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Current How the hell did I not realize that Final Fantasy Explorers is basically just Monster Hunter sooner???
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Does this count as ASMR?…
18 hrs ago
Gonna start getting replies up for my RP people. Patience, please.
1 day ago
Gonna be busy with some errands and personal hobbies for tonight, so I might not get replies up till tomorrow. Apologies in advance, folks.
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Things to know about Garland:
-Real name is Iris
-Happily Taken
-Hates school
-Music nut(Rock, Metal, and "Weird Al" Yankovic are my favorites)

Here's my personal Spotify playlist, if you're interested.

RP Info:
-Can play both male and female characters; has a preference for the latter
-Loves monster girls
-Likes the Romance, Slice of Life, Modern, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and especially Mecha genres

Shoot me a PM if you're interested in doing a 1x1 RP together. I like writing shit.

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Jun grumbled and groaned as he was rather rudely awoken, rubbing his eyes and smacking his lips. He could already taste the residue from his liquor the night before in his breath, and it did little to revitalize him.

"Yare yare," the skirt chasing bookworm mumbled in his native tongue, yawning as he stretched his arms out, walking out of his sleeping quarters. "Can't a lad get a little beauty sleep around these parts? The ladies don't flock to men with bags under their eyes.

"Nani? Which part of the island to land at?" Jun sighed, a hand resting on his chin as he thought. "Hmmmmmm...I vote for someplace cold, like a tundra. I don't have much experience in locales like that, so it should help my research. So long as it's not inhabited by..." He shuddered. "...kaeru or same, I should be fine. 'Frogs' and 'sharks', for those uninitiated in the Yukumo dialect."

Feeling the warmth of the morning sun shining on her hide and scales, Ten shook her body around slightly as she woke up and made her way out of her den, instinctively following the scent of fresh meat. There was another, fainter scent, seeming to belong to a much bigger and much more dangerous monster than a Zamite. She'd have to stay on her toes if she wanted to avoid being its next meal; a small, vulnerable monster such as herself was made only so much more easy to pick off by a lack of eyesight.
Seeing as only one other person(who wasn't too interested in the main focal point of the RP itself) posted, I'll be more than willing to co-GM if no one else steps up!
It slipped my mind despite being rather important, so I'd like to let people know that, if you're at all interested in RPing with me and decide to shoot me a PM, I would STRONGLY prefer if you have at least a somewhat vague idea of what kind of pairing, fandom, character, etc. you want to RP with. I'm honestly not very good at thinking up concepts on the fly, so it would save me a lot of headache. Thank you.
Decided I'd bring this back, since I'm down for 1x1s again!

Monster Hunter was added to the fandoms list, so if that's something you'd be interested in RPing together with me, do say so, please!
You already know I'm interested~

And my CSes are finished! Check my previous post to review, please.


Ah, okay! Shouldn't be too hard, hopefully. ^^;
Question before I work on my sheets: What would the requirements be, exactly, before we can advance our monster up a tier?
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