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Hello! :)

I'm Aleksandra, and I'm a first-year university student. I've been roleplaying on-and-off for the past six years. I enjoy anything fantasy, mystery, and occasionally some slice-of-life. I don't usually do 1x1 roleplays- I'm more comfortable in groups. As for mature things, I'm okay with suggestive themes but not full-on NSFW descriptions. I'm also okay with gore and horror themes.

I'm from Poland, but I have lived in the UK for eight or so years.

Currently, I'm trying to get back into roleplaying after a year-long absence. Feel free to yell at me if I'm inactive.

What I use to make images for my OCs:
Anime Style: Picrew
Realistic style: Artbreeder

My character sheets:…

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-> Clearing: An Apocalypse/Post-Apocalypse RP

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The Clearing

Patient zero had been identified early on and was quickly contained. Doctors said it was a new genetic mutation of some sort, and the people were easily appeased by that. There was no reason to panic over it. The growing tumor on the woman's temple, while unsettlingly big, didn't seem to affect her much. According to her family, she was just as intelligent and charismatic as before the tumor. Eventually, she was released, and life seemed to carry on as usual. However, more mutations started cropping up as time went on: people's skin changing color, body parts growing out of nowhere, and complete personality shifts. Yet life carried on. None of it seemed especially dangerous. Personality shifts were managed with therapy, and the more physical mutations didn't pose any health problems.

There were still people who wanted to know what caused these 'alterations' to occur. Researchers spent years analyzing the mutated volunteers' DNA, skin, and blood samples, but nothing seemed out of place. If anything was causing this, it was impossible to detect with existing medicine.

Fifteen years later, the Creatures began crawling out of the sea.
And out of forests.
And from deep within the soil.

Repulsive and unsettling, their appearance injected fear into the population. The creature's strength and unnatural abilities didn't help the situation either.

Their first kill was the beginning of the end.

The attacks multiplied, and people raced to prepare themselves for the end times. Individuals abandoned their families to not be slowed down by them, crime rates increased pretty much overnight, and governments slowly began shutting down. However, the mutants were affected the worst of all – the mutations were making them slowly resemble the creatures.

Ten years later, while on a search for supplies, you found yourself in a forest clearing. It's peaceful and silent- the kind of silence that you never got to experience- or perhaps experienced decades ago. You ventured deeper into the clearing and waited. You knew something was coming. You don't know what, but it seemed significant. You heard the leaves rustle, and one by one, more people entered the clearing.

The civilization now:

That's the basic premise of this RP. The main focus will be on the characters and how they deal with survival, although some mystery and horror elements will be thrown in. The characters can be both mutants and non-mutants from any of the groups listed above.

»»ᅳQuinn V. McNamaraᅳ►


Character Summary

Name:Quinn Veronica McNamara
Aliases: Q, Tinkerbell,
Age: Ranges between 15-24
Birthday:17th August
Birth Place: Santa Monica, California
Current Residence:London, Britain
Gender: Female
Education: Currently in Sixth Form(/high school) / Currenly in university
Job: Student, part-time waitress


Weight:68 kg
Eyes:Purple/ Grey
Hair:Naturally black but dyed blonde
Skin Tone: Pale/Slightly tanned based on the season
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Scars on her back and arm, a tattoo of a bird on her ankle, a small bellybutton piercing, pierced ears.
Personal Style: Quinn's style ranges between preppy, cute and glamorous. Her closet consists of neutrals colors, with the occasional pink, green, or purple creeping in. Most often than not she wears skirts or dresses unless she finds a decent pair of pants. A big fan of accessories, she has multiple drawers filled with bracelets, anklets, hats, and necklaces, all of which she usually ends up only wearing once.

While she is more laid back about what she wears at home, there is still some elegance in her leisurewear. You will never find her wearing anything stained, ripped, or, god forbid, wrinkled.

Her day-to-day make-up is natural, consisting of foundation, concealer, mascara, and lipgloss. She wears more when going out somewhere, but tries to be careful with the amount of product she puts on her face, as Quinn seems to be quite acne-prone.


Excitable* Creative* Dramatic* Ambitious

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single, but interested in someone( Only if the RP isn't romance-driven)
Quinn is a creative girl whose love for acting started in early childhood. Often she can be found outside listening to music or reading a script for the next school play. Her passion for the theatre had already resulted in a couple of roles in her community theatre and her youtube channel, on which she covers broadway songs, achieved quick popularity among thespians. She will occasionally upload vlogs and gaming videos as well.

Quinn is extremely driven and always tries her best to do whatever she sets out to do. Despite her struggle to focus in academic settings, the girl does her best to catch up, even if it means losing out on sleep and neglecting her health. While she's not an A student by any means, she most often manages to get slightly above grades that prevent her from being held back.

Her family lived by the sea in her childhood, which sparked her interest in watersports. Despite not being able to be near water, Quinn kept her passion for athletics and can be found at the gym or a dance studio every morning. She also is a decent surfer, but the lack of visits to the beach has left her slightly rusty.

She's well-liked by her peers and certainly does not seem to lack confidence. However, the said confidence is as fake as can be. Underneath it all, Quinn is an insecure mess, afraid to mess up any little thing.

Habits: Waking up at ungodly hours, humming songs when working or studying, slamming doors and giving everyone the silent treatment when angry, fiddling with her hair when stressed
Hobbies: Crafting (with wood, making candles etc. Anything that will keep her hands busy), musical theatre, playing piano or guitar, surfing/dancing (depending on location), video and board games, reading, reading fashion magazines.
  • Being abandoned- her biological parents gave handed her off to her aunts when she was six because 'she was too much to handle'. She's worried that her aunts and her friends will eventually get tired of her/forget about her as well, leaving her alone once again.
  • Tokophobia- the concept of children doesn't scare her, but being pregnant sends shivers down her spine.
  • Being isolated- she hates not being a part of a group and will do anything to be included amongst her peers

  • Musicals
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Surfing
  • Ballet
  • Social Media
  • Romance
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Board games and video games

  • Hospitals
  • Meat
  • Studying
  • Planning
  • Being apart from her friends or lover


A Memory: A starry night. No that's not right. There were no stars- only fireflies. A tiny hand reached out trying to catch one- it flew away. Quinn was filled with sadness at the sight, recalling how much he wanted to catch one. Her mother always told her that it's better to laugh at bad things so she teased him, before catching another firefly to share with the boy. She was twelve, he was thirteen. Taking a selfie with the boy and the firefly, Quinn promised herself that she would marry him one day. Soon she was taken away- never to return.

History: Quinn's father is the CEO of a tech company famous for creating high-end security systems and her mother is a defense attorney for the elite. From a young age, Quinn and her siblings had high expectations put on them, both due to their family's image and due to the unspoken competition about the family's inheritance. Thus Quinn never got along with her siblings. She and her parents never had much of a relationship- as long as she didn't act out, they were willing to tolerate her.

Then she found theatre. All of the sudden, the overlooked girl had found something that differentiated her from the rest. She would loudly recite children's plays with the maids and would constantly beg her nannies to take her to see a show. Her parents could not tolerate the dramatics and constant noises Quinn would emit.

A couple of months after she turned six, her mother's sister took her in with her wife and she began her life in California. The two women had already one child, adopted two years before Quinn was even born. The cousins grew to be extremely close and eventually they began to consider themselves as sisters. The aunts weren't as wealthy as Quinn's parents but they were still well off, allowing Quinn to continue pursuing her passions and to attend good schools. She found herself falling in love with her new life, her aunts (who she saw as parents), new cousins, the town, and the boy who lived next door.

At first, she had hoped that her parents would take her back, but now, she just hopes that she managed to fix whatever she did to make them tire of her.


Roleplays she was used in: Pinehill Academy (Unfinished version of Quinn/ Alternate Quinn)
Character Quote: ''Blood of the convent is certainly stronger than the water of the womb. But what's a person to do if the convent is nowhere to be found?
Theme Song: Journey to the Past from the Broadway Musical Anastasia (Sang by Christy Altomare)
Anything Else: She's vegetarian and has a history of running away from her parents. Suffers from abandonment issues.

Quinn wants to become an actress or a politician in the future.

Anyssa Marie Volin

Name: Anyssa Marie Volin
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Secret: Flight. So far she didn't dare to hover more than a couple of centimeters above the ground in fear of being unable to get back down.

Item: An antique poem anthology written in the early 16th century. All of the poems seem to focus on the theme of air and wind.


NPC Companion: A fae that lived in the garden of her new home. It resembles a tiny firefly.

How did you get the secret?: In the years leading up to her senior year, Anyssa became fascinated by antique and vintage objects. She began collecting books, clothes and small decorations from different eras. It was an expensive hobby and as a high-schooler, she couldn't afford too many things that were pre-20th century. Even then she had to spend weeks saving up her money to be able to purchase anything. Thus, when she found a relatively cheap poem anthology in one of her favourite antique shops it surprised her. She purchased it without a second thought and began scouring the pages when she got home. Over the next couple of days, she began feeling lighter and when she walked, Anyssa felt as if the ground was pushing her away. At the end of the week, she noticed that her body no longer touched the ground. Over time she managed to figure out how to get herself down on command but so far she is unable to stop herself from flying upwards.

Jane Burton

The Basics

Name:Jane Burton
Role: Lady's Maid (Castle Staff)

What's Inside

Jane is a responsible young lady, who has worked as Lady's maid for the Princess for many years. She has a no-nonsense attitude and is always ready to do anything asked of her. She's punctual, obedient and goes above and beyond of what's expected of her. The royal family trusts her and they have no reason to suspect her of any wrong-doing.

Sometimes something goes missing from the castle: a vase, a portrait or even a gown. Jane is the reason why. While she might seem like a perfect servant, she enjoys stealing for her benefit. The stolen goods litter her family's cottage as she has no desire to sell them. Weirdly, Jane enjoys knowing that the royal family wasn't able to catch her, but she fears the backlash she might receive for her actions.

Her family owned a pharmacy and her father taught her how to grow plants which could be made into medicine. However, this also gave her the knowledge of how to make various poisons. When she was first employed, Jane was tempted to poison the noble ladies that would look down upon her.

  • Blinking rapidly when lying
  • Hugging herself when stressed
  • Humming when bored

Getting caught stealing- Not only would the commonfolk look down upon her, but Jane would also lose the royal family's trust and could possibly be executed. Despite envying the monarchy's riches, she began enjoying their company and would hate to see them be disappointed by her.

  • Stealing
  • Royal family's company and attention (especially the princess')
  • Gardening

  • Her desire to steal
  • Being looked down upon

Marcus Simmons

Anya Merca

Annabeth Red

The Basics

Name:Annabeth Red
Aliases:An, The Fleeing Garnet
Birthday:15th of March
Parents:The Little Red Riding Hood & ?????


Weight:105.0 lb
Build:She's thin and lacks muscles
Eyes:She has chocolate brown eyes.
Hair: She is naturally blonde but she has dyed her hair brown and has cut it unevenly the day before she was expected to depart to the academy
Skin Tone: Annabeth was born with extreemly pale and sensitive skin.
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Without her mother's knowladge or say in the matter, An got a bellybutton piercing
Personal Style: An is a tomboy. She despises dresses and skirts and will refuse to wear anything decorated with gems, lace or ribbons. Her clothing is usually dirty or ripped and she does not care what others think of her. She always wears a brown fannypack which is full of notebooks, pencils and camera film. Her hair is rarely brushed and she always needs new shoes.

What's Inside

Artist * Gardener * A fantastic swimmer * Obsessed with nature

Personality: An ,like her mother, loved flowers from a very young age. She would often run outside to just draw them or to pick them and give them to her mother. As she grew, her love for flowers expanded in the love of nature. Aged 9, Annabeth had already built a small garden in front of the house and visited the nearby stream in the forest to swim in it for hours. The second activity, however, she had to do in secret since her mother became very overprotective of her. Annabeth has also developed a talent for art and biology.Her dream is to discover as many plants as possible in her life as possible, but she is aware this will not be possible because of her mother's legacy. An also has a tendency to get into trouble. She sometimes would have to fight her way out of a bar fight she has accidentally started or run away from a mother bear which she has irritated.

  • Cats- An has this irrational phobia of cats. She finds them creepy and deep down believes that they a force of evil.
  • Her mother- Her mother's mental state has deteriorated over the years and she became paranoid. She refused to seek help and is attempting to keep Annabeth away from any harm by refusing her to go out- not that has stopped Annabeth- and will often resort to threatening Annabeth if she does something dangerous

  • Biology/Nature
  • Art
  • Swimming
  • Chocolate
  • Breaking the rules
  • Studying the world around her

  • Dresses and skirts
  • Sexism
  • Factories
  • Hunters
  • The colour grey
  • Fairytalia Academy


Character Quote: If it does not photosynthesize, I'm willing to beat it up.
Theme Song: Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling
Anything Else:She's bisexual

Skyler Novina

Name: Skyler Novina



Attends any clubs?:Art Club(Member) and Science Club(Member)



Personality:Skyler certainly isn't a loner. She enjoys being around people and talking about topics that interest her.She is one of the most sensible people you would ever meet. However, she isn’t afraid to do something stupid or dangerous if it will affect the world or people close to her positively. Even though her aura is usually calm, she is actually easily angered and annoyed. As a young child (and even now) she loved to study and do personal research due to her hard working nature.

Bio(Optional):Before her mother divorced her father, she taught her about stars and such, sparking Skye's love for astronomy and science. She was the youngest child, being born 5 years after her older brother.Everything else is unknown.

Hobbies:Art, photography,science, writing and astronomy

Other: N/A


Angelica Sarah Valentina

Name:Angelica Sarah Valentina



Attends any clubs?: Writing Club(Member)



Personality:She's a introverted teen which adores writing.Even though she's an introvert, she's always ready to help people. Angie doesn't have a lot of friends, but she doesn't mind. She thinks that if she had a lot of friends, she wouldn't have time for writing.

Bio(Optional):Bio: Angie was always an introvert. She lived with her two mothers which she saw quite frequently since they insisted on spending quality family time. She never met her biological father, which was one of her mothers' fiancé. As a child, she could always be found playing with dolls and creating narratives for them. As Angie grew, the more she wrote her ideas down and suddenly, she found herself writing long stories and books (one of them was published- The Snow in Summer) in her free time. Both of her parents approved of the girl's passion although they thought it was a bit unhealthy for a child the write that much.

Hobbies:Writng, watching movies at 1am, reading and kicking people out of her room.


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