped a little closer. The light revealed her blonde hair, and her nose ring glistened against the bright lights as she bent down and looked at what the child and dog had brought her. Upon closer inspection, it was a piston. The silver shined against the light as well, matching the female figure's nose ring as she bent down and looked closer. The woman looked over the piston, before putting a hand on it and lightly tugging.

The German Shepherd quickly obliged, letting go of the engine component before the woman held it in her hand. "What are you guys looking at? Get back inside, it's almost time for dinner!" She smiled, before ushering them back in. The little girl smiled, before she darted back inside with the dog. Laughing gently to herself, she held the piston gingerly in her hand, as she walked inside her house. The smell of a slow-cooked lasagna filled the woman's lungs, and the sounds of laughter and joy filled her ears as she closed the door behind her, making her presence known in the room.

Kimberly Rossi, on the cusp of her thirties, had come a long way since what had happened in Las Vegas. It didn't seem like that long ago when she was barely recovering from the tens of surgeries that she had to undergo to keep her alive, and the months of physical therapy she had to undergo to regain her basic functions and get back to being at least a part of who she was. It was painful and rough, but Kimberly persevered. As much as she would have wanted, she couldn't get back to who she was before the incident. Needless to say, the woman had lost a step since the accident. She was no longer the hyperathletic woman she was prior to the accident. No longer could she change directions in a blink of an eye or jump high enough to dunk. She was lucky enough to be alive, let alone be able to run.

Additionally, there was the fact that Kimberly had a second child since then. Having to deal with recovery and pregnancy at the same time was, without a doubt, one of the hardest things she had to do in her life. But, she did it. She gave birth to a beautiful, surprisingly healthy baby girl later that year. Even though she was still confined to a wheelchair for the most part, the pain and suffering was more than worth it to see her baby girls grow up and become the people that they are today. Kimberly, more importantly, had given up the driving fast lifestyle she had prior to the incident. Once she was standing and had full control of her legs, she didn't want to be involved in that scene anymore. She had battled for her life because of her skills, and the prospect of dying and leaving her kids without their mother was more than enough to give up the racing.

That didn't mean she was totally disconnected from the scene, however. Kimberly, instead, was hired on by a prestigious tuning company to oversee her own branch, which meant she was able to run things the way she wanted and hired the people she wanted. Kimberly was the head engineer of the entire thing, but she barely did any actual engineering as everyone else was more than qualified to handle those tasks. The woman's days were vastly different than those five years prior. The time that was originally used for street racing and car meets was swapped for spending time with her daughters and making sure that her body was getting stronger and stronger.

However, just because you took the girl out of the race, doesn't mean the race in the girl was gone.

Kimberly sat at the dinner counter, positioned so that she could see into the garage. In it sat her Nissan Skyline GT-R, the same one that she had met her husband in and took all over the world. It was far too valuable for her to let go of, as much as she didn't use it anymore. Kimberly these days drove a more conservative, family oriented Audi Q8. It was perfect for trucking her kids around and taking to work and errands. But for whatever reason, tonight, she had a weird itch she just couldn't scratch. She couldn't look away from Godzilla.

"Babe... do you ever have the urge to start.... driving again? I don't mean the driving we do... but driving driving. You know what I'm saying? The type of driving that brought us together..."

The Rocky Mountains, Nevada, USA

Since the incident in Mexico, Ellie hadn't quite been the same. After seeing some dead bodies, it took some time for her to be able to process what had happened. Eventually she came to terms with it and had managed to overcome it. Nobody, not even Seb, had gotten to know what actually happened in Mexico. But that didn't matter. The biggest focus for her since that was most definitely the growth of her channel. The years between then and now had caused her channel to explode in popularity. One hit after another, it was like she had struck the YouTube gold-mine. She had forty million subscribers and counting, all wanting to see her extreme sport hijinks and how a girl as cool as her lived every day.

Today was one of those days that her fans would be able to see what that was like. The sun was setting, which created a beautiful scene for their upcoming shoot. They had hiked for hours and hours on end to the top of this mountain. Wingsuit gear on, they were getting ready to carve the fuck out of the Rocky Mountains. Because they had been so successful, they were also able to afford a lot more. There were more crews around, and more sophisticated equipment around to make sure that their shots were as cool as possible, such as slow-motion cameras and drones that followed them around.

Ellie smiled as she looked at Seb, securing her wingsuit gear as she got ready to start the shoot and leap off the cliffside. "You ready, babe?" She smiled, planting a kiss on his cheek. "This is gonna be our coolest shoot yet."

Sonoma, California, USA

Forge was a thing of the past. Somewhere down the line, negotiations had soured and Ryan and Gina were no longer associated with the racing team. They had decided to take their talents to another team, who was more than willing to give them whatever they wanted, including the advice of one of the smartest minds in the racing world. Even though she wasn't exactly racing anymore, her presence was more than appreciated when figuring out setups and configurations to squeeze out those tenths of a second that were so valuable in the racing world. Gone was the Audi R8 LMS and in was the Acura NSX GT3. It was a far superior car to the Audi R8, Gina found.

Right now they were getting ready for an event tonight. There were cars all over the place and plenty of people who had come to watch them. It was Ryan and Gina's first season underneath this new team - and overall the first season this whole team was going to be at the event. Needless to say, all eyes were on them as they were headed up against Forge Motorsports, their old team, in their return to this racing scene. The world wanted to see if Gina and Ryan were truly talented, or if they were just a bunch of frauds made by Forge.

Currently, Gina was sitting on a couch, her black helmet in hand as she looked up at the ceiling, where a map of Sonoma Raceway had been put as per her request, and she was mimicking the footwork she needed to get through the course as fast as she could. It was a little weird... but it worked.
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Somewhere in Southern Baja

The insanity had come to a close, as Mark smoked a cigarette, gently taking a draw as the light aircraft lifted off the ground, the Caravan taking Ross and Ellie out of there at the teeny airport. Mark had to say, it was strange to be back in business like this. He was a greedy bastard, after all. But perhaps there was something underneath it all, something that gave him a purpose to it all. On the sunset sky that filled the sky of Baja Sud, sitting in the shade of the teeny little crapshack they were outside.

He had to think how it had gone down. He'd set up some fire at the front and given them an opportunity to slip away, and then he did. Ross had followed Athena, to the letter, and kept up the fire. And Ellie had gotten out. After they'd found a car further down the road in another villa, they'd gotten out, and left no trail that could be traced. There were a lot of dead bodies, and all of them meant that the line was cut. The anchor was gone. Whoever had done this, was dead as a doornail. Mark had seen to it very personally.

Mark heard Athena walk up behind him, as he slowly turned in his plastic chair, case in hand.

"Well, I'm taking this away. For starters. But then, I don't know. There's a lot of questions we didn't ask each other still, I think partly as we're far too polite." Mark added, as he stood up, looking up at the aircraft, watching it fully lift away into the horizon, getting further and further. Mark had to wonder how much he had really said to anyone, at this point. The underworld criminal, the scumbag who was like John Wick and killed people like it was nobody's business. Heading over to his other case on the table he sat by, his Sig inside, he looked back up at her.

"Athena, I have a question for you. Maybe let's just say we should clear the air on this." He asked, knowing he'd pique her interest.

"Did you look up my service history? My medals? What I did as a Royal Marine, a decade ago?" He asked, shaking his head, taking in Athena once more.
"I looked you up. You are good at your job. Several years of service, the model operator. You follow authority, procedure, paperwork, saving lives, not ending them. Cops do that. You follow the rules and make it work. I have a very healthy respect for that." Mark said, nodding, the ginger-bearded bald man unwavering in his Scots accent, more so than even Ross.

"And you did look me up. And you found that thing that really annoyed me too. Dishonourable Discharge, in 2008. I broke a Lt Colonel's nose on a training exercise because he bent the rules and they...did not like that. It seems really strange that they let someone who seems to have no remorse, no moral boundaries or concern for the standards of the higher ups." Mark looked onto the horizon, then back at her.

"What happened after that? Strange that it seems so....quiet, right?" He asked, knowing what the response would be. Nothing did. He went blank, seemingly self-employed into what any man of his repute would. He had a Linkdin, for crying out loud. PMCs, Security, Consulting. Boring, shitty jobs. Perhaps she'd say the other thing. Being a hardened criminal, robbing and stealing and taking scores, and having Ross as his main getaway driver. But Mark, to his credit, knew that Athena was not Ross. A man he had trusted for almost half a decade, if not more wasn't going to hear this. Best it was kept that way.

"Well....Athena, you may think of me as a criminal. I'm a greedy fucker by tool and trade. That's what you would expect of someone like me. I wanted to help my friend when he needed it, so that added fuel to the fire when I saw that there was a co-benefit in my favour too. Right?" Mark shook his head, gently patting the case.

"Except, I do serve someone. I can't tell you who I work for. It has a lot of redacted on it anyway. What I do was the only way to find out about transnational criminal networks, far, far bigger than just some crappy little gang of thieves. A Transnational Facilitator, or TNC for short. The criminal organisations that are your full-fat criminal organisations, think your multinational corporation but with guns and drugs. The kind that corrupts third world governments, and can create rogue states, if they don't already. Way above your paygrade, believe me. It helps when you have the right mask on, and don't play by the rules. Makes you seem like ideal cannon fodder." He added, chucking the cigarette onto the floor with a light chuckle, and gently rubbing his boot against it.

"A similar incident happened in Paris, but the case got delivered. Ross and Kimberly got caught up in the crossfire. The Panamanians wanted to ship it to the first bidder that wanted it so they could scalp a lot of people. A routine, clandestine transfer of tracking equipment used to monitor a number of individuals at two separate meetings on two separate continents. The people I work for that made the move didn't have many choices there and then for how they did it, so street racers were their best bet. Well, it was their best bet, till it turns out that somebody fucking leaked. Someone that they're going to probably throw in prison very soon indeed. Poor bastards suddenly have their trousers pulled down. So naturally, they wanted their cases back." Mark added, patting it once more.

"They thought all hope was lost till we found a lead. And when Ross called, it seemed too inconvenient not to let him join in. Not when I knew just how deep he was. It was risky to talk, especially after I'd cut him out of the system. Indirectly, I was always watching, always knowing what he's up to. The amount of fines he's racked up on an illegally fraudulent account is genuinely staggering. Anyway.....he wanted revenge. And revenge is a powerful motivator. One that I knew he'd want me on board for, his trusted friend. It brought you here too. And you had to know that I was the wrong kind of scumbag with the wrong kind of connections to even consider coming here. Giving that up would be dangerous, after all." He could see the anger on Athena's face, as he looked up, clarifying it quickly.

"I suppose owed Ross a favour too, after....well, Ross was hugely useful to me as an asset, driving faster than anyone, cop or criminal could get him. Thing is.....he didn't even know. Robbing, racing and stealing shit to him was all he knew. And he was good, deep down. Just has a passion for going fast and well, what he is involved in isn't exactly big-time. Not my operation to catch. He's not worth the hassle. Neither is Kimberly. They'll be fine, and I know that from knowing the lad. It's best that they never do know...if they did, it's only gonna get more messy." He added, checking his watch, and looking back to Athena.

"The point I'm trying to make here is, this is bigger than you think. Getting this sorted works for a lot of people. Us too. The organisation we are tracking works in Central Asia, for fuck's sake. And a bunch of Panamanian thieves nearly gave them our monitored recordings of them, if they'd have even known. This organisation has its tentacles in things from as diverse as supplying guns to Islamic terrorist cells in exchange for heroin in Afghanistan, distributing ecstasy in Western Europe, to creating political corruption in Bulgaria and running human trafficking networks in Mali. All connected through smaller organisations, but ultimately, creating a network that fuels crime on a scale you won't believe. There's people richer, dirtier, and more fucked up than you can believe. This isn't the Mafia. This is a crime organisation that works on the same metrics as Apple here." He said, pausing momentarily.

"I'm telling you this because you're a cop. You want to do the right thing, and you have rules, logic, procedure, paperwork. You take down criminals that you see and want to make the right call. I deal in the ones that you don't even know exist. And that means we do things on a very different scale. A scale that requires a mask so watertight, it makes you more than a bad guy. It makes you the scary bastard that fits every single picture, that these people haven't paid off or killed yet because they don't even know you're coming for them. I don't work often well with other people. But you, Athena, I respect. I might need you again someday. And I will contact you if that time comes." Mark added, the noise of the plane engine now fully gone, as he stood up, taking case in hand.

"I'm going to drive out of here. There's a domestic flight arriving in about half an hour, flies to Mexico City. I'd recommend you take a link to Newark after that." Mark took the other case, shaking his head, standing up as he headed to the car, turning his head. He was blunt as ever, and felt like he cared for Athena. In some weird way, he felt like it was a strange twist for her to hear, after what he had projected. But after the others had left, perhaps only something felt right, felt comfortable here and now, to tell her what he thought.

"What I just told you is strictly confidential. You do not tell anyone what I just said. Mostly because it'll make you sound like a raving loony and none of the evidence will really fit. Partly because your record is so good, I don't want you being pulled up when they ask why the hell you went and shot up a Mexican villa with a suspected armed robber. You are a smart girl, Athena. Someone who helps people more than you think....so I don't think we'll have any problems with that, aye?" Mark said, chuckling, taking his pack from off the table, and the keys for the Jeep Cherokee that they'd stolen to get here.

"Goodbye, Athena." He added, unlocking the car as he opened the passenger door, throwing his bag and cases inside, before getting in. He'd made his goodbyes. Now, he was going for a long drive into the sunset. And done his bit. Perhaps it would have come as a bit of a bombshell to her. Sitting there, near that airport confused as hell. Not a clue what the hell had just happened. But Mark had played even someone he'd known for half a decade, pretty much everyone. At that point in time, the criminal that had gone and killed an awful lot of people was leaving.

"Not enough", he reminded himself. That was because contrary to his calm demeanour, that the case didn't matter, it did. And if they'd have lost it, no doubt the Panamanians would have been dead in a matter of days anyway. The Cartel would have sold them up shit creek when they realised, and the trace they had on Ross and Kimberly could have been worse. That wasn't going to happen. As he set off on the dusky tarmac road, he thought what he had really done. Ross, Kimberly, Ellie, Seb, Athena, Michael, shit, all of it was out of the picture now. They could live their lives, like nothing happened, and be completely unaware of the boogeyman that they had nearly ended up with.

And yet here he was, thinking to himself, wondering just how to go on. There was more shit he had to do back home, more leads to follow. Maybe the underworld that thought he was doing this for his own greedy needs. To do a sale himself and Ross was probably thinking that right now. Ironically, that was exactly the point. This case was a MacGuffin that would actually bring out who they was looking for, recovering and yet exposing a paw of the TNC that they were hunting down. And that was worth far more than any money, any small-time gang, anything. It was substantive, real and a chance to put some bastards away in The Hague even. Somehow, this whole operation had gone exactly as it needed to, and Mark's own criminal connections had primed the trap in only a way a masterful chess player could compare to, without even knowing. And yet Mark wouldn't even be rumbled, if anything, it'd reinforce him. And if successful, Mark knew that this was the beginning of the end for an operation that had gone beyond just him, lasting almost a decade and a half. This was the end of those evil bastards. Only way to do that was carry on being the bad guy that the bad guys fear.


Part Eight: Reunion

Los Angeles, California

Ross had been busy working in the garage. The truth was, that after Mexico things had calmed down. Mark had called, and he had gone back to England, seemingly back to his life and whatever he did now. Ross didn't ask any questions, but had more thanks than he could give. He didn't ask questions, and he didn't expect any answers.

He was happy just to be back with Kimberly, back with family and what mattered. No more criminality or gangs or anything like that. He was a stay at home dad, helping his wife at her work when she needed a technical mind, and running errands here and there too. Part of him of course felt uncomfortable. In some ways, he felt a little useless, he couldn't do the things she did. Not that he wasn't capable, but well....he came from a very different background. And with the skills he had, he couldn't really go and get a perfectly legal job, not when he had a family. So he found his own way. Tinkering on things, looking after his little bundles of joy and relaxing felt like the way to be, especially after the hell they had gone through.

Looking after Kimberly had been an enormous challenge to him. It was a lot more than hospital runs and physiotherapy. It was a lot he had to learn, and he had changed dramatically for it. A lot for the better, he thought. And well, it had taken a toll on him. He didn't take risks as much, he was calmer and seemed to have grown a different kind of charm. The kind that wanted nothing to do with danger but everything to do with doing better than who he was before. Adjusting to this normal, that he could do.

Coming in for food, he felt Ruby run up to him, woofing as Ross chuckled, almost having the dog jump up onto him, slobbering. He was a very intelligent dog, but he was a puppy at heart, so young and little. The smell of Lasagna was wonderful, as Ross took a seat, the plate ready. She cooked a mean feast, he reminded himself, as he tucked in, chuckling as he saw Kimberly look.
"I think I know exactly what you're saying. But the kids aren't going to look after themselves, are they?" He giggled, Mia almost understanding Kimberly's look, that look of "speed" screaming out. Ross sighed, looking through his restricted angle into the garage.
"Hmm.....think your sister can pop by?"


Somewhere above Lake Tahoe, The Rockies, Nevada
OST- Ride or Die - The Knocks ft Foster the People

Seb looked over, chuckling as he heard Ellie kit up. He'd lost a little more hair in the time, and spent a lot more climbing and freeskiing, rather than doing this. Sitting in a mostly black wingsuit, with light blue accents on the tail and zips, he seemed tanned, adjusting to the beating sunset in the distance.

Seb had to think how it had all played out. Ellie and him had argued, argued like hell and it wasn't fun at all. He couldn't talk to her for months, and he could see she was pretty visibly messed up, even from afar. Something at first- not like she'd been injured or seen someone else get hurt, but more like she had an uncomfortable gaze, one that stuck with him. They'd stayed away, done their own things, and his end had been strangely quiet. Almost weirdly more than usual, given he spent a lot of time travelling, and he'd travelled far and wide. Australia, Asia, remote parts of Greece, mostly for just calm and quiet. He felt like it was needed, given him and Ellie had been so close. Like best friends, but more. He'd watched two friends of his own die in a BASE accident, and whilst it didn't stop him, it had seriously taken him aback. And he travelled, and travelled, skiing, surfing, diving, doing whatever. The sponsors stopped calling after they realised he wasn't taking their calls. In some strange way, Seb had gone and had a gap year.

Till he came back, that is. One day, it flicked back on in his head. Footage started going. He contacted Ellie, and got things back together. Said sorry. For all the horrible shit he said, and wanted it back the way it was. Not out of desperation, out of a lack of money, or anything. But because in spite of it all, he didn't want to carry on living without the only person that really mattered. She looked like she had been through a lot too. And in that way, they could get it back together. Perhaps it was a test of their relationship. But while Ellie never told him, Seb didn't feel he really needed to ask. It was things way beyond his control, way beyond everything. He'd seen his own shit, but he knew somehow, it wasn't the same thing.

And after a few videos, they were back on it again. Things were normal. It felt like a new normal, if that, but it was normal. Jumping off cliffs, skiing in the winter, it was awesome. And right here now at sunset, the run down to Lake Tahoe seemed incredible, if not dramatic. Taking his open face helmet, Seb put it on his noggin, the black helmet and navy blue-tinted goggles going over his eyes, as he adjusted the chest stap on his rig, looking to Ellie.
"Nearly. Just give me a look over?" He asked, spreading his arms and legs, the suit new from the sponsorship windfall they'd made. GoPro were back on board, which was always an exiting prospect. They always loved an exiting project, and Seb and Ellie were always keen to get involved. Grinning at her, he gave her a brief check, nodding.
"I think we're all good then." He pecked her back on the cheek, looking back at one of the cameramen, who was getting into position.
"Don't." He chuckled, Seb's comic timing as good as ever, as he looked back at the edge, stepping down gently as he got his own camera gear set up.

"I'm all good. Drone follows us off but won't even come close to catching us up. Good push and we'll be clear of that ledge below us. DZ's in that clearing there, remember. We've got a thin landing area between the trees, but winds are nice. You have the lead, m'lady. They are live." Seb added, gently patting her on the butt, knowing he was getting the shit slapped out of him when they got down, as he finalised his last zip.
"On your go...." He added, watching her and letting her start this all off.


Sonoma Raceway

OST- Be Here Now (Fred V and Grafix Remix) - Hybrid

The NSX sat in mostly green and white, an impressive GT3 car to say the least. The Castrol-liveried GT3 machine was fine, and a proven breed. A 1.2 tonne machine with 500 horses, out of a 3.5L turbocharged V6 was a scary tool and under throttle, Ryan had felt it too. Honda, Acura, same thing he had to remind himself. But under it all, it was a fierce machine. Practice had proven that. With a white and green helmet in hand, and a appropriately liveried race suit, the Brit felt confident to make that machine fly, in the way he knew how to. And the best part of this team....well, the best part of Forge that was, had also come along.

"Ryan, she's set to go. You and Gina are on evens here. Upper brass want to see podiums here in this series. With a car like this, it's way ahead of what we had before, eh?" The Canadian added, Lucas as chirpy as ever, Ryan nodding.

"Yup. Grips absolutely peachy. Let's see what we can get sorted in qualifying." He replied, looking across to Gina, still in her zone. He didn't interrupt her. He had been there, in that position on that bit of the sofa in front of the map doing just the same thing. Taking his white balaclava and Simpson helmet, he gently started to get himself prepared, feeling the heat beat down in the afternoon sun outside.
"Good stuff. I'll be on the comms. You should have a nice window- remember, get the tyres bedded in and don't push this thing too quick. The aero's really well dialled in, so you'll have a lot more grip at speed...almost seems like the car is way better to setup here." Lucas added, Ryan nodding, patting his car. #42, McKay. Back to what he did best.
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The information that Athena had just received had come across as a shock to her. She knew that Mark was a criminal, but she didn't know to what extent he was a criminal. Honestly, Mark was lucky that they were a far way from New York City, because just that admission alone would've prompted her to take action and put him and handcuffs. But they weren't. Athena couldn't do anything to Mark, even if she wanted to. As a sworn police officer of the law, she had a set of principles and laws that she was bound to. At least, when it had to do with the state of New York. But they weren't in New York.

As a matter of fact, Athena was just as guilty of crime as Mark was. No doubt the little operation that they just carried out was just as illegal as everything else in Mark's rap sheet. She realized she couldn't really say anything. Hopefully nobody was able to identify her, because she would be getting into some SERIOUS trouble if she did. Before she could really say anything back to Mark, he was gone. He had gotten in and disappeared. He was gone like the wind before the police officer could even formulate an answer. She was left bewildered. There were so many questions to think of.

Why trust her with that sort of information? Was he doing her some sort of favor? He knew damn well that she was a police officer and that she was going to do something about it. The motivation wasn't clear, but seeing as she had plenty of time ahead of her, she was going to do her due diligence. Might as well, right?

Only time would be able to tell what was to come of this information.

The prospect was tempting. Despite not doing it for over a year at this point, Mia knew full well what having her aunt come over meant. Usually when her aunt came over, that meant her mom was going out and most likely driving her car super fast. Mia didn’t really pay attention to it though, partially because she didn’t consider her mommy driving cars super fast to be a particular sin and also because having her aunt over was a fun time. Kimberly also knew that she knew what it meant, glancing at the little brown-haired girl who was stabbing at the lasagna with her fork. Kimberly put a hand up to her chin, rubbing it idly as she thought. Her eyes darted between her daughters, who were both eating their lasagna, happy as can be. Monica, the younger girl, was having a tougher time since she wasn't as proficient with utensils as he older sister was. It was going to be a hassle to clean her up afterwards, considering the girl's attitude toward getting cleaned up. Guess she got her father's tenacity.

Tapping her foot idly, Kimberly prodded at her lasagna once again. The Skyline needed to stretch its legs. Since she had regained the ability to drive, the car had been relegated to something of a daily driver. Very rarely was it able to flex its muscles and utilize all of its power. It was mostly just a commuter and something to get her to work and back, and maybe grab some groceries once in a while. She honestly didn’t know why she still had the car at this point. It would’ve been much cheaper and much more practical to sell her car and get something else, but something in her prohibited her from doing so. The Italian just couldn’t figure out what was holding her back, though.

Biting her lip, she looked down at her phone. It lit up with a picture of her family at a natural park of sorts. Kimberly tapped her fingers on the countertop, before swiping on her phone and tapping her pin code in. Her decision had been made -- and it wasn’t long until she pulled up her the conversation with her sister.

“I’ll see.”

Kimberly Rossi
”Hey, you think you can come over here in about fifteen minutes? I’m gonna go out.”

Sarah Rossi
”Oh lord. Alright. I’ll be there. I missed my girls anyway.

A small smile flashed on Kimberly face when she saw her sister agree to watch the kids for the night. “Guess she’s coming over in a bit.” Kimberly raised her eyebrows, before turning to her two daughters, “Hey, guys. Aunt Sarah is gonna come over in a bit and watch you guys, alright?” She said sweetly, taking a moment to tussle her daughter’s hair. They both looked at each other and shrugged.

About fifteen minutes had passed, and Kimberly’s beloved sister, Sarah had finally popped over to their house and greeted the kids. She was met with a warm reception and a toddler tsunami had overcome her, knocking her to the ground with their hugs. Once she was back on her feet, she cleared her throat and looked to Kimberly, who had slipped into something a little more appropriate for driving. A gray crewneck sweater and a pair of leggings sufficed, as well as a pair of Jordan 1s in her favorite colorway.

Before Kimberly set off, the elder Rossi sister took a moment to pull Kimberly aside. “You sure about this? It hasn’t really been that long…” Sarah whispered, before waiting for her sister’s response. “Yeah. Worst case scenario I never do this again.” Kimberly shrugged, “It won’t hurt. I never crash.” Sarah was about to interject, but Kimberly raised a finger, “I was crashed into. There’s a difference.”
Sarah sighed and shook her head. “Whatever you say. Just… stay safe, okay? I don’t need to remind you why.”

Kimberly nodded, before opening the door to the garage. “Always.”

Closing the door behind her, she could hear the distant sound of giggling behind her, before Kimberly cleared her throat and unlocked her car. Sitting inside the bucket seat, she took a deep breath, before taking the key and twisting it to turn it on. The six cylinder engine came to life, sending a giant vibration through the garage as she gave it a couple of revs. It felt so weird to her right now, knowing that she would be pushing this car to the limit once again.

Rolling the window down, she poked her head out in search of her husband.

“Babe… you ready?”

Ellie nodded and complied with Seb’s request. Checking his gear, she knew that he mostly had it down. Still, it didn’t hurt to double check. It was better to be extra safe than sorry -- especially in this line of work. After making sure every strap was pulled and things that were supposed to be secure were secured -- she gave a thumbs up. Seb was ready to fly off a cliff and carve it with his wingsuit. Giving a thumbs up, she received the peck from Seb and smiled softly, before reaching down to grab her own white helmet.

Securing it and making sure it won’t fall off while she became a bird for a few minutes, she pulled on it slightly to make sure that it wouldn’t pop off. Again, better safe than sorry. She turned around and looked down. The mountains were ripe for carving, despite it being summer. There was no snow -- just the dark face of the mountain. On one side, at least it warmer, but falls were going to be much nastier. But it was just the reality of being in a dangerous sport like this. Sometimes -- you just didn’t know what was going to happen, and when shit hit the fan -- shit REALLY hit the fan.

Preparing herself, the only words that she heard were the ones that gave her permission to kick things off. The slap on the ass was rather unnecessary, and Seb was definitely going to get chewed out afterwards. But for right now, Ellie needed to focus. She needed to get this sorted out and organized so that they could have the smoothest session. Taking a deep breath, she let gravity take effect as she stepped off the cliff, falling into a descent.

It was time.

Gina’s attention snapped from the map and onto Ryan as they mentioned something about qualifying. “Qualifying? It’s not qualifying. This is just a testing event. Season isn’t even starting until way later, dude. Right now we need to get our cars set up.” She remarked, sighing and taking her helmet. The true season wasn’t due to start until later. Right now was an organization sanctioned event where they could test their cars and stretch their legs. Many other constructors were around for the same. Plenty of Audi R8s, Ferrari 488s, McLarens, and other GT3 cars were around here.

Glancing at the clock, it was almost time for them to make their debut for the season. The stands were packed, eager to see the cars for the first time this year. There was a bunch of hype garnered behind the debut of Ryan and Gina in new cars. The two had gained popularity after terrorizing the league with their Audi R8s, and now in a completely different car, the entire racing world had their eyes on what they were going to do (as well as where Daniel Ricciardo was headed after the 2018 F1 season and Fernando Alonso’s future, but let’s not get into that)

A few minutes’ time and Gina was in her outlap. Rounding around turn 12, she was about to push the card as hard as possible on the soft tires. The goal was to see how the car behaved and tailor it to Gina’s particular driving style. Going onto the final straight, Gina swerved the car again to put some heat into the tires before making the push.

Crossing the line -- Gina absolutely FLOORED it, letting the V6 bellow as she shot down the beginning straight. Hopefully Ryan wasn’t having any difficulty with his car, because already this car was feeling great for Gina.
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