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Current broke my phone AGAIN
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In Arkansas for a few days, shit reception. So sorry for any rps waiting on a post from me!
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At rockfest today! Won't be online much!


Hi! You can call me Cya, I'm 23 and I'm a stay at home mom.I'm a pretty frequent poster, I'm able to post atleast once daily. I will always let you know if I have something that's going to keep me away. I'm most comfortable with 1-3 para, and I ask that if I ever post and it doesn't seem like I'm furthering the story line, or I'm not giving you enough to work with, then PLEASE tell me!
Umm I love small group, and 1x1 rps the best! I'm willing and eager to try new role plays. Though some of my favorites are asylum/ human experiments, carnival/ freak show, post/ apocalyptic, parody, and anything fantasy!
Just a heads up, I'm married and due to this I'm really not interested in RPing smut. Romance is fine just as long as it's not the largest part of the story!

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(: I was having fun playing poppy! Thanks for giving me reason to create her! If you're ever itching for a reboot hmu!!!
@Flamelord also lemme know if your not okay with lenier being man handled
@ERode posted! Let me know if I need to change anything!

Hikari Kibo

Kari growled as she weaved and dodged the ivory spikes, it was impossible to dodge them all, hell she was lucky to dodge a third of them. She was just trying to keep them from kabobing anything important. Kari could feel the sizzling across her entire body where it was healing itself, but that was only slightly irritating next to the chaos that was going on inside her.

She tried to ignore the mental tug of war going on between the twins but it was apparent in her manner of battle; switching from the savage onslaught that was Qua to the more raw elegance Ier possessed.Their combined fighting style wasn't exactly a bad thing, but in the few moments between each of them ripping control from the other Kari was disoriented. Not to mention that she couldn't imagine anyone enjoying being tugged on like a shiney toy between the two sisters.

In one of these in between moments she barley had focus enough to realize the shooting white spear that was aimed right between her eyes. Dropping herself into a back bend she barley kept the thing from killing her. Even though death wasn't exactly as permanent for a Daybreaker as it was for the standard human, it was still quite the inconvenience. She rubbed at the new stinging that was spreading across her forehead where the bone had scraped a tunnel of flesh from her. "Pull your shit together!"She sneared at her demons, blinking blood out of her eyes. She felt their anger rise, but luckily for her it was short lived due to the building getting knocked the fuck over.

Everything seemed to go into slow motion, the forest of bone that had filled the rooms shattered into pieces and there she saw it. The Tyrant. She found purchess on a piece of rubble and launcher herself into the air, momentarily slowing her descend. She knotched back a single arrow and with all her might she sent it spiraling towards the scepter. And in a last ditch effort she tucked her arms to her body sending herself shooting past the others. Flipping around, moments before they were all bound to slam into the earth she released an arrow at Lenier.

She was aiming for the back of his clothes, attempting to work around his tunnel of blue flame. It was her intent hook him and pin him to the farthest piece of rubble her arrow could reach. There was going to be a fight after this crash and at least one of them needed to not be under a building.

And after all it's not like she was able to shoot an arrow at herself.
@ERode ill work on one today. My phone came in but it doesn't exactly work
XP I gotcha, I just know you were wanting quicker responses!

* A * hopefully my new phone arrives soon!
So sorry for the delay. I can't remember if I told you guys my phone's screen shattered on me. My new phone comes in Tuesday, I have my tablet but it's difficult to write on though if I have the time tomorrow I'll post!!
xD im going to the pool with my kiddo today so i might not be able to post until later tonight

i usually post on the go but i broke my phone so ill have to wait till im home
soooo i murdered my phone. i was on a walk with my little one and this big scary black flying bug started creeping my stroller so i dropped my phone and ran around in circles trying to lose it. needless to say... my screen is broken beyond use. so ya! until further notice i wont be on discord. i do have access to my husbands laptop but if feels super unnatural to be using a keyboard.
so his leg should prolly be back by now?
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