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Hello hello~!

I go by Akai or Panda, or sometimes just Jose. I tend to lean towards fantasy/supernatural/action RPs, but I'm always up for anything new! I'm generally very friendly, so don't hesitate to reach out! ^~^

I'm a 20 year old student in biology who lucid dreams of fantastical worlds too often. I'm an avid lover of red pandas, sweet food (desserts particularly), and sleeping! I'm fairly experienced in RPing (it's been about 7 years on various sites) but due to studies, I had to hold off for a bit. But I'm back at it again!

Here are some very Low QualityTM memes about science!

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Apartment for rent.
One bedroom space south of central Altier. Cozy, modern, close to city center. Exposed brick walls, balcony overlooking street. Full bathroom and kitchen included. $1,300/month. Located third story, above Sofie’s Café and Books, at 300 Hera Lane. Gifted or not, inquire at 386-1286

The apartment doesn’t really sound like much, does it? Cozy equals small, exposed brick means unpainted and relatively old, overlooking the street means traffic noise all the time. In a city like Altier, you could find a place that’s spacious and done to the nines at the heart of the city. Of course, it comes at a price, but surely you’d find something slightly bigger for $1,300 a month? Ah, but it’s your luck that you’re a Gifted. Like it or not, no one will ever find the guts to rent to someone like you.

See, attaining superpowers is great and all; it actually sounds really cool at first. Hell, it’s probably the best feeling to become the hero or villain you always read about when you were a kid! But in the real world, power comes with restrictions for the little guys. If you happen to have these powers, you’re gonna need identification that precisely and clearly states you’re Gifted to show to people who ask (and trust me, everyone asks). You get entered into a database full of all the Gifted folk in the city so if you ever get arrested or something like that, they can pull up your name and understand that they will probably need backup to deal with you. The only way to evade the system is by getting mad rich, which tons of people in Altier just…aren’t. And well, if you’ve got that Gifted marker on your ID, it’s a crap ton harder for you to get a job or a place to stay since no one wants to handle damage control in case your powers get out of whack. Doesn’t matter if you’re a safe kid or whether you never use your powers, people just can’t trust you.

Using the Gifted for good to combat evil? A task force of heroes? A noble idea, I’ll give you that much, but it’s unoriginal and a lot of work. It’s just a bit too complicated to do right now; there needs to be resources for these heroes, money for the government to put into the project itself, buildings made with the right safety measures fit for their powers, a large-scale disaster plan for the city when destruction comes around (as it does with superheroes), a full-blown training program for these guys, people willing to take care of them, an actual need for a team of heroes, so on. That stuff, though not completely unattainable, takes a lot of time and cash. Plus, Altier hasn’t had a huge baddie yet. It’s not like that idea isn’t in the works in city hall though. In fact, they’ve got it in the works, trying to budget it out and give a good reason for a team. My guess is that it’ll only happen if things start heading south.

For now, the current system is what works. If one Gifted starts going bad, just weed them out before they get crazy. The police-force is surprisingly top-notch and catch ‘em quick (with the help of weirdo Gifted vigilantes). Ill-intentioned people with these powers tend to start small with offenses, like muggings or robberies before they think about hatching master plans, so if they get caught while they’re in the system three times in a row, they’re never heard from again. Maybe even after one time, depending on the offense. Makes you wonder what they really do in the city’s best jail, huh?

But for now, you’re not on the watch list. You’re “free”, or as much as you can get right now. Wanna be a vigilante-type hero and act like a friendly-neighborhood Spiderman? Go knock yourself out. Have some big plans for your future and a penchant for causing trouble? Power to you, have fun. Just wanna keep your head down and stay out of trouble? Hell, that’s what I wish everyone wanted.


The RP Plot is really open-ended. We’ve got two primary characters: the tenant (the Gifted who will be renting out the space above the store) and the landlord. Their identities and stories can vary, depending on which one you want to play. If you wanna take the tenant’s role, you can be good or bad, whichever is more fun for ya. You can also throw in different characters, like employees of the café/bookstore or friends. Plot can also depend really, but I always have a few ideas at the back of my mind, mainly to do with vigilante justice and taking down a growing evil. But I’m always open to more ideas.

Oh, and here’s a sort-of criteria thing I look for in a partner. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect and meet all of this flawlessly, but it makes things more comfortable for the two of us!

    [1.] Be capable of offering some ideas for the story and helping along its development.

    [2.] Be able to handle a few characters (I’m not saying like ten, but maybe two or three to help keep things lively) and create bio sheets for them.

    [3.] Be able to write with good quality (I like to aim for about one and a half to two paragraphs regularly, with some longer posts if I feel like it. Just as long as there aren’t one-liners, I’m pretty happy).

    [4.] Be able to handle 18+ (I’m not talking smut or BDSM, but actually violence and some rather heavy-hitting subjects that can often come with such an urban setting).

    [5.] Be able to post semi-regularly (not daily, I can’t even do that; perhaps four times a week or so. I’m understanding of real life matters however).

That’s all for now! Hope to talk to you soon! ^~^
@Cherrywitch it's all good, no pressure at all. Take your time ^^
Okay I don't remember if this was ever addressed but in terms of money, what do they use? And do souls start off with a small sum before working? (sorry if it's in the original OOC, I have bad memory)

He peered into the box, knowing that whatever it had been was much better than the state the dessert was currently in. The box had overturned, sending it right into the side and smearing the chocolate everywhere. Even with the girl's hidden mouth, Oliver knew very well from her body language that she was disheartened. It made him feel very much at fault and responsible for the mess he'd created, much to his disappointment. It seemed now he would have to put his own uneasiness aside for now until he could fix the situation.

"I'm so sorry about the c-cake or...whatever it was," he stammered quietly, shuffling his feet slightly. "I can help you pay for another or something, it was really my own fault for not looking where I was going."
I'll be replying tonight (had a busy week ugh), I didn't want to post too quickly in reply to your character @Cherrywitch. I'll still post until no one else seems interested c:
@CyanideSweetie Congrats and happy birthday!!! ^~^
Posting interest!
Ayayay, sorry for the very dead week. I get invested in work and then lose all sense of creativity. v-v

Unsure of what to do with himself at the HQ

The rest of the tour passed by smoothly, without any odd occurrences like with Greed and Envy. Or, at least in Oliver's opinion. He was awfully thrown off by the attitudes of the Sins, expecting much more...dangerous personalities from demons? It seemed like everything he'd learned from Earth was just twisted to make everything seem more black and white than it actually was. It was a little off-putting to find the demons a lot more human-like than religions had taught him.

Anyway, now that he was free, Oliver could...what could he do? He looked down at his hands, then around him at the halls of the HQ that he stood in. He'd seen enough of the place and, now that he'd realized the odd people who worked there, definitely did not wish to stay to encounter more of them. He quickly began to shuffle to the door, pulling his hood up to show his lack of interest in making conversation with any passing souls. Eyes turned to the ground, the newly deceased man wanted to find somewhere to get lost and absorb the information that had flooded his brain in the short time he'd been in the Underworld.

In this rushed state, Oliver was a little in careless in assuming people would automatically steer clear from him. It turns out that he was walking a little faster than he'd anticipated, with almost zero awareness of what or who was in front of him. He came to a head-on collision with a girl, sending them both flying to the ground and knocking a bag that she happened to be carrying right out of her hands.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Oliver started to mumble, grabbing the bag from the ground and reaching his hand out to the girl. Really fucked up, this is what happens when you try too hard to avoid people... he thought as he finally focused on the girl's face. It dawned on him that she had odd features, like black eyes and a surgical mask (for illness?), but he couldn't be fazed by appearances anymore. It did startle him for a split second, but he relaxed. There was nothing good that could come from him freaking out. "You're not hurt, are you?"



After the first soul, a dozen more streamed in. Then, another few dozen. Then, before she realized it, the rest of the batch for the day were all there in Purgatory, starting to fill out paperwork for their temporary stay. Uriel was positively elated from having the new improvements made, but knew there needed to be more work done.

She pulled out her phone, punching in the speed dial for her fellow Archangel, Michael, and stood with her back to the crowds filing outside the Purgatory office, her crimson eyes narrowing at the portal. There was no way demon souls could come through and bother her, right? How did the contraption work, anyhow? She could only guess that it simply interrupted the stream of souls that would go to the Underworld and pass them here, but that would possibly require some tinkering with the Underworld's portal, right? Uri was never the best with working with portals or understanding how they exactly brought souls to the afterlife.

"Uriel, greetings! Did everything work out?" The voice of Michael rang out in a happy sing-song tone, causing the woman to roll her eyes ever so slightly.

"It's all working, but we are back-logged. The rest of the souls came here, minus a few," she started, her completely blank, business voice cutting the odd muffled murmur of the souls around her. "I'm going to need the angels from my judgment department to come down here to deal with this. See if we can sort through the ones who are allowed in.

"I'm also thinking the demons have found out by now. You should probably prep some security in case they decide to attack or just barge in violently. Either way, I'll either stay here to start with the judging." She gazed at the souls, feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer number. How did the demons have to deal with this?

"Sounds grea--" Sadly, Michael could not end the sentence, for Uri just cut the line and began to drift over to the souls to start her interviews.

Sorry, I haven't had a good chance to sit down and write a reply with my busy weekend I keep falling asleep at my computer in the middle of the night akjfkjasg but Oliver is still a human! Though yea, there seem to be a lack of them.

I'll try to write up something tonight!
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