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Current broke my phone AGAIN
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In Arkansas for a few days, shit reception. So sorry for any rps waiting on a post from me!
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Hi! You can call me Cya, I'm 23 and I'm a stay at home mom.I'm a pretty frequent poster, I'm able to post atleast once daily. I will always let you know if I have something that's going to keep me away. I'm most comfortable with 1-3 para, and I ask that if I ever post and it doesn't seem like I'm furthering the story line, or I'm not giving you enough to work with, then PLEASE tell me!
Umm I love small group, and 1x1 rps the best! I'm willing and eager to try new role plays. Though some of my favorites are asylum/ human experiments, carnival/ freak show, post/ apocalyptic, parody, and anything fantasy!
Just a heads up, I'm married and due to this I'm really not interested in RPing smut. Romance is fine just as long as it's not the largest part of the story!

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Caebyn -Bynie- Danvers

Bynie was lost in the fog of sleep, honestly she wasn't to interested in waking up. She stubbornly tuned out the rustling and the slight commotion. fire...the roof is on fire~ her mind conjured up some electro pop she could feel, with disconnect, her shoulder twitching to the phantom beat. The sudden violent sound of a blender had Bynie lurching upright with her arms in the air shouting "On fire!! around the spoon in her mouth.She quickly settled back down in her chair, removing the spoon with a confused look on her face. Her eyes refocused and her heart nearly leapt out of her chest when she noticed a dark figure sitting right across from her. "whoo!,"She giggled at Eliza, "you scared the tar out of me!" her smile slipped when she realized the girl was napping. Bynie was tempted to wake her, noticing the deep crease between the girls eyes. It didn't look like a peaceful sleep. All of a sudden Elizas eyes popped open, making contact with Bynies. Flushing Bynie stood up quickly, "Breakfast! " She squeaked before scuttling off towards the kitchen. She couldn't believe that she had been caught staring while the girl was sleeping, like a total creeper! She was in the kitchen before she came back to herself, glancing up she had stopped right beside the girl who she had basically seen topless. Turning a swift 180 she darted away only to bump into a wall of flesh. Following the pale skin up to the face she was shocked out of her embarrassment. "Eli?! Hot damn boy, what are you doing half naked?" she had only spoken to the man on a few occasions but he didn't seem the type to parade himself around in undress, Cass on the other hand? She was surprised that boy ever wore clothes, it was clear just in passing that he was quite impressed with himself.

Not one to miss out on some harmless trolling she eyed Eli up and down and wiggled her eye brows, " Boy, we better get you some clothes before you start a fire up in here. " she made her way to the wall where several aprons were. Most of them were pretty gender neutral but she chose the frillyest one available and hustled back to Eli. Before he could have a say in the matter she quickly tied the apron around his neck and waist. Stepping back with a clap of her hands she beamed at her handy work.

Aww okay

Hikari Kibo

Kari watched as her arrow sailed past Lenier, clipping his back and sailing on unhindered. "Balls"she muttered before she slammed into the ground with an impact that shattered her bones. The building dropped on her like a ton of bricks (lol) And she could feel her body trying to pull itself together even before it was finished breaking. As layers of rubble buried her she felt dust and crushed gravel clog her mouth, nose, and eyes. As soon as her arms were able she used them to start clawing herself out. Death was not permanent but she didn't want to waste even more time suffocating to death.

Ier and Qua were uncharacteristically quiet, most likely focusing their efforts on speeding her healing instead of obnoxiously screaming their demands. As she shoved off the last chunk of rubble that separated her from the wasteland she forced her face into the hole and gasped, filling her lungs with the delicous toxic air. She felt the tingling sensation of the skin and muscle knitting back over the several bare patches on her face that had been scrapped to the bone.

Working slowly she pulled herself the rest of the way out and stood tall, popping her newly unbroken spine. As she did so a huge fire ball surged overher, so close that the heat gave her a sunburn across her cheeks. It sailef towards this massive white tree that was exploding out of the ground, the branches heading towards at a rate that did not exactly make her comfortable. She summoned her crown launching back to back bolts. Searing golden arrows the size of the small trees, they followed close behind the hurling fire ball, hoping to capitalize on it's damage.
@ERode whoopsie sorry been busy I'll write something up
Caebyn -Bynie- Danvers

Bynie found her way to her room quickly after the announcement with the majority of the others. Hoping into her bed excitedly she took her remote and scrolled to the video app. Clicking on it she was quite surprised at the small list of names that were available. Here she was convinced that she'd only be able to call her mom due to that being the only number she had memorized, but here were her mothers, fathers, work place, and even her grandmother's number listed neatly, waiting for her to select. She bit a knuckle weighing her options. She wasn't too worried about work, her mother or grandmother would be welcome warm voices. She longed for the comfort they brought her but she felt a nagging pull of guilt as she looked at her father's name on the screen. She was taken right from under his nose by men in hazmat suits, given goodness knows what excuse. He was probably so worried about her. With a sad sigh she scrolled past her mother's number and clicked on her father's. She fiddled with the remote as she waited for him, she owed him some piece of mind. Besides her and her father used to be very close. Of coarse that was before the step monster came into the picture. As if her thoughts had summoned the woman Vanessas face appeared on her tv. It was only for a split second, long enough for the woman to give her a satisfied smirk and then the screen suddenly went blank. Bynies heart dropped. As soon as the selection screen came back she clicked herbdads name again and an error message reading "unable to complete" flashed onto the screen. "No" she whispered scrolling onto her mom's name and pressing the button repeatedly. The error message flashed again. "No!" She screamed standing on her bed. She chucked the remote at the wall hard, "What a BITCH!!"she shrieked. She felt hot tears start to well up and she angrily dashed at them. She couldn't believe that her one chance to talk to a loved one was ruined by that evil bitch faced ass hat. Sitting on the edge of her bed she took her face in her hands. Why did her Dad ever marry her? She was literally the epitome of an evil step mother.

She stayed in that position, lost in her thoughts for who knows how long. When she finally blinked herself back to reality. Sighing she straightened up, glancing at the clock it shined an angry 3am at her. With a 'hurump' she stomped out of her room and down to the hall to the cafeteria. She wasn't going to let that awful woman drag her down for another second. Marching up to the fridge she flung it open and snatched out a tub of ice cream. Taking her bounty to a table she tore into it. She was half a tub in before her heavy eyes got the better of her and she dozed off with the spoon still hanging out of her mouth.
oops I forgot what he was wearing
Shoulda shot him in the hand or something xD
(: I was having fun playing poppy! Thanks for giving me reason to create her! If you're ever itching for a reboot hmu!!!
@Flamelord also lemme know if your not okay with lenier being man handled
@ERode posted! Let me know if I need to change anything!
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