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Suh dudes? Name's Llama.

Stuff I Like
- Dungeons and Dragons (Real RPG)
- Video Games (The Last of Us is my favorite game)
- Photography (I'm a professional, so it's kinda my thing)
- Film (Currently in Film School)
- Dogs ( explanation needed)
- Good Rappers (J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Joyner Lucas, etc.)

Stuff I Don't Like
- People. (Jk, but I'm a super introvert)
- Cats (The antithesis of dogs)
- Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Lil Baby (You get the point)

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Mercer Blaine - Unknown Location | The Facility

@HecateProxy @RumikoOhara@wolverbells@pinkowl

Mercer watched the following events unfold, mainly because there was barely a single break in the conversation. Just like that, a new person entered the conversation, asking the Question of the Day, once again; What was going on?

Then, quicker than he could work up a response, the blonde woman spoke up, detailing an epic tale of being chased down by the government; a tale that Mercer would have called bullshit on if his home and life hadn't just been invaded by secretive men. He shook his head as he began to consider the possibilities of their situation. He stepped back against the wall as yet another woman showed up, quickly establishing that she'd been here longer than them and had gotten a slight sense of what was going on.

This couldn't be real. He'd wake up, and he'd be back at home. Lexi would be in his bed beside him. He'd lean over, kiss her, and get up and go to work like every other day. This had to be some huge dream.

This had to be a dream.

He didn't have any abilities. There was nothing special about him, nothing that made him a threat. He looked over to the first woman- Wendy. "Do you have superpowers?" He asked, clearly rhetorically. He turned his head to the other woman, Natalie. "How about you? Can you fly?

He then turned to the tall redhead man. "Oh God, please show me how you can shoot lasers out of your eyes-" He shook his head and looked up at the ceiling, having no idea where their surveillance cameras were planted."No? I didn't think so- None of us have any FUCKING superpowers! You're all insane!"
Mercer Blaine - Unknown Location | The Facility

@HecateProxy @RumikoOhara

As Mercer stood in the hallway, he listened for a response. It was a moment before he heard anything. First came a few footsteps, followed by a masculine voice further down the corridor. "Hello?" The voice said. Mercer turned his head, surprised to be met with a tall, muscular man with long red hair. He looked like an Irish version of Mercer, but with an eighth of the body fat. As the man walked forward, looking just as confused and uncertain as Mercer, it was clear that he was not a threat... at least not yet.

"...Sorry- do you know where we are?" He asked, then shook his head to himself. Of course this guy didn't know where they were. He probably just woke up as well by the looks of it. "...did they take your from your home-" Mercer was cut off as the door to his right slid open, and a blonde woman came marching from her room.

She sped out of her room running right into Mercer's side. He turned to stop her so they didn't have a collision, but the girl's momentum somehow stayed. Before he knew what was happening, Mercer found himself lifted off of his feet. He hit the ground with a thud and slid backwards into the wall, smacking his head against it. He slumped over for a moment as the shock hit him, jolting his entire system.

As he left the daze, he rolled over onto his side, coming up to his knees. "Holy shit, woman." He looked at her, sizing the woman up. She was young, blonde, and very well muscled. She was by no means small, but Mercer was six-foot-four and weighed just over two-hundred pounds. In no physical world was it probable for that woman to knock him to floor like she just did; not with superpowers-

"You're shitting me." His mind echoed.

Mercer staggered to his feet, feeling his head swoon a bit as he could feel blood trickling out of his nose. He sighed, regaining his balance as he wiped the drops of blood on his once-pristine white shirt. "Damn, lady you hit like a train." He shook his head as he brushed himself off once more.

"Now, before any more weird shit happens, does anyone know what the hell is going on here?"
Mercer Blaine - Unknown Location | The Facility

To say Mercer was groggy when he woke up would be an understatement. As his eyes slowly opened, they felt like they were threatening to shut again immediately. His vision wasn't quite clear enough for him to see. Mercer was familiar with this feeling, thanks to his many nights of drinking himself to sleep. The last time this had happened he'd almost gotten dumped by -


In a flash, he shot up from where he lay, the night coming back to him immediately. His awesome night had been rudely disrupted by men with guns. The last thing he'd seen, they'd kidnapped Lexi, and the man had shot him with some kind of tranquilizer dart. As everything came back to him, his mind was shaken awake, and he began to take in his surroundings.

He lay in a bed in the back corner of a sterile, white room. It was pristine, as if it was something out of a science fiction movie. If he hadn't known better, he would've sworn he was being abducted by aliens... actually, given recent events, that wouldn't really be unbelievable. He swung his feet off the bed and stood up. He swiveled around the room, but groaned as he felt his this muscles in his chest tense. He looked down and saw a deep bruise where he'd been shot with the tranquilizer dart. He grimaced, and looked back to the front of the room. Two doors were positioned against the walls. He went to the first on the right wall, and it opened to an equally sterile bathroom. He scanned it but saw nothing of interest besides a set of clothes on the sink.

Mercer turned and marched to the other door, looking for some kind of handhold or something that would help him get the door open. With a burst of frustration, he balled his fist and pounded on the door, feeling it shaking against the force of his hand. "SOMEONE OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR!" He shouted. He reared back and pounded again, and again. "OPEN THE DOOR, I HAVE RIGHTS-"

"Mercer Blaine, please remain calm your questions will be answered in due time." A faceless voice emanated from an intercom in the ceiling. Mercer turned from the door and looked up to the ceiling.

"So there is someone there!" He shook his head in frustration. "You can't keep me locked in here! I am a citizen of the United States and I know my rights!" He shouted again. He waited, but the voice did not respond.


"All questions will be answered in due time. Until then clothes have been provided in the bathroom to your left, and an envelope containing rules and guidelines is on the counter." The voice finished, and faded.

Mercer's chest heaved as he exhaled deep breaths, rattling with anger. He turned and reared back, slamming his fist into the white door, over and over again. He stopped, stepping back with fuming breaths. The voice from the intercom seemed to have no reaction to his fit of anger.

I bit of hopelessness began to creep at Mercer's chest and takeover his mind. He shook his head and stepped back towards the bed. He slowly sat down and placed his hands on the mattress. Could this really be happening? This kind of thing only happened in spy movies and conspiracy theories, not real life. Moisture began to peak at Mercer's eyes as realization began to settle in, his rush of adrenaline beginning to fade. This was really happening. He really had no idea if Lexi was arise. For all he knew they could've taken her and thrown her in the Cumberland River. He shook his head, trying to ignore the thought of it. He would find her, and she'd be fine.

Ok... How do I get through this... His mind wondered. He rubbed his eyes, then stood, finding his way to the bathroom where he'd been told to go. He saw the clothes and envelope, picking up the first and sliding the shirt over his torso and trading the scrubs for his sweatpants. He slipped his feet into the ugly white vans, leaving his sweatpants laying on the bathroom floor. He picked up the envelope and pulled out the sheet of paper, skimming over the rules. He nodded to himself as he read. Note to Self: Don't misbehave.

As he walked out of the bathroom, he heard a loud click, his attention snapping to the door at the front of the room. He walked over and touched the door with the tips of his finger. The door his, prompting Mercer to yank his hand back as the door slid open, revealing an equally white hallway. The amount of white in this place was painful.

Mercer stepped forward and walked into the hallway, seeing other doors like his. "Hello?" He called, hoping that aliens didn't respond like he feared.
Mercer Blaine - Nashville, Tennessee

It was nearly midnight as Mercer found himself walking into his kitchen. He dragged his feet forward into the kitchen as he pulled open the refrigerator, groaning as the interior light blasted his eyeballs. He squinted, reaching in to grab a gatorade from the back of the fridge. He cracked the cap of and chugged half of it in one pull, accidentally dripping some on his bare chest. He capped the bottle and set it down, leaning back against the kitchen sink. He pulled his phone from the pocket of his sweatpants, opening it with his thumbprint and scrolling through twitter.

Mercer sighed to himself as he read all of the featured tweets of people who had supposedly seen super-powered individuals. It was bullshit, the lot of it. People saw that the government was cracking down on certain policies and suddenly the conspiracy theorists were having a damn field day. He shook his head and slid his phone back into his pocket, grabbing his gatorade and walking back towards his bedroom

As Mercer entered his rooms, he walked as carefully and quietly as possible, so as not to disturb the sleeping girl in his bed. He smiled to himself as he stood over the bed, then crawled back in beside her. He and Lexi had a good night, and it was a good relief. He'd needed a good night like this. Stress as of late had been threatening to make him burst. He felt both physically and emotionally comfortable as he wrapped his arm around her stomach. He felt her shift and lay back against him as he rested his head against the pillow beside her. As he nestled in, he felt the warm skin of her back against his chest, just as he began to return to his deep slumber.

Almost as if he hadn't fallen asleep, he was shaken awake by a hand on his shoulder, followed by the sound of harsh knocking form what sounded like his front door. He opened his eyes to see Lexi, a deep frown on her face, shaking him awake. "Babe, someone's at the door..." She said, sitting up and using the sheet to cover herself. He nodded and sat up, swinging his legs off of the bed.

"I don't know who the hell is here past midnight..." He groaned as he stood his full height, trudging towards the front door as the knocking persisted. "Holy shit, I'm coming!" He yelled as he crossed the living room. He reached the door as a fourth round of knocking began, yanking the door open to interrupt the banging. "Who the-" He stopped mid-sentence as he saw the men that stood outside of his apartment.

Five men, one in front and four behind him, stood with black, fitting suits. The first one stepped a foot closer, looking up at the slightly taller Mercer. "Mercer Blaine, we have orders for your detainment and would appreciate your cooperation.""

Mercer frowned, deep lines crossing his forehead. "Detainment? What the hell- who are you people and why are you at my home at one in the morning?" Mercer said, pointing a strong finger towards the front man.

"Sir, we have orders. Your compliance will be rewarded." He stated, much more sternly this time than the last.

Mercer released a slight laugh as he shook his head. "Okay, James Bond, you and the MI6 can come back when you have a warrant, but until then, get the hell out." He said and slammed the door in the man's face.

"Sir, we won't ask again!""

"Go to hell!" He shook his head as he turned around. He saw Lexi walk out of his bedroom, having slid into underwear and one of his shirts that sagged heavily on her much smaller frame. He smiled as he walked over to her, putting his hands around her waist, and leaning down to kiss her. She kissed him, then pulled back with a curious, half-smile on her face.

"What was that about?" She asked, as they stepped towards the bedroom.

"I have no idea, but uh..." He nodded his head towards the bed. "...Since we're awake, why don't we go for round two?" He laughed quietly as he picked up her up. He walked forward as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"No, babe, we both have work in the morning. Sleep is important t-" She was cut off as the doorknob turned and the door swung open.

"Hey, what the hell?!" Mercer shouted as the men stepped into his apartment. He put a shrieking Lexi down on the couch and reached down to grab the baseball bat that was hidden beside coffee table. He gripped the bat with two hands and prepared as one of the men in black pushed forward. He swung hard, but the man stepped back. The other three big men blocked his path to Lexi, who released startled cry as one of the men clamped a hand down over her mouth, silencing her as his right hand jabbed a needle and syringe into her thigh. Mercer cried out as Lexi's body went limp. He rushed forward swinging again at the bat towards the group of men as hard as he possibly could. The largest of all three took the hit on the shoulder, but reached forward, grabbing the end of the bat. He ripped the weapon from Mercer's, hands, turned it around a swung it faster than he could react.

The bat connected with Mercer's ribs, causing him to wrench forward in pain. He stumbled to the ground, his hand on his side. He saw the man that head attacked Lexi cuff her hands and feet behind her back. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!" He roared as he tried to stand back up, but a new attacker, this one being just as tall as Mercer, stepped forward, and with one swing of his fist, knocked mercer back to the ground. He looked over just in time to see one of the men tie a blindfold over Lexi's eyes and pick her up, carrying her limp body over his shoulder.

Mercer made one last attempt to move, but the man in front of him drew a gun from his belt, pointing it at him and pulling the trigger faster than Mercer could realize. Mercer winced as he waited for the bullet to fly and put him down forever, but all he felt was a sharp pain in his right pectoral muscle. He looked down to see a single dart sticking out of his chest. All of a sudden, his muscles gave in and he fell on his back. He saw the man that he spoken to him step forward, crouching down and staring at him. "Like, I said... your compliance would have been rewarded." He stood and walked away as Mercer's vision began to fade in and out, and then his world fell black.
Mercer Blaine - Nashville, Tennessee

As he attempted to navigate the horrible, congested Broadway Street of downtown Nashville, Mercer's energy drained by the minute. The slow-moving traffic, paired with the thirty-degree rainy day was enough to sap even the strongest of all motivation. Mercer felt this more than he cared to admit. Working on his fourth cup of coffee this morning, his usual vice was starting to loose its rejuvinating effect. He released a long, woeful sigh as he stared out into the rainy street ahead. "Oh my God, please..." He muttered as he leaned back against the headrest.

He glanced down at the clock on his car radio - 8:47. He wasn't making good time at all. He looked down the street, groaning as he stared at the same streetlight for the fifth time in five minutes. The Downtown Clinic was about the length of a football field away, but he had the feeling it would probably take him the length of a football game to actually reach it. He sighed once more shifted in his seat, as if a more comfortable posture would make the wait any less awful.

When the eternity of five minutes past and he'd barely moved a few feet, Mercer shook his head, straightening himself in his seat as he swiveled the steering wheel to the left to pull into the turning lane. He waiting for an opening and banked a right down Rosa Parks Boulevard. He drove down the street to a tiny parking lot he always used when downtown, and parked his SUV. He looked at his phone - 8:54. He shook his head, grabbing his jacket and jumping out of his car and walking down towards the clinic.

He reached the doors in about ten minutes after standing in line with paperwork. A moment of triumph came when he was finally greeted by a young, pretty nurse. "Mr. Mercer, we're ready for you now." She said, waiting for him to follow. She led him to a small room with a white sterile chair. The young woman prepped a few things before apply a tourniquet to his arm and swabbing his arm. The dread began to set in as she picked up one of the IV needles. He exhaled harshly and looked at the ceiling, squeezing the armrest so tightly he felt it would snap. "Don't be scared, I promise it's not gonna hurt." The nurse said, placing her free hand on his arm and smiling brightly at him. He looked down at her and nodded - noticing her piercing blue eyes and charming smile.

"Yeah... Yeah that actually does help, thank y- Holy f-" He clenched his jaw to cut off the profanity that threatened to spew as she quickly inserted the needle into his arm while he wasn't paying attention. He nodded, squinting as he stared at the ceiling. "Yep- Yeah, I could've seen that coming." He said as he relaxed for a moment. "That- uh... that work on everyone?"

The nurse looked up at him for a moment, smirking to herself. "Yeah, most guys."

When the process was finished, the nurse sent him away with a pat on the back that felt somewhat equivalent to a "good game!" when everyone knew damn well that you didn't have a good game. He left the clinic and walked back into the rainy streets towards the parking lot. As he reached his car, he looked down at his phone - 9:06. He nodded to himself, starting the vehicle and pulling back onto the street as he decided to treat himself to breakfast. Sure, he'd made coffee at home before he left, but a quick trip to Red Bicycle Cafe wouldn't hurt anyone.

About thirty minutes later he sat down in the coffee shop with a macchiato and an egg biscuit, swiping through instagram as he ate. He swiped down as a text appeared at the top of his screen.

"9:41 / Lexi Harrington - we still on for 8:30? :)"

He smiled to himself as he quickly replied - you bet :). He took a bite of his biscuit as he ate, watching the cars drive by in the rain. They were definitely on for tonight.

Yazmin Kondra


Yazmin had been slightly alarmed by the woman's turning, especially as her gun was drawn. However, once it was clear to both herself and Gaelden that the woman was shooting past them, Gaelden grabbed her by her mechanical arm and pulled them both to cover. She took refuge behind the large man, hiding her small body from potential blaster fire. She was a good fighter, but she didn't always trust her aim. However, when the Ortolan spy was shot down, followed by one of the hired muscle, she saw an opportunity to strike.

"Got him, Gael." She said to her parter, rolling over her left shoulder as she drew her blaster from her belt and took quick aim at the brute's chest. She squeezed the trigger, the recoil jolting her frame as the blaster-bolt sail into the Thug's head, causing his skull to splatter across the alley wall, thus ending the engagement. She sighed, then reached up and grabbed Gaelden's coat, using his superior wait to pull herself upright. She chuckled, somewhat amused by the fact that her poor aim had come in handy for once. "Well, I don't want to end up in cuffs tonight, so let's make ourselves scarce."

Yazmin Kondra


Though Yazmin nodded to all of her partner's statements, she wasn't genuinely paying attention. They hadn't been partners for long, but she had already gotten used to his taking over of conversations. Instead of giving him her full attention, the young woman's eyes scanned the cantina, watching for signs of trouble to walk their way. She reached into the folds of her cloak and touched the wallet of credit chips that she had just swiped off some poor sod that was too ignorant to know that the back pocket was the easiest point of access on the body. She was, admittedly, a bit of a paranoid girl, always scanning for signs of imperial soldiers or planetary law-enforcement. Her scan had landed her eyes on an ugly Ortolan sitting at the bar, staring down at an empty glass. She'd run into imperial informants before, and even been given trouble by some, and they all did the same thing; head down, no noise, "blend" in. To someone who knew what she was looking for, however, they stuck out like a sore thumb.

Knowing her paranoia was exactly that, she brought her mind back to the present, in time to hear Gaeldon talking about her knack for sicking stormtroopers on them. It was true that the empire had chased her down quite a few times, but the fact of the matter remained; they were still unaware of the majority of Yazmin's actions. She also had a knack for being discreet.

As Gaelden's banter was cut off, Yazmin's eyes shot up to the human woman that approached the table. The girl's left hand dropped into the recesses of her cloak, locating the small blaster on her hip. She spit off a quick proposal for a possible job, quickly catching Gaelden's interest, as evident by his response. "Hold on now. She said, placing a hand on her partner's forearm for emphasis. She turned her sights on the woman and leaned forward, drawing her black hood from her head, exposing her pale face and vibrant red hair. "Let's backtrack, here. Obviously you're new here, too, because you would figure that Ortolan to be listening very intently to our conversation. I don't want to talk business here, since that guy is probably going to blab whatever he hears you say to some imperials for a few credits. Let's go elsewhere, then talk."
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