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Here we are again, ever searching for somewhere to fit in. Sometimes you think you found something, only to realise much later that you haven't. Hopefully soon I'll find that somewhere or that something. Even if i don't the search is what keeps things interesting, wouldn't you agree?

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Tyler Cross

The following morning and staying true to his word for the previous day, Tyler took a more relaxed approach to the required dress code of the academy. He decided the suit jacket and tie, from the attire of others, were definitely unnecessary additions. Before leaving his room and heading to class he made sure to grab his cased violin. He made his way to the cafeteria in order to have a quick breakfast before class. He had taken a quick glance around whilst eating but didn't see anyone he knew.

The mandatory classes, similar to yesterday came across as rather basic. Though feigning interest was not something that Tyler found any difficulty doing. He did make a couple of notes to quiz others over in math class to see if there was something he could help them out with. Though striking a perfect score had been outside of his own reach, so some notes were still for his own personal development. The homework of trigonometry was unlikely to cause any issue given that he had spent a lot of his free time prior to attendance at the academy around engineers.

Of the subjects throughout the day Latin was probably the one Tyler was looking forward to the least. One among many of the subjects that were selected for him by his parents. Seemingly selected out of the lack of law class. However it ultimately came across as being quite interesting. Learning the past of the language itself and how it eventually would tie in with the English language made it feel more like the classes would be a journey rather than pure theory on the words and the their modern meanings. Despite his initial thought of making minimal effort he found himself in the opposite state of mind before the end of the class. Of the students he knew Alana seemed to be the only other one in this class. Though he'd probably interacted with her least of their study group he attempted to engage in small talk when the opportunities arose throughout the lesson.

The last lesson of the day, at least for Tyler was Music. He was rather excited for what the lesson may entail and whether he would get the opportunity to play during class. The excitement to play turned more into a sinking feeling as everyone he knew was also taking this class. Somewhat fortunately for him though the class was rather basic, what they were going over were things that Tyler was familiar with through playing an instrument himself. He struggled throughout the lesson to maintain concentration for a theory he already understood. The homework that was set, similar to those in Math and science seemed it would be rather straightforward. Once class had ended he was keen to get some practice in, but that would be something that would have to wait until classes for the day were over.

Tyler didn't make any notable use of his time whilst waiting for the music room to become free. He mostly just wandered around the class areas to better familiarise himself with the schools layout. However he wasted no time in returning to the music room. He glanced in the room to make sure no one else was already making use of it before entering. The music room was well equipped for his needs, removing his violin from its case and removing the few pieces of sheet music and balancing it on a stand. He made a side ward glance over to the rooms door as he snugly rested his chin in place, bow in hand. Convinced that it was unlikely he'd be disturbed immediately on commencement Tyler studies over the sheet before him, the briefest pause as he begun to play. A stern look of concentration on his face as he tries to play the tune to the best of his ability. The slight imperfections openly displayed the room for future development.
Thought I'd get a separate quick evening post in as I'd probably end up doing morning & after class in the next so just wanted to split things out a little.
Tyler Cross

-Evening Summary-

After studying with the others in the library Tyler headed back to his dorm. He hadn't completed final drafts of either of his written assignments and had spent most of his time in the library gathering references for the English assignment. He knelt down beside his bed on his bag and pulled the case he'd put under there out, placing it beside his bed. He then sat at his desk and began to write up his English and Science homework. The end quality was very much middle of the road for students of their calibre, though would likely be enough to get him through these initial pieces.

Having finished the homework Tyler turned his attention back to the case beside his bed. He lifts the case up on top of the bed before opening it up and removing the violin and bow that lay snugly within. A grimace and sigh accompanied the untuned tone that echo'd out as the bow stroked the strings. As much had been expected, though it was worse than he had thought it might be. Getting an initial tuning completed a day early was seeming a better idea by the minute. Each bow stroke was followed by a pause and adjustment of tuning, this routine continued for a couple of minutes until Tyler was satisfied. Perhaps he would have the chance to play tomorrow and if not he could at least spend some time practicing.
I'm good with anything, I can summarise my characters evening/morning if people want to move on ^_^
Tyler Cross

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Tyler got up to his feet as the conversation led to the group considering relocation. He carefully checked over his attire. "The library would offer a more ideal working environment. Plus the additional sources of information it would provide couldn't hurt." He picked his bag up off the floor and gently dusted loose grass off from the underside of it with the back of his hand. He glanced to Erik as he slid his suit jacket back on. "I have no issue with additional people joining us, so long as everyone is willing to pull their weight. Though the larger the group gets the greater risk we run of that happening." Despite what he'd said Tyler had no real reason to believe anyone attending the academy was like to be 'dead weight' though it wasn't guaranteed to be avoidable.

Tyler began to make his way back over to what he considered more solid ground, his desire to leave may not have been so obvious was he in less valuable attire. He stops himself from heading off ahead of the others, deciding instead to wait at the edge of grass. He brought his bag back over his shoulder as he fetched his phone and replied his contact details back to Erik and awaited the chance to share his to Alana and Quinn. In hindsight doing that before walking away may have been the wiser choice. At the same time if the group decided to remain this could just wind up making him look rather foolish.
Tyler Cross

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So long as those 'strange' things didn't wind up on the public domain there was no real reason for Tyler to be concerned about the potential need to tag along as Quinn's extra in some scene. Though giving it more thought, drama was definitely likely to have more out there assignments for the students to perform. Tyler shook the idea from his mind, in truth he should just embrace the opportunity to try something different if it came along.

"Ha, yeah if only that would be taken into consideration, I'd certainly get through with flying colours." He grinned trying to keep positive about the ordeal that was before him. No doubt his parents would be keen to check in on his progress by the time the weekend would roll back around. He considered Quinn's feedback and advice, perhaps he didn't quite follow the idea completely at this stage as he responded with. "But wouldn't showing confidence, whilst being wrong just make me look worse in the grand scheme?... But I suppose it'd be wrong to knock an idea completely off the plate before trying it." Almost as though having a Eureka moment, he brightened up. "I know someone who owes me some favors that can help too. Next time there will be more competence."

When Erik initially spoke, what he only assumed was French, Tyler just glanced over in near confusion. Though he quickly regained his composure as he assumed that it was related to the question he immediately after asked to Alana. "A group of four would be fairly close to optimal. As the assignments get more challenging all of us pitching in could ease the load considerably." As far as he was concerned if they were going to study together it may as well be a continuous effort.
Working on getting something up today. Sorry back at work now so won't have as much free time as last week. ; ;
Tyler Cross

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Tyler was trying to relax as much as his particular seated position allowed him too. "Well maybe I'll take a less formal approach moving forward." Jake stated as he reached at his neck and loosened the tie even more until it drooped with a large noose. He had no doubt that his near corporate attire may have given of the wrong vibe throughout the day. He took the time Quinn was contemplating her response to start cross analysing his English notes against the ones Erik had shared to identify the areas of most relevance. Literature was not exactly his strongest subject matter, Tyler had a preference for numbers and application, or at least that was where he better excelled.

When Quinn agreed to help he looks across to her with a smile. He was fairly certain that she was joking, but regardless responded with."I'm sure that we can reach an agreement on a suitable means of compensation." He chuckled softly before continuing. "So should something come up that you need help with, just let me know." He noticed that Quinn had stopped working on her homework, so he goes through his notes to those from French class. This was not likely to go well, as such he reads over his notes a couple of times before sighing. His gaze shifts to Quinn with a nervous laugh. "Uh..." Tyler cleared his throat briefly. "B-Bonjour Quinn... uh.. je map... je m'appelle Tyler Cross." His accent somewhat contorted itself as he tried to get the pronounciation of words correct, though he had some training in class much more would likely be needed before he got that nailed down. "J'ai... Cinq ans?" He seemed unconvinced as he looks at his notes. "Apparently I just said I'm five... j'ai... quinze?" The pronunciation was completely off, sounded oout more as though it was a English word than how it'd be pronounced in french. "So, need to be able to do that with confidence for next week. Getting my head round all these languages isn't going to be fun."
Tyler Cross

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Once he had made it close to where the others were seated Tyler came to a stop at the edge of the grass. He smiled and waved back to Quinn who seemed to be lazing on the grass quiet happily. He looked down at his own attire with a frown, not exactly the most ideal of clothing choice for sitting in the grass. However not fancying the idea of returning to his dorm just yet he emptied the contents of his laptop bag which had consisted mainly of notepads and pens. Next he removed his suit jacket and folded it over his arms, before stepping onto the grass carefully.

He made his way over the others, dropping his laptop bag down besides the familiar face of Quinn before planting himself down on it. He sits with his knees bent and legs close to his chest to prevent getting grass marks on his trousers. "I think I may have overdressed." Tyler commented on his apparel, as he has a second take of everyone else. However more importantly introductions seemed to be afoot as he glanced over to Alana. "Tyler Cross." He announced to the only person in this gathering he hadn't had even a brief introduction to.

With what space he can allow himself he starts to go through his notes again. He quickly skimmed over his science draft before scanning over his notes from English and French. "Hey Quinn, would you mind if I practice some french on you at some point?" He looks up from his notes with a smile. "Homework, though I'd prefer to sound at least somewhat competent."

Tyler Cross

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Not wanting to be rude Tyler, nodded and smiled to Erik's response from identifying him. Though all he'd really done is just compare what classes he'd seen him in and what classes he hadn't to take an educated guess. Though receptive to Erik's answer to his enquiry he continued to glance back at the unfinished science homework and when the question was returned to him he picked up his pen to continue before answering. "I suppose it went as expected of a first day. The lessons were straightforward enough and the homework, at least for now isn't particularly challenging. Though I will have to find the opportunity to hold the initial part of a conversation in French whilst recording it." Tyler shrugged before continuing. "Though that is more inconvenience I suppose."

Tyler was making the last of his notes in his science homework draft and finishing what was left of his dinner when the announcement rang out through the cafeteria. He glanced around making note of the speaker locations, if nothing else they seemed optimally positioned and definitely loud enough. "Suit yourself." Tyler simply stated with a small wave as Erik departed his company. Next on his agenda was to take a head count of the older students who filtered out following the announcement. It wasn't really a concern of his, he didn't really have any need to return to the lecture hall or visit the gym at this hour anyway.

Once again alone in the cafeteria he contemplated what to do next. No doubt some of the more inquisitive first years, like the self-admitting Erik were trying to make heads or tails of the announcement and what exactly it entailed. Tyler tapped the table before packing his notes back into his bag and pulling the strap up over his shoulder. He leaves the cafeteria, once outside glancing over to the gym. He contemplates trying to get a better look before deciding against it. It seemed a number of students, including some familiar faces were gathering out in the courtyard. Apart from Erik though he wasn't sure if they'd headed there before or after the announcement. Being amongst his peers was probably a better look than snooping around the gym solo, as such he makes his way over to the others.

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