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5 mos ago
💀 am I the only one that usually thinks of a person who's nice until they're turned down, when reading "nice guys" and "nice girls"? Is it just me?


Hi! If you're reading this, then you're probably curious about me, so I'll try my best to throw maybe relevant information out there. I'm an 18-year-old male from Canada, I'm an advanced literate roleplayer (but am likely to float around casual), I'm open to 1x1 (plot focused preferred), and I can play both genders 😄 hope that answers any questions you may have, and if not, feel free to PM me!

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bitch, welcome to the meat-show

Thank you both so much! Hopefully, we'll cross paths in a roleplay sooner than later
Hello! My name is Adonis, and I've been roleplaying for 6 years (since I was 12). I am a male from Canada, I speak English, French, Spanish, and BR Portuguese. All these years, I've roleplayed on apps that house small roleplaying communities, such as RPF, Geeking, KIK and many more, ranging from extremely toned-down and free form to advanced literate epics. I love both 1x1 and regular group roleplays, my favorite genres being post-apocalyptic and medieval. I like my medieval roleplay to be low-fantasy and my post-apocalyptic roleplay to be gritty, preferably 'zombie-like' being that anything nuclear war based is usually attached to fallout; not that I don't like fallout, I just feel it's very limiting. I enjoy video games (playing and watching people play), reading, and I am a career writer. I'm excited to join some amazing roleplays and meet some amazing people 💕
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