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Suh dudes? Name's Llama.

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- People. (Jk, but I'm a super introvert)
- Cats (The antithesis of dogs)
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Yazmin Kondra


Yazmin had been slightly alarmed by the woman's turning, especially as her gun was drawn. However, once it was clear to both herself and Gaelden that the woman was shooting past them, Gaelden grabbed her by her mechanical arm and pulled them both to cover. She took refuge behind the large man, hiding her small body from potential blaster fire. She was a good fighter, but she didn't always trust her aim. However, when the Ortolan spy was shot down, followed by one of the hired muscle, she saw an opportunity to strike.

"Got him, Gael." She said to her parter, rolling over her left shoulder as she drew her blaster from her belt and took quick aim at the brute's chest. She squeezed the trigger, the recoil jolting her frame as the blaster-bolt sail into the Thug's head, causing his skull to splatter across the alley wall, thus ending the engagement. She sighed, then reached up and grabbed Gaelden's coat, using his superior wait to pull herself upright. She chuckled, somewhat amused by the fact that her poor aim had come in handy for once. "Well, I don't want to end up in cuffs tonight, so let's make ourselves scarce."

Yazmin Kondra


Though Yazmin nodded to all of her partner's statements, she wasn't genuinely paying attention. They hadn't been partners for long, but she had already gotten used to his taking over of conversations. Instead of giving him her full attention, the young woman's eyes scanned the cantina, watching for signs of trouble to walk their way. She reached into the folds of her cloak and touched the wallet of credit chips that she had just swiped off some poor sod that was too ignorant to know that the back pocket was the easiest point of access on the body. She was, admittedly, a bit of a paranoid girl, always scanning for signs of imperial soldiers or planetary law-enforcement. Her scan had landed her eyes on an ugly Ortolan sitting at the bar, staring down at an empty glass. She'd run into imperial informants before, and even been given trouble by some, and they all did the same thing; head down, no noise, "blend" in. To someone who knew what she was looking for, however, they stuck out like a sore thumb.

Knowing her paranoia was exactly that, she brought her mind back to the present, in time to hear Gaeldon talking about her knack for sicking stormtroopers on them. It was true that the empire had chased her down quite a few times, but the fact of the matter remained; they were still unaware of the majority of Yazmin's actions. She also had a knack for being discreet.

As Gaelden's banter was cut off, Yazmin's eyes shot up to the human woman that approached the table. The girl's left hand dropped into the recesses of her cloak, locating the small blaster on her hip. She spit off a quick proposal for a possible job, quickly catching Gaelden's interest, as evident by his response. "Hold on now. She said, placing a hand on her partner's forearm for emphasis. She turned her sights on the woman and leaned forward, drawing her black hood from her head, exposing her pale face and vibrant red hair. "Let's backtrack, here. Obviously you're new here, too, because you would figure that Ortolan to be listening very intently to our conversation. I don't want to talk business here, since that guy is probably going to blab whatever he hears you say to some imperials for a few credits. Let's go elsewhere, then talk."
Connor Bayer | Trost

Connor knew that he would never be the same after this day. This attack had shown him why he'd chosen to become a soldier. As he saw the events unfold around him, saw his teammates flattened, torn in half or, eaten alive, he knew that his job was to stop this from ever happening again. That's why there were hundreds of soldiers in Trost, fighting for the lives of the people that tried to flee. That's why his squadmates had willingly died to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Being the closest squad to HQ, Connor may have been the only person in Trost that knew help wasn't coming. The HQ was surrounding by Titans, leaving the refill teams trapped and useless. The soldiers in the city were waiting for someone that wouldn't be coming, not unless they could rally and clear HQ.

He was alone on a roof, several streets away from HQ. There were no titans around him, so he'd allowed himself to rest. He had to catch up with the flank teams and tell them the situation. Decidedly, he rose from his crouched position. He shifted himself to fix his harness, then stepped towards the edge of the roof. He pushed off with his back foot and sprinted towards the edge, leaping off and shooting his hooks into another building, propelling himself through the air. As he sailed towards another roof, he braced himself and rolled as he made impact with the tiles. His bloody swords in hand, he sprinted towards the edge of the roof, jumping across a street to save his gas. From his high point he spotted two soldiers in the distance, but he couldn't make their faces. One of them seemed injured, so he turned his course to see if he could help. As he prepared to jump from the roof, he was taken by surprise as the hand of a Titan collided with his right side, sending him through the air to crash against the adjacent roof.

He cracked the roof tiles on impact, all the wind being knocked from his chest. The world seemed to spin around him as he stared up at the sky, black spots dancing across his vision. He managed to roll over on his side, eyes locking on the relatively small titan that trudged towards him. It raised its hand and looked as though it would swat Connor like a fly. In a moment of panic he squeezed the trigger on his handle and the gas sent him sliding across the roof. He swung his legs around as he gathered himself to prepare and fight back. As his body swiveled around, he fired his hooks, one into the Titan's hand as it smashed the roof, and the other into the adjacent building. He swung himself towards the Titan, propelling himself to the creature's left side, releasing his hooks and landing on the roof behind it. He jumped to the ground, using the titan's lethargic movements to his advantage. He shoot two more hooks into either leg, propelling himself forward. He slice creature's calf muscles before he was propelled between its legs.

As the titan crashed to the ground, he sailed back to it, engaging the wire brakes and landing on its back. He made no hesitation before slicing both of his blades across the nape of the creature's neck. As the Titan fell limp, he jumped to the ground, his chest heaving from the amount of energy he'd just exerted. He heard the thundering footsteps of more titans and decided that it was not time to celebrate his victory, especially since it had been such a minor titan. He didn't want to test his luck again, so he shot himself onto the roof tops. Resuming his route to the lone pair of cadets. He ran toward the edge of the roof shooting his hooks into a higher building.

He sailed into the air above the roofs, but his stomach lurched as he felt his gear go slack. He was out of gas. He swore as he plummeted to the roof below, landing with a hard crash on his side. He grit his teeth and clenched his jaw, repressing the cry of pain that threatened to release as he felt his shoulder shift from its socket. He rolled over to take the pressure off of his arm. He breathed through clenched teeth as stood too his feet. He allowed himself no time to second-guess his decision as he used his right arm, his good arm, to lift and pull his left arm up, hearing a loud pop as his shoulder relocated. He let his arms fall to his side, then bent down to pick up his blades. He sheathed the left blade, but kept his right sword handy. He saw the cadets he'd spotted earlier, on the next roof below him. He recognized Mora and Lauren, the latter of whom appeared to have sustained injuries. He jumped down to the roof and immediately spotted the flairs on Lauren's belt.

"Mora, Lauren! Good to see y'all alive." He ran to them and knelt beside the two girls. "How bad is it? HQ is completely surrounded, Refill isn't coming anytime soon. He pointed to the flair rounds, saying, "We need to everyone to retreat. I'm out of gas and can't get the message everyone.

Cassius "Cas" Williams | Room / Gym / Pool
Interacting: @jinxer

As the day began to wind down, Cassius found himself in his room, staring at the smart TV on his will. He navigated through the applications until he found the TV's equivalent of FaceTime. He clicked on the app and was surprised to find a list of people that he frequently spoke to. He quickly looked through the list, but had absolutely no trouble deciding who to call. He selected a contact and the name "Mariella Williams" flashed up on the screen.

A few rings later, the elated face of his mother flashed across the screen, forcing a smile onto Cass' lips. "Hi, baby, how are you?" She said, a slight hint of her Italian accent audible in her tone. From her surroundings, he could see that she was in her apartment, overlooking the Chicago skyline at night.

"Ciao, mamma." He said, grinning from ear to ear. "I'm fine, I'm feeling a little better."

"Ah, buona, I'm glad." She said with a delighted look. The camera angle shook and then arced down, revealing a French bulldog, staring with it's tongue out at the screen. "Oh, say hi to Pancho, Cassie." Cassius laughed briefly, watching his mother pet the dog. He was a strong man and prided himself on being rather tough and thick-skinned, but he knew better than anyone that his mother was his weakness. "I want to see if there's a way to send you all of this mail that was sent to your apartment, Cassie, I tell you. Chicago wants you to get better quick!" She held up a couple envelopes for emphasis.

Cass chuckled briefly. "Fan-mail for the twelfth man of an American club? That'd be a first." He muttered.

"Well, when you collapse on the field in front of thousands of people during a Televised Match, people tend to notice. Schweinsteiger has told me he can't wait for you to come back, because Donovan isn't as confident as you are, baby."

"That's absurd, Donny can keep up to Bastian any day." He said, sitting back on the bed. "Mamma, I've got to get some sleep, but I just wanted to call you and let you know that I'm okay."

"Aye, amore, I know you'll get through this quickly. The whole team wants you to get better as fast as possible."

"I will, mamma, I will. I love you."

"I know you, will piccolo. I love you so much." She said with a final smile, then Cass ended the call. He put the TV Remote on his desk and exhaled a deep sigh.

The next morning, Cassius found himself up at about 5:30, unable to go back to sleep. To combat his restlessness, he swung himself from his bed and donned a pair of black adidas training pants. He slipped on the same black indoor cleats he'd worn the day before, but opted to leave his shirt behind, since it would only end up soaked in sweat. He walked out of the room and to the gym, seeing that the white hallways were already illuminated at this early time. Cass made his way to a treadmill, booted it up, and set himself on a medium jog. He increased the speed and resistance by specific increments. He ran for about 30 minutes, then cut the treadmill belt. He slowed down, and stepped off of the machine, taking deep breaths so his lungs could return to their normal pace.

As he took his time to rest his lungs, he found himself noticing the heavy smell of chlorine, presumably from the pool. He shook his head, not enjoying the effect the aroma had on his state. He tried to shake the smell, but only found his ears also being peaked by something - the sound of sloshing water. He left the gym and turned into the pool room. He saw Arthur putting in laps on the long pull like Michael Phelps. Cass liked Arthur, as he seemed to have a solid head on his shoulders. He called out to the man, "Should I be concerned or scared in this situation?" He said, jokingly refering to the comment he'd made yesterday, although he had no idea how Arthur would receive his joke.
Cassius "Cas" Williams | Lounge
Interacting: @KimmiNinja@Jinxer@HecateProxy@CyanideSweetie@ghastlyinc

Cassius' ears rang with painful screech, like feedback from a microphone, amplified into his head. Cass had taken hits and suffered concussions on the pitch, but he'd never felt anything as painful as he was experiencing in the moment. He remained in his position, knelt on the floor until the screeching stopped, replaced by the sound of what was revealed to be Eli bashing a stool against the speaker system. "Jesus, man." He muttered as Eli finished vandalizing property. He reached up to the bar and put the switch to the disco system back into the "off" position.

"New Rule. Don't ever touch that button." He said as he sat upright. He was surprised to see Eliza, seemingly recovered, bring him a glass of water. He took it and downed it, but stood upright and grabbed the bottle that Arthur had poured from, filling his glass to the brim and sending the contents down his stomach in two quick gulps. With the massive headache that plagued him, he had half a mind to down the whole bottle, but he denied himself the pleasure.

Instead, he leans over the bar are Arthur talks to everyone, adressing the possibility of their "powers" being dangerous to each other. Cass wanted to shake his head and laugh and tell Arthur he was insane, because super powers weren't possible. However, what he'd seen at the pool, combined with the assault on his senses, pointed to something of an impossible nature. He hated the thought, but it seemed slightly more plausible that Arthur was in fact, on to something. So Cass just listened.

As he suggested that they excercise boundaries for themselves, Cass tried to imagine how he could do that. If his supposed powers had something to do with the berating of his senses, Cass couldn't think of a single safe place aside from sitting alone in his room. "Okay, assuming that we all have some kind of power, which we don't even know yet, how in the world would we ever organize a way to keep everyone safe? If my powers," He threw up air quotes to emphasize his attitude. "have something to do with my hearing and vision, then where could I be safe? And if you control water - or whatever - what's to stop you from accidentally killing someone? I mean- water makes up a majority of the body. How do we know that everyone in this room isn't a damn bomb waiting to explode?" He looked around at everyone, his frustration and anger evident.

Cassius "Cas" Williams | Pool / Lounge
Interacting: @KimmiNinja @Anyone

Cassius had seen a lot of crazy things in his life. He'd been to some ridiculous parties that had ended up in chaos. He'd even been high enough before to see some things that definitely weren't there, but this... This was no hallucination. This was real, Cass knew that for sure. What he didn't know, however, was how this was real. The sight of the helix figure above the pool, supposedly formed by one of the present people, the sight of Sienna splitting the helix apart with some sort of electric shock, and Athena's confused ramblings... They all told him that this was happening, completely inside reality and not the effect of a drug, but Cass couldn't fathom the things he saw before him. None of it should have been possible by any stretch of his imagination. Regardless, he swallowed the massive lump that formed in his throat, trying to mentally gather himself enough to be able to function in the current situation.

As Eliza seemed to come to her senses, Cass looked down at her, but she still seemed to ramble a bit. She mentioned not feeling well again, and she almost crumpled to the floor. Fortunately, Cass was more than capable of supporting her weight. The guy named Arthur seemed to be the first to fully gather himself and make some sort of sense of the situation. He mentioned the idea of everyone meeting in the lounge to "discuss rule" and regroup. He wasn't sure what the man meant by that, but Arthur seemed to have a solid head on his shoulders.

The young man looked down as Eliza touched his arm, speaking intelligently again as she asked his name. "Uh, I'm Cassius Williams." He said, glancing down at her. "Eliza, right?" He said. A quick look at her face sent a tiny hint of familiarity through him, and he could've sworn he'd seen her face before. He could name the place, so he just chalked it up to coincidence. He'd known, met, partied with, and slept with plenty of girls. Much of his life was spent around beautiful young women, so it was no surprise that her face reminded him of someone he'd met along the way.

Eliza suggested that they head to the lounge, and Cass nodded. He put his right arm around her lower torso, offering as much of his support as he could. He turned and they made their way towards the lounge. He took a right turn into the lounge and helped Eliza sit on one of the couches. As he set her down, he turned to look around the room. It was decorated with modern furniture and art on the wall. He spotted a bar on the far side of the room and felt a little bit of thirst in his throat. "I could use a drink." He muttered to himself.

He walked behind the bar and grabbed the first drink that caught his eye, a bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey. He normally preferred softer drinks, but he was okay with a bit of Whiskey right now - hard and calming. He wouldn't mind taking the edge of at the moment. He placed the bottle on the counter and knelt down, trying to see the labels for the different compartments. He looked for light switch, noticing a couple of metal flick switches arrayed across the top of the bar. He picked one and flicked it, but instead he saw a rack of fancy lights lower from the ceiling with the whirring of a motorized system. "What the f-"

Out of nowhere, the lights burst on with a blinding beam of purple and blue as the house lights gave way to the reflection of a disco ball. Cass swore as the lights filled his vision, completely blinding him and piercing his nerves. Almost immediately after the speakers in the room turned on and the sounds they emitted hit Cassius like a brick wall. He crumpled to the ground, his arm knocking the bottle of whiskey to the floor beside him with a loud crash. The sound of the music pounded against Cass' ears like pure waves of force. He let out a loud cry of pain as he squeezed his eyes shut and put his hands over his ears in futile effort to block out the horrible onslaught of his senses. The overwhelming force was enough to keep him on the ground. "TURN IT OFF!" He shouted as loud as he could, not realizing that the music was a normal level for anyone else in the room. He moved his hand to flick the switch but his exposed ear simply couldn't handle to berating sound. "SOMEONE PLEASE TURN IT OF!" He roared again, hoping Eliza or anyone else in the room would come to his aid.
Connor Bayer

Interacting with: @Wolverbells

Connor had remained asleep until the soldiers stormed into their cabin, commanding them to wake up. The first thing he noticed when he tried to sit up was that his body was sore ad stiff, and he merely fell back against his pillow. As he looked at the ceiling, everything seemed to wobble and wave. He quickly forced himself to sit up and stand to not allow himself time to quit the process. However, as he tried to stand, he felt his legs give way and he tumbled to the floor beside his boots and gear. He groaned as he pushed himself up, frustrated to hear a delighted laugh behind him. He looked up to see to of the older, veteran soldiers looked down at him with smirks on their faces. "Lad's a bit wasted, he is." The taller one said, laughing and smiling through his bushy red beard. "He can't handle his liquid, I suppose."

Connor groaned again and laid his forehead against the cabin floor. He sighed and pushed himself upright, putting his tunic on, then forcing himself into his harness, each move sending a horrible regret through his body. He made a mental note that he wasn't very good at drinking. He finished buckling his harness and stepped into his boots. He bent down to try and pick up his jacket, but a sudden feeling stopped him halfway down. He put his hands on his knees as he groaned, feeling his stomach protest the movement. The laughing from the two veteran soldiers ceased, the smaller giving an, "Uh oh..."

"Out the door, cadet!" The bearded soldier put his hand on Connor's back and shoved him towards the cabin entrance, just in time for the young man to vomit into the snow beside the cabin. A couple "Ooh's!" and an "Aw man..." echoed from the spectating soldiers, who also had their share of laughs. Connor groaned, moving to stand. He stopped immediately and went another round in the snow, earning a couple more remarks from the spectators. The large, bearded soldier marched out of the cabin, the clapped Connor on the back, causing the latter's stomach to threaten more ejection. He shoved a steaming tankard of tea into his hands. "Drink this. You've got two minutes to get to the square, Cadet!"

Connor took a drink of the liquid, but immediately spit out the horrible contents into the snow. He coughed at the horrible taste, calling towards the elder soldier. "Is this supposed to help me?!"

"Negative, Cadet!" He shouted.

"Then why'd you give it to me?!" He called back, incredulously. The larger soldier laughed again as his fellow soldiers copied his reaction.

"Because it's funny."

Connor groaned and tossed the tankard into the snow. He stumbled back into the cabin, grabbing his coat and buttoning it. He hefted his pack over his shoulders and fastened it to sit comfortably, but it still felt like half a ton of bricks on his back. He groaned a third time and marched out of the cabin, nearly falling into the snow after tripping on his own feet. As he marched forward he felt his eyes tried to shut themselves so he could, but luckily the cold wind kept whipping him in the face and keeping him from falling on his face in the snow. Each step felt like he was wading through a lake of water. He pushed forward and joined the other cadets in the square. Even as they marched off to travel down the mountain, Connor felt like he was good and ready to fall down and not get up.

Thankfully, the trip down allowed them more visibility than the trip up the mountain. He could see the others and had no trouble keep track of the ground in front of him, thankfully because he had to focus on the ground so he didn't take a bad step. He felt like his legs were going to give in with each step. Finally he got ahead of himself and his foot failed him, sending him toppling over into Jade in front of him, unfortunately landing the majority of his sluggish body against the much smaller cadet.
Cassius "Cas" Williams | Gym / Pool Room

In the gym, Cassius had spent the last 30 minutes doing dribbling drills. He had no idea what they were supposed to be doing, and that made him beyond anxious. When he got nervous, working out or training usually helped him settle down. So did drinking, but he doubted it was an appropriate time to drink, since they were going to be doing tests for the next few days. Instead, he ran through his personal dribbling routines using a football he'd found in the gym. He ended his drills with a quick flick up that he executed almost perfectly. Thiago would've been proud.

He flicked the ball up into his hands as he heard a commotion outside the gym. As he stepped out, he saw the pretty girl from earlier, Eliza if he heard correctly, staggering to the pool area, shouting for the others. "You- you okay?" He tried to say, but she didn't seem to hear him. He followed her into the pool room where there was a quite a commotion.

Bailey stood, completely soaked in his jeans beside some guy. He also saw Arthur and... a girl whose name he couldn't fathom. He heard Bailey shouting with who he thought was the newcomer that the intercom had announced, the first shouting about having caused the latter to

"What the hell is going on?" He asked in a brief break in the commotion. He saw Eliza stagger briefly, and he stepped to her, putting her left arm around his shoulder to help her stand. He had absolutely no idea what was going because no one seemed to understand either. Trying not drop Eliza, he stepped towards Bailey. "There's not way you made someone go numb, that's impossible, mate. We don't have superpowers."

Cassius "Cas" Williams | Auditorium/Examination Room/Hallway

Cassius concluded one thing by the time he finished talking to Athena - She was odd. Not weird, but jut a little off from most people. It puzzled him, and only gave him more questions about who she was. When everyone filed in, she gave him a wink that he couldn't decipher - was it mischievous, flirtatious, or serious? Normally when girl's made such gestures to him, he could tell what they wanted or what they were willing to give him. Athena, however, simply didn't cease to puzzle him. He turned his attention to the people in charge as they explained who things would go down.

Athena was the first to be beckoned by a trainer - hers being a monstrous, muscular man. He still seemed pleasant, however, as he guided her from the room. Next his saw the guy who'd spoke to him earlier - Bailey - be confronted by a woman that looked like a bit of a supermodel (Cassius would know). As he waited for his name to be called, he sat back, wondering who they would pair with him. His question was answered when a feminine voice snapped, "Cassius Williams, come with me."

Cass turned his head to see who the voiced belonged to and was met by a young asian woman. He face had one look on it - No Games. He stood and walked to the aisle to join her. "I'm Mei Lon. This way." She said curtly. She wore black leggings and a maroon tank top which exposed her shoulders and back muscles. He was surprised to see that her shoulders and back were completely rippled with muscle, and she looked like she knew her way around a weight room. She led him through a winding series of corridors until they reached a room with a chair and medical equipment.

"Please, sit down." She said curtly, and Cass moved towards the chair.

"What are we doing-"

"Please, sit. We are drawing blood." She snapped, firing so many alarms in Cassius' head, that he wanted to snap right back. He sat down with an annoyed shake of his head.

"I thought we were going to do physical tests, too." Cassius said, leaning back in the chair.

"If you could refrain from asking questions, we will be done here as soon as possible. I want to be here just as little as you do." She picked up a needle and a tube from a silver tray and began to prep it for injection. Cassius stifled a brief laugh.

"Then why are you here?" He probed, trying to avoid getting into an argument with this woman.

"Because the higher-ups think you I can handle whatever crap you decide to give me." To that, Cassius chuckled, leaning his head back and staring up at the ceiling.

"Yeah I'm sure you think you know me." Cass muttered with evident irritation. Mei Lon dropped the Needle on the tray and turned to face him, not a hint of anything but apathy in her face.

"Cassius Roman Williams, age 24. You're a professional soccer player for the Chicago Fire. You're from Texas but you lived in spain for some time. You're a bit of a playboy with loose morals, you like fast cars, and you're a bit of a hothead, as I can now see." She delivered the facts with rapid succession. "And you would do anything for your mother's sake." She added, picking up the needle again.

"Okay, so you did your homework." Cassius said. "What about you? Don't I get to know something about you-" He was cut short as Mei Lon jabbed the needle into his arm.

"Sure. I'm your trainer. Surprise." She said, then began working. The rest of their interactions were silent, as Cassius really didn't know what to say. She would obviously have nothing more to do with him than she had to. When she finished the tests, Cassius slowly brought himself up; he knew the drill. She placed a circular plaster over the needle wound and led him back to the main corridors without giving another word. Cassius looked around and spotted Bailey again, wandering as though he were lost.

"How'd your super hot trainer treat you?"
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