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Name: Katsu Ota

Age: 39
Nationality/Ethnicity: Japan/Japanese

Description: Katsu Ota is 5' 10" tall and weighs 170 Lbs. He has very short black hair and brown eyes. If he were to allow his hair to grow out, you might see a few grays hairs at his temples. Since he shaves daily, you also couldn't see the small gray hairs that might grow out in his beard. Katsu has a scar on the left side of his face that extends from just below his eye to the jawline. He is physically fit and possesses exceptional agility.

He can be found wearing either a business casual attire or the uniform of the Nakamura PMC (Private Military Coporation), his employer. The uniform is a throwback to an earlier time in Japanese history. The uniform consists of a set of updated samurai armor and katana. Often times the soldier wears a traditional kimono underneath the O-yori but it is not required. Each suit of Armor (Yori), Helmet (Kabuto) and Sword (Katana) has a soul or chi and personality all of its own due to the special craftsmanship that went into each piece. There are armor artisans found at NHC.

The Kabuto is only worn for ceremonies. The soldier wears a piece of cloth wrapped around his head and tied at the rear. The armor worn by the Nakamura PMC soldiers is constructed from many small iron (tetsu) and plates (ita-mono), connected to each other by rivets and mail (kusari). These armor plates attach to a cloth or leather backing. The armor is designed to be as lightweight as possible as the soldier has many tasks including riding a mount and archery in addition to swordsmanship. The armor is brightly lacquered to protect against a harsh climate. Due to the necessity for camouflage, the Nakamura armor is not ornately decorated as the ancient armor was. This armor is painted in a mixed splashed pattern of olive drabs, loam greens and sand colors to match the foliage of the planet they work on.

Occupation: Private Military Contractor (PMC) or Soldier employed by the Nakamura Private Military Corporation (PMC).

Side: Katsu Ota is contracted by the Hosokawa family, one of three Japanese families who control the Japanese Faction in New Hybernia City. The patriarch of the Hosokawa family is Shō Hosakawa. The Hosokawa family is one of three principal families who control the Japanese Faction. The three families are for the most part in agreement on most issues. Occasionally there are minor disagreements. The patriarchs of each family meet regularly to discuss business and security issues as well as whatever other special requests that may arise. Often times the patriarch is referred to as the daimyo of the family.

Starting Equipment: Katsu wears business attire; tan, navy or black cotton trousers, light colored shirt with or without a necktie, black leather and canvas combat boots (highly polished), Leatherman tool, bic lighter, M14 Nambu 8mm pistol with 50 rounds of ammo and belt holster, small nylon pack to include a camel back hydration system, taps for 8mm reloads (small tool used with a reloading kit to making bullets), leather wallet with identification and some money, and wakizashi (small sword).

Katsu Ota receives his Yori, Katana and Kabuto upon arrival at NHC as well as a bunk as the Nakamura headquarters. Nakamura also issues other weapons and equipment for soldiers of their company as needed. The Hosokawa family in conjunction with the other two families frequently charters their own freighters to retrieve special order items from earth as needed.

Transportation: The Nakamura soldiers either walk or ride on Dewbacks; a hardy domesticated beast used to pull carts or as mounts. They have a very thick (dense) hide and a powerful tail. The beast is an herbivore and can attain speeds of 35 - 45 MPH for short distances. They typically walk just faster than a man's walking pace. They can trot at around 10 or 12 MPH for a few miles. The beast weighs just under a ton and can carry heavy loads or a person with personal gear. This is a docile creature that will not harm anyone intentionally, but might act up if it feels threatened.

Personality and Background: Katsu Ota is a professional soldier. He is quiet and reticent. He is irritated by weakness and is prone to violent acts during the conduct of his duties as a soldier. He knows when to act and when to remain still.

Misc: Katsu Ota was born in Uruma, Japan overlooking Kinbu Bay and at the foot of Mt. Onna. He was raised with a traditional Japanese upbringing. He was taught that the good of the many, outweigh the good of the few; personal sacrifice is often if not frequently necessary for the community.

Katsu served as a member of the Special Boarding Unit (SBU), a Special operations unit of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces. While with the SBU, he attained the rank of Ittō Kaisō (Petty Officer 1st class - E-7). He is familiar with several different weapon systems used by teh Japanese military on earth, but none of those are apparently available to him at the moment. As a teenager, Katsu began training as a Kensei (Sword) and has studied Shōrin-ryū, an Okinawan martial artform since the age of four. He currently holds the rank of 3rd dan or Yudensha which is equivalent to a 3rd degree black belt.

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Name: Bodzil Foxe / KWATOKO ("Bird with Big Beak")
Race: Oolarger of the Cekakula clan
Kingdom: Oolarger
Age: 160 (Appears 32)
Sex: Male
Physical Apperance: Bodzil stands 6'7" tall and weighs just under 300 Lbs. He is solid like rock with muscles. As a Cekakula, he wears studded leather armor with steel spaulders. Bodzil has pale skin like all Oolarger. His has a slight green tint to it as northern Cekakulan warriors all do. his black hair is short and matted. He wears a beard that shadows his neck and chin. It is shaven from his cheeks, front of chin and around the lips. The hair gives the appearance of a lion's mane. His nose, although prominent is smooshed into his face enhancing his otherwsie intimidating appearance.

Character Bio:
Bodzil which translates from his native language meaning, "He is strong", is a hero of the people. The title "Hero" means that he has displayed leadership as well as fighting ability and recognized by the tribal council as someone worthy of leading war parties.

Bodzil is the leader of the "Dragon Riders of Mallik" which is composed of the social elite of the Northern Oolarg tribes (Cekakula, Albrupti, Taufich and Kadari). To be placed in this position is one Bodzil does not take lightly. He is proud of his posting and truly believes he deserves this post more than any other. It is Oolarg tradition that any warrior who feels worthy may challenge the Hero in open combat. If the challenger should defeat the Hero in open battle and the existing leader admits defeat, then the challenger can replace him as Hero of the people. But only after the Tribal council has discussed this and conveyed their blessing upon the challenger. This is how Bodzil Foxe became Hero of the people and leader of the "Dragon Riders of Mallik".

Bodzil has an ingrained hatred of the Dwarves. No dwarf deserves to breathe air. They all should be planted six feet underground. If the tribal council would permit him, Bodzil would personally see to it that all dwarves are committed to the hereafter. They are definitely wasting oxygen in his opinion.

Bodzil is hot-headed, a fearsome warrior, passionate about the Oolargers and is just as knowledgeable of agrarian pursuits as he is about armed and unarmed combat. Bodzil's weakness is his love for Meda Yazzie. He would go to the ends of EVOLIN for her. Meda Yazzie is the daughter of the Cekakula Representative to the Tribal Council. She is a fiercely indpendent young woman and feels no compulsion to take up with an Oolarger male. It is her desire to become a member of the Tribal council one day. No woman has ever achieved this status. She is just as hot headed as Bodzil.
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Character Sheet (There are two seats in the UAZ, and five in the Humvee)

Name: Don Webb Jr.

Age: 32
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African
Rank: Major
MOS: 11A Infantry Officer
Army: US Army
Branch: Infantry

Equipment: 1 set of BDUs, five brown T-shirts (rolled in ziploc bags), twelve pair of OD Green wool socks (rolled in ziploc bags), five candles, two trip wire spools, 200 feet of 550 Lb parachute cord, Mountain sleeping bag attached to bottom of the ruck, Kevlar Helmet, Large Rucksack, 2x Shelter halves with 12 stakes and six pins, Chemical Protective mask, MOPP Gear (Mission Oriented Protective Posture), LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) to include two magazine pouches for the M16, one magazine pouch for the M9 Pistol, two one-quart canteens, First aid kit, ear plugs and butt pack, Intrenching tool, Bayonet, seven magazines (three in each mag pouch and one in the well), two smoke grenades and four fragmentation grenades (the ammo pouches each have holders for two frags).

Weapons: M16A2 Assault Rifle & M9 pistol

Personality/Appearance: Don Webb is an easy going man. He is understanding, but when someone needs to take charge, Don will always step in and take care of business. He looks a lot like his Pro football playing father at 5'10" tall and weighing 180 Lbs. Don is quick on his feet and quick of mind.

When it comes to the Americans, Don Webb tends to lean towards the other African Americans over caucasian Americans. He doesn't treat any other nationality like this, only with Americans. It is a condition that used to bite him in the ass, but all of that is irrelevant now.

History: Don Webb was born 2 Aug 1968, the son of Don Webb, DB, (AFL) Boston Patriots and later (NFL) New England Patriots in Foxboro, Massachusetts. He graduated from Foxboro HS in 1986 with a Senate Appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point, NY. He played defensive back for Army the four years he was at West Point. He graduated in 1990 as a 2nd Lieutenant. Don Webb Jr. was the only representative from West Point to be considered for the All-Pro team in 1989.

Don Spent the summer of 1990 at the Infantry Officer Basic Course at Ft. Benning, GA. In October he completed Airborne school and just before Christmas 1990 he completed the US Army Ranger School. In January 1991, Don was assigned as the Recon Platoon Leder for the 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) of the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC. Don spent three years at Ft. Bragg including time as a Mortar Platoon leader.

In 1994, He was promoted to Captain and attended the Infantry Officer Advanced Course at Ft. Benning, GA. Upon completion of IOAC, Captain Webb was assigned as a Company Commander in the 4th Battalion, 6th Infantry, 5th Infantry Division (M), Ft. Polk, LA.

In 1996, the 5th ID (M) was deployed to the European continent to contend with the Soviet invasion of the west. The war in Europe pushed back and forth across Germany and Poland. In 1998, Don Webb was promoted to Major and assigned as the Battalion Operations Officer for the 4-6 IN (M). In the summer of 2000, the 5th Infantry Division (US) was ordered to attack east through Poland along with an Army wide attack. The attack was blunted west of the Warta River near Kalisz, Poland. The Soviet counter attacks overran NATO forces in the region to include the American 5th ID. Major Webb and a handful of survivors are attempting to make an escape back through Soviet lines and refuge in the German port city of Bremerhaven.
Languages: English (Native) & German (75%)
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Name: Mars Anthony Edward Lokken (Anthony)

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Anthony Lokken stands 5'9" tall and weighs 155 Lbs. He has a sallow complexion, very thin and frail. He wears long black greasy hair and has hazel-green eyes. His nose is crooked and pointy. Anthony Lokken usually wears a white under-tunic, dark green woolen vest, dark colored trousers, knee-high black leather boots and a black hooded cloak with a dark green satin lining.

History: Herod Lokken, Duke of Norfall has five sons. The first four are hearty young men, physically fit with fortuitous spirit making their father proud. The fifth son is frail and sallow in appearance. He was named in honor of the deity Mars, implying that the boy would one day develop into a stalwart warrior worthy of the Lokken family name. The Lokken family is also the opposition family to the current emperor of Alethea. Herod Lokken is also the emperor's staunchest supporter. He would cut down any traitor to his liege.

Young Mars could not live up to his father's expectations, a sickly boy often shunned by his father for his physically diminutive stature. Whereas the boy's brothers all stood in excess of six feet, the shortest of who held no fewer than four inches over the youngest Lokken boy. Mars was left out of various family activities, but due to his noble birth was granted the title of Seventh Earl of Fenwick. It brought no political power. The village of Fenwick numbered fewer than 1000 residents. As Earl of Fenwick, Mars is entitled to collect taxes from his inhabitants. He attempted to collect taxes when he was 16 years of age. He received a few gold bits for his efforts, smiled meekly and went home. The activity made him very uncomfortable. He has not returned.

As a teenager, Mars learned to ride a horse and loved the feeling of riding, free and independent of others. He also enjoys reading and writing. His favorite subject to read is magic. Since non-magical authors wrote most of the material on this subject, all of what he knows is speculative. Mars has been able to make logical sense of the writings in the physical world and has grown to accept them as truths. When Mars is not sleeping, eating or enduring some "forced fun" at his father's behest, he has his nose firmly planted between the pages of a book about Magic. He also carries a 12" wooden stick he claims is his magic wand. The stick has been lacquered and is kept shiny and polished.

Mars Anthony Edward Lokken hates his first name. He refers to himself as Anthony. He detests the name and everything that it stands for. Only his family call him by the name, Mars. He tells all others outside the family palace, that his name is Anthony.

Due to his curiosity with all things to do with magic, Mars Anthony admires Sahayle the Victorious. He is the one person Anthony looks up to with respect. He is the one person, whose wisdom he would accept as word of law. He respects the word of the emperor because the emperor's word is backed by force; a strength Anthony is ill prepared to contend with. Anthony repeatedly queried his mother about an apprenticeship with Sahayle the Victorious. Through political wrangling by his father, Anthony, the Seventh Earl of Fenwick has been granted his desire.

Personality: Anthony is quiet, introverted, intelligent, and keeps to himself. He prefers not to be in the company of others and becomes uncomfortable if someone approaches him. Frankly, Anthony does not care about others leaving him remorseless and selfish. He is comfortable approaching others, but somehow feels threatened or suspicious by those who approach him. Who would want to be his friend? There must be some ill in the personality of the person who chooses to befriend Anthony Lokken. If Anthony should feel slighted in some way, he can be vindictive, vengeful, bitter, pompous, and two-faced. He will smile, uttering flowery words to appease those whom he believes he needs to align himself with in order to get whatever he wants. He has always retained good favor with his mother; the one ally he has in this cruel dark world. Physical strength is a quality Anthony looks condescending upon. It is not a quality he would admire.

Non-magical skills, talents and/or strengths: Horse riding, book reading, calligraphy and singing (an activity he does not do publicly).

Weaknesses/fears: Anthony is physically weak, possessing immense fear of embarrassment or shame. Due to his obvious fragility, Anthony runs from a fight. He avoids physical pain at all costs.

What they think about magic: Anthony can be arrogant about his knowledge of magic. He believes he knows all there is to know about magic as he had read every book on the subject he could get his hands on. However, he has been unable to lay his hands on books of actual worth on the subject. In reality, he is the master of the speculative art of the subject. His arrogance is pure and utter foolishness. He remains unaware that his knowledge of the subject is ill conceived and may lead him down a precarious road. He desires more than anything to confirm or deny what he knows as an apprentice of Sahayle the Victorious as well as a full and complete understanding of the arcane arts.

Other character notes: Mars Anthony Edward Lokken would one day love to see his family back in power at the seat of the throne in Alethea. This is a notion he keeps personal. He has told no one.
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Name: Benjamin Giguere
Nick: "Ben" or "Gigger"
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Appearance: Ben is not handsome. He stands 5' 9" tall and weighs 170 Lbs. His muscles are taut from years of working a farm or pounding spikes on the railroad. He has steel gray eyes and short brown hair which is usually dirty. His fingernails are normally black and/or filled with grease. Gigger normally wears blue dickies, solid colored T-shirts and Red Wing steel toed boots. He chews tobacco frequently and you might find traces of partially chewed tobacco in his chin stubble or drippings on his T-shirt.

Bio: Ben Giguere was born and raised in Bellows Falls, Vermont, not far from the Connecticut River. His father was an avid Red Sox fan and would take young Benjamin to the country store in North Walpole, New Hampshire just to get a glimpse of "Pudge", Carlton Fisk after his retirement from the White Sox in 1993.

Ben's father, Paul owned a farm in the hills south of Bellows Falls not far from the Railroad tracks and the river. Farming in Vermont is difficult; you go to work before the sun comes up and you finish long after the sun goes down. Paul Giguere was disciplined about the farm and kept at it all day long. When the Ben was not in school, doing homework or sleeping, he was helping his old man on the farm.

Often times while out harrowing a field, bailing hay or harvesting field corn, Paul would tell his son that he should look into working for the Central Vermont Railroad which ran along the eastern edge of their property. Ben rarely took his father's suggestions seriously, but tended to his work regardless. When Ben graduated from Bellows Falls Union High School, he never looked back. He did play Defensive Back for The Terriers and outfield on the baseball team, but never good enough to go to College. Nor were his grades all that impressive; lucky to have all Cs.

He went to work for his father full time after school, but found being around dad all day to be irritating; cramping his style. He quietly drove down to the railroad office for the Green Mountain Railway located in North Walpole to inquire about employment. He was told they were not hiring, but that he should check with the New England Central in St. Albans, VT. He was given a phone number to call.

Following a two week hiring process, Ben hired onto the New England Central Railroad, formerly the Central Vermont in 2002. He took a job working as a Track Maintenance Technician. This meant he would have to inspect portions of the rail that ran from the Canadian border north of St. Albans, south to the Massachusetts border at Vernon, VT. He learned the job working with an experienced trackman. He and three other rode in the same "High railer" inspecting track and replacing 100 pound and 130 Pound rail where it was needed. Every year they also engaged in replacing the large wooden ties, soaked in creosote. It was usually, the hottest day of the summer when they were working the tie job.

Paul Giguere and his sons Benjamin and Preston who was two years younger than Ben engaged always looked forward to the Deer hunting season in late November and early December. The nice thing about Vermont is they have a Rifle Season. Unfortunately, their Massachusetts neighbors to the south only have shotgun season. This tends to send a flock of clueless flatlanders north into the hills of Vermont to get lost. There were more than a few times when Ben and his father and brother would run across a flatlander winded somewhere west of Windsor Mountain searching for the way out of the woods. They would offer their assistance and help the godforsaken clueless bastards out, and then laugh at them behind their backs later on. It made for some funny stories.

His favorite hunting rifle was a Marlin .30-.30 lever action rifle. His dad used a Marlin 336C in .35 cal. Both rifles had 7x50 scopes mounted on them. His brother, Preston used a Remington .30-06 which also had a 7x50 scope mounted on it.

After the Russians invaded, things did not go well for Ben. His parents, Paul Giguere and wife Lauren were killed from an automobile accident on Interstate 91. The death of his parents devastated Ben. He viewed the Russian invasion with hatred. Although, the invasion did not directly cause his parent's death, it did facilitate it. With the presence of Russians in Bellows Falls, Ben took to the hills in search of a rebellion force he had heard about one day at work. He put together his standard hunting kit along with a few extra supplies. He also took his 26 year old brother, Preston with him.

Psychological Profile: Ben never cared for politics, as was his attitude toward school in general. He focused on his work and his hobbies. He enjoyed working, whether it be farming or track maintenance and he loved hunting. Ben's father, Paul was firm while raising his two sons, but fair. He was never too hard on them, but didn't let them slide by either. He made them work for everything they achieved and this has shown through in their personalities. Both boys are quiet and polite. They are hard to rattle.

Ben really doesn't have an opinion of the current situation other than he knows the Soviet invasion is bad. He would like to help return Vermont and the US back to the way it used to be. He is willing to fight to bring back the USA.

- experienced at farming
- tractor & automotive maintenace
- hunting; skilled with a hunting rifle
"I can put a round through a flea's ass at five hundred yards."
- Railroad infrastructure; rail cars, ties, switches, rail head and bridges.
- welding
- canning (fruits and vegetables)
- cooking (on a stove or outdoors)
- Winter survival skills
- stripping a recently killed animal, smoking and drying the meat.
- tracking prey
- knowledge of the topography and geography of central vermont.
- snowshoeing

Equipment: Hunting pack, sleeping bag, Mess kit, fork, knife, spoon, spare socks, spare T-shirts, candles, box of 500 matches, two bic lighters, two cans of WD-40, roll of duct tape, two spare pair of dickies, four spare T-shirts, olive drab green field jacket used for hunting, olive drab green field pants with cargo pockets also used for hunting, two sets of long underwear with extra heavy wool socks, wet weather poncho, a pack of Juicy Fruit gum, brown towel, razor, shave cream, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, cross tip screw driver, flat head screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench, wire cutters, 2-quart bladder canteen, bottle of Jim Beam Whiskey, roll of Copenhagen chewing tobacco, flashlight with spare batteries, 150 feet of half inch rope and a Boston Red Sox Baseball cap with a rolled, rounded bill, worn at the brim.

- Marlin .30-.30 lever action rifle
- Ruger Redhawk .44 Caliber Revolver
- 9" hunting knife
- Survival knife
- Swiss Army pocket knife

Relationships and Acquaintances:
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Name: Alonzo Martinelli (nick: Al)

Age: 36
Gender: male
Profession: owns "Club Realto" an upscale night club in the inner city. This is where the younger wealthy crowd hang out.
Appearance: Al is 5' 10" tall and weighs 190 lbs. He has black hair and blue eyes. He is considered handsome and knows it. Al typically wears a very nice looking and expensive suit that is tailor cut to his dimensions. Al is in decent shape, not too muscular, but not soft either. He speaks with a New York accent

Personality Alonzo Martinelli is generally laid back, but when provoked can and will use his fists to do his talking. When other people see Al, they see a serious minded man who pays attention to details and is someone you don't want to mess with. Alonzo is aggressive when he needs to be and passive when the situation warrants it. He is charismatic and his looks can turn a lady's head.

Al does have a penchant for espresso and pastries; Apple turnovers are his favorite. He does work out regularly at the gym and goes for regular runs around local streets. Al believes that since he takes care of himself it is OK to treat himself to a pastry once in awhile.

Al is not overly concerned with living in accordance with the laws of the city. He has turned his eye away from some underhanded business that has occurred in his club. He pays money to the local authorities to keep them out of his business and has been seen in the company of some unsavory characters.
Skills: Al is a good talker. He can charm someone easily. He is good with numbers and checks the books at his night club. Al is trained in the use of handguns. He owns a pair of ivory handled .45 caliber pistols.
Weapons on hand: He keeps the two colt .45s (Auto) locked up in his desk at Club Realto. He carries them home with him at night and then returns to the club in the afternoon with them for business. He also has a small framed snub nosed .38 special (S&W) tucked into the back of his belt.

Relationships: TBD
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Name: Jackson Steel
Nick: "Jack", "Jacko", "Jackal" or "Cold Steel"

Superhero Alias: Iceman

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jackson Steele stands 6' tall and weighs 188 Lbs. He is in decent shape as he works out when he has time and is in good health at the moment. Jackson suffers from Albinism, a skin pigment affliction that explains his very pale complexion and white hair. The illness also insures his eyes are a very light blue color. Due to his condition, Jackson wears sunglasses all the time, even when in doors. Since Jackson is partial to the color red, he has stitched a thin red piping into his X-men uniform.

Personality: Jackson is an intelligent young man, polite and considerate of others. He is positive and upbeat. He tends to quiet, conservative and uninterfering of other people's activities. Jackson will not speak to someone unless they have spoken to him first. He tends to be reactionary when it comes to interpersonal relationships. The knowledge that he may die from Cancer any year and that his mortality is not as long as everyone else's weighs heavy on his mind, but he retains a buoyant flair about his personality. Once he warms up to someone, he has a warm and friendly smile. He is the type of person who appears to be genuinely concerned for others.

Power and other abilities: Jackson is able to shoot water from his extended hands as if his arms were fire hoses. He can vary the temperature of the water to turn it to ice if need be. He can also alter the temperature around him within a 30 - 80 foot radius of his location. Lastly, he can protect everyone within 30 - 80 feet of his position from feeling the effects of cold temperatures. This protection has no defense against intense heat. If Jackson is an arid environment, he cannot shoot water from his fingertips. There must be water in the air or a nearby source for this ability to work. The water comes out only if he wills it. Otherwise, he is like a normal fair haired and fair-skinned human. Jackson himself is immune to any harmful effects of extreme cold weather. Heat, sunlight and fire on the other hand can be detrimental.

The range of Jackson's protection depends on his health. He suffers from skin cancer, but the illness is currently in remission. When the cancer takes over his body, he becomes weak and is unable to perform any of his abilities. Doctors have tried chemotherapy and minor invasive surgeries, which have not worked. Generally, within six to eight months after a procedure, the cancerous tissue will return. When the cancer weakens him, the range of Jackson's frost protection becomes lessened or closer to the 30-foot point. When he is in good health, he can expand his abilities to 80 feet. Increased exposure to the sun increases his chances of the cancer coming out of remission. He must keep his skin covered with clothing and apply SPF 50+ sunscreen to his face and hands in order to go out of doors.

Backstory: Jackson Steel was born and raised in Westwood, MA. He attended parochial school at St. Catherine's of Sienna in Norwood through Grade 5, St. Sebastian's Academy in Needham from grades 6 - 8 and Xavarian Brothers High School from grades 9 - 12. Jackson also holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Boston College and a Master's degree in Molecular Biology from Tufts University. He uses his skills to understand both his immunity to cold and his cancer. While in middle and high school, Jackson learned to play the violin and enjoys performing classical violin pieces.

Jackson's father inherited his father's and grandfather's wealth. He was a principal shareholder in several Health Care facilities in the greater Boston area. He served as Chairman of the board of trustees for Partner's healthcare. Jackson's mother works as a television reporter for Channel 5 WCVB News in Needham, MA.

Jackson was born at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in 1983. Upon birth, he was immediately diagnosed with Albinism, a rare skin pigmentation disorder that determined he would have white hair and very light blue eyes for the rest of his life. This also left him mildly photophobic and sensitive to the UV rays of the sun. He must wear sunscreen and be protected from the sun's deadly rays at all times.

Naturally, it isn't always possible to keep a child protected especially one is curious about the world and wants to get outside to play with friends. He was diagnosed with skin cancer at age 12 and has undergone a battery of tests and procedures to cure him of his ailments ever since. Currently his cancer is in remission and he is enjoying a good health moment.

When Jackson was six years old, his mother noticed her son playing in the backyard on their swing set. There was more than three feet of snow on the ground and the thermometer read 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is common to allow a child to play outside in the wintertime. Like most parents, Jackson's mother bundled him up in his snowsuit, boots, wool hat and mittens. When his mother looked out this one day in January of 1990, she noticed her son playing on the swings wearing a pair of sweats, a short-sleeved shirt and his boots.

Fearful that her son would catch a cold, she ran outside and yelled for him to come inside. When she touched his arm, she felt that it was warm instead of the cool temperature you would normally feel on someone's skin who has been exposed to sub freezing temperatures for at least an hour. Her mother thought it odd and kept an open mind. She brought him inside and kept an eye on him for the next several years.

During his elementary school years at St. Catherine's, Jackson's mother observed his ability to form ice from a glass of water. Jackson was just learning about his abilities at this same time. Slowly over time, the abilities detailed above came out when he played with his friends. Doctors checked him over and ran many tests to understand how he was able to manipulate the temperature in his immediate surroundings or turn water into ice. The doctors were continually baffled and let it go as a fluke. In fact, it was during these tests at the age of 12 that they detected the skin cancer.
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Name: Thomas "Tom" Stewart
Age: 29
6' (183cm), 196 lbs (89 Kg), short "high & tight" blonde hair, blue eyes and a crooked pointy nose, an injury from playing football (American). Tom has all of his fingers and toes, no scars or tattoos.

Background: Tom is an Irish-American born in Boston, MA and grew up in South Boston. He excelled in academics and played varsity running back for Boston Latin School. Tom Stewart graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1976. Immediately following West Point, he spent time with his professional development.
- Infantry Officer Basic Course at Ft. Benning, GA 6/76 - 10/76
- Parachutist School at Ft. Benning, GA (Airborne) 10/76
- Ranger School at Ft. Benning, GA 10/76 - 12/76
- Assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 82nd Airborne Division. Served as Rifle Platoon Leader and Battalion Mortar Platoon leader with 1-505 PIR.
- Assigned to 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry (Mechanized), 2nd Armor Division stationed at Lucius D. Clay Kaserne, Garlstedt, Germany in January 1980.
Initially assigned as Battalion S1, Personnel Officer as a First Lieutenant.
- Promoted to Captain 1 Jun 1980
- Infantry Officer Advanced Course at Ft. Benning, GA 7/80 - 12/80
- Assigned Company Commander, C Company, 3-41 IN (M) in 1/81
- Assigned Company Commander, B Company, 3-41 IN (M) in 1/83

Unit: B Company, 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry (Mechanized), 3rd Brigade, 2nd Armor Division (Forward)
Role: Company Commander
Equipment: Complete issue of TA-50; Battle Dress Uniforms, Steel Pot with camouflage cover, Load Bearing Equipment, Holster, M1911A1 .45 Caliber Semi-Automatic handgun, an M16A1 rifle with twelve 30-round magazines and a bayonet.
Rank: Captain
Misc: For the RP, Captain Stewart's Command will consist of the Company Headquarters section, 1st and 2nd platoons, 3rd platoon B Co. 2-66 AR and 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, D Co. 17th Engineers. The Company Team has eleven M113 Armored Personnel Carriers, four M60A3 Main Battle Tanks, two M151 Jeeps and one M35 two and a half ton truck. Attached units consist of a Fire Support Team (FIST) from the 4th Battalion 3rd Field Artillery (M981 FISTV) and three line medics attached from the Battalion's Medical platoon. The Battalion will also provide one medical evacuation ambulance (M113 Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle - AMEV) and an M578 Vehicle, Track Recovery (VTR).
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**Name:** Brian Park

**Age:** 34

**Gender:** Male

**Ethnicity/Nationality:** Korean American

**Former Unit:** Served 16 years in the US Army. Started as an 11B Infantryman, attended Ranger, Airborne and Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQ) at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (JFK-SWC). Last held MOS was 18B40 - Senior Light Weapons Specialist (Primary) and (Secondary) 11B40 - Infantry Platoon Sergeant. He held the following positions as members of the following units:

- Squad Automatic Weapon gunner, B Company, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry (1-27), 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

- Grenadier, C Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Rangers (1-75), Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia

- After being promoted to Sergeant, Brian attended the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQ) at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Ft. Bragg, NC (JFK - SWC)

- Special Operations Weapons Sergeant, A Detachment, A Co. 1st Bn, 1st Special Forces Group (SFG), Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Tacoma, WA

-Brian left he military with the rank of Sergeant First Class (E7).

**Role:** Squad Leader

**Physical Description:** **_"The Riddler"_** stands 5'11", and weighs 195 Lbs. He is of Korean American descent. Brian Park is in excellent physical condition with very short hair; maintaining a standard High and Tight haircut. He has a scar on his left shoulder that is 7.62mm in diameter. A larger exit scar on his back is roughly 3 centimeters in diameter. Brian wears jeans and a T-shirt when not working and a pair of running shoes or hiking boots. He also wears a Boston Red Sox baseball cap and sunglasses.

**Skillset:** Served as a Squad Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, and member of a Special Operations Alpha Detachment.

- Airborne School

- Ranger School

- Special Forces Qualification Course, John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Ft. Bragg, NC

- HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) qualified

- Jumpmaster qualified

- US Army Physical Fitness Score: 300 of 300.

- Expert with his primary weapon, hitting 40 of 40 targets at his last Range Qualification

- Proficient with all available small arms weapons on the planet.

- Leadership

- Land Navigation

- Small Unit Tactics

- Battalion/Brigade Operations (Heavy/Light Mix)

**History:** Raised in the Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts. His father works as an Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor) at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Brian's grandfather served as an officer in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps in the 1950s and 1960s rising to the rank of Colonel. Brian entered the Army right out of High school.

Brian served as Squad Automatic Weapon gunner, B Company, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry (1-27), 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; and Grenadier, C Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Rangers (1-75), Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia before attending JFK-SWC. After being promoted to Sergeant, Brian attended the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQ) at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Ft. Bragg, NC (JFK - SWC) and has been assigned as Special Operations Light Weapons Sergeant, A Detachment, A Co. 1st Bn, 1st Special Forces Group (SFG), Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Tacoma, WA ever since.

**Psychological Profile:** Brian Park is serious about his work. He knows that survival is dependent upon his ability to pay close attention to detail and to insure those personnel he is charged with preparing for combat take their training seriously as well as the preparation requirements for combat. When in combat, Brian Park is "Serious as a Mother Fuckin' Heart Attack" and that is what he will tell you. When he is not on an operation, not training, or not on duty, Brian Park is a fun-loving soldier with a great sense of humor. His sense of humor earned him the sobriquet of "The Riddler".


**_Items carried on person:_** Current Army Combat Uniform (ACU), tan combat boots, black weight lifting gloves, a NCStar CBG2911 tactical back pack, color green, Night vision device (attaches to helmet), and Dragonscale Armor. Olive Green Combat Assault vest, two olive green canteens at the rear left and right along the waist, four pouches containing two each magazines for the HK416 Carbine, a tactical holster on the right outer thigh for the M1911A1, a first aid kit, a butt pack attached to the rear and a camel back hydration system. Brian has a Kevlar construction helmet shaped like the German Falschirmjager helmet of WWII. In his pockets he carries a lensatic compass, a green whistle, grease pencils, black ink pens, a small notebook, protractor, binoculars (7x50mm) and three rolls of black electrical tape. In his butt pack; one MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) broken down, cleaning rag, weapons cleaning kit, Cleaner, Lubricant & Preservative (CLP) bottle. He has nine spare magazines that are all full, four magazines for the pistol. He wears a current state of the art communication system hardened to withstand EMP. When he is not wearing his helmet, he wears his US Army Special Operations Beret, Green in color. Attached to his helmet is a set of Goggles (Sun, Wind and Dust). Brian has a Gerber Mark II Survival knife attached to his assault vest, a Gerber boot knife at the top of his right boot & a Leatherman tool on his belt.

**_Items carried in his pack:_** Three MREs, one extra set of combat fatigues, foot powder, sunscreen, four empty magazines, five Black T-shirts in zip lock bags, seven pairs of wool socks in zip lock bags, wet weather poncho, poncho liner, four bungee cords with hooks, three rolls of OD green duct tape, two hundred feet of 550 foot-Lb parachute cord, one brown towel, a two-quart bladder canteen attached to pack, Entrenching tool (E-Tool) /with carrier, a climbing harness, locking D-ring, figure eight descender, various military snap links, four small spools of trip wire with four small nails inside each spool, Nomex hood.

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Name: Garathos Vollnar
Age: 31
Class: Rogue (Assassin/Thief)
Race: Dark Elf (Drow)
Appearance: Garathos, is a dark elf and as such has dark bluish colored flesh with red corneas in his otherwise white eyes, which are often enough blood shot anyway. Garathos, also known as Gara stands 6’1” tall and weighs 225 Lbs. He is very muscular and more thin than robust. He does sport several scars of varying length across his body; trophies from several fights he has been involved with. Gara’s hair is white. He keeps it long, but either braided to the rear or in a ponytail. His hair is rarely permitted to splay across his back in an unkempt manner.

Gara wears a black leather brigandine with silver or white ornate markings. His black leather vambraces match the brigandine ending at the elbow. At the back of the elbow is a 3” dagger or spike prepared to produce damage if Gara delivers an elbow strike to an opponent. A thick black leather belt, approximately three inches in width, matches the chest piece and the vambraces. His high soft leather boots are worn and form fitting. They fit his feet smoothly allowing him to walk quietly when necessary. Silk leggings or bloomers billow out from his waist and tucked into the top of his knee-high boots. Atop his head is a hooded cloak and mask that covers his nose, mouth and chin area. The hood conceals his face quite easily.

Personality: Gara knows what makes people tick, he can tease out their heart’s desires after a few minutes of conversation, and with a few leading questions he can read them like they were children’s books. His favorite scheme is putting on new identities. His facility with disguise makes it easy to insert himself into any setting, the better to get his target alone. As a personality flaw, Garathos is confident no one can get the better of him.

Gara is focused on personal gain. He can be arrogant at times, but is a team player only when the outcome benefits himself. He would only undertake a quest if it is for the benefit of someone else if he also receives a benefit. Generosity is not in Gara’s nature.

Gara is sociopathic in that he truly does not care for others. If he can use another person to achieve his own goals, then they have value. He will defend an ally as long as they serve a purpose. If he sees no reason in keeping someone around, he will not go out of his way to protect them or preserve their life. Conversely, Gara will not kill someone simply for the enjoyment of killing. If there is no reason to kill someone he may on occasion feel compelled to enact vengeance for an unnecessary death, but those moments are rare in the life of Garathos Vollnar.

Gara truly believes he is a God. He believes himself to be the most handsome creature on the planet and all others should worship him. If one were to look up the phrase self-centered they would find his name.

History: The dark elf known as Garathos Vollnar, resided in the caves of Ashenhone until he was old enough to strike out on his own. He left the caves at 17 and never looked back. He trained with the Assassins of Thenshara for three years as a thief and an assassin. He joined the assassin’s guild and the thieves’ guild taking work in both professions as the time needed.

Over the past eleven years he has traveled the world performing his trade, being hired out by many nobles or men of the merchant class. When he was 26 he was smitten by a young Drow woman named, Talea Urvolis. Garathos was truly in love withTalea and would do anything for her. This was such a new experience for Garathos, to feel so willing to give of oneself for antoher person. But it was an unrequited love. Talea used Garathos to murder her father and inherit his wealth. Once the elder Urvolis was dead, Talea no longer had a need for the assassin. She discarded him lost, dejected and heart broken.

Gara was with Talea for two years before he completed her task and was cast aside like a piece of refuse. It took him another two years to get over the heart ache she imposed upon his soul. Today, he views the woman as a source of evil and becomes angered by the mere mention of her name. He has considered killing the woman, but cannot bring himself to do the task. It is a fine line between love and hate. Even though he hates the very ground she walks upon, a warm spot remains in his heart for her. But its fires burn brightly between both love and hate. This conflicted feeling prevents Garathos from loving another, tending only to his own needs. They have also left him feeling apathetic to the desires of others.

Martial Arts Expert: Garathos has trained in hand to hand combat skills for several years. He is considered an expert in these martial skills. (Taekwondo, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Karate)

Weapons proficiency: In conjunction with his martial arts training, Garathos is excellent in the use of several weapons including daggers, throwing knives, short sword, Kamas, Nunchukas, bo staff, shuriken (throwing stars), hand spikes, foot claws and tonfa.

Two weapon skill: He is especially skilled at using the short sword in his dominant hand and a dagger in his off hand. His damage is increased by 50% when employing this two-weapon style of fighting.

Racial Abilities:
Increased agility. Garathos is very quick on his feet and appears to know the next move an opponent is going to make in a fight. He is very flexible.

Increased Intelligence. Garathos is a very intelligent dark elf. He has studied several disciplines and appreciates solid problem solving.

Increased charisma. People tend to like Garathos based on his appearance and personality. He can influence others to do his will 15% of the time. Characters of increased intelligence are not as easily taken in by Gara’s charisma.

Immunity to magic sleep effects. He cannot be placed into magical sleep.

Increased resistance to enchantment spells or effects. Any spell that is enchanting in nature has no effect on Garathos.

Darkvision. Garathos can see just as clearly in darkness as he can in daylight with the exception to the first 10 – 20 minutes of coming into the light. Magically induced darkess spells will leave him blinded just as it would impact others.

Increased Spell Resistance. Garathos benefits by an increase of a 20% chance of resisting any magical spell cast upon him.

Class Abilities:
Backstabbing: As a rogue, Gara commits double normal damage when attacking an opponent from the rear.

Cheap Shot: Gara must have a melee weapon in his hand for this attack to work. He must target an opponent’s back. Once struck, the victim is stunned for five seconds; unable to move or take any action including spellcasting. This move only works once every ten strikes.

Climb walls: With the use of hand spikes and foot spikes, Garathos is capable of climbing walls, even those that appear to have not the tiniest of outcroppings of stone. It appears as though he were a spider. There is a 10% chance Garathos may fall if the wall is a smooth surface. The chance of falling diminishes as the wall becomes rougher.

Dancing Lights: Garathos can create up to four lights resembling lanterns or torches casting that amount of light upon an area, or up to four glowing spheres of light, which look like will-o’-wisps, or one faintly glowing, vaguely humanoid shape. The dancing lights must stay within a 10-foot-radius area in relation to each other but otherwise move as Garathos desires. He must only have a piece of flint in his possession for this to work. The spell will remain in effect for as long as Gara requires or if he moves more than five hundred feet away from the light. Once the spell is cast, he no longer need think about the light. It will remain.

Darkness: This spell causes an object to radiate shadowy illumination out to a 20-foot radius. All creatures in the area are concealed. Even creatures that can normally see in such conditions as with darkvision or low-light vision cannot see in an area shrouded in magical darkness. Normal lights (torches, candles, lanterns, and so forth) are incapable of brightening the area. If darkness is cast upon a small object that is then placed inside or under a lightproof covering, the spell’s effect is blocked until the covering is removed. The darkness spell can be dispelled by a dispel magic spell. Garathos must have a bit of bat fur and a piece of coal for this spell to work.

Distract: This ability allows Gara the ability to create a distraction at a distance up to 50 feet away. This ability may cause an opponent to offer his back to the rogue and allow Gara to secure an increase in damage.

Faerie Fire: A pale glow surrounds and outlines the subjects. Outlined subjects shed light as candles. Outlined creatures do not benefit from the concealment normally provided by darkness, blur, displacement, invisibility, or similar effects. The light is too dim to have any special effect on undead or dark-dwelling creatures vulnerable to light. Garathos’ faerie fire casts off a dim blue color when cast. The faerie fire does not cause any harm to the objects or creatures thus outlined.

False Identity: Gara created a second identity, Anadram Selsen including documentation, established acquaintances, and disguises that allows him to assume that persona. Additionally, Gara can forge documents including official papers and personal letters, as long as he has seen an example of the kind of document or the handwriting he is trying to copy. Anadram Selsen is a minor noble with patence of nobility on hand as well as a signet ring to prove his identity.

Light Blindness: When Garathos experiences an abrupt exposure to bright light such as sunlight or a daylight spell, he is blinded blinded for ten minutes. For an additional ten minutes, Garathos is dazzled and finds it difficult to focus on anything.

Lock picking: With his lockpicking tools, Gara can safely unlock non-magical locks with a 25% chance of success. IF he fails, he can try two more times before the lock is rendered unable to be picked. Magical locks can be picked if a magic-user removes the magical lock first.

Move stealthy/Hide in shadows: By making use of the light and moving through available shadows, Garathos is able to conceal his location with only a 20% chance of being detected by someone looking for him and a 5% chance of being detected by someone who does not know he is there.

Pick pocket: Garathos can pick a target’s pocket by use of a distraction. He does need to know what pocket or pouch he is picking prior to using this ability. He has a 75% chance of a successful pick and a 10% chance of being caught by the target.

Sap incapacitates a single target for five minutes. The victim is unable to do anything for the duration of the attack. They cannot move or defend themselves. If they are struck, they will immediately wake up.

Spot, search, locate object/hidden passage: If Garathos is searching for an object in a room, a hidden passage or a person in a crowd, Garathos has a 90% chance of locating it. If a passage or object is protected by magic, he cannot detect the item’s location. He won’t even know it is protected by magic.

Trance: Instead of sleeping, Gara meditates deeply, remaining semiconscious, for four hours a day, gaining the same benefit that a human does from eight hours of sleep. Gara appears to be asleep with this eyes open or closed. He can do this either way. He does not need to lie down, but cannot remain standing nor can he do this while on horseback.

Vanish: When this ability is enacted, Gara disappears from sight in a puff of smoke for three seconds. He can either move quickly away from an opponent, continue to attack or move toward an opponent. Garathos must have a fint & tinder in his possession and a dirty yellowish powder of crushed sulfur.

Known Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon, Draconic, Drow Sign Language, Gnome and Goblin.

    * Shortsword named Lytelos which has been enchanted to make its bearer 10% faster in the sword’s use. Lytelos is crafted from the finest steel with a fibrous black woven handle.
    * four blackened steel daggers
    * six blackened steel throwing knives
    * 12 shuriken (throwing stars)
    * set of black leather hand spikes (for climbing walls.)
    * set of black foot claws (for climbing walls. Slips over footwear.)
    * black studded leather jerkin with silver ornate markings.
    * black studded leather vambraces match the jerkin ending at the elbow. At the tip of the elbow is a 3” spike prepared to produce damage if Gara delivers an elbow strike to an opponent.
    * three-inch-wide black leather belt with the same ornate designs as on the jerkin and vambraces. * knee high form fitting soft leather boots.
    * black silk leggings or bloomers
    * black hooded cloak descending to the back of his knees
    * black silk mask that covers his nose, mouth and chin area.
    * dungeoneer’s pack
    * thieves’ tools
    * disguise kit
    * signet ring of a minor drow noble
    * a set of dark common clothes
    * three belt pouches
    * flint & tinder
    * bit of bat fur
    * piece of coal
    * pouch of sulfur

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Armored Reconnaissance Platoon:

Mechanized Infantry platoon:

Armor Platoon:

Motorized Infantry platoon:

Light Infantry Platoon

Battalion Support Elements

The Company will receive support from the battalion Headquarters Company which consists of the Battalion Headquarters section, medical platoon, communications section, support platoon, maintenance platoon, Mess section, Mortar Platoon and Reconnaissance Platoon.

The Battalion Commander and his staff are all members of the headquarters section. The administrative officer oversees the battalion’s paperwork, personnel changes, promotions and awards. The intelligence officer collects all intelligence from subordinate units as well as from higher headquarters; analyzes this intel and provides the battalion with an analytical perspective of enemy activity in the battalion’s Area of Operations (AOR). The Operations Officer and his staff plan all operations and provide mission specific details for all subordinate units. The Supply Officer provides the battalion with all logistical support through the various classes of supply; food, fuel, ammunition, barrier materials and everything else the battalion needs. The Communications Officer insures all communications equipment are working properly in the battalion including a commo maintenance section.

The Medical platoon answers to the battalion’s administrative officer consisting of a Battalion physician, a Battalion Aid Station (BAS), line medics and an evacuation section. Each infantry platoon is issued a line medic for first response activities. Each company is issued an ambulance to provide immediate casualty evacuation as needed. The BAS is used for simple wound treatments and either sent back to their units or triaged for more serious cases and sent to the Brigade Support Area (BSA).

The Support platoon consists of ten 10-ton Lorries used to carry the battalion’s basic load of ammunition (BLA). One BLA is issued to the battalion, one BLA is maintained with the support platoon and one BLA is stored in the BSA to be pushed forward when needed. The support platoon is not used to transport the light infantry platoon.

The Maintenance platoon consists of a platoon headquarters, Maintenance Contact Teams which are capable of deploying with a company when necessary, services section, POL section and recovery section.

The Mess section prepares all meals for the battalion whether using A rations or C rations.

The 120mm Mortar Platoon consists of four 120mm mortars and provides indirect fire support to any unit deployed in a combat zone. The 120mm mortar has a range of 8,140 m (8,900 yd) with standard projectile or 12,850 m (14,050 yd) with rocket assisted projectiles. Priority of fires may be given to whichever platoon is determined to be the Main Effort.

The Reconnaissance Platoon is either heavy or light depending on what platoons the players choose for their platoon.

Other Combat Support Assets available
The Battalion has external support from Brigade which may be attached to our battalion for operational control. The Brigade has a battalion of 105mm Towed Howitzers which can provide support through either a six-gun battery or all three batteries of 18 guns.

The Brigade has an attack aviation company and a medium lift helicopter company consisting of AS565 Panther (Airbus) aircraft. The Panther is configured in two different versions for its role with the Brigade. The troop carrier is equipped with nylon and aluminum seats and the attack aircraft version is armed with several different sets of munitions and armaments including a 20mm pod-mounted cannon, 68mm rocket pods, a maximum of eight Mistral air-to-air missiles, or a maximum of eight HOT anti-tank missiles; all of which can be mounted onto a universal weapon support beam.

An Engineer Battalion supports the brigade providing a company of engineers or sappers to support the units during mobility, counter mobility and survivability operations.

The Air Defense Artillery battery provides air defense through both gun and missile systems throughout the Brigade’s area of responsibility.

The Brigade has a Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon (LRRP) consisting of four 6-man recon squads to provide long range reconnaissance and surveillance support against enemy operations. The LRRP platoon is also capable of providing platoon sized direct action missions including raids and ambushes when needed.
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The Empire of Bakushima

Click on image for larger crisper image

The Empire of Bakushima is a unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy located south of Raetia across the Straits of Lagos. Bakushima is an island nation surrounded by the Raetian Sea. This nation uses Japanese naming conventions.

Population: 100,000,000
Area: 345,000 square Km
Head of State: His Imperial Majesty (Shōgun) Higashi Momoru - Responsible for the following governmental ministries or agencies:
Foreign Ministry - Principle negotiator
Defense Ministry - Supreme Leader of the Bakushima military
Foreign Intelligence Service
Royal Prerogative - Shōgun may enact Executive Orders which set his/her edicts into law. Royal Prerogatives may be challenged in the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court determines a Royal Prerogative is a violation of the Bakushima Constitution, the Executive Order is overturned. But the Supreme Court can only hear these challenges if and when a citizen of the nation violates a Royal Prerogative. If no one challenges, the Executive Order stands.

Head of Government: Prime Minister Ashigara Kenzo - Responsible for remaining interior governmental ministries and agencies including:
Attorney General’s Office - Attorney General Yamakawa Kimi
Cabinet Office - Permanent Secretary Fukuda Amaya
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Perm. Secretary Ando Mitsuru
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - Perm. Sec. Yamaguchi Isao
Department for Education - Perm. Sec. Matsumoto Isoroku
Department for Work and Pensions - Perm. Sec. Kitao Eizo
Ministry of the Treasury - Chancellor of the Exchequor Nishida Hiroki
Home Office - Home Secretary Okita Sumiko
Ministry of Justice - Ichikara Takeo
Ministry of Internal Affairs - Chief Commissioner Shimoda Soro, Law Enforcement

Parliament (Legislative): House of Commons & House of Lords

The Supreme Court of Bakushima - Nine Magistrates with one serving as the Chief Magistrate
Chief Magistrate Okazumi Kensata

Economy: Bakushima is the third wealthiest nation on the planet. Bakushima has many older farms in the plains region (Eastern Baku) as well as a few along the coastal regions of western Bakushima. The Baku people pride themselves in their high degree of technology. Several Bakushima corporations are the global industry leaders producing some of the finest computers, automobiles, telecommunications and military grade weapons. Baku will fight its next war based on its technology. They have many satellites in orbit around the planet as well as a premier space program.

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Name: Higashi Momoru
Title: His Imperial Majesty and Shōgun of the Empire of Bakushima
Description: Momoru, 51 stands 5’ 11” tall and weighs 180 Lbs. He has short black hair, parted on the left side with brown eyes and has a narrow oval shaped face. Momoru was injured at age 15 during a hunting trip and lost the use of his left hand. It hangs limp by his side. It is useless. He dresses conservatively, usually in a tailored suit and colorful tie with a white dress shirt. His casual dress consists of boat shoes (Light tennis shoe) dour colored slacks and a colorful golf shirt. He may wear the ball cap with the logo of the Tagawa Lightning F.C., his favorite sports team (football/Soccer).

Background: The Higashi family have held the position of Shōgun for the past 342 years. Momoru is the 12th member of his family to hold the title of Shōgun. Momoru has been in this position for the past ten years following the death of his father, Katsuro. Katsuro was known as a benevolent leader with a charismatic personality. The population of Bakushima loved their ruler. His son, Momoru is also generous, but not as personable as his father. He tends to seclude himself from the public eye often, focusing more on Imperial duties than public appearances. He is liked, but often times compared unfavorably to his father. Momoru can best be described as focused

As a teenager, Momoru wanted to be just like his father. The elder served in the Baku Army, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and commanded the 25th Air Assault Brigade prior to his coronation at age 38. Momoru and his brother, Norio accompanied Katsuro on his hunting trips to the mountains in the western regions of the island. One time, while sighting in a large stag, Momoru’s rifle exploded severing his left wrist almost completely; a few tendons and bone fragments kept it together. The surgeons were able to sew the hand back to the wrist, but the nerve damage was so great, he would never be able to use the hand again. It is a dangling ornament, often kept encased in a black glove.

Momoru is occasionally sensitive about his left hand. Normally, a very calm leader, but he can be incensed to violence, spewing disparaging comments to anyone who makes an ill comment about his deformed left hand. It is not always this way. He is more than willing to entertain an inquisitive child about his handicap.

Momoru also has a sister, Sumiko who is five years younger than him. Norio, is two years younger than Momoru. The three had a normal childhood with the two boys constantly fighting with another and getting into trouble. Norio often fought with his baby sister, but Momoru would step in and protect her when his ire got up. She was often the source of their fighting.

As a young man, Momoru excelled in his studies. He enjoyed mathematics and physical science, but was forced to study government and politics in College. He also learned the Raetian language and the common tongue. He was forced to be a member of the debate club and coincidentally, this was another strong point for him. Although he attempted exercise, his mother, Lady Higashi Haruki was overprotective. He had played soccer up until his 15th year. He was an average player, but enjoyed the sport. Once he injured his hand, Lady Haruki would no longer permit him to participate in sports. He enjoyed running and was always accompanied by his personal security detail.

When Momoru was 30 years of age, he married Ashigara Yori. Yori comes from a rival family that supports the Higashi clan. There are three families in the Baku Islands that can lay a claim to the Empire; the Higashi clan, Ashigara clan and the Nishida clan. Both the Nishida clan and the Ashigara clans have no intentions to upset the balance of power, but occasionally comments are made about Higashi Momoru that should never be repeated. Lady Yori would never do anything to upset that balance of power.

Momoru and Yori have three daughters; Kimi, Hama and Yukiko. Never in the 1200 year history of the Baku Empire has their been a woman sitting on the dais of the Hidachi Palace. Times are changing and Momoru is a strong voice in favor of his daughter ascending to the position of emperor of Bakushima. Both Prime Minister Ashigara Kenzo, leader of the Ashigara clan and Chancellor Nishida Hiroki, leader of the Nishida clan have voiced their opinions on this subject and would be extremely displeased if Higashi Kimi grew to become emperor of Bakushima. It just might result in a revolutionary war.

Personality: Higashi Momoru is generally a laid-back sort of man. Most of the time he can control his temper, refusing to allow emotion to control his political goals. Given his age and experience, Momoru is an excellent negotiator. He lacks a sense of humor, often what he finds funny, others do not. He occasionally fails to laugh when a joke or other humorous quip has been elicited. This has been a source of angst with him. His aide has coached him to fake laugh if others are laughing, just to appear as though he is behaving appropriately. Momoru prefers the company of his dog over people. Except his daughters. He loves them dearly and would do anything for his precious lotus blossoms.
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The People’s Republic of Raetia

Click on image for larger crisper image

The People’s Republic of Raetia is a one-party state, the Communist Party of Raetia (CPR).
Raetia is located on the southeastern side of the Grancias Continent. This solitary nation takes up approsimately 20% of Grancias. The Island of Bakushima lies approximately 500 miles south of Raetia. This nation uses European naming conventions--anything from the Ural Mountains to the Portuguese coast and from the tip of the Italian Peninsula to Iceland, Scotland and the northern tip of Norway.

Population: 680,000,000 people
Area: 8,988,451 square Km
Government Socialism
President: Sasha Drokhov
General Secretary: Sasha Drokhov
Chairman of the Central Military Commission: Sasha Drokhov

Economy: Raetia is an upcoming nation. It has focused on industry and economic expansion for the past fifty years. Over the past twenty years, the nation has averaged an annual growth in their GDP of 6% per year. There have been several notable years where they gained 15+% in their GDP. But they lack in technology and find they must reverse engineer stolen technology. This concept has allowed them to develop an aerospace program that places a limited number of satellites in orbit around the globe. Due to its vast size of territory, Raetia has all the necessary resources to conduct day to day business but relies on imports from foreign nations for the rare resources.

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Name: Sasha Drokhov
Title: General Secretary of the Communist Party of Raetia; President of the People’s Republic of Raetia and Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Description: Sasha Drokhov, 48 stands 5’8” tall (172.7 cm) and weighs 185 Lbs. (84Kg.). She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. She dresses in business suits frequently and occasionally wears business casual attire when not in the limelight; which is infrequent. Sasha loves the camera and adores the center of attention about as much as she adores herself. She believes she is a very attractive woman even if others disagree. God save those who would make a statement about her appearance.

Background: Sasha Drokhov is the daughter of Ivan Petrovich Drokhov, a former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of Raetia. Sasha has no siblings and was raised with a sense of entitlement. Her nanny, Olga Krasnoff was put to death when Sasha was 28. Apparently, the woman spoke out harshly about the future General Secretary.

As a child, Sasha had the finest education in Raetian society. As the sole daughter of the General Secretary, everything was handed to her as soon as she desired it. She learned to ride a horse at age seven and ride a motorcycle at age 12. While the people of Raetia waited in long lines to purchase groceries; common in a Socialist society, not the daughter of the pinnacle of Raetian government. If the people knew what life was like inside her home, they might just throw another revolution as they had a hundred years prior.

She graduated from the University of Modesto at Port Arturo (UMPA) with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in International Relations. While a student at UMPA, she was a member of the debate club and the young Communist Party on campus. She quickly ascended to the presidency of each club or endeavor she pursued.

At age 24, after six years at the University, Sasha was elected to National People’s Congress (NPC): the ultimate power of the state that supervise and elects all the other organs. She was both honored and elated at her election to the NPC. While a member of the NPC, at age 30, she was appointed to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC): the legislative branch of Raetia. By this time she knew she was destined for greatness. No one was better than her. It was her will that would win out one day. She was the best in the world, at everything.

Finally, the pinnacle of her success was achieved when she was 42. After 18 years serving in government, she was elected to the highest office in the land; President of the People’s Republic of Raetia. With this elevation in status, she was elected by the party members to the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of Raetia. Naturally, due to her position at the top of PRR government, she was appointed as the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, giving complete authority over the people of Raetia.

General Secretary Sasha Drokhov’s administration has been one of cleaning house and paranoia. The President of Raetia has strict orders to root out any nonbelievers in her efforts to help Raetian Republic rise to be the premier super power in the world. Anyone who expresses the least bit of criticism has been rounded up and either whisked away to a labor camp in Amurica or has been executed on the spot. Many people fear the General Secretary and this attitude has caused all Raetians to behave in a manner befitting all respectable citizens of the Republic according to President Drokhov.

Personality: Sasha Drokhov is a narcissist. In her opinion, taking care of her needs and desires is synonymous with taking care of the needs and desires of the nation. She can be cruel and condescending to those around her. In front of the cameras, Sasha appears to be loving, caring and sweet to the people of her nation. She appears to be sympathetic to whatever plight her people are enduring and may even appear concerned about those suffering outside her country, but behind the scenes, she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself.
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The World of Anhuac

To do list:
    * design each nation's military -- Need to do Free Cities of Nalaar, Working on Kingdom of Daenoria, Achen and Shandong Empire.
    * note forms of transportation in each nation
    * synopsis of the people's attitudes and daily life in their nation.

Maleki Caliphate

The Caliphate is of the Old World. The people of the Caliphate are of Southwest Asian descent. They are dark skinned with black hair and brown eyes. Many retained their nomadic values, but there was a push in the past thirty years to join the rest of the Anhuac community.


Naming Conventions: Arabic/Middle Eastern

Major Cities:

Minor Cities:
Al Qadana

Most of Maleki is a dry hot desert. There are sparse oasis scattered about the landscape. Most of the largest oasis are locations where cities erupted. Western Maleki, west of Lake Bintu is mostly a grassland savanna with sparse forests or copses of trees.

This is a hot land with temperature range of between 50 and 130 (F). Sand storms can pop up at random times.

Politics & Law
Maleki Caliphate is ruled by a Sultan who is both head of government for the country and head of the house of worship. Since everyone worships Zeus, Poseiden, Hades, et al., he may designatae subordinate priests to aid in the worship process.
The culture is very strict when it comes to laws. Citizens and guests of the Caliphate do not have permission to own fire arms. Possession of fire arms is justification for arrest and confinement. Their Criminal justice system is swift. A person is arrested on day 1. The court date is set for seven days later and sentencing is strict and immediate. The prisons are full of prisoners who claim they did not do what they are charged with. There are no law enforcement agents in the country. The Maleki military has law enforcement authority. Their Military Police officers conduct random patrols in the communities and are on the front lines of enforcement. Although other types of soldiers do not actively engage in law enforcement, they have just as much authorities as their brothers and sisters in the MP community.
Assaults on citizens are arrestable offenses, but not assaults on foreigners visiting the country. Murder of any kind is an arrestable offense. If self defense can be proven, the guilt can be overturned. A defendant is considered guilty until proven innocent. Malicious destruction of other people's property is an arrestable offense unless the defendant can pay remunerations for their actions. Most judges will imprison or fine a foreigner rather than give them a break. Locals are given breaks more often than not. Foreigners are screwed.
The Maleki parliament creates legislation that must be approved by the Sultan. If the Sultan elects not to approve of a bill, the parliament must vote with a greater than 66% approval for it to pass. less than 66% and the legislation dies. Most legislation is relative to commerce and international agreements.

The Free Cities of Nalaar

These cities are independent of any centralized government. They have a mayor or governor for each center. Native people to the Free cities are all dark skinned with black hair and brown eyes. They are expressive and love life as much as their community.

Naming Conventions: African
There are no provinces in Nalaar!

Major Cities:
Port Mersin

Minor Cities:

A majority of Nalaar is savannas, with grassy plains and the occasional rolling hills. The coastal region is most temperate with fertile soil, excellent for farming. Eastern portions of Nalaar extend into the desert to the east.

It is warm in Nalaar with temperatures ranging between 0 and 100 (F). Humidity levels are higher near the coast. Hurricanes hit the coast of Nalaar in summer months.

Politics & Law
The Free Cities of Nalaar are each independently run. The "nation" is not even a confederacy. Each city is an independenet city state run by a Governor

Governor Javion Ruffin is head of state for Conkerie. He allows citizens and foreign visitors to do whatever they wish in his city, as long as they do not commit assault/murder on other people or commit damage to other people's property. The law enforcement is pretty lax in this city. Like the Maleki Caliphate, Military Police Officers are the primary law enforcement arm in Conkerie.
A board of 15 Council members act as the legislative body for the city. Governor Ruffin has a similar veto power as the Sultan of Maleki. Instead of a 66% majority to overturn a veto, the council needs only 8 members to overturn the veto. There are four District courtrooms and four Superior courtnouses in Conkerie. There is also one appellate court with three magistrates appointed for life by the Governor. The appellate court is called the Supreme Appellate Court of Conkerie. There is one prison located two miles into the desert that has a very small population of inmates.
There are several firearms dealers in the city as well as shops that deal in special tools and chemicals needed to conduct suvert operations if needed.

Governor Johntey Blake runs the city with an iron fist. He uses infantry troops to support the Military Police officers with their law enforcement duties. Their reputation is, "they will shoot first and ask question later" is no exaggeration. As long as a foreigner maintains a low profile, he/she should have no threat from the MPs or Infantry patrols in Kankari. There is no board of Councilmen in Kankari. Governor Blake has a legislative advisor who writes legislation for him. It passes only wtih the governor's approval. A board of three magistrates serve as the only courthouse in Kankari. The prison, found in the hottest part of the desert is overpopulated and would be accused of several civil rights violations if investigated in other nations. It is despicable. A convict has a better chance of being killed in prison than on the streets of Kankari. Governor Blake has a company of foreign mercenaries, called, "Death Troops" who serve as his personal body guards and conduct investigations per the Governor's request. You do not want the Death Troops on your tail.

Governor Ayren Cole believes in the equal weight of justice. He strives to create a community where children can attend school and citizens can thrive without fear of harassment or a lack of the necessities of life. Like the other cities of Nalaar, he uses the Military Police to enforce laws in his city. He has a nine member board of councilmen who enact legislation which Governor Cole must approve. The board of Councilmen need only five members to overturn his veto. There are three district courthouses, three superior courthouses and one appellate court; the Kore-Danere Superior Appellate Court.

Governor Keenan Bush is an egomaniacal overlord. He wears an army uniform, presenting himself as a General officer, wearing a 4" wide red sash over his uniform. He always wears reflective aviator shades as well. There was a 9-man board of councilmen when he first took office, but he had them all killed shortly after he seized power. He hired a mercenary company called, "Bush Masters" to enforce his rule on the people. The people live in fear under Governor Bush's power. Some units within the army, he does not trust, but does use the Military Police assisted by Infantry to patrol the city and enforce his laws. He really does not care about murder, assault, B&E or larcenies unless it affects him personally. The people live in constant fear of being taken away and either locked up in the Muhammed Jordan Prison or executed.

Port Mersin
Governor Tariq Manning cares for the people of his city. He works closely wtih the board of council members in enacting legislation to help the people. He walks the city of Port Mersin chatting with the city's residents about what issues affect them most. He does whatever he can to help them. He is welcoming and friendly to strangers, but do not cross him. He will come down heavy handed on those who offend his residents or their property.

Governor Leon Bryant-Doyle is a decent ruler over the people of Al-Zaida. He encourages free enterprise with the businessmen of his city and seeks trade with the other cities of Nalaar and the other nations of Anhuac. Governor Doyle has a secret service detachment, but tries to maintain a distance with them. He trusts his people. HE loves his people and does not believe there is a valid threat against his life. The legislative body of Al-Zaida is a 27 member board elected by the nine districts of the city. The Supreme Judicial Court of Appeals is the highest court in the city with five district and four superior courthouses. The prison in Al-Zaida is of low population as crime is not a significant issue in the city. The people have a good life here.

Governor Ashura Okoye is a tall slender man at 6'8" in height. He likes wearing a military uniform and aviator sunglasses like others in the region. His personal security detachment (PSD) is composed of Tunidian Mercenaries from Fragnoli. He does not trust his own people and is eager to punish those who commit the smallest infraction. His military lacks discipline and the Governor does not trust his own commanders as well. The Legislative body of Amadi is made up of thirteen elected councilmen, but the Governor has no communications with this body. He does not trust them. The judges serve as mere figure heads. If they make decisions against what hte Governor intends, the Governor will countermand their decisions and do what he wants. Executions are the favored form of punishments over incarceration. Crime is low, but corruption is high. Prostitution and racketeering are overly abundant in the city with two crime families competing for control over the city.

Governor Rashidi Obi has been in office for only four months and is still getting used to his post. He is not sure what he can and cannot do. The people are uncertain of him as well. He has not been seen often in the public eye. Governor Obi prefers to dress in casual attire that would be considered appropriate for the hot climate of Nalaar. He does have a PSD composed of Suleppo soldiers who the Governor trusts immensely. His army is professional, numbering about a Brigade plus in strength with both heavy and light units. The board of councilors numbers 15 and decide legislative matters in the city. There is only one courthouse for the District, superior and Appellate courts are housed. Crime is low and the people are generally happy in Suleppo.

The Kingdom of Braetor

Naming Conventions: British/Anglican

Major Cities:
Maki City

Minor Cities:
Black Hallows
Dagger’s Edge
Fool’s March
Ship’s Haven

The northern provinces of Braetor are higher than the southern regions with Grog’s Crossing being a bridge or fording site across the Boles River. The northern provinces form a series of Steppes as they descend southward into Skye province. Then rolling hills and sparse copse of trees form the terrain of lower Braetor. This region is a breadbasket of farms and produce.

The northern provinces are much warmer than the southern provinces. In the winter time, the northern provinces may get down to 20 degrees for overnight lows, but have highs around 120 (F). The southern regions experience all four seasons with lows just below 0 (F) and highs around 90. Violent Tornadoes or Twisters will often touch down in the southern plains regions of Braetor.

Politics & Law
The Kingdom of Braetor has a Constitutional Monarchy with the Copeland family holding the seat of government for the past four hundred years. His Majesty King Philip, VI of his name is the current monarch at age 61 who is married to Queen Margaret, 58 (nee Bradshaw). King Philip VI and Queen Margaret have seven children; Joseph, 34; Anthony, 32; Leslie, 31; Charlotte, 29; Theresa, 28; Lillian, 26 & Roland, 25. King Philip is the Commander-in-Chief of the Braetorian military and chief negotiator for the country. The King finds charities to donate to and causes to support. He maintains situational awareness of all significant events in the world.
Prime Minister Brian Lawrence is head of government for Braetor and has the highest seat in Parliament. Parliament consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons which creates legislation for the nation. The Prime Minister also chairs his own cabinet with ministers who assist him in administering various national affairs.
The Supreme Court of Braetor is the final court of appeal in the Kingdom of Braetor for civil cases, and for criminal cases. It sits in the Gershwin Guildhall in Mansfield. It hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population, including disputes relating to devolution. The Kingdom of Braetor has a doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, which limits the Supreme Court’s powers. It cannot overturn any primary legislation made by Parliament. There are twelve justices who sit on the Supreme court, but only five hear each case.
The Courts in Braetar consist of the Senior Courts and the Subordinate Courts. Subordinate Courts consist of County Courts, Family Courts, Magistrates’ Courts and Youth Courts. Senior Courts consist of The Crown Court and the High Court.
The High Court of Justice in Mansfield, together with the Court of Appeal and the Crown Court, are the Senior Courts of Braetar. The High Court deals at first instance with all high value and high importance civil law (non-criminal) cases, and also has a supervisory jurisdiction over all subordinate courts and tribunals, with a few statutory exceptions.
The High Court consists of three divisions: the King's Bench Division, the Chancery Division, and the Family Division. Their jurisdictions overlap in some cases, and cases started in one division may be transferred by court order to another where appropriate.
Most High Court proceedings are heard by a single judge, but certain kinds of proceedings, especially in the King's Bench Division, are assigned to a divisional court, a bench of two or more judges. Exceptionally the court may sit with a jury, but in practice normally only in defamation cases. Litigants are normally represented by counsel.
The Parliament of the Kingdom of Braetar is the supreme legislative body. It alone possesses legislative supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in the Kingdom. Parliament is bicameral with three parts, consisting of the sovereign, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons. The two houses meet in the Palace of Granville in the City of Mansfield.
The House of Lords has 295 seats from the counties and parishes of the Kingdom. Their seats are hereditary, passed down from parent to child. Both women and men may serve as a Minister of Parliament (MP) with the eldest child of each minister’s family being chosen to take his or her parent’s seat. The eldest may refuse the seat if there is a younger child. With no younger child in the lineage, the eldest must take the seat. If the sitting minister has no children, the succession passes to the next sibling or cousin in his family line.
The House of Commons is an elected chamber consisting of 230 Members of Parliament (MP). Elections for the House of Commons occurs on the second Thursday in April, ever five years. An MP may be re-elected for as long as he or she is willing to serve. There are no term limits.
There are ten registered parties in the Braetarian Government. Every Minister of Parliament must belong to one of these ten parties. Registered parties include: Conservative, Labor, Libertarian, Progressive, Green, Sovereign, Apollo, Union, Alliance, and Independent Parties. Each party has its own agenda on the direction the Braetarian nation and its government should head. Often times, there are overlaps between the ten parties. The two houses also occasional have differences in opinion, even along party lines. It can be a confusing course.
The Prime Minister is elected by the Ministers in Parliament and serve until voted out by Parliament or they choose to retire. Once an MP is elected to be the Prime Minister, a special election is held in the PM's district to choose his successor.

Legal Attitudes:
Might is Right and Guilty until Proven Innocent are the leading attitudes in Braetar as well as many of the nations of Anhuac. If someone accuses you of a crime, but comes up missing of unknown reasons, then the crime is cleared from the record. Persons charged with a crime will get a fair trial eventually. The backlog of crimes awaiting trial is extensive. Arraignments will happen the next day after a charge is filed and the actual trial may take four to six months before it commences. In the meantime, your defense Council needs to prepare your defense, because you will NOT have an opportunity for bail. Only under extenuating circumstances is bail a possibility. Usually it is for residents and the wealthy. A foreigner or someone of ill reputation will not get bail. Fortunately, time spent awaiting trial is counted towards your sentence.

The Kingdom of Daenoria

Naming Conventions: British/USA

Major Cities:
Port Awre
Porthos (Capital)

Minor Cities:

Rocky outcroppings bespeckle the landscape. There are no tremendously tall mountains, but the rolling hills are exposed rock rather than grass covered knolls. The northern regions are very cold and the southern lands are warm. The humidity is very hot near the river in the south. Several lakes and rivers dot the countryside.

Cold in the north in the winter time with temperatures occasionally droppig below zero to about 20 below 0 and temps rising to a high of around 90 (F). The southern regions can get to 100 (F) in the summer and zero in the wintertime.

Politics & Law
Daenoria is a Weak Monarchy. Parliament and the Prime Minister have more power than the crown. The Kingdom of Daenoria is in title only, yet traditions afford the Royal Family the same luxuries royal families of other nations enjoy.
King Joseph XII of his name of house Randolph, 43 years of age is the sitting King of Daenoria. He is married to Judith (nee Graham), 33 and they have three children; Joseph (XIII), George and Isabelle. King Joseph served in the Daenorian Army as an Infantry Officer for twenty years retiring as a Colonel just prior to his coronation. He remains entitled to wear his uniform to official functions.
The Chancellor of Daenoria holds the principle Executive power in the Kingdom. He does meet with the King regularly to brief the monarch of the current situation in the nation. The Current Chancellor is Charles Edward Moore, 53. The Chancellor is elected every four years by the sitting members of Parliament. Each Senator and Representative has one vote. Any current or former member of Parliament may run for Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor is also chosen by Parliament from the same group of candidates who run for Chancellor. It is possible for a Vice Chancellor to come from a different political party than the Chancellor. The current Vice Chancellor is Martin David Delano, 38. The Chancellor has a Cabinet of Secretaries who monitor the important divisions of government and report to the Chancellor. the Vice Chancellor and the Chief of Staff run the Cabinet meetings. Chancellor Moor is married to Helen (nee Gorman), age 50 and Vice Chancellor Delano is married to Pamela (nee Barry), 35.
Parliament passes all legislation for Daenoria with two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of four Senators from each province. With seven provinces, this means there are 28 Senators. The House of Representatives is determined by population. Some provinces have more Representatives than others. Each Province has the following number of Representatives: Braedon, 4; Cardin, 6; Collingsworth, 12; Grenby, 11; Paramore, 9; Saxon, 8 and Winston, 15 for a total of 65 representatives.
The Daenorian Supreme Court consists of nine Justices appointed by the Chancellor. One of the justices is appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by the Chancellor. Justices of hte Supreme Court hold their posts for life. They may retire if they choose to.
Might is Right and Innocent until Proven Guilty are the leading attitudes in Daenoria. If someone accuses you of a crime, but comes up missing of unknown reasons, then the crime is cleared from the record. Persons charged with a crime will get a fair trial eventually. The backlog of crimes awaiting trial is extensive. Arraignments will happen the next day after a charge is filed and the actual trial may take five to eight months before it commences. In the meantime, your defense Council needs to prepare your defense. Everyone charged with a crime is entitled to bail except under certain conditions. A foreigner or someone of ill reputation may not get bail if the judge feels the person is a flight risk. Fortunately, time spent awaiting trial is counted towards an accused' sentence.
Multi National Corporations (MNCs) are very important in Daenoria and may appear to have more power than the nation itself. There are at least ten major MNCs operating in Daenoria that can dictate policy to the Chancellor and Parliament.

The Kingdom of Elbistan

Naming Conventions: Middle Eastern/central Asia/Russian
Dast Naw

Major Cities:
Jerge Tal
Kosho Doboj
Kyzyl Terek
Orto Most

Minor Cities:
Dandor Kalah
Darza Khayl
Gharib Bach
Gor Zanak
Gowar Sang
Now Deh
Rabat al-Basani
Sabiz Kalan
Sekan Darreh
Sur Dewal
Tar Shabal
Zafar Kot

This is a temperate climate with frozen lands in the north and warmer climates in the outh. Most regions are hilly grasslands with sparse forests. The inner island is a warm lush paradise of farmland.

The temperature range is from 30 below zero up north in winter to 90 (F) in the south during the summertime. It is very humid in the lands near waterways.

Politics & Law
The head of government for the Kingdom of Elbistan is Sultan Salim Siddiq, III of his name. The Sultan holds this post for life to be replaced by his eldest child. Sultan Salim III is 73 years of age married to Kaina Pasha, 70; Akilah Hakim, 49 & Asfia Bacho, 22. Sultan Salim III has three children with his first wife (Kaina): Saddam, 50; Nashika, 48 & Qadr, 45. He has five children with his second wife; Aisha, 31; Nazmin, 29; Altair, 25; Ghazi, 24 & Taz, 22. The Sultan also has two children with his third wife; Nasr, 2 and Hussein, 3 mos. Polygamy is an accepted practice amongst the nobles of Elbistan. Most gentelmen have only two wives. A few have more than a dozen.
A Council of Elders performs the task of Legislation in Elbistan with one representative from each province. There are ten representatives on the Council. The Sultan appoints a Chief of Staff who serves as the Council Chairman and is the deciding vote if there is a tie. Council Chair is held by Shaquille Massoud, 60.
The Judicial system in Elbistan consists of municipal and superior courts at the lowest levels. County Courts hear cases appealed from the lower courts. State Superior Courts and State Appellate Courts hear appeals from County Courts. The Supreme Judical Court of Appeals of Elbistan (SJCAE) is the highest level court in the land which hears appeals from all lower courts. The SJCAE has the opportunity to set Case Law by its ability to overturn legislation contested by the citizens of the land. Their decisions are final. There are twelve members of the SJCAE, but only five hear each case.
Might is Right and Guilty until Proven Innocent are the leading attitudes in Elbistan. If someone accuses you of a crime, but comes up missing of unknown reasons, then the crime is cleared from the record. Persons charged with a crime will get a fair trial. The backlog of crimes awaiting trial is a strain. Arraignments will happen the next day after a charge is filed and the actual trial may take two to three months before it commences. In the meantime, your defense Council needs to prepare your defense. Everyone charged with a crime is entitled to bail except under certain conditions. A foreigner or someone of ill reputation may not get bail if the judge feels the person is a flight risk. Fortunately, time spent awaiting trial is counted towards an accused' sentence.

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The World of Anhuac

Page 2

The Republic of Achen

Naming Conventions: Germanic

Major Cities:
Bader Kreuznach

Minor Cities:

This is a very warm climate with some jungle areas in the north. The southern regions are comfortable aside from the high humidity. The terrain is rolling hills with no significant mountains. The occasional lake and river dot the landscape.

Hot and humid! Temperatures will drop to around freezing in the winter and rise to about 120 (F) during the summer.

The Republic of Duron

Naming Conventions: Indian Subcontinent/Western Asia

Major Cities:
Jina Sebesh

Minor Cities:
Al Shamai
Al Wafran
Hamza Al Dirhan
Mana Qadabis

The northern regions are frozen expanses with rolling hills and some mountains. There is snow on the peaks from late August until early May. During the summertime, the lower regions are free from snow and many lakes and ponds are revealed. The land is very fertile for farms and livestock. The central regions is mostly rolling hills and farmland. There are vast forests in this region as well. The southern regions have higher mountain ranges which separate Duron from Tunid as well as a pair of rivers that flow east and west out off the mountains. There are several passes where travelers can move north and south through the mountains. They are generally winding and narrow. Only three passes are wide enough to move caravans of wheeled vehicles--East, West and Central. The southern mountains are covered in triple canopy jungle. It can be very hot and humid!


The Ruthenian Empire

Naming Conventions: Germanic - Scandinavian
Alt Zealand
Daervish Hochland
Gor am Ramsfeld

Major Cities:
Danson Keep
Grog's Crossing

Minor Cities:
Acton, Solms
Banrockburn, Daervish Hochland
Basilisk Canyon
Boughton, Finnmark
Braedon, Alt Zealand
Caerleon, Daervish Hochland
Clacton, Grumbach
Domburton, Nordland
Eastcliff, Nordland
Easthaven, Hagenau
Eldergrove, Westfeldt
Fairnsworth, Hagenau
Falcon Haven, Berwick
Hornsby, Vitborg
King's Watch, Finnmark
Lycester, Sutherland
Middlesborough, Sutherland
Monmouth, Solms
Murky Banks, Westfeldt
Norwich, Colmar
Oakenvale, Westfeldt
Ossprey, Alt Zealand
Parma, Westfeldt
Poltragow, Jutland
Runswick, Vitborg
Sarton, Solms
Sheffield, Gor am Ramsfeld
Sherfield, Colmar
Sudbury, Grumbach
Tenby, Gor am Ramsfeld
Torranta, Westfeldt
Torrine, Berwick
Wellspring, Jutland
Woodhurst, Sutherland

The Ruthenian Empire rises from the expansive Tobler River into the mountains. Fortress cities and walls guard the ancient kingdom. Great pine forests supply lumber for fleets of merchant ships who ply their trade one the seven mile wide river. The southern and eastern provinces have arable land for growing foodstuff. The northern climes are very cold and frozen in the winter. Colmar and Grumbach house several lakes which are frozen over in the winter time, but present during the warmer months of the year.

Northern regions experience four seasons with sub zero frozen tundra in the mountains in the north. Temperatures can get down to -60 (F) in the wintertime and as high as 80 (F) in the summer. The land experiences Hurricanes during the summer months.
Southern regions experience four seasons with mild snow accumulatios of maybe 100” in the wintertime. Temperatures may get as low as 0 (F) and as high as 100 in the summertime. The Southern regions and those near the Tobler River have a mix of Deciduous trees and coniferous trees. Many rocky crags can be found in the north and the wetlands are prevalent near the rivers.

The Tobler River is a very wide river stretching over seven miles in some locations. A ship or boat is required to travel east from the Ruthenian Empire.

The Shandong Empire

Naming Conventions: Asian

Major Cities:

Minor Cities:

Stepped plains dominate the landscape in Shindong. Grasslands and forests mark the north and western regions. The southeastern border with the Maleki Caliphate has a hot dry desert with some sparse scrub the further northwest a person travels.

The climate is warm and humid near the coast and hot and dry towards Maleki. Temperatures range between 50(F) and 140 (F).

The Tunid Confederation

Naming Conventions: Southwestern European; French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.
San Javier

Major Cities:
Porto Cello
Sigiorno Terra

Minor Cities:
San Risoto

The northern regions are mountainous covered in triple canopy jungle. There are several foot paths through the mountains into Duron to the north. There are only three paths wide enough for a caravan of wheeled vehicles to get through: east, west and center. The central and southern regions are rolling forested hills. In the winter time, the southern regions are covered in snow, but experience a mild climate in fall and spring.

The northern regions is very hot with temperatures climbing to 130 (F). In the wintertime, it may drop to 60 (F). The southern regions drop to 0(F) in the winter and may climb to 90 (F) in the summertime. It is a very comfortable climate.

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