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Current You like jazz?
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I think I'd really enjoy Policenauts if playing it, in English or otherwise, wasn't such a hassle. In a lot of ways, it's definitely my thing, just...not in terms of gameplay.
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Don't you just hate it when you right click and select Email Image instead of Save Image As?
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"In my fading consciousness, a single doubt remained. Were the allied forces really late...? Then, right before the end, I thought I saw countless white angels circling down from an endless heaven."
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I'm basically Hideyoshi tbh.


Things to know about Garland:
-Real name is Iris
-Happily Taken
-Hates school
-Music nut(Rock, Metal, and "Weird Al" Yankovic are my favorites)

Here's my personal Spotify playlist, if you're interested.

RP Info:
-Can play both male and female characters; has a preference for the latter
-Loves monster girls
-Likes the Romance, Slice of Life, Modern, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and especially Mecha genres

Shoot me a PM if you're interested in doing a 1x1 RP together. I like writing shit.

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Awesome! Thanks! I'll try to have it in by Wednesday night if circumstances allow it.
I'm currently working on a (female) character; you guys still have room?
I love voice acting and would love to be a voice actor once I'm older, but have a love-hate relationship with my voice.
I have a very great fondness for armor, be it suits or individual plates, as well as anything mechanical or robotic.
@The Irish Tree

Proud of her successful one-strike-kill against the guard with an unfamiliar weapon, Homura placed her "borrowed" blade back on her hip and frowned when she heard that reinforcements were on the way. That complicated things, which wasn't good in the slightest. However, despite the predicament, there was still one very important goal in mind for the Draph swordswoman.

"Perkeo," the buxom sword fighter began as she followed the fellow Draph and escaping inmates, "rather than trying to escape as quickly as possible, I suggest we first make our way towards the prisoner belongings area. Something very important to me is there, and I'd prefer not to leave it behind."
@The Irish Tree

I take it we'd have to talk Perkeo into going with our group to get our belongings?
@The Irish Tree

No worries, fam! Shit happens, so take your time.
@The Irish Tree @Guess Who @AdmrlStalfos19

Homura furrowed her brows, not impressed by this bard and his claims of being the best. However, what she was impressed with was his selfless act of freeing his fellow Draph first. The bright-haired swordswoman bowed in thanks before stepping out.

"I'm not fully clear why, myself," Homura began, addressing the small Dhirom's dismay, "but considering our shared race, I have reason to believe this minstrel has feelings for me. The unrequited kind, I'm afraid."

Once the guards entered the room, Homura immediately shifted into the best unarmed fighting stance she could muster. Being more proficient with blades than fisticuffs, this sort of stance was not the most comfortable for the Draph.

Ignoring the Dhirom's next comment on her standard-issue Draph ballistics, Homura's first course of action after Cayde incapacitated his opponent was to quickly dash over and snatch his blade. It wasn't curved like a katana, her preferred sword type, but it would have to suffice.

Now armed with a proper weapon, Homura gripped the shortsword tightly and placed it on her hip in a faux-sheathed position, then "drew" the blade, aiming for the unattended guard's neck to at least knock him out, but hopefully slice his head clean off of his body.
I'm just waiting for @AdmrlStalfos19 to post.
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