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Yes! It’s here! My interest has been claimed!
Can I be your handler?

Just kidding.

Subscribing because I want to read along.

@Kazemitsu take care of yourself! We’ll still be here! :)

Little Jun,
When you were still in the womb of your mother's, she wanted to give you this ring. You mother, your baba and all of the Hone-onna before them bared this very same band. It is with great honor that I give this to you today. I know you will be in great care with the people of England; and even better with The Queen's Hand. Your mother would be proud. - Papa

The ring sat on Junko's palm, a warmth glowing from it as if it were breathing. The color of it was a mere black, perhaps made from an obsidian; no jewels or etching distinguishing it from every other simple band. Even for something over one hundred years old, the ring was in it's best shape, each owner carefully polishing the surface with silk or cotton. The package was brought to Junko's room when she returned from that morning's meal. As expected, her father always had a niche for timing. Junko carefully wrapped the ring with the cloth it came with and returned it to the satchel. There wouldn't be a need for it today.

It was early afternoon. Junko dormed on the top floor of the South Bank House. It was apparent that there were others on that floor with her, though out of the three days she had been in England she hadn't formally met anyone yet. Not that it mattered to her. Being isolated was always Junko's forte. As a child, she was kept a secret and sheltered for most her life. Not having relations with others was perfectly fine with her. It wasn't entirely that she was against making friends, but wasn't granted much opportunity to do so growing up. Junko and her father arrived in France when she was just over six years old. She quickly was enrolled in a private all-girl primary school soon after, losing her Japanese language and picking up French and English quickly. She was versed in poetry and enjoyed the violin but was shunned by her classmates. They thought the color of her hair was odd and being an orphan was the ultimate sin.

They were told to meet in the Common Room by 2:00 that afternoon. Junko fastened the buttons on the sleeves of her coat and took one last glance at her reflection in the mirror. Her long straight black hair was pulled back, her face plain and void. She apparently held several features of her mother but she was too young then to recall the face. She neither felt excited or dormant.

The heavy wood door closed behind her with a satisfying click. A turn of the key locked the door and Junko made her way down the hallway. She passed several faces, both old and young, fresh and tired. Weaving quickly down the corridors and stairs, she entered a room in which she assumed to be the Commons. Many were already arriving and gathering in front of an individual in which she presumed to be Haji Karim, the man that was heading the division she was assigned to. A couple of minutes passed and the man clapped his hands. Everyone's attention drew to the front of the room. Junko sat down on a parlor chair and crossed her leg. She watched Haji with his grin and news.

“.. But don’t worry friends, please- let us all join hands and pray that Edgar Kinsley doesn’t rip you a new one.”

"Interesting.. choice of words" she thought to herself. "..And also odd to rendezvous in a location that we weren't anticipated to meet at". Her eyes quickly surveyed the crowd and their confused expression. She leaned back and crossed her arms, waiting for their next command.
@Sazama can you slot Junko for the fourth floor at the South Bank House? Individual room, please~
I've been shamelessly working on this all morning. More history details to come.
@Sazama if you have any concerns regarding her abilities, please let me know.

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