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Current Say what you will, she served 70 years and worked until her dying breath; may the Queen rest in well-earned peace.
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Loving the organizational prowess of the Shipden Peak GM.
4 mos ago
If more people hated racism as much as they hate accusations of racism the world would be a dope ass place.
4 mos ago
Being new is always awkward, apparently.


Jaded & cynical hopeless romantic.

I enjoy: Antagonistic banter, themes of distrust, slow-burn romance, passion, intensity, gay panic, loyalty, some mild violence, thoughtful plot twists, and well-paced plot progression.

I don't appreciate: One-liners, filler-posts-sans-progression, egregious grammar/spelling mistakes (Grammarly is free), one-dimensional characters, gratuitous homophobia, Deus ex machina, slapstick silliness, or garish depictions of mental/physical disability.

An unreasonable pet peeve I cannot help: I truly, madly, deeply dislike smilies like :) or XD in any form of conversation/interaction & it will make me flee as quickly as politely possible even if you're the second coming of RP-Jesus in other respects.

Current Fictional Endeavors:

The Un-Vanished Palace - Fallen London setting, human x human, adventure; with EchoicChamber

Regency Romp - Regency era, arranged marriage, MxM; with Catena

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