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<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*Falls into one of the outflows, which suddenly changes directions, sucking me into it*

*From the strands emerge read beacons of light, shining down on people including those in this area and sapping them of their energy*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*sends out a metal me into the attack, creating a smoky explosion*

*Nothing else happens*

<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*Holds two fingers to my ear*
Tether Protocol. Now.
*Snaps, and dense cascades of Existence flood into the dimension from the uncorrupted portions of the barrier and push back against its corruption*

*From the points where the barrier is changing, strands of the same appearance form, stretching all across the region and forming large spider web-like formations all across it*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*Picks up a small rock and throws it into space; once it moves outside of a three meter range from me, it accelerates faster than light and releases a shockwave in the surrounding space*

*The shockwave is overcome by a much larger one coming from the barrier enclosing the segment of the dimension you're isolated in, as it begins to ripple. From various points all around, the barrier becomes corrupted by a red-and-black static-like effect*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*Tests the surrounding regions for disturbances*

*You detect nothing, but the silence grows stronger as the opposing forces seem to have thinned out during the fight*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*Spreads a wave of Prion into the explosion*

*The explosion clears to reveal empty space*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*They explode, tearing space to pieces*

*Becomes hidden in the explosion by a bright green flash of light in reaction to the explosion*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*wipes my mouth and dodge rolls out of the way*
Hey! Just wait a sec!!

*You dodge into a portal that puts you right back in range of the attack*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*They hover in the center where you stand*

*The halves sit at different points on me, as though in between two ends of a portal*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*Reverses the direction of the coins and nullifies the blast*

<Snipped quote by Fractured>

What....Oh you were talking about the stuff. Yeah, I am almost done...

*The same thing occurs, ejecting them at Avis instead*
<Snipped quote by Abominations>

*Blood spurts out from my body where the portals open*
*Sweeps my arm across my body, closing the wounds*
Increase defense!
*The coins I toss catch up with you, and on contact, hit you with force as if they had been moving at several magnitudes higher speed, despite their slow apparent movement*

<Snipped quote by Abominations>

Anti-recovery, battlechip in, download!
*Peppers each half with a volley of shots from my X Blaster*

*My legs pass through a portal and emerge from my top half, back where they should be. The coins impact me and immediately rocket back out of me toward X as though I myself were both the entrance end exit of a portal, and the opposite happens for the X Blaster*
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