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2 mos ago
Current I am lost without my Muse and Inspiration.
3 yrs ago
Looking for Players for a new RP line.
3 yrs ago
Hello to One and All!
3 yrs ago
Hello World and All Who Inhabit it!
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4 yrs ago
Looking for players for Magicktica Academy


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Thanks a lot!
I see that this was 6 months ago but it caught my attention. Is it still open?
Just wondering who might be interested in this RP or one simular to it. If you are interested, please speak up.
Does anyone have the link to the Wayback Machine?
Thanks for reminding about the Wayback machine. Yes it is best to have a hard copy of everything whether it is RL or RP. If anyone wants to get hold of me or talk about old RPs or anything, I hang around on Discord. Here is the link:

I have lost my husband last June and I do go down Memory Lane often for while he did not RP, he had a great many suggestions and ideas for me to work with. He even named a few things for the RP World. His was my main muse and best friend in addition to the RL world duties that I now have to do. I hope to speak with a few people who knew and were in my RPs.
A few of us were chatting about our old RPs we did here before it went down. Did Mahz or anyone was able to find any of the old RPs and put them somewhere? We would like to know if there is a way we could recover some of our old character's history.
This sounds interesting. Have you started the RP?
@Laser Kiwi
I am pulling out of this RP due to the fact that you have not looked at my application after 7 days or at least have not said a word. That says to me that you do not care for what I have to say or for my character.
Have a fun time without me.
Time for bed for me. I'll check back tomorrow.
@Laser Kiwi- Am I accepted or not?
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