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@HaleyTheRandom @Briza Thank you guys!
Your wish is granted. You no longer have stomach pain, but now the pain has traveled to your chest.

I wish I could reset my life and make the choices I made differently.

I rarely text my mother since I moved from the UK to Germany, so every time I receive a text from her I expect she will tell me that my dad has died (he's old and has a lung disease.)
Thank you for the welcomes!
Hello there, I just had a bout of nostalgia as I recalled RolePlayerGuild and immediately tried to log on to see if I still had access to my account.

Just want to say hello to all, hope you are doing well.

Hope to rekindle friendships and kindle new ones!
Steam has burned the largest hole in my wallet for the past year and a half...

It's them steam sales and holiday sales man.
Decided to write down my current hit points and the damage I dealt just to keep me right - and to make turt's job as DM easier

Oh, I forgot to roll my bravery - my bad I'll do that now.

Ah, it didn't make a difference to the rolls but the post is updated now.
Alarei was caught off guard when the larger of the two creatures swung their sword past his defence, striking him squarely in the shoulder (should be an 8 as -1 to bravery)wounding him moderately (-2 damage dealt to Alarei as his shield & armor negate two points of damage.) He retaliated by slamming his shield against the shorter one aiming for his leg, narrowly avoiding a strike which could have made him lose footing and fatally injure him.

The fighter arched his back and swung diagonally for the larger of the two monsters, and hitting him for all his worth cutting deep into the monster’s gut. He twisted his sword into the creatures wound before pulling his blade back out.

However, Alarei was now left open for a counterattack from the creature.
Currently at 18 hit points out of 25
Dealt 10 points of damage to the larger creature
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