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Alright, Halim is now officially the pinkest of Orbital bois.
Nah its good. I'll look into changing it and doing the edits tomorrow after work. It'll help to make any dialog they have a little clearer so its worth the effort.
-I did the big OOPS-
Also, I lied apparently. A small post before bed to appease the dark gods.


Halim knew a great deal about atmospheric reentry....In theory atleast. In practice? Less so, it seemed, if the still dull red glow of his Orbitals armor was any indication as it stumbled into an awkward landing some 50 meters away from an Aurora unit. "It was a lot easier in the simulations..." he moaned quietly to himself, checking the internal temperature readings, cockpit sitting 'comfortably' far above what was probably considered safe. His flight suit aided little in comforting him, beyond perhaps providing an air tight seal for which to stew in his own sweat. A part of him longed to open his cockpit bay, if only to relish in the feel of the chill that the wind might provide.

He pushed such thoughts away quickly. Orders were to maintain combat readiness and he doubted his comfort constituted an excuse from that. With a sigh he checked his readings again, confirming that no internal structures were at risk or damaged from the rather clumsy fall onto the planet. <<"BTF-unit AGL-001 reporting. Atmospheric reentry partially successful.">> He reported, wincing his orbital sagged awkwardly into the lose soil, throwing off his gait slightly. <<"Unit suffers no damage and will be combat ready in 30 sec-">> He begins, cutting himself off at the last moment to re-check his instruments. <<"50 seconds.">> He admits, finally, unable to hide the somewhat worried twinge to his voice.

He maintains radio silence for a few seconds, quietly counting to himself as he absorbed the reports from the overwatching units still airborne as he tried to will his overheat risk away. <<"BTF-Unit ALG-001 secondarily confirms Aurora's assessment Voyager. We are a negative on Target Adam and Eve.">> He reported happily, though with a seriousness that suggested that the joke had less flown over his head and more been lost somewhere back in orbit. The Casket takes a few shaky steps, awkwardly casting its gaze around the LZ for a few moments before his autocannon slammed into position, revving quickly to its idle speed as he settled in to cover the landing shuttle. <<" Stojanović are the heat signature's possibly geothermic activity? Could be an underground hot spring or something...">> He asked, remembering once having heard about how people would sometimes bathe in such things, though for the life of him he still could not figure out as to why.
Halim: What are you talking about? The BTF are wonderful and so generous! They even provide Kool-Aid. Atleast I think they do. People keep saying I've drank it so I guess it has to be!

On another note, might be tomorrow before I get a post up. Work and homework coming first and all.

I am very tired and this took a great deal of time. But...have a very soft boi if you all are still accepting. Let me know if there are any issues you want me to change.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Gill managed to finally tear his eyes away from the...frankly distressing wealth the room had on offer to spare an odd glace at her highness. Fireheart was...well, not pornographic as such. Saucy, to be sure. But frustratingly flighty on the whole copulation front of things for his taste. That said, it was definitely not something he'd expected someone from high society to have read, much less use as a clumsy conversation starter.

"She's just survived an assassination attempt." the distant part of his mind that oversaw his rarely used sense of TACT reminded. "Makes sense she wants to do something better than wallow in fear of a second attempt."

Inwardly, Gillian groaned with a deep despair, regretting he had elected to stay with the Princess instead of braving his chances in the tomb. A coup he could handle. A necromancer? Harder, but he was a Living Reliquary and so was probably well suited to the task. But being a comforting presence to literally anyone with a pulse (or without as the case may be)?

Not. His. Wheel house.

Still, it was probably a job best left to him. Indrau was...well, Gill was pretty sure the Crippled Lion didn't fear much. Too pragmatic like that. With a soft sigh he spoke. "I have..." He said, keeping the timbre of his voice calm and even as he drew a chair from the desk, sitting opposite from the Princess while keeping the balcony within his eye line. "I like how supportive Johana was of Keldi, despite the lack of reciprocation on her part." He said, huffing perhaps a little over dramatically, hoping his feigned ease would relax the girl.

"Frankly it's annoying that the story ended with Keldi and Tri marrying just because she had the nerve to challenge first! I mean, Tri came in...what? Two third's of the way into the book? Just after Chorus of Ingvarr." He added, one arm gesturing wildly (albiet with more care than the grotesque limb ought to be capable of) about the room."We went from a jaunty tune about breasts to a sulky raven haired thug stealing Keldi away from her first real friend. Whiplash doesn't even begin to describe it!" He groaned loudly, running his hands through his hair as he looked to the ceiling, as if it might offer some divine explanation.

As he dragged his hands down his face he glanced at the Princess, hoping he wasn't over selling the act. His fellow Knights probably already knew that, but this wasn't really for them. If she found a little comfort in him making an ass of himself...well, he'd done worse things with his time.


Nehir could less see Sophie's discomfort than hear it. The soft creak of her metal gauntlets against the leather of her reigns as much a signal for her agitation as the grumbled swears. He didn't say anything to comfort the Sword, doubting his ability to put her at ease with the situation. She didn't sound eager in the least, which was a good sign as far as Nehir was concerned. An outraged Sword was deadly at worst, and Sophie far more so than most. "If they are then I want to make sure you hit them first." He said flatly as his thumb circled a rune on his staff. "We can't be totally sure of Nefrena's experience in combat. I know its frustrating but this is just to make sure the party is as safe as possible for now." He continued, hoping that would atleast help the human calm a little.

As Neffy broke from the treeline Nehir felt his body tense for a moment; magic swirling up from within before being squashed back down, a small drizzle of freezing air escaping his lungs as he stopped the half finished spell when he realized she wasn't running for her life. The walk to the camp was silent but thankfully short. Most of them already knew what to expect, but investigating the site was part of the job. It bad as he had expected honestly. Nehir felt a shiver run up his spine, less from the morbidity of the camps state and more from just how mundane the sight had felt for a moment.

Nehir hovered a hand over the fire pit, careful not to touch the cooking equipment for a variety of reasons. "Still some warmth to it." He said as he shook the radiant heat from his hands. "Probably got hit last night if I had to wager a guess...Poor folks deserved better..."
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