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Current Time to set this site onto my norm tabs and freaken beat myself to rp again. My mind for sure needs it. XD
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Upupupu, well i guess i have a history set. I'll have to write it out later. Now to work on his other aspects.~
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Time to prowl the boards. after that like one year of vanish (Works)~
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Well, this will be the next wave of works. Hopefully i'm not too dead after it. Would such if i can't get some posts in..or other things done.
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Surprise morning shift I will get through you. I will return xP
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Hello and i guess welcome to my bio. My name is Aka, and i tend to be a rather dark and twisted style of rper. Though i have been rping for several years, i am willing to jump into most style of rp's so long as i have some sort of feel to them. I generally enjoy making my own ideas and seeing who will tag along with them. I have probably the skills to reach up to advanced RP in most cases.

When it comes to Characters, i play multiple characters, ranging from Male and Female. They fall into pre-determined character designs i have in my mind. My version of character arcs.

I also tend to write stories, concepts, do random videos and more.

The Genre's i tend to enjoy will fall into, Horror, School Life, Murder, Fantasy, Psychological, Modern, Historical, Mecha.

When it comes to age groups i'm willing to do things all the way up to and past 18+ but i tend to follow the rules of the board i am present in.

Pleasure meeting your acquaintance.

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Oho~ this does look Familiar. I'll just watch for now. Maybe edit about my character i may use and reread the intro stuff. Doesn't mean i'll be accepted but hey. Time to see how it plays out. =) Been in the mood for an Overlord RP for abit.
Whompsssss :P i did come to post! aha! XD hope you guys have been having a good time =D
He watched her smile. It was good at least in some way. Allowing her to maybe be more amused with the plans that were going to be coming up themselves. She was clearly in a sort of drawn towards the Egyptians. Which was fine. For the moment it could probably give them a good amount of exposure, and most of all he'd be able to see other parts of this Melissa. Her reactions were something that was rather interesting to him. He needed to figure them out if he was going to maybe use her in his own cosplay like ideas. Of course she had the body for it, and from he felt up close much more. She was very nice to look at too. It would generally play out totally fine.

She had begun to follow him, allowing him to lead them down the hall. The hall was well set up, maintained and not decrepit. It wasn't a bad place by far. A rather expensive apartment to say the least. The floors were a nice soft carpet that would generally hold your weight well, while cushioning each step he would take. Of course he was sure she'd feel the same sort of light step because of it. The next was that the walls themselves were a slight off gold like color. Which allowed for the yellow style dim lights which were held up by triangle like light fixtures allowed the sort of glow to climb up to the white ceiling reflecting down slightly to give a nice glow that wouldn't hurt the eyes. He took another step forward, as the light right carpet had finished off the touches. The trimming and more all seemed to compliment one other perfectly which gave the place a rather expensive look to match it's price. Which was good in it's own way. No real reason to go out of the way thinking of why or how too's when it came down to the actual price. He pressed onto the button itself as they seemed to be in a waiting room of sorts for the elevator that would allow them to go down into the garage down stairs. There wasn't anyone present at the moment. And that was fine. To most people, it would have probably looked like two women waiting for the elevator. The massive silver door was closed, and well polished as the digital numbers would change as it climbed to their floor. Though it was slowly it was still coming towards them. Each stop potentially holding people or letting them off.

The room had of course the same on wall lanterns. Which then moved towards the sort of mordern esqe use of the couch that was in the corner of the room. Placed up against the right wall. It was full black color and beside it was a trash can along with a table on the opposite side which was the left. There wasn't much trash in it as not many people tended to come here. There was also 2 outlets on both the far and close wall. Which both held a sort of mirror image of one other via the couch and trash bin. There was a coffee table that held many different magazines. Holding things from fashion to cars on them. Along with what seemed to be a manga. Must have been left there.

“So we will be obviously going to the Egyptian sections first did you have any idea which one you wanted to check out? Or should we just go through the entire thing?”

He watched her carefully as she had moved in close. She was nice feeling of course until it was obvious that what she saw at the end of the film tore at her hard. Of course he was still skeptical about it. He didn't fully know her. But it was also in itself a reason as to why he shouldn't just take what she was saying as a lie either. Her actions and more pointed out that much. Though it was a bother in some ways he pushed himself up after she seemed to get up and heading towards the door. Seeing to be rather depressed from the outcome of the movie. He felt he should at least bring up something about it, in order to help her along maybe?

“Generally there are some other movies that may connect the two better. It comes to no surprise though based on society how it's not always the most supported thought mind you.” He stated calmly as he walked towards her and watched her reaction. “Though, in that case we can always look for one next time that isn't so shocking in the end.” He stated calmly as he moved up to the door, pulling out a key unlocking it before punching in a code on the side. Located more close to the upper wall. It was all white and held a bunch of numbers and letters, which were pushed into the system as a light beeping could be heard. It was the alarm system for whatever it was worth. It wasn't like he had nothing in this place and most of all he didn't need for it to be stolen for no reason.

“Of course seeing the museums can always be fun. Though more of a learning experience at times of what people discovered.” he stated calmly as he smiled at her. Though I wonder why you want to go..he thought to himself as he waited to have her get out the room. The door having been opened while he stood in the door way enough to let her through with ease.

He sighed and looked at her as she asked why would she need a maid when she had him. “i'm honestly rather busy. And for the most part am not a maid.” he watched her as she giggled, he knew it was a joke, but he wanted to make sure she knew that much at least. He was willing to be kind of course, but over all it's not like he was there to endlessly serve her...though maybe he needed to keep a kind tone for now. If he wanted anything at all.

He watched as she flicked threw the channels, she seemed to be looking for something. Of course he was ready to move onto the museum whenever she felt it was ready for now. Though he didn't really expect her to stop on the movie she managed to stop on. Did she enjoy these movies? Or was it something she's never seen before? Honestly, he wouldn't know without asking. The paper work at best just gave him the usual do's and don'ts the normal stuff. Not that he cared all to much about the limitations. It was more on the understanding of what could occur then it was on the understanding of what couldn't.

“Sure i'll watch it with you.” He said as he felt her hug him. Her body felt interesting. Though he'd figured it would feel as such being her situation and all. She didn't have a bad one either it was more his pondering on the other potential events that drove into his mind. “You mean the movie? I'm fine with it. As I said i'll watch it no problem. There is no worries about it after all.” He said looking at her for a moment with a light smile.

i'll be plopping in a post today, sorry for the wait!
He watched her as she watched the show. It was just a sort of comedy maybe? He never really was one to pay attention to any of these sort of things. Though he'd understood that people liked watching certain films, and maybe it was the dead that made it match up properly. He knew she mentioned how the others acted, how some thought they were better in terms of looks to her. It was in its own sense a sort of interesting way to see the others. To even note them as such was probably something she was brought into with her mind. Maybe a past monarch? That could be what she was once.

His thoughts where deterred by the sound of the kettle letting off it's steam. It's typical screech climbing as the hot air rose and pushed threw the hole without much issue. He pulled the kettle off before placing the hot water into a pre-made cup. The tea filling in it, as it changed the water's color to a light mix of orange. It wasn't something he drank for the most part. In fact he abhorred tea to begin with. But he kept it since people needed to have what they wanted at times. He had a range of friends all had different tastes and as such he would often have them come over and eat hang out. All the more normal stuff, ranging from juice which he enjoyed to the obvious tea. He picked up the tea cup, placing it on it's place before walking over and placing it before her.

He moved a few steps back before sitting down. He was in full cosplay now, which was fine. He didn't mind it and he was probably going to see about getting maybe a photo shoot done at some point today. He looked her over once more. Tracing her body as he pondered what he could get her to dress in maybe to join him. It wasn't something that would be provocative or anything. More on the lines of what would match up with his character at the moment.

“So you know, we will be getting a maid. The maid will take care of most of your needs. Merely need to ask them for things. They will also be cleaning the place and such too.” He stated calmly, watching her. She had been boring for the most part to him. But this was only one aspect of anything. He needed to see maybe if there was more.


Yah sorry got hit by a bunch of stuff i'm posting right now~

Melissa asked for well done, but meh. It's not a big deal.

...She also asked for MORE tea. Not less.

Yah sorry bout that memory is memory. I should have looked it over I'll edit them parts in a moment. Just have to do something first.
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