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4 days ago
Current I'm currently dealing with an adjusted schedule that results in less free time for me, so please be patient in waiting for replies, folks. Thanks.
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5 days ago
Well, I *think* my index finger has more or less recovered at this point. The tip feels a bit weird, but it doesn't hurt to bend the finger itself anymore.
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6 days ago
Okay, so the bruised finger isn't as much as a hindrance as I thought, at least so far. That's a pretty big relief!
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10 days ago
Bruised my left index finger last night; don't think I'll be able to play games as well as I used to, at least for a while.
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14 days ago
WAIT. ToeJam & Earl was a ROGUELIKE!?!?!?


Things to know about Garland:
-Real name is Iris
-Happily Taken
-Hates school
-Music nut(Rock, Metal, and "Weird Al" Yankovic are my favorites)

Here's my personal Spotify playlist, if you're interested.

RP Info:
-Can play both male and female characters; has a preference for the latter
-Loves monster girls
-Likes the Romance, Slice of Life, Modern, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and especially Mecha genres

Shoot me a PM if you're interested in doing a 1x1 RP together. I like writing shit.

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Welcome to the guild, fellow FE lover! I hope we become good friends~
Due to a number of factors(lack of motivation, preference for other mecha anime styles, etc.), I'll be taking my leave. I already announced it in the server, but I figured it would be smart to do so here as well.

@ShwiggityShwah @BCTheEntity

Eileen tried to ignore the hijinks going on a few tables over, what with Jenny finding herself surrounded by bees, a spider, and a Nargacuga, but Ray's pleas and subsequent pseudo-morphing into Professor Osbourne were enough to cause her to raise an eyebrow and somewhat reluctantly power walk over.

"A rescue mission?" Eileen repeated. "This early...?" A frown came across the Valstrax's face, and she nodded soon after, determination in her blue and red eyes. "Understood. Orders, Roxanne?"
Murmuring softly, Autumn slowly crawled out of her bed, rubbing her eyes before stretching her arms with a yawn. The young pilot followed the same routine she always did after joining the team: Get into some new clothes, brush her teeth, make a quick slice of toast with jam, and pop it into her mouth before rushing off to rendezvous with the rest of the team.

Arriving at the briefing room, Autumn looked up at the display and sighed, chewing up her toast all the while. It happens every day, it seems, the young girl thought to herself. We'll likely have to scramble soon to take care of the problem before it gets any worse.

Subject to change; will edit as needed.

Subject to change; will edit as needed.

Sorry for not getting anything posted yet; I just need to work up the energy/motivation to dig up and polish off my old character.

"Hello, Roxanne," Eileen greeted in return. "I am rather drowsy still, but fine otherwise." Having said her piece, the Valstrax walked to the counter to grab some food. The girl settled on an omelette, with apple slices on the side and a vanilla latte to drink.

Ignoring the scene going on between Jenny and a somewhat high strung spider girl, Eileen sat down at a table by herself and began eating her breakfast. Where some people preferred to eat with others, she just so happened to hold time to herself in high regards, not one to suddenly walk up to someone and say 'Would you like to eat our meals together?' completely out of nowhere. If someone else were to ask the same of her...maybe. It would depend on the individual, among other factors. With the exception of Roxanne, no one else in the room at that moment was someone she could consider herself horribly fond of eating with.

Murmuring softly as she rubbed her drowsy eyes, Eileen stepped to the massive Lao-Shan Lung girl's side, her wings contracted onto her back as best they could to avoid becoming an obstacle.

"I'll open the door for you." With that, she pressed a button on the wall to the side, causing the hatch to rise and make way for both the small and large dragons. Eileen did not look back when she stepped inside and spoke next. "Come. You don't want to start the day on an empty stomach."
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